Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Conformation Judges

Helen Gleason 865
Cappy Pottle 861
Michel Chaloux 723
Lee Brown 679
Joe LaRosa 636
Kathy Potter 633
Vicki Roye 576
Nancy Harper 560
Gerald Szymczak 471
Leon Beault 389
John Bemont 371

Linda Scanlon 1,856
Kenneth Blanchard 1,780

Dana Mackenzie 973
John Holman 796
Carol Wolfram 691
Ann Marie Ely 619
Sharyl McDonald 471
Leila Jane Bradley 438

Bonnie McDonald 2,145

From the Handler's Point of View

So here i am on Sunday, sitting at the Computer with an ice pack on my left knee and enough Advil in me to choke a horse. I am back from the National and it is still all a blur, let me share with you some random events and thoughts. This not a cohesive essay, but just some random thoughts!!!!

General Comments:

-Firstly the National is just a great event,period!!!! If you want to see great dogs and visit with all your old friends and make new one's, there is no better venue.

-As Jerry Guzman expressed eloquently to group of us the National is a "showcase" for your dogs. There are three judges in the ring, but 500 in the stands, each with their own point of view.

-The Loveland Ranch is a lovely site and from a handler's point of view the sod and arena were fantastic. Thank you to the Rocky Mountain Club for putting on a first class event.

- Injured Handlers perserved and showed their passion for the sport. Kent, Jerry,I and others were noticibly hurting, but adrenaline when you have good dog at the end of the lead takes over.

- The new group of Handler's of on the verge of taking over(they are talented, young and the breed is in good hands with them). Trust them with your good dogs.

- Army of One is one of the greatest GV that i have witnessed.

Personal Comments:

- My close friends Ed Hill, Martello's,Ileana,Thurban Warrick,Richard and Liz Sottile,Shirley O'Brien. What would i do without them. My National was made by sharing our experiences TOGETHOR!!! Thank you for a life experience that will be hard to forget.

- Thank you to Doris Easterbrook for supporting Black Orchid and me.

- I was mistaken in the ring by one judge as "Sergio". It helped my placing and i will gladly take it. This is a funny story, not something that should be taken in the wrong vein. Mexican, Indians, Power to the Brown People, we have arrived. I believe Susan Casey will report more.

- Richard Sottile saved my national. Richard is the world's greatest Chiropractor and every day he would adjust my knees and legs twice a day, so i could make it thru the day. On Friday night before specials it was not looking too good that i could go on Saturday. But an early morning visit on
Saturday to Richard took care of me. The lesson for the day! Every Handler over the age of 40(and there are plenty) should put a Chiropractor on their Xmas list as a Client.

- I went to the Cracker Barrel with Ed, Thurban, Richard/Liz and Ileana and we were having a rollicking good time until the poor waiter poured "Collard Greens" over my Head. The group had a great laugh and i looked like a Giant Chicken and "SH*T" all over me and i smelled worse.

- When Ed Barritt put the Black Bitch Black Orchid in the Front from 8th or 9th. The crowd was going wild, Carloyn was crying but good old Mr. Barritt he put things in perspective. He calmly walked over to me and gave me some very sage advice. He put his arm on my shoulder and said calmly "Bill,
Don't F**K it up". It will be a sentance i will take to my grave.

- Art Sinclair who handled Army and I go way back and share our roots with a man, most of you won't know. His name is Robert Sisemore, his kennel name is Suboja. He introduced both of us to GSD's, he allowed us both the opportunity to handle and he has been a dear friend and supporter for all
these years. After the end of the day i called Bob and told him protege's had had a hell of a good day, it was really satisfying to thank him for all he had done.

- Having handled the GVX has not really sunk in yet. All i can say, is having a great black bitch that can sidegait with the best against a white wall that is 200 feet long can't hurt. To go GVX, you have to have everything come togethor. Black Orchid was completely out of coat but Carolyn did a
great grooming judge. Ed Barritt did not need coat to appreciate her virtues, thank god. We were fortunate, there were great bitches behind us and you appreciate your win that much more because of that.

Thank you to Mr. Barritt, Thank You to the Crowd for their support and Thank You to all my Friends that shared in this special moment.

Life is good today!!!!

Bill <color><param>0000,0000,8000</param>Basu

Monday, October 22, 2007

WDS Results

WDS Results

The first AKC German Shepherd WDS event is now in the books. The big winner was Wayne Curry, with his dog Wilson. They had a 99 track, which was beautiful. I think he had 98's in the other two phases. High scoring female went to Lori Cruiser with Nykee (like Nike). She had a 100 pont track.
:o wow!!!

Tim Cruiser, the trial chairperson, did an excellent job. He put the exhibitors at ease and took good care of us all week.

In the crowd, at various times, I saw Kent Boyles, Suzanne Kinman, Dalene McIntire, Joe Bihari, Cindy Bartley, Lew & Nicky Bunch, Vicki Roye.....and our obedience judge, Dr. William Beauchamp.....and I'm sure many more I just can't recall right now.

My obedience and protection were far better than my tracking. (thank goodness!) Helen and I were paired together for obedience. Funny was a bit down, but came back to life in protection. I was very happy with Zena's run b/c we had nice heeling. She had learned to heel very badly in her
former life, and we finally got it fixed! :)

Bear' s owner donated the last trophy he won to wds HIT. It was
and real silver - not silverplate. Lea relayed the story to me, and I
explained it to Tim. He wanted to ensure that the winner
understood the
signifigance of this donation, so we asked Lew to speak about
when it was

Pretty cool.

Now we are on our very long drive home -- exhausted, happy, a little disappointed, but fired up for the next time. So far, it appears we have escaped the weather. (I was a little worried this morning)

Legato German Shepherds

Sunday, October 21, 2007





Next Years Judges

Helen Gleason, intersex

Michel Chaloux, dogs

Cappy Pottle, bitches

Sunday morning in CO

It is trying to snow a little here, as of 7 am local time. I wish we were getting

out ahead of it but we are on our way to do obedience and protection. :(


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The day had to end sometime

It is all over but the shouting and for some the shouting will go on all year. Here are the final results:
There were many interesting things if you take time to look at them. How many selectsdid the Frason's have? Where before have two litter mates gone Select. How many Selects Did Dan and Maryln Smith have. I am sure there are other things to look at too. Tedi and I co-own the sire of the number two male. I know it is a stretch, but I will take any glory I can get.
I watched Ed go over and over his males time and time again to see who he should cut. He didn't find anything when he got down to twenty, and they were all great dogs. The first two were fantastic, and never let up.
Flower Boy helped me most of the way and then Cyndy took over. It was hard on her since by then everyone around us was talking and asking her things, but she did a great job.
There was a great deal of personal animosity shown to me at the show. Some of the board outright were rude, and some even insulting. Nancy Nellis could not have been nicer, and I know she was under pressure from some board members.
I didn't go to the dinner, so someone else will tell you about next years judges. I would have loved to listen to Ed, but in the end the rest of the treatment was not worth it. I enjoyed doing the Blog again, but with the extra pressure, it took the edge off. I spent some good time with Bill Bergraff and he said if the AKC stopped the show we know who to blame. I told him to look at who caused the law suit to be needed, and not the person who sued. It is like blaming the bank because someone robbed it.
I hope we can get back to doing the best we can, and get rid of the personal hatred that caused such terrible acts that hurt our club.
Our breed is strong. The quality was so deep and the wins were deserved. Thanks for letting me share with you and next year has to be better in all ways. I enjoyed the National, but it was not much fun.
Asgard German Shepherds
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The final numbers

This is what happened, and twenty Select males. All great ones.
You know the rest of them and there is too much going on to tell.
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The unkindest cut of them allf And the end

