Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Location, location, location

Wonder what's going to be the new surprise
The big surprise for me, is that we are not going to drive.  Although it is costing a fortune, we will fly without our dog this year.
I was worried about six days on the road, with motels, a dog, and gas costs. Then there is the wear and tear on us, and the road hazards.
In the end we decided if we can't fly a 500 crate into St. Louis, we would leave the dog at home.  So, our 12 to 15 month old Patriot son, (Futurity winner),  will wait for a location he can fly into, which if I understand it, will be in 2017.  That will be just in time for him to go Select.
While I support our board, and know the cost savings have to be significant, and realize the need to have a central location, they do need to address the inability to get a 500 crate to the National by plane. What this is going to cause is a limitation on who can be there.   I expect the entry numbers will remain, but one of the Futurity winners won't be there, (Teddy Roosevelt), and except that Gloria and Cappy are driving, the K dog wouldn't have been shown.  I hope I am the only person not taking a dog due to the restrictions.
This year it is just an entry.  In the future it is going to the members who won't attend.
As our membership ages, long road trips will not be an option.
There is something wrong with that.

Friday, September 26, 2014

National Schedule For Conformation

Judging Order for 2014 GSDCA National

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
  • Futurity & Amateur Futurity Finals
  • Maturity & Amateur Maturity Finals
  • 6 to 9 Month Puppy Dogs
  • 9 to 12 Month Puppy Dogs
  • 6 to 12 Month Long Coat Puppy Dog

Thursday, October 9, 2014
  • 12 to 15 Month Dogs
  • 15 to 18 Month Dogs
  • Novice Dogs
  • Amateur Owner Handler Dog
  • Bred-By Dog
  • Amer. Bred Dog
  • Open Dogs
  • Winners Dog & Res. Winners Dog
  • 7 to 9 Veteran Dog
  • 9 & over Veteran Dog
  • 6 to 9 Month Puppy Bitches
  • 9 to 12 Month Puppy Bitches
  • 6 to 12 Month Long Coat Puppy Bitch

Friday, October 10, 2014
  • 12 to 15 Month Bitches
  • 15 to 18 Month Bitches
  • Novice Bitches
  • Amateur Owner Handler Bitches
  • Bred-By Bitches
  • Amer. Bred Bitches
  • Open Bitches
  • Winners Bitch & Res. Winners Bitch
  • 7 to 9 Veteran Bitches
  • 9 & over Veteran Bitches

Saturday, October 11, 2014
  • Best of Breed
  • All Dogs
  • Junior Showmanship Classes & Best Jr.
  • All Bitches
  • Best Puppy
  • Best Bred By Exhibitor

A complete detailed Schedule with all activities will be in the Judging Program.

Open Long Coats will follow the Open Classes

Friday, September 05, 2014

First test to see if I can post to the Blog

First Blog of the year

Another year has gone by, and here it is time for the National.

As you know, I do this Blog for those who can't be there, and for those who were there to see if they saw it the same way I do.

I do not try to edit it, and that is clear from my spelling mistakes. I type exactly what I am seeing and how it impacts me. It is the ultimate ego trip, and I enjoy it much more than anyone else.

I often read the Blog after I get home and am amazed that I saw things that I didn't remember.

It is a clear indication of my diminishing mental abilities and some day may make a great example of someone who "stayed too long at the fair".

But, so long as someone enjoys it, I will continue.
Now to make sure I am not in trial when the show begins.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


How the Logo Came to Be
By Gary Szymczak

I was asked by Nancy Harper to create the logo for our Centennnial. After giving it a lot of thought the slogan which is "100 Years of Service to Mankind" and never forgetting 9/11, the idea was to begin with the statue at AKC which is dog New York that was given after 9/11.

I  replaced the rock with the globe, which represents service to the world, added  the heart which obviously shows the heart of the GSD and then asked my  pre-press/creative people to assist with the final touches. I'm proud of the  fact that I was allowed to be a part of history and will never forget being a  part of the Centennial.

The World Trials  (WUSV) will happen October 17 - 20 at PPL Park, One Stadium Drive, Chester PA

A Press Release and events schedule can be viewed here
Representing Team USA this year are Jim Hill (Philadelphia, PA), Mike Diehl, (Marion County, Indiana) Tommy Gillies, (Indianapolis, IN)  and  Sean O'Kane (Danville, IL),  all United Schutzhund Club of America);  Chris Meverden (Tampa, FL) and Josh Markow (Jefferson GA)  (German Shepherd Dog Club – Working Dog Association (GSDCA-WDA).  

