Saturday, October 20, 2018

Musing on the big day

We went to dinner with Dave and Martha Rinke.

 I didn't post, but Black Bart won the Veterans Class.

Today is the big day.  This is what the National is for, all those great champions we have read about, now in the ring.  Bob, (The Voice of The National) has a new dog he bought with Jim Hill from Hungary.  He is showing a video, and he does look good, The dog, not so much Bob.  He injured himself just before the show, as did Midas, so two dogs I wanted to see won't be shown.

It has been an interesting week.  There has been some drama, some conflicts, lots of good dogs, and good friends.  I was talking to Joe LaRosa and Dan Dwier last night, and we were discussing some of the more interesting things from the past. Of course it included Lamar.  Today they ring the bell for those who are not with us, and that is never fun.

I have been asked over and over what the procedure is going to be.  I was told Jim said all the entries have to come into the ring, then after they are checked in, the males will go out and he will do the bitches first. 

I remember my first National where I showed a dog.  My handler, Jerry Graham had me come into the ring and put on the bib and hold my dog for him to finish with his other entry. I remember one time when Jimmie asked me to take back in one of the winners he had shown. I remember being pointed to as a number two select.  I remember my first National, and also standing with the specials, and realizing the difference between what we had been showing and what was now in the ring. I remember two double grand victors in Canada and the United States. 

I am today remembering the friends who cannot share with me the excitement of those cuts, and the day when all I wanted was to make the first cut.  I remember being the only handler taken from the cut group to go back in with the winners, (and being cut again before the final decision).  That was Fran Ford, and how proud I am to have been able to call him a friend.  I remember my dog being in the group of 16 or 17, when the last one to be cut was our dog, Dealer.  Our male going Reserve at the National to have his sister go Winner's Bitch the next day.

The Nationals make so many memories, some not so good, some fantastic, but all important.

Let's see what today brings.