OK, now to the good stuff. Thirty left and there are some good ones left.
Ed tells them to go back to the side, and Four take off. And now another four. Isn't he worried that four doesn't go into thirty?  Another four, Again with the four thing, Four more.  The crowd is waking up.  There go four more. Cyndy figured out the pattern, and another four. And the last three.
Ed brings what is left up to the cutting room. And he goes to the front.  He starts to pull, leaving Unconditional Surrender, Ricco, Cargogh, Cruise Control, Solitair Travler, Sirkobrass, Diamond Di Vici, Top Shelf, and the Machu Picchu Winner's Dog, he keeps Top Shelf, and eight waiting for another show and another judge.
He brings around twenty four.
They head for the area they don't want to be, in the cutting area, and still a ways to go.  Now Ed goes to the front, and he looks them over and walks down the line. Still a big group of dogs.  He looks at the end of the line and turns back, makes some notes and heads to the front. He is looking at his notes, and talks to his steward. And they are told to head to the side, and he wants them around again, in groups.
Now six take a pass. Lots of excitement, and another six, Army the last one. He looks good, and is not letting up, with Maximus in front of him. Another six. Going faster now, and no delay behind the groups, some are letting up, and the last group of seven. Bad planning.
And back to the land of the dead.  Now Ed comes up to pull and he pulls the fist five as A group, and leaves Summer Premier, Hells Bells, Just Jack, and Top Shelf.  Only four in the "excuuuuse me" group.
Wow, the crowd is wild, what a lot of noise.  Twenty left.  Ed walks the line, and looks them over, and now he walks to the front.  He is staring at a dog, and I can't tell how, but he likes what he has left.  Will he go with Twenty Selects?
Now he walks back and counts thema nd heads to the front of the line. He needs to find another cut, so he wants them to pass the wall again in groups of five this time, and fast, he watchs them longer and now the second group of five, another group of five, no delay between the group, and five left and there they go.   Back to the bad area for Ed to do his thing.  Moving down to the line and looking them over for another cut.
Ed goes to the end of the line looking at who is there, and he stands and looks them over and slowly he turns, and heads to the front.  He puts his hands in his pockets and looks at the front, and donw the line and with twenty in there, he seems to like them all, and he moves faster now and towards the end and stops and looks at a couple of them and he looks back and now goes to the front again. He is doing a lot of walking and everyone is tense and it is nervous time.
He talks to the steward, and again, pass the wall, and he says "easy" There they go, and no one is going easy, five take a pass, and now another five, Ed is watching a longer pass, and another five before they finish, Scottie in front, and five left and there they go.   Ed watches carefully, and now they are done and back to the area of death.
Still in catalog order, and Ed has to make a choice.  He heads to the front, and he looks at his watch, and he stands and walks down and is placing them is moving them, not cutting them Antonio, Army, Oscar in third, Good to the Last Drop, and no other placements yet, and the rest as they were, and he is looking them over, and the rest are still in catalog order, and he pulled Purple Rain in Fifth, and he sends the rest back, with The Big Red Dog in sixth and takes there goes Trouble Maximus Vinnie The Viper and The Real Deal. And leaves them. That is the order afer eight. Now he takes the last fove Datona. Mocagraia. Miricle, Just Jack and Joshua.  He moves Josh to fourth and Just Jack to five.  Six is Good to The Last drop, Purple Rain and he walks down the ring, and looks them over. I think he might go this way, nine is Nicarauga.  He looks at them and says stand back to the first five and says something to the rest of them to make sure he doesn't miss anything.    He takes around the next five.  He is giving everyone a look and now he takes the next six, and he is not using the white wall and looks hard at them.
Army still in second with Antonia in front. Now the remaining four.  And he lines them all up, and brings in the first five to lead the group, Antonio, Army, Stealing The Show, Joshua, Just Jack, Good to The Last Drop, Purple Rain   Big Red Dog, Key To The Cure, And there go the first five.

Antonio and Army. What a couple of dogs.  Ed goes to the ring to let everyone else stand back. Only the first five, and ARMY up front, and the crowd loves it, Jeff is ringside.  There they go, and what a crowd. Army, Antonio, Oscar, Josh, and that's the way they go. WOW!
Twenty Selects
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Another cut

I am changing my style. I will tell you who he cuts.
He is cutting, and leaves Tasmanian Devil, Shock'n Yal, Orian, Patriot, Broken Arrow, Smoking Gun, Vashion, Achilles, Rossi, Midnight Cowboy, Treasure Isle, Bounty Hunter, Bad Boy, Top Shelf, and that seem to be in the cut group. But I am depending on Cyndy, so I am not sure yet.
Ed takes what I think is the dump group around, and lots of dogs in this group, but lots left too. Ed gives them all a good look and calls out Feature Presentation to look at, checks his notes and tells her to leave the loose lead, and he won't stand so they all go out.  Feature Presentation is a good looking dog, but not today.  Lots of dogs left, it looks like thirty nine. I wonder if they will all go Select.
It is six o'clock and we have a long way to go. I am way too old for this. You better enjoy it. There go the first five.  Ed watches them. And tells them to go to the corner and makes some notes.  Now the next six, and he gives them all a long look, and sends them to the side. Now he wants to talk to the ring steward, and there goes the next five.  Ed looks at them as they pass, and the last one is Here Comes Trouble.
Now the next group of five, and some cheering, but who knows for what?  Still lots of dogs left.  Now another attention of five, and the ring is filling up. Ed seems to watch about a ten foot window in the white wall. And yet another five.   They stop and have a quarter of the wall covered.  Another five with a black in the lead.  Olivia held way back and now she goes, and here goes the last five.  An even division. Now the important cut.
Ed looks good out there and walks away and tells the steward to bring them all around. I think he is going to cut again and now from this side. There they go, and Ed looks at his note, and heads to the front and Ed is pulling his keepers, so far he hasn't passed anyone, and he leaves Pastor Burgos, a Mexican dog, Winter Nights, OH POHH, Midnight Harley, Stormy Night, Diamond Di Vici, Now he starts over and pulls them aout and sends more to keep, Out, Bicardi Gold, Dream Cather, Rossi, Midnight Cowboy, Levithan, and that is one whale of a cut.  Ten in the cut, and they take another pass, the only chance for this year, and there they go, some in there I like, but Ed didn't ask me. Lots of quality at this years National.  Thirty left as they leave the ring.
Can he give thirty Selects, and make Nancy Nellis faint?
Asgard German Shepherds 
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