Tickets can be purchased at the PPL Park

Monday, October 14, 2013


The end of another year

My final thoughts as another year goes by.
The judging was the best this year that I have ever seen.  Dave always does a good job, and this year showed us how great the breed type was, and how much we continue to improve our breed. It could be that we brought the best we could to him, or that he found the best of the best. But, in Specials it cannot be denied that many of those that did not make the cut, were impressive examples of the breed.  Those that won, well, you had to be here to see that.
Both Morton and Gloria demonstrated that they know the way to judge our breed. They found the top of the quality that was brought to them, and again, a great deal of what we saw will encourage us to continue on the path we have been headed. The depth of quality was amazing, and if anyone wants to say our breed has gone to hell, they either didn't go to the national this year, or need to open their eyes.
Jamie always does a top job in judging and this year had a group of Juniors who were not only polished, but also showed as well in the Specials classes and the regular classes while being able to still show in Juniors. Nancy McDonald has done a fantastic job to promote the Juniors, and it is sad but understandable that she is stepping down to give that job to someone else.
I have been honored to be able to give something to the Juniors, mostly because you all supported the German Shepherd Youth Recognition Fund. I was blown away to be handed an envelope with money from the performance events for the Fund.  This year more so than before I was faced with some decisions that were not easy.  One person wanted me to announce as the funds came in, how much was there. The suggestion given to me was that she believed in disclosure and transparency.  I think that has merit, and as she told me, if I did that, and also gave credit to those who donated, it would encourage more donations.  I always have felt that who gives, or what they give is a private thing, and should not be for recognition, but rather to do it only to support the Juniors. I also feel that the money should not be an incentive to the competition, but the kids should be there only for the honor of showing and competing.   Since I am a committee of one, (as I often am in my life), I am going with my opinion, right or wrong for now. I am open to ideas and will continue to consider them. 
 This year we awarded over $5,400.00 to a fund that will be put in a Trust Account to be given to the winner when she turns 18, or decides to turn professional.  I feel not everyone will want to go to college, and so a college fund will not be set up. Again, just my opinion.  I am also being told that we should limit the amount each year, and save the balance for the next year or years. I am thinking over that suggestion, as I consider all ideas.  I am not settled on anything.
The show in total was more relaxed and fun than ever before. That might be a result of such good hot dogs, or maybe just I am getting old. I got to see so many old friends, and missed so many of those who did not attend.  I can't name them all, but I would have enjoyed seeing Helen Fisher, Ken and Pat Downing, Rita Sandell, Bob and Nadine Grady,  Tony, Daphne Hereford, Paul and Jennifer Root, and of course Summer who always keeps me smiling. Summer turns into a teenager on the 27th of this month.  I hope she doesn't change as Paul Lynd says they do.  (Byby Birdy).   I regret not spending more time with some of my friends like Tami Howard, Doug Crane, Paula Cook, Cappy and Gloria, and so many others that were there, and I could only say hello to in passing.  I would have liked to have the announcer's table open so others could sit with us, and had Flower Boy there too.  But, there are always regrets, and that is normal for every National.
I was sorry that Exxon did not win his class, he is impressive. But the dog that beat him went on to become Best Puppy, and some folks did notice Exxon. Of course I had higher hopes for Icon, but he is young, and has a future ahead of him.  I had picked Halston to win last year, and it took Dave to do it for her. Joey and Manny are two of the biggest supporters of good sportsmanship and two people who always have a kind word for everyone. That is the true value of this game.
I came back home without losing any weight. That is a good thing. I think it may have been due to the hot dogs there and the great lamb gyros.  The food was excellent, the mood the best ever. The dogs better than ever, the crowd supportive, the judging as good as it could be, the location comfortable, and over all, another great event.
I know not everyone can attend a National. But Lana Lee works hours each day to make it work.  Bob (The Voice of The National) Lindsey keeps us calm in the middle of the constant storms.  It takes more than a village to put on an event like that, and the effort was rewarded.
I know there are tears for not winning.  Exhaustion from the hard work. There are those who think they should have done more, or even felt they didn't get a fair shake, but that is the nature of the beast. Overall, another great year is in the books, and now we look forward to the next one.
Send me those donations for the German Shepherd Youth Recognition Fund, (I do need to think of a better name), keep breeding to improve the breed, and think what Bart will do next year with this depth of quality.
That's it for me folks, another year at the national. It is the first time I came home not thinking I never want to do the Blog again. Unless I start to limp or bite the judge, I will be there next year, and do the best I can to bring you what I see, what I think and how I feel.  The nice thing about the Blog is that we all have a Delete button, feel free to use is well and often.
Thanks for listening.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Here are the Select Bitches
1.  Halston
2.  Roc My World
3.  Honey Crisp
4.  Pocahontas
5.  Tortolla
6.  Win Salls Who says
7.  Stonewalls Dirty Look
8.  Charmed
9.  Rumor
10.  Katherine Hepburn
11.  Yada Yada Yada
12.  Bonfire, 9 years and older
13.  Maui
14.  Bali
15.  Cruz'n Trouble
I have to say, check what others say.  Between Bob (The Voice of The National), Lana Lee and me, that is what I got. We are all cranky and upset. It has been a hard job, lots of criticism.
I feel good, I just saw Joe Bahari, and he said he reads the list. And Tim Brown also told me he reads this. So, I feel vindicated when two pilfer of the breed tell me that they read this. On to the dinner and then home so I can get into the office and put out the fires my staff has started.
Another show in the books. Don't cry for me, and give credit for Bob and Lana Lee who works their heart out.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