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Dog Specials before the cut

Before the males come in, I am going to say something to everyone. I love to watch Ed judge, and I love the results. I will vote for him to do the National every year. A few months ago, Libby told me that this would be Ed's last National. I sure hope not. I think he looks as sharp and as strong as ever, and clearly he has the knowledge and ability to do a great job. There will be people who bitch about the number of Selects. But those won't be the people who show dogs. Seventeen  of them in the bitch class are happy, and those behind would have liked more Selects.  I am ready for Ed to do males and then come back in four years.
Ed is back and we are ready to go.
Now that I know what is going on, I will probably only type in who goes out. I don't have the strength to keep on typing the ones that stay. Bob is checking them in and Ed is following them. Peggy Douglas came by to chat. She said that they fixed Edi's hip and then she fell again. I will try to find out what is going on. Cappy Pottle came by for a minute too.
It looks like it might be a smaller entry in dogs, and Ed is almost to the end, Bob has finished.
Ed has disappeared and I don't think he likes this. It is not easy, but someone has to do it. I know Cindy offered, and if Ed doesn't show up, I will ask her to fill in. It takes sharp eyes and the ability to know the alphabet, so not anyone can do it.
Joey Perez just walked by and I see lots of bibs in the ring. I see Army, and he is easy to spot. What a handsome dog.  Ed still hasn't shown up. I see Joan Fox, and every handler is in the ring.
Ed looks them over and walks to the center looking over the class.  Bob is checking them into groups and I called for Cindy Davis to spot for me.  Ed goes over to the table and grabs a tissue, and now walks again to the center. He looks relaxed and has his hands in his pockets, hitches up his pants and walks to the front of the line.
Tracy Radigan just asked me if there ever has been a Mother Daughter Select? I don't think so, but this year we have two Happy bitches.
Out go the masses.  Six left for the first group.  Good to The Last Drop, Tasmanian Devil, Big Red Dog, Key To The Cure, Shock'n Ya'll, and Antonio.  That is a great group. I don't think I should comment on the dogs, but there goes Antonio. He already has a Select and of course was the Canadian Grand Victor.  I co-own his sire, Patriot.
There goes the class and past the white wall.   Everyone is wondering if he will do the same thing with dogs. We don't know. Ed likes the Big Red Dog.  
Good to The Last Drop with Nick. Ed gives him some direction and there he goes.  Handsomd dog with a lot of enthusiasum.
Tasmanian Devil, a nice looking Bi.  Nick and Ed speak about something, maybe world problems, and he takes a pass.
Big Red Dog is up with Patty.  Now that is what a Shepherd should look like.  What a masculine animal.  He is owned by Karen Wagner.
Key To The Cure.  A standard dog, and fully mature, and alert looking dog.  Fine on the temperament test and the individual, and down and back. 
Shock'N Ya'll, and that dog poses like he has done this before.  She takes him down and tries three times and then gets it right, and one time back.  Ed makes some notes and talks to the handler.
TR's Antonio...not quite as big as the dogs before him in the group...this the last dog in the group..Ed moves the group together and out they go
Melanas Orion, Unconditional Surrender, Smoking Gun, Patriot, (a Big Ben son), Broken Arrow, Tropicana's Rico...is next in the second group.  Hoodlum isn't here.
Orion takes his turn, and makes a good pass.
Unconditional Surrender and he is a substantial dog, and makes a nice picture.
Ed is back so life is good. I have gotten used to him. This must be how Bill feels.
Smoking Gun with Tiffany, a very dark Bi. Tiffany is all in glitter. Do I sound like Dania?
Sue Casey is here and talking to some fo the people. Dania came up for a minute and left before we could talk. I think she saw Flower Boy and was relieved to be left out of this Blogging. It is a lot of work, and a lot of fun.
Avonlea's Patriot.  Gayle Taylor bought him from us and has done a nice job with him. I held him as a puppy, so I have to say I like him. 
Broken Arrow.  And he is stacked and looks like Patriot stuff, with some extra leg. I like that look. He gets his turn over by the white wall.
Tropicana's Rico.  A dark Black and Tan with Morris. He stand for the temperament test, and wants to get a pet from Ed.  He doesn't want to stack and is fine now. Morris tells the double handler to get to work.  And the crowd is starting to come alive. I saw Joey Perez for a minute, and will find him again later.  There goes Morris, and he shouts to the double handler, and the dog reacts and is looking outside giving him a hard time, but makes a great pass down the wall.
That is the second group, and they take a pass, and again, Ed is watching them only against the wall, so they have time to get them moving, and they go out.
The next group includes Pastor Burgos, Stetson, Cargogh, Phamton of The Opera, Summer Premier and  Brazos ,  to end the group.
Pastor Burgos is there, and very dark black and tan and has the Look of Eagles, and takes a pass.
Stetson, and standard looking but good mature male.  This is what a German shepherd should look like. He is way alert and I like that look.  He wants to run, and that is a very nice pass.
Cargogh was a favorite of mine a few years ago. He is with Greg, and an older but good looking dog.  Very dark, and knows what he is doing in there. But then again, so does Greg.  Some instructions and there he goes. The crowd does like him and he hits the wall, and yes, he still has it.
Phamtom Of the Opera and this does not seem his day, and maybe he is being over doubled. But, now he is just fine.
Summer Premier is there with Jeff Pyle. The dog is out of order in the catalog, but look just fine anyway.  Stands like a pro, and another real dark and handsome dog.  Jeff takes him slow and then backs up, starts again, and there he goes on a long loose lead, and when he gets going he can cover the ground.
Brazos with Nancy Godek, (I know that isn't her name, but it is her call name).  This dog always interested me as he was so dark, but still very espressive.  He used to have great attitude and seems to still have it.
That does it for this group and Ed turns his back to make some notes and they head over to pass the wall and they are a bit out from the wall. Without the cones they would be cutting the ring.  It is getting late in the day for all of us, and it is only three. Out they go.
Now another group comes in.  Firestorm, Rambling Man, Gold Sky, Winter Knights, (one of our breeding), Here Comes Trouble, Traveler, for the class.
Firestorm takes the ring. Down and Back and that is a happy dog.  He takes his lap, dreaming of going Grand Victor. Why not?  He hugs the wall.
Rambling Man is up with Trish.  A Honky Tonk son.  He stands like he might have done this before.  Things are quiet now, everyone seems to have figured out that he is not going to place them before he does his cuts. I love that proceedure.  There he goes, and Trish starts him out at a full lead, and hits the wall at full tilt, and the dogs doesn't take a bad step.
Gold Sky with Bill Tank.  Stacks just fine and now for the pass.  And Bill does a good dog.
Winter Nights, with Cindy.  A Tiquila Sunrise son, she was a Ben daughter, and I always liked him.  His owner Lori Stewart is one of the nicest people you can ever meet.
Here Comes Trouble, an older dog and fully mature. He is one good looking fellow.He stands in a pose for Ed, and Ed turns his back on us to stare at the wall. The crowd likes him and so do I. He hits the wall at a full trot and that is a keeper
Traveler is the last in this group. A very dark Bi with Al Martin. The dog can still put them down, and makes a great picture against the white wall.
That is it for this group, and no one is going to go out yet, and they take one pass and go over into the rest area. Ed didn't seem to make many notes this time.
Now comes the group I wanted to see.  We have Maximus,Army of One, Midnight Harley, Sirkobrass, Vinnie The Viper, and The Real Deal.
Maximus is out there, and he sure can produce. He is a nice combination of style and movement.
He is popular and you can see why when he hits the wall. He should stay in for a while.
Rinke and Jeff Mobeus are in front of us, and Jimmy just stopped by.
Army has his turn. I do like the style on that dog.  He takes a pass, and he is on today.
Midnight Harley, a very dark dog, and stands in a great pose. I have the best seat in the house. Down and Back, and I am tired of this stuff. I am ready for a party. Diane does a geat job with him, and I like his enthusium.
Sirkobrass is standing for the individual. No real temperament problems that I have seen. We may be improving that.  There he goes and against eh wal makes a quality picture.
Vinnie The Viper is up with Scott.  Ed takes a note, and has him stand, and now a trip around. Scott lets him out before the wall, and NOW THAT IS A DOG THAT CAN MOVE.
The Real Deal with Sergeo.  Sergeo showed last year's Grand Victrix.  He wants his Grand Victor. This dog has done a lot of winning.  This is the end of the group.  Sergeo gives direction to the double handler and she takes off, and so does he. Nice smooth dog. I like him. Ed looks over the group and says, "one more time" and off they all go, with Art holding back to get some room for Army.  Army wants Jeff, and Jeff moves well when he needs to.
Ed takes a break, and we won't ask why. His style of judging is fun but holds the excitement for the end.
In the ring comes Stormy Night, Purple Rain, Padala's Vashon, Achilles, Stealing The Show, and Diamond Da Vinci in the ring. Ed is back, so here we go.  A trip around for the group, and Ed watches them against the wall and to me the last one moves like I would want. But, I am not judging.
Stormy Night sets up, and dark masculine shepherd. Ed tells him to set up. Down and Back and stand free, and a trip around.
Purple Rain with the handler taking him down and back pulling all the way. He is what a realy good shepherd should look like. With the handler formally known as Alex.  The crowd seems to want some excitement.
Padala's Vashon, doesn't want to stack and now he stands just fine.  A black sable, and I like his style.  He is fired up and looks ready to go.  He takes him pass but not in front of the handler.  Not as easy to see.
Achilles.  No problems with temperament, and now stacks. I like the short coupling on this dog.  There he goes with a long lead and he is working and when he hits the wall, looks great.
Stealing the Show with Mike.  I wanted to see this dog, as I have heard a lot about him.  I like the general style, but want to see the movement.  OK, I do like that. What a package.
Diamond Da Vinci, and I think this is the last dog in that group.  There is another dog with great sidegait.  Looks great at a full lead.
Around one time and out they go.  Ed makes some notes and there they go.
Next group, in order, Daytona, Dream Catcher, Treasure Isle, Rossi, Midnight Cowboy Lights Out.  I doubt Ed would go with two blacks but who knows.
Daytona, a Hoodlum son. There are a lot of good looking males here and this one looks good.  Laurie is handling him and Ed did the breeding, and there he goes. Lots of support, and is a strong worker.
Dream Catcher with Bill Basu, the handler of our Grand Victrix.  What a man. Bill was sore after Bitches but looks fresh now.  The dog looks ready to go, and knows what a star he has on the other end of the lead, and hits the wall at full stride.
Treasure Isle, with a young handler. A good looking Bi. We are still going and it is about four, and people are worried about the WDA hearing tomorrow.  We may still be judging. I told Tedi to sell our dinner tickets.  The Bi takes a real good pass, and is a good worker.
Rossi, another of the dark dogs. That is one of my favorite handlers Amy. She is Sharon Allbright's granddaughter, and has been coming to the shows since she was a pre-teen. Now she is a wonderful young lady.  And, a great handler.  It's good she is so good, that dog can flat out move.
Midnight Cowboy. The second Back in the group. Maybe they knew something about Ed, as he gave a black Grand Victrix.  I love a good conspiracy.   Nice picture against the white wall.
Lights Out another black. I have watched this dog since he was a puppy.  I always thought he was going to be a good one, and he did turn out that way.  I think Linda Bankhead finished that dog, and she likes him too.  The white wall is great for all of them.  Yes, that is a good one.
How strange to have two blacks in a row, but they show well. There goes the group. I am amazed that Ed can keep on going.  I am tired and all I am doing is listening to Ed.
There goes Kathy Tank, so Ken can't be far behind.
First in comes Nicaragua, Miracle In The Making, Badboy, Just Jack, Crusader, Leviathan, and last is Joshua. Some big name dogs in this group. Ed forgot to look at the last dog, some times you don't want to leave a full ring between the dog in front of you. Ed then did see him
Nicaragua is a good looking dog and young. He just finished and looks like he is just going to improve.  What a handsome and good looking dog. Ed even likes him.  Leslie is showing hiim and she pulls the lead and there he goes at a full lead even behind Ed, and when he hits the wall a great stride at a loose lead. The crowd and I like that dog.
Miracle In The Making, and Alvin son.  I think this was a Canadian Select Dog.  Big masculine dog, and very alert and egear. That dog can move and has great breed type.
Badboy is up next. I remember talking to Bob Scholes about this dog. He is a mostly black, maybe a bi, but not for sure, in my mind.  Malissa has him and takes her time. She is a good handler, and a fine young lady.  She yells at the double handler, and she is having trouble getting to dog to go down and back so Ed sends her in another direction. Some times you don't want someone to double your dog. There she goes, and the dog is too excited right now.
Just Jack with Geogie.  Dan Smith has done some good winning with this dog.  Nice type and proportions on this dog.  Fine looking dog.
Crusader.  A Dallas son with Olivia. A red and back dog.  This one looks like a dog, and is what the standard calls for a German shepherd looks like.  A strong steady mover.
Leviathan with Ken Tank. I know how much they love this dog. He lives with them.  He does not like the testicle test, but Ed got it done.  This always has been a strong willed dog. And he is well conditioned and hits the wall with gusto. He looks great, and Ed marks down something in his boo.
Joshua with Lenny is last in the group. More of that Down and Back crap. I say, just move them and to hell with the rest.  Now you know why you have never asked me to judge a National.  Lenny gives him the whole lead and the dog takes it and moves like they should. 
Ed looks at them stacked, and yells, "hey" and gestures, take them around. There they go. And out to rest for a while. The dogs need it too.
Another group with, Bicardi Gold, nice sable dog, good mover
 Man in Black, ..this is the sire of the Grand Victrix, the crowd likes him..black is beautiful
Top Shelf,...big solid black and tan male shown by Ben Bigornia
 Feature Presentation, Carribian Stud, Chablis Santana, Machu Picchu, the winner's dog.   There they go for the first run.
Feature Presentation and good standard dog, and Christina takes the dog around. I like the way she handles. He has the energy and hugs the wall, and has too much doubling going on. Ed makes notes.
Carribian Stud.  He just finished, and is a move-up Evidently he doesn't know not to crap in front of the judge yet.  That is a nice looking dog, with perfect proportions.  He is over doubled again like so many others.   Nice picture against the wall.
Satana, the veteran. A black sable, and Ed is blocking my view. I may have to go down and talk to him.  I can't believe he is the Veteran, he moves like a young dog,
and is working his heart out.
Machu Picchu, the Winner's Dog.  A good looking dog. Winner's Dog out of Novice.  OK, AKC, go ahead a drop the Novice Class. We will work around it.  He isn't finished yet, and in the Specials Class in the National. How Cool is that?  He is working now, but needs to get out front.  Mike Reed needs to let the dog get out more.
There they go, one last trip before they get cut.  Ed gives them a good look, and a real variety.

In they all come, and now the judging begins. That is a lot dogs. Lots and lots of dogs.  A whole ring full of dogs.  Now there are 54.
Asgard German Shepherds 
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

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WDS tracking

15 trial dogs tracked this morning. 12 passed. Sadly, Helen and I were not in the happy 12. We have both been working on this phase, and trying to prepare for the conditions, but today it was not to be. The conditions were very good - a clean plowed field -although it was very dry due to all
the wind we have had. My dog's major problem was that all 5 legs crossed the diagonal furrows. Well, that's not entirely true. Her major problem really is that she is a hard headed bitch. *g* (Not complaining, I love that she is hard headed.)

Wayne Curry got a 99 with a beautiful track. Lori Cruiser got a 100 (!!!) and did a letter perfect job. Jennifer Corso got a 96 with a very nice bitch named Afra. I expect that these three will be in the running for the big awards.

We practice again tonight after specials (will it be midnight?) and the we do our obedience and protection tomorrow morning at 8. Will report in after that.

Legato German Shepherds

Before the Dogs in Specials, in the begging

They are doing Juniors now, and I know I should be announcing it to the Blog. These kids are the future of our breed, but to be honest, I am exhausted and now Ed can tell you how hard this is. I am still soaking wet, and so, maybe next year.
Ed took a break. I went down to congratulate Bill Basu, and he is limping but happy. I also got to go hug Carolyn, how wonderful for them and all their friends. A special congratulation to Doris, and what a great day in California.
Dave Coleman is laying down and his blood pressure and pulse are fine and he seems better. Someone else went by ambulance to the hospital. I haven't heard about Edie, but I understand she is having a hip repaired, and Kent was in the ring and seems fine. It must be great to be young. 
So much drama at a National. So many stories, so many dreams, and so much that goes right, and so many things that go wrong. In the end we go home with a happy heart, a love of the breed, and the memories of a great week. Life continues no matter what happens at the dog show, and somehow, it makes it all worth doing again.  A day at the National is better than the other 365 it takes to get back.
I spent some time with Lew and haven't talked to Gary or Patty yet. I tried to talk to Frasonos but they are busy, and I didn't spend enough time with Bob Eaton or Dave Rinke, but maybe tonight. Jane Kerner and Jeff Mobeaus are getting some dogs ready so I am leaving them alone, and I know they will be in the ringside. I did get to sit with Pam Stoessor but not enough. There never is enough time.
I did talk to Bill Burgraff all show, and met his wife and daughter.  I also met his grandaughter, but she didn't talk to me. She is the smartest of them all.
Carmen it still judging and there goes Peggy Douglas.  People seem to be having a good time and lots of laughs and hugs now.
More to come.
Asgard German Shepherds 
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

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The final cut

Here come the changes

First is Happysaysitall, then Double Trouble, then Carzadora, Margarita Rose, Heiress goes into third, Cardoza in fourth, fifth Margarita Rose, Comotion, Happyanyouknowit. All About Me, Blonde Bombshell, Signature Mimi.
Jerwin's Madison Aveinue in fifth.
He walks to the end of the line and looks them over and walks back to the front. 
There they go, and Ed watches the wall, Happy, Double Trouble Heris, Cardoza in that group. Ed tells them to stop.
Now the next group, Manison Ave. Comotion, All About Me, Happyanyouknowit.
There goes All About me, Blonde Bombshell, Miami and
Black Orchid, and Dancing Doll, China, Miranda, and Cherry Crush, and Ed looks them over.
I love it that they are all Select. Black Orchid in Front.
Now China to six. 
Bill Basu on Black Orchid is going nuts, so is my Help Ed.
Bill Basu and Jerry in front, there goes Black Orchid and Happysaysitall in second.
He puts them aside, and there goes another group of five with China in front.  No changes and there go the rest of them.
Bill Basu, Jerry Kent, Sean and Lenny.
Ed gives them a good look and walks over and looks at the middle of them and pulls Miranda and moves her to eighth and Blonde Bombshell to ninth.  He moves Cherry Crush to ninth, putting blonde Bombshell to tenth.
Now he is k to the first to bitches.
There they go and only the first five bitches.  They are tired but so are we. I had to smack Ed to calm him down. He loved Black Orchid from the first, as did I.
Now the next group.
Ed now tells the next group with Bombshell in the front.  And three more to go. Bill Basu is breathing hard, and I think he can make another pass. There goes the last three.
IT'S CRUNCH TIME!  But they are all Select.
Ed watches them and no changes, and he walks towards the front and goes to the very front and tells Bill take it easy and wants down and back. Still in front Black Orchid stands and Ed wants Jerry to take Happysaysitall and The Guz takes her and they stand for Ed to look at them posed, and Ed doesn't make any changes, and there goes Double Trouble.  There goes Heiress.  Carzadora, and not much enthusium from the crowd Now China, The crowd likes her. I doubt Ed will make any changes. Madison Avenue.  Miranda, Cherry Cush, Bonde Bombshell, looking young again, Margerita Rose, Start the Comotion,Happyanyouknowit, All About Me, Miami, Four Star Review, and Dancing Doll.
No changes yet.  Ed walks to the front, and he looks forward, not looking looks at the bitches and pulls Cherry Crush to Seven and China to Five. 
There they go and a good p[ass for Black Orchid, and THAT'S IT.
What a job Ed did.
Asgard German Shepherds 
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