What I know so far

This should be fun, I have high hopes for Ruby.
I went to the Gold Page lunch. That is the first time I ate filet migon on paper plates with plastic silver ware. It was good, but unusual.  It came from the same vendor who has the hot dogs.  I may get one more before the show is over. 
Okay, to the first group. This is going to be painful to me. I have little interest. I guess because I have nothing in there, and it is always about me.  I suspect there will be a number of fantastic bitches, but since I can't breed to them, it isn't important to me.
Dave walks them for the first pass.  And he says "please". It is nice to have a polite judge.  Individuals.
We had lunch with Cappy and Gloria, Dr. Alice, Jane Kerner and Pam Stoesser. It is hard to find a group that laughs more than that.  There are a lot of nice bitches here.
Dave says this is an honor to be here. He said this is the best group of bitches he has ever seen and that is only after his first group. I agree with him.  This first group os astonishing.  I like Yada Yada Yada, but there are a number of bitches just as good. Maybe the other five groups have nothing good in them. Dave says, take them around and out, nice and easy.
In comes another group.  I want to mention Paula Cook . Not that she has done anything, but she likes to see her name, frankly, I don't care.
Dave is doing his thing.  It is an amazing display of bitches. Anyone who says our breed is in trouble, or that we have bred into a corner, had to see those males, and these bitches.  I know this is the best of the best, but it is so much better than I have seen in 40 years of watching National shows.
We are only into the second group.   I hope if you are home, you have the video, and if not, get the archives.  You can buy the archives after the show, even if you didn't watch it. Between that, and the tapes that Bobby does, you will see the whole show. 
The group is done and Dave is checking his notes, not adding anything and sends them around again. Another group is waiting. I did like what Kent was handling.
This is amazing.  People are coming up to buy dinner tickets, then up they come to sell them.  I am trying to coordinate it, but it is not easy.
These tickets are getting to be crazy. People are paying me, and handing me tickets, and buying them as fast as I can sell them. In comes a new group.  Martha Rinke just tole me that there are two people that like my Blog. That is one more than the last time I checked. Everyone is a critic.
But Tim Brown said he likes what I say on it.  But then again, what does he know?  On the other hand, he married Diane, so I have lots of respect for him, and I won't talk about her decision.
Halston is in there, and she is one I do like.  She has been my favorite for years now.   That is another group, and another ready to go.  I think Ruby is going to lead the next group.  But I am not sure.  If I read it right, the crowd is behind a bitch with a history, such as already going Select.
Ruby just went around. She looked great, but what the hell do I know.  I am trading dinner tickets for money. So far I have more to sell than I have buyers.  Man, the quality is unbelievable.  I thought it was great in dogs, but this is even more so.
I don't see Martha Simonet, and I always enjoy talking to her.  I know it is a long drive, but if Jane Kerner can do it, so can Martha.  That's the end of the class, and Dave walks over to them. Now Bob (The Voice of The National) is back.  Off goes the class, Nice and Easy, as Big Dave looks them over, and only the first four.  Dave makes some notes on just a few, looks them over and makes another note, and I think he is marking numbers.  "Use the whole ring" and off they go. 
Dave is walking to the ring opening, and in comes the last group, with the Winner's Bitch, etc.  We are about ready for the unkindest cut of all.  Eight in there, and there are problems with the streaming video. Everyone is working on it, and calling the main feed in Nebraska.  They are on the phones trying to fix it.
I have to tell you, no one works harder than Lana Lee, and Bob (The Voice of The National), except for me of course.  I want Bob to get part of the National next year, to get rid of him at this table. He is always interrupting Lana Lee and me.  On the other hand, I intend to have Flower Boy here next year, and maybe I can stay home and sort out my sock drawer.