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Before the last selection

Bob is almost finished checking them in, and down to the lst four. I don't see Ed but I know he is in the building. I see Jeff Mobeaus talking to Lana Lee.  And Bob is talking to Mike Sherman third from last and they are both laughing. And Out goes Bob.  Michael Cheeks came to see us, and Gloria is here and said she did find her camera. Great. I see Kenny Cunningham.  And Ed is in the ring.
He is wearing a gold cap and all black.  He is announcing something.  I can't hear him but people laughed, and is having a good time.  He looking at his notes and walks to the front.
He pulls out Double Trouble, Worth, Magarita Rose, Angelina, and Start the Commotion, Happysaysitall, Seen Nothing Yet, Desbearate House Wives, Yawquina, Showoff, Love and Freedom, All About Me, Scherherazade, Blonde Bombshell, Miami, Madison Avenue, Four Star Review, Black Orchid, Angelina, Chablis, Winer Takes It all, Bearis Hilton, China, Finish Line, Better Be Worth It, Point of View, Micky and the rest stand aside, and Ed has all but eight or nine in his first cut. He sends most of them aside, (I assume those are being kept), and yes, the rest leave the ring.
He kept 41 from his first cut. He pulls them all around to the other side, and he looks them over, but takes no notes.  Ed is standing about mid center line and looks at them as they come around, now not just against the white wall, but no more notes, and now he heads to the front.  He stand about mid way again and says put them back against the ring and walks towards the end and says something I can't hear, and now heads towards the front.  Not looking just walking. He points to the first bunch and points to the other side of the ring and, and takes the first group of six and looks at them as they pass the white wall, and makes some notes.  Now the next six.  Art leads that group and Ed give them a look and makes a few, very few notes.   Another Six with Joanne in front, and they line up against the white wall. Not much room left. Ed says, bring them around.  And now he brings the rest of them up and makes room for the next six and there they go. Now another six with Black Orchid in front.  Ed takes no notes on that group, and now, another six. Everyone is getting a good look. Ed seems to have stopped taking any notes, so he just gives them a good look, and another group of six.  Plenty os space and he doesn't take any notes.   That's it.
Ed looks and tells them what he wants and he pointsto the other side and the end and pulls Double Trouble, Worth, Marguerita Rose, Angelina, Comotion, Karadorea, Happyanyouknowit, Happysaysitall, Seen Nothing Yet, Desbearate Housewife, Showoff, Serindipity, Love and Freedom, All About Me, Blonde Bombshell, Miami, Madison Avenue, Star Review, Black Orchid, Dancing Doll, Angelina, Stylistic, Bad to The Bone, Jerwin's Madison Avenut, Deja-Vu, Winner Takes All. China, Finish Line, Better Be Worth it, Lady Liberty, Cherry Crush, and a few I can't see. Tom Brown just came by.
Another pass for seven bitches and Ed looks at his notes and they stop and he pulls out Hallmark and puts her in her regular place and lets the rest go. THEN THERE WERE 34.  Now this is a fun show.
Ed looks them over and tells them something and off they go to this side from the white wall.  He looks at them as they go by the white wall and he says keep going and says Back Against The Wall. Without the last part of that phrase. And he calls out Tom Mesdag and he calls Bob Grady, and Ed gets his book out and makes some notes.  Ed turns away from us and Bob Grady is breaking them into groups, and Ed stands with is back to us, watching the white wall, and there gos a group six.  Now Ed takes the next seven  with Sean in front.  Next group of six, and no notes that I see.  He brings in the next group of six, and Black Orchid is there still looking strong. And Ed looks at each of them, and makes no notes, and calls for another group, and only four in that group.  And they line up again, and now another group of seven.  Almost done but I think, and yes, they are now set up with Patty in the front. No placings and Ed walks down the line and keeps on walking and looking fast at each bitch and stops about half way and now continues at a fair pace, and looks at each one and is 3/4 of the way and stops at Miami to make a note, and looks at his notes and now continues on down and looks at them all, and say something to them at the end.  And now walks to the front.
He is at the front and goes up to Patty and gies some instruction and pulls Double Trouble, Worth, Margarita Rose, Start the Commotion, Angelina, Happyand you know it, Happysaysitall, Showoff, Serindipity, Blonde Bombshell, MegaMillion, Star Review, Dancing Doll, Black Orchid, Jerwin's Madison Avenue, Desbearate Housewives, China, and others.
He takes around nine together and off they go for dreams of 2008.
Now there are twenty eight. Flower Boy is counting, so don't blame me if the math doesn't work, and they line up again. Still no placing, but cuts.  Not like last year, everyone gets another look.  This is a fun way to watch, and out come the ring stewards and off go the first six. Against the white wall.  Another group, this time six again, and Ed isn't taking notes now.  Six more, and now the crowd is starting to come alive, and Blonde Bombshell is there and Black Orchid still looks great at the end of that group. Now six more, and China looks good in there.  And now three more. Cherry Crush, the Winner's Bitch looks good. Now down to the good stuff.
Ed looks at his notes, and Double Trouble, Worth, Marguereta Rose, Angelina, Start The Cmotion, Happysays it all, Happysays itall, Showoff, All About Me, Seen Nothing yet, Star Review, Dancing Doll, Jerwyns Madison Avenue, China, Cherry Crush, Black Orchid, De Ja Vu, and three take a break.
Now there are twenty four. Ed looks them over and still no placings and tells them to take a pass, and turns towards the wall.  Now in groups of six again. No more notes, and half of these will be there at the end, and half or more, not. Next group of six. What a fun way to watch, starting with Happy and her daughter Happy.  Next group with Blonde Blombshell, and Black Orchid, still working and the next group, with Jerwin's Madison Avenue and China looking good with Lenny and Cherry Crush with Miks, and now they stop.
Double Trouble, Casara's Worth, Margarita Rose, Angelina, Comotion, Happyanyou know it, Happys Says it all, Show Time, Blonde Bombshell, Signature Miami, Star Review, Black Orchid, Dancing Doll, De Je Vu, China, Cherry Crush and Miranda. Now there are Twenty Two.  He let two go.
Ed looks at them over against the wall and walks down the ring and looks at them, no notes just looking at each bitch from the end to the front now. And he heads to the middle of them, and the tension is growing and Ed stand in the middle.
He goes to the front and look at them and gives instructions and they all wak to the other side of the ring.  Now he is making his book. No one is running when they can walk. Ed gives instructions and there goes the yelling to the handlers, and there go another six.  Six is the magic number and there goes the two Happy bitches in first and second, What a group that is, and some are starting to get tired, and Blonde Bombshell didn't have her best pass. Black Orchid looks fresh, and there goes the last group.
Dreams yet in the minds of owners, the last group has the winner's bitch and Ed looks them over.
He spreads them out and looks at them on the other side now. And it is going to be harder to get numbers, thank God I have ed here.  He walks down the line and stops at the two Happy bitches. 
He pulls, Double Trouble, THIS IS THE BIG CUT.  NO.   Now Worth, Margarita Rose Angilina comotion Cazadora, Happy and Happy, Show Time,All About me.  Nevermind, he cuts one. De Ja Vu.
Now there are twenty one.  Just think, you can say you made the first six cuts.  He is talking to stewards and the ring and divides them up again, into groups. There go the first group of seven.  Ed stands with his hands in his pockets, and calls for the next group of seven. Progress.  Next group seven again. And Black Orchid and Winner's Bitch both look good.
Ed goes up to the front and no placings, just cuts, and he goes towards the end and looks them over and now he stands back and walks back to the front.  Blonde Bombshell is stacked back for some reason.  He looks them over and looks at his book and says, bring them around. The handlers being smart, walk. 
They stack, Ed looks, we eat, and the crowd holds its breath. Ed looks over the 21 bitches and gives an instruction and again, groups of seven again, past the white wall.  The bitches all look like they have run enough. The next group with Happy and Happy and Blonde Bombshell looking better. Both Happys look good, and there goes the last group, and Black Orchid leading. China looks fresh and strong.
Ed walks up to the front and not looking at anyone, ut approaches them and pulls double trouble, rosita Rose, Commotion, Kardosa, Happyanyouknowit, Happysaysit all, Blonde Bombshell, Black Orchid, Star Review, Danciing Doll. Sherwins Madison Avenue, All About Me, Signaturie Miami, 
Cherry Crush, Heiress, and four go out. Four left the building and seventeen left.
Ed said they were all going Select, and the crowd loves it.  SEVENTEEN Great for him.  What a wonderful thing to do for the breed.
Asgard German Shepherds 
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

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Everyone wants Evan to know that his blogging has been really

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Specials Bitches Saturday First cut

I finally learned who the Junior is that I so admired. Her name is Ashley Miller, and what talent. I know she is going to be one of our top handlers soon, if not already.  I could watch her all day.
Obedience winners, and lots of applause for them all. The crowd is filing in, and what tension in the air.  Lorie Nickerson also with the highest scoring champion The Shadow Knows.  I didn't get the rest, but all good looking dogs. What dedication, I did see Cason, who is a great worker, with Julie Degon, who we all know. 
Bob Dresher does such a great job working the crowd, and they all get a hand.  March music and there goes Don Knight, and I see Libby is here. Linda Bankhead walks by with a bib on and there goes Liz Leshhorn, and what another great job she did on the Red Book.  Kathy Potter is there and They look ready at the end of the ring. I recognize the handlers, and Bill Basu has his bib on now, and some blank stares in the room. Lots of movement but no one in the ring yet. I see Leslie and Jack and they are at the other end, so I can't see everyone yet, but people are coming in.
Now Lew and Erin and Nancy Godec McDonald enter the ring. IN COME ALL THE JUNIORS. Fourteen in there stacking dogs, and each get introdruced.  Robert Hamilton, Ashlye Miller, 16, Malissa Chevez 17, Ronnie Dollar 17, Zane Brooks 17, Elizabeth Stiefelman 17, Danelle Stalson 16, Tessa Ferrell 16, Loressa Lee 15, Shannon Wise 14, Justin Dollar 11, Logan Sheperd 10, Blake Erish 9, Mariea Oster 8.  What a great sight, and that has to bring mist to your eyes, and there they go, and lots of applause and music to take them around.  AND another pass, where is taht energy coming from?  They each take two laps and that is what is all about.
Ben Bignorea is there to hug each of them and a lot of high fives and now it quiets down, and some tension. In come the Bitch Specials.
Ed wants to say he is not responsible for what I say on the post, and he is only sitting next to me to keep me in line.  Good luck with that.
Sally Hayden came by and there goes Ann Schultz, and Barbara and Jamie Ross gave us a big wave.  Bob Moore is here.  Jeff Mobeus is here talking to Flower Boy, and I see Sue Wylie is here too.  Ray Johnson is here, and I see Mary Lou Neton.  Ed is in the ring and Ann Thompson is walking outside with a bright jacket. 
In the ring is Patty, then Worth, and they file in and Ed is marking them off. Jamie Walker walked by and they are all coming in now. I see Art, Sean, The Guz, Al Martin, Ken Tank, Diane, george, Linda, KENT IS IN THE RING, Jack, Bill oh what the hell, they are all in there. Bill Basu has Black Orhid.  The days are getting longer for some of the handler. Leslie has her bitch, Alex is there Tiffany and Joann both in there, and Christine Chrity, and a lot of the juniors, Lennie Brown, Brad Sipp is in there now, but I doubt he is staying.  And a whole bunch more. Just getting marked in, and the stands are starting to fill. Bob Grady is out there in a white suit.
Bob is having Bart and Gary announce the friends we have lost this year. Always a hard time for me. They move to center ring, a ring full of bitches.  I usually leave the ring at this time, but am going to try to stay for the Blog. It is quiet and Bart is talking about the turmoil of today and this year, and what they would do with this situation.  I won't name them, and Gary hits the bell for each name. I can't take that, and won't stay for it again.
Ed is at the end of the group, they fill the ring. There goes Tisk Walker, and also Dave Rinke and Bob Eaton are here. We count 58 bitches in the ring now.  They are starting to break them up and Bob Grady and Tom Mesdag are going down the class and making groups.   Carl Radsivitch is here and sits down. Bob is giving them directions and here is Betty Radsivitch.  Norma is here and taling to Dave Rinke. Frank Fasano is sitting with that group. Morris Berteluche is in second for now.  Waht a thrill that must be for him.  (That is sarcasm).  Art Sinclair is talking Tracy Radigan and Dave and Jan Coleman.  Art has Start The Comotion.  They seem to be all leaving, but when the dust settles, there will be the first group left.
Yes, six left.  Patty Breau with Double Trouble Morris with Worth, then Lorie with Margareta Rose, Scottie with Angelina, Lenny with Hallmark and Trish Wylie with Diva.  And, Ed comes to the center.
There goes the first trip with Ed in the center with a notebook, and they hug the white wall, a first group of six. They stop in front of me, and some tense handlers in there.  Ed comes over here and says; Set them up" and they do, he walks down the line and says, "Give me a lap and stop right here." And he turen his back and look at th white wall and they move behind him and as they turn, he watches them against the white wall. Ed only looks at them on that side.  Alycia is here with her brace.  We all miss Scott Partel, but we settle for Alycia.
First individual is Double Trouble.  A good standard looking bitch and down and back she goes. Terrie Kreidler goes by. Ed tell patty to take her around and again he turns his back to watch the white wall.  Patty takes her back to start over and takes a good pass on a loose lead.
Now Morris with Worth, and Edo goes to talk to Bob Grady. I see the Kishs just went by, with a big smile on both of them.  And they take their seats.  There Loren to talk to Scott. I love her jacket, maybe she would sell it to me.  The individual is going on, and Ed says down and back. The room is full, and all the seats are taken.  Ed directs him around and ther he goes, and walks first 
Next we have Abby with Margarita Rose. I always have enjoyed Abby's handling.  Very pretty girl, (Ed said that), and a very typy and feminine bitch.  And Ed turns, and off she goes.  The crowd is still waking up.  Good working bitch.
Scott has Angelina, and a nice Black and Tan.  Scott stands her with one leg up, a pointer, and now he stacks her. Gary Szymzyk and Patty also walks by.  Angelina likes the individuals and is looking for someone. Norma is talking.  That's a keeper.  What great sidegait.
Mike Reed is there with Azeri of Hallmark.  A dark Black and Tan.  She is a half German Bitch and the color indicates that. Sergio and Lennie Brown are here and Sergeo sits next to me.  Suzie Whitmore came by to talk to Bob.  Diva is there with Trish Wyle.  Her dad got elected and so we are all well served. She is the last one in the first group, and a nice dark bitch and she is another nice bitch.. He's moving the first group now..aroend they go......out they go...second group will be coming in, (this by Ed).
Now back to me.  Ed brings in cones and puts them around the corners.  Now the next group.
Art Sinclair with Start the Commotion, then Sean with Cazadora, next is Laura with Happyanyou knowit.   Then is someone I can't get with Carousel Farms Caison, Al Megamillion and then Tim Trap with  Wow of Ritarra.  And they take a pass.  Happy is looking good.
Ed Calls Art out there.  Lamar is here and talking about lynching.  There goes Art.  She always was a nice bitch.
Cazadora is up there now. She has lots of type and style.  She hugs the wall and makes a good image that way.
Ed marks his notebook and now Happy with Laurie.  The crowd might get behind her. Right now it is quiet. Posed that is great bitch standing, and not bad in motion.  Sue Godek is here.  Yes the crowd is behind her.  Laurie takes her slow, and you couldn't ask for more. Nancy Nellis is here and had been everywhere all week. What a great job she does.
Julie Degan is in there with Caisson MX, Julie is as calm as she looks, and the bitch is ready to go. Ed give her direction and off she goes with her ponytail bouncing. And nice and steady against the white wall.
Al Martin with Megamillion.  She stands her ground and Ed does the temperament test, and now she is posed and looks for someone.  Very attractive bitch, but who would want to follow Happy?   Carrolyn Martello is here now, and so is Oak Smith. Karen Avery just got here. And there goes Megamillion.  Tim Trap is next with Ponca Hills Rittarra, another pretty bitch Ed checks her out,, around the ring she goes..last bitchn in this second group..Ed moves the whole group around the ring and out they go....Third group is next First bitch is with Guzman and the wrong number.
I don't know who The Guz has, (it's Happysaysitall)  and Joanne has Nuthin Yet, then Cristy with Desperate Housewives , then Eric with Lady Liberty, (a Ben daughter), and last is Ken Tank with Showoff, the Ghegleri's bitch, a Patriot daughter, so Tedi and I have ties to two of them, so I want them each to win it all.  It is all about me. Pam Stoesser is here.
Now Joanne is going down and back You Ain't Seen Nuthen Yet.  And she waves to someone, and Ed turns his back and there she goes, and she hits the white world and the bitch needs to wake up.  I see Bob Ghegleri, and he is watching his bitch.
Despbearate Housewife, and she sure is a pretty bitch, very dark and very typie.  There goes Lew again, he has not stopped all show. A great image for our club.   She takes her first pass.
Now Lady Liberty.  Ed is talking to Eric and says to set her up.  She is a favorite of mine but I haven't seen her in a least a year. She is not happy out there, and Eric is talking to Ed and Ed goes over her. And Eric is laughing and I don't think he is happy.  Helen Franklin is here and wearing 22 championship pins.   There she goes and she still looks good and can move.
Julie with Yaquina.  I just heard from Helen that the Frasano's party was fun.  That is one of the nicest things done at the national, and they do it every year.  Bill Burgraff said he went and loved it. Cappy is here taking to Norma. 