Dania is here talking to Lana Lee, the crowd is ready for something to happen.  We ran out of candy, and I'm afraid to leave the stand, as I might miss some of the individual exams.  I just went and put my arm around Yada Yada Yada.  I would suspect her and Halston will be in the top five.
Done now with the last group, so now it begins.
Dave stands way back, takes out his notes and off they go, still dreaming.
Dave looks them over making notes on just a few of them.  They go out, now he will bring in the first group and start destroying dreams and wishes. In they come.  
He pulls Roc My World, Yada Yada Yada, aui, Pochontas and off go the others.  New group.  Off they go, still hopeful but not for long.   Paula, (just to excite her).
Tortolla, Rumor Has It, and Cruz'n Trouble.  New group, same results.
"Slow then down"
He pulls Ariel, Nobe Ca-She Katharine Hepburn, Oh My and Bearkooklyn.  A new group.
Only from that group Black Magic and Halston. I knew Halston would be in there, and now the last group. Is Dave going to dash my hopes with Ruby too.  I will let you all know when it is over, but I will know in a few minutes.  I told Bill to slow her down, but no one listens to me,
Honey Crisp; and Love is in the Air and now another group, and I guess Ruby didn't please Dave as much as she did me.
Around they go, and who stays in nobody knows, but Dave.
Dirty Look, Who Sayha V Chablis, Bali and Fun and Games, and then there were twenty.
In front is Roc My World then Cruz' Trouble, Tell Me Something I don't Know, Tortollia, and some more. This hard since they are still being judges, and there is another half of the entry standing off to the side.  He moves Tortollia up two places.  There goes Yada, and let's see how she looks.  That is a loose lead and Dave looks at his group and pulls her out and puts her in fourth.
Still in the first group.  He takes Kent and puts her in fourth in front of Yada.  He wants them to stay that way and stop down at the end, and now for his second group.
Last group goes around and they have a mess with the video. It is Chlemintine, Black Magic Woman, Halston, Katherine Hepburn and some others. How important is this pass?
Jimmie is at the end of the line with Arial.  There goes Halston.  She looks good to me.  Maybe if someone asks me to judge they can listen to me, Dave calls her and puts her in second.  Love is in The Air and nothing doing with her, and now Bearookly.  Dave looks at her, and leaves her next to last, and now Jimmie with Ariel. He leaves him there and the class the way it is.
Dave yells "Easy" and thre they go.  Out comes the other group.  Dave checks that group, leaves them as they are and looks over the other keepers, just for a little while more.  Off they go, Whole Ring Please, Slow Down.  Which does he want, he can't want both?
Dirty Looks goes around.  A Black with Sylvain.  Dave looks and pulls her to second.  Who Says takes the lap and she is fired up.  Dave watches her and Puts her in third.  Al goes with his bitch and here goes Abbey with hers and Dave leaves her where she is.  He looks over these six and pulls Abby up to fourth.  That is Bali, the Winner's Bitch. 
They may have resolved the Video, a lot of hard work. 
Still twenty one in there.   Dave pulls Roc My World, Pochantas, Tortollia and now he takes the next four.   He keeps five.  Now he moves the second group.  He pulls Clementine, Halston, Katherine Hepburn, and Black Magic Woman, and moves he rest of them.  Seven still dreaming.  Six to choose from. Honey Crisp, Rhyme, Rhume, and Dirty look.  Dave looks at the about to be dismissed.  Some good ones in there, but I don't think there is much hope left.  He keeps Yada, Yada, Yada, Maui, Cruz'n Trouple. Now there are 16.  Bob says 15, and either he or Lana are wrong. I don't care.  He takes eight around.
He moves Clemintine to fifth, I am sure Christy is thrilled. And tells them to walk.  Roc My World is in front for a minute, then he moves Halston in front with Pochantis in second.  I know I spelled it wrong but I just don't give a shit right now. And he works the back of the class, six left. I don't think Dave will go with 15, but he could, the quality is that strong.  Maui to fourth in this group. I guess there is some joy in that, being fourth at the end of the line.
Now the top onesk with Halston going up to the lead then Maui, Pochohontas, then some more. My eyes are failing and I am depending on Lana Lee who is working on the video.  Dave sets the first seven aside, and takes the rest.  Eight more.  He gives them all a good look and moves to them.  They stack and Dave looks at them, and is about to make someone happy. Isn't that all we ask for, he pulls up Yada Yada