Now Ken with Showoff.  I won't describe her, you need to see her in person. She passes the temperament test and stacks.  She is picture perfect if you like a dark black and tan. She looks a bit young, and needs to mature to be everything I want. Ed turns his back, how rude, and the crowd likes her. She can be on or off, and today she's on.
Now Ed stands back and tells them, one time around.  He doesn't move anyone, and tells them to take them out.  And, in comes the next group.
Linda is first with Serendipity and second is Greg, then Feeling Lucky , All About me, with Liz, then Bound For Glory, and last is Schehirazade.  They take a lap, and there goes Leslie out side the ring. There Joey, and also Bil Leonard is here.
Linda is out there and she and Ed are laughing.  She stacks Serendipity, and she stands perfectly but wants to play down and back. And Linda loses her and she jumps out of the ring and Loren catches her in the air.  She jumps back in the ring and Loren goes in and out too. Now down and back. A good example of double handling, too much. But she is a happy bitch and Linda takes a minute to adjust the lead and the crowd likes this one too. She head to the wall and there she is agains the while. Great sidegait, and smooth as can be.
Loving Freedom is there now with Greg.  I Dania is here and I haven't told her yet she is replaced by Flower Boy, but she is much better looking. Norma is talking to the crowd, and donw and back goes Greg.  She is a sable, and nicely pigmented.  Another crowd favorite. Gloria is here looking for her Nikon.
Feeling Lucky is standing like a rock and now posed.  There she goes and Libby is talking to Leslie. Dan and Marily Smith are going by.  There goes Twyla again.
Liz Osler is there with All About Me.  A very pretty and standard looking bitch stands like a rock and I love the body type.  She looks like she can move from down and back and Ed turns, and waits and Liz takes off. YES she can move.
Bound For Glory a very dark black and tan, maybe a Bi.   The general opinion here is a Black and Tan.  Leslie said to tall Kay hello, so I do as I am told. ...Scherazade is the next bitch with a handler I do not know...she is the last bitch in this group...around she goes.Ed is marking his book...instructs the group to go around one time and out there they go.
Group five is next..Berslter leads this group with Blond Bomb shell next Miami with Diane Brown...then Madison Ave with Olivia...Kent is in the ring withHeiress Ed is going over Bombshell nice dark sable bitch! That Ed.   First is George and he goes around, and next is Diane with Signiature.  She is a good looking bitch.  (Ed has this thing centering text and I have no idea how to stop it. So, I will keep on keeping on).   She takes a pass and she is smooth and very nice. I think she will stay in.
Now we have Oivia Madison Avenue, and she has always been a top quality bitch.  I see Dania with Nancy Ellis and Joan Fox and they look serious.  There Madison Avenue goes, I think she has already been Select and Canadian Grand Victrix.
Now Kent with Heiress.  Everyone is holding their breath, and Kent look fine.  I think we will be watching Kent, not the bitch. But you have to look at that bitch, she is so pretty.  Ed showed me how to uncenter the type and so back to what passes as normal for me.  There goes Ken and his bitch and they both move as if there is not problem.
Now Ella Fritzgerald.  I see Fred Migliore talking to Bob Eaton. This is the next to last bitch in the fifth group, and with a good handler whose name escapes me. The crowd likes her and she hits the white wall and makes nice pass. 
Now Wings of Gold, with Jodie Blanger.  Norma is talking to Morris.  I see Pam O'Dell is here now, and watching. Ed tells them one lap and on to the next. They actually take a lap from this end and so it is two trips.  But they only have to look good for one pass, against the wall. Ed doesn't even glance at them other than that.
Ed is making a lot of notes and is writing in his book.  We need to get that book and publish it.
In comes group number six. Jack with Star Review, next is Bill Basu with Black Orchid, WOW, now is a good one,  Zukerdok, then Jeff Pyle with Dancing Doll, then Hells Angel, with a Junior and Sergeo with Sunny Side Up.  This is the last normal class then move-ups etc. they take a lossen up pass and Black Orchid is on. 
Ed point to Ed and Star Review stands in a pose and Ed streachs his leg, and looks her over as she stacks. She stands and Jack gathers his lead and takes her down and back.  Here comes Cindy Davis. 
Bill Basu with Black Orchid.  She does put on a show.
Now the Zuker Doc with a Junior. He handles like Jimmy used to, and almost does today.  She stands on the line and Ed does test what he needs to, and he takes a pass.
Dancing Doll with Jeff. There goes Ben Bigornia. Dancing Doll is a good looking bitch a great size and a Black and Tan, and Down and Back.  Jeff gestures for his double handler, and there he goes.  A full loose lead and a good pass.
Another Junior with Hells Angel. I like the name.    Ed says all the handlers are pretty except Bill Basu.  She stacks her with grace and she is a substantial bitch but a nice one too.  I see Jenn Root.
Norma is walking by and not talking to anyone.  That bitch is not easy to handle but she does a nice job.
Sergeo with Sunny Side Up. She is a Brando daughter, and very dark. I have always liked this bitch and she can move she is owned by a great person, Clare Drosdick.  She and Ed are here and I met him on Wednesday.  There she goes.  Sergeo does a good job with her.
There they go for the last trip.
7th group Leslie has Angelina to lead this group..Ed marks his book as they go around the first time as a group...Angelina up for her individual with Leslie...around she goes...next Giorgiana with a handler I do not know..Stylistic is next with Alex..the best looking male handler in this sport...no I am not Gay, very nice looking bitch, around they go...the croud loves her...next Cindy with Bad to the Bone...the nest bith Jerrwns Madison Ave with Jergin's wife, forgot her name..Lorin I think...around they go, Basu is interrupting..next is Deja Vu with a pretty unkown handler, the last of the group..Ed marks his book tells them to go around one time and out.
Evan back
I got to talk to Lew. He is holding up, but feels the stress.  I congratulated him on all he has done and all he is doing.  Back to the show.
Next group, with Winner Takes All, then China with Lenny without Leslie, Next is League f Her Own, and Hell's Bells, and Cindy with Finish Line, (can you tell there are a bunch of Juniors in here?)  And Ed is back to help me.
First out there is Winner Takes all, with a very good handler who hand stacks her, and she holds a pose.  There she goes and walking and walkng and now she takes off...nest bicth is Bearis Hilto with a pretty handler I don't know Evan to off with two pretty ladies...Lenny Brown is nest with China, and you can't describe how beautiful that bitch is. Not much to say about her, except she could go all the way.  Lennie gathers the lead and takes off, the crowd loves her. He hits the wal, and OH MY GOD!  If I were judging I would give it to her, and then do the rest.
Now League of Her Own, another young handlers.  Ther goes Pam Stoesser and she comes to talk to me. At least she is one talking to me. I got to introduce a young lady to Dave Rinke. She was one I mentored and that is what she wanted to do at this National.
Next up is Hells Bells, with another young handler. Was I ever that young? I don't think so. And what a job she does. She has done this before.
Finally a handler I know Cindy with Finish Line a California bitch.  And she takes her pass....next group..Better Be worth it with Nancy Godak is up to bat Nancy has a new last name but I don't know what it is.Ed is marking his book...Evan is talking to Sheree Moses FB on the keyboard now...Point of View is next handler I don't know...around she goes....Miranda is next with another handler I do not know...no one is sueing me that I know of...Miranda just got loose..she ran out of the ring, but now she's back...wish I could talk to Sheree Moses..geeez Reggie is next with Shasta Fair...I love that kid!..Evan still gabbing with Sheree....women don't ever talk to ...next is Sergio with Beneth my Wings....thats almost x-rated!...Evan let me talk to Sheree Moses...Bittersweet is next with a new young handler from Ca.
Can you tell when it is me and when it is Ed? He is black and I am not.
Nathan is in there with Bittersweet.  Last pass for them all. And out they go. 
Bill Tank with Italy, next is a young lady with Sneakers, then Lucy Lu, then Mike with Cherry Crush , Winner's Bitch, (she finished), Silver Charm with Jammie Chute, and last is Cut Above from Veterans.
I got to talk to Cristie and I can't believe she has a two and a half daughter.
There goes High Heal Sneekers and a young handler doing a perfect job. Next is Lucy Lu.   There she goes and looks as good as her namesake.  I like that good.
Next Mike with Cherry Crush.  An Aries daughter.  I see that she is a keeper and against the wal she is a good one.  The crowd knows it.
The place is full now and standing room only. The Veteran Silver Charm with Jammie is there, and everyone seems to be getting ready for the real show. This is the last group and everyone must be here not. Melissa is next with vetern bitch Cut Above. Ed looks over the crowd, and now back to work. Cut Above stacks and seems to want to find her owners but no problem, and down and back.  Last pass of the last group, and the crowd likes her.
There goes the entire class and the tension grows.  We are waiting and holding our breaths. Ed is walking outside the ring, and it looks like a comfort break. Bob Grady is in the center of the ring and looking at his notes and that means he is about to bring in the bitches, and yes, in they come. Dania hasn't shown up yet, so I haven't had to tell her about Ed. It is hard to miss him however, and now it starts.

They are in the ring and Tom Mesdag is checking the placement and so is Bob Grady, two expert ring stewards.  Bob is walking down the line and people are starting to buzz.  Tedi got a hamburger, and that was good timing.  Karen Wagner is sitting with Bob here and laughing. The bitches fill the ring except for about twenty fee.  Ten more and we would not have enough room. Where did all the handlers come from?
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I stewarded yesterday in obedience. I can't remember all the details, but
it will be no surprise to most of you that Lori Nickeson got OV and High
scoring champion with Monty. :) I know she placed in both Open and
Utility - don't remember the particulars though.

I worked in the Utility A & B and Open A ring. Just in those classes, I
know there were at least 3 champions competing. It is good to see
champions strutting their stuff in obedience, especially in the upper
classes. Congratulations to those breeders and owners!

Also, the Parade of Greats was a BIG entry this year. It was a proud
moment to see so many highly accomplished German Shepherds in the ring at
one time. I know at least one of them was a Champion and PAM - Julie
Degen's Cassie. Many more performance dogs were represented as well.
Quite impressive. Linda (from my mobile) Legato German Shepherds

Working Dog Sport Competition

Pre- trial report:
This afternoon there was a brief seminar with Wayne Davis. It was very
informative. I won't do it justice, but the take away message is this --
INCLUSION WORKS. What a concept. The AKC really has (imo) the right idea
on this.

After specials practiced in the ring, we had the opportunity to practice
as well. Practice was productive, but kept me up past my bedtime
(especially considering we start at 630 am). There are some really nice
working dogs here. There are also some of us who are less experienced -
or have less experienced dogs. We're all just hoping for the best, and
hoping not to make fools of ourselves.

Will report tomorrow after tracking.

(from my mobile)
Legato German Shepherds

Before the show on Saturday

Evan I love the smell of hair spray in the morning.
I came early to watch the events unfold and the excitement grow. The place in empty except for Twyla, Tedi, Stormy and Illeana.  I hear that the Lister's Party gathered $2,700.00 got rescue.   I am talking to Becky McIlroy and what great hair   I see that Grace is here as is the Famous Linda Battistoni.
I didn't get to the List Party as I went to the Foundation Party instead. It was interesting and I did not know it was mainly a fund raiser. They bid on serviced, (sorry, just handling), but it was fun.e I love what they do for the breed, and it is a great service.  I am talking to Les, and had a few words with Ed, and he is wearing a black shirt with a dark suit.  We sat with Carrie and Oak Smith. Good folks. People are starting to mill in now, and Flower Boy came by to work and I bought food to keep us here.
I loved the "Free For All" last night. They opened the ring, and in came the dogs. I saw Happy looking better than ever, and I couldn't miss Army, who is looking like he can't be beat. I did get to recognize a few others too and the excitement in the air was unbelievable.  There was a Junior's Seminar too in the ring, and all the kids with mentors. Jerry Guzman was working with them and and I counted 31 in there, the future of our breed.
I have some reflections of this National. The motto from Lew is Encourage, not discourage, and that is what I have seen. Lew has worked his heart out as has the rest of the board. They are everywhere encouraging and helping and it is clear he means it.  I do miss the Inclusion and not Exclusion. There is a clear feeling that they are doing it all, and need no help. I got to work at the Judges Education as a Mentor, and of course I am here at the announcer's table Blogging. I am not so sure that I would be preferred to be somewhere else, but no one has said anything to me.  That approach will change with Gail, and I am looking forward to the next year.
I sat next to the table with Jane Kerner, Dave Rinke, Bob Eaton and Pam Stoesser.  Also, Jeff Mobeus was at another table, and so the entire group was there. Bob is here now to announce and Erin Nellis giving directions.  I see Gail Hardcastle, and there goes Christine Spararga, and in bright red.   Bart Bartly is here and talking to Alex. 
I had a chance to talk to Pam Stoesser last night and she always is fun. I will make it a point to spend some time with Jane Kerner today, I don't spend enough time in person with her. We post back and forth a lot, but I only see her once a year.  Here is Scootie being pulled by a dog, and Nancy Hubble is in her seat, and so is Channing Sheets.   Linda Bankhead just came by and Joan is talking to Bob and the room is filling. I am starting to feel the tension and my heart is starting to beat and my eyes start to shine as tears build. I love this breed and can't wait to see the best of the best.  Nancy Goodek is here too.
The lights are bright, the dogs are at the end of the ring, Ed is there, the stewards are ready and the bitches go first in catalog order.  I see everyone talking putting on bibbs, and I am sending this to get everyone woken up, and then we go to the dog show.

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Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

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Great pix of the Winners Bitch and Reserve Winners Bitch in Motion

Friday, October 19, 2007

Best Puppy

Holly from Derry New Hampshire came by and said hello. She wanted to say hello to all those back in New Hampshire and wait for Winter.
There was a man living in New Hampshire on the New Hampshire Main line. They surveyed his property. he came to him and told him he lived in Main, not New Hampshire.
He said: "Thank God, I couldn't take another New Hampshire Winter."

We are waiting for the puppies. I am waiting for Ed. There he is with a sport coat. Now you talk about someone who doesn't age.  There are the four puppies, Jimmy, Lenny, jack and George.  Ed takes them each around.  Jimmy's pup will be hard to beat the 6-9 Puppy dog.  There goes the 9-12 Puppy bitch, and she is nice too.
Ed takes the 6-9 down and back and has him stop and Ed looks hard at the pup. There Jimmy goes, and the crowd is applauding before he gets his stride, and there he goes, and what a star. Also great temperament, just seems happy every minute.
Now the 9-12 puppy dog. Also loves the judge and no problem with the individual. Down and back, and now stands for Ed to look over. Jimmy owns both the male puppies. That is a nice dog, but not as good as the younger one. Lenny brings him back and Jimmy gives the puppy a hug.
The six to nine puppy bitch with Jack. She seems a bit wired, and goes down and back. Kent is walking about without a limp and looks like he could go in the ring now.  Jack takes her around and she seems intent on someone outside the ring, and she is pulling a bit now, and I know Ed wants a loose lead. Oh my, that is a good one if he gets her under control.  I think he will eventually, but the show ends soon.
Now the 9-12 Puppy Dog. Ed has him stand, and now George takes him around.  He adjusts the lead and heads out, with a small skip and that puppy is well trained and has a great period of suspension.  George doesn't like what is going on, and starts over, and is now having problems, and starts again.  A good one, and needs to fire up a bit more.
Now they stand together, and Ed walks up to them.  He is telling them something and off go the four of them.  Jimmy is going slow, and what a puppy.
Ed m,oves Jack in front and then George Jimmy and Jack.  It is eal qiet nowa nd Ed is telling them something and Lenny takes around alone.  With a very loose lead.  Not loose enough for Ed except at the end.  Now George, and I heard Ed, "Get him loose."  And George gives the entire lead, and that's a loose lead, all 12 feet of it.
Now Jimmy, one time Ed says, and the crowd is clear. Yelling shouting, stamping and for good reason. Jimmy used the entire ring, and Ed stops looking.
There goes Jack and the crowd likes that one too.
The line up and he gives it to Tazzman's Aregon the nine to twelve puppy dog. Best Opposite Puppy is Tazzman's Serine the 9-12 Puppy Bitch. Litter mates. How cool it that.
Now to the Foundation party and then the Lister's party after that.
Asgard German Shepherds 
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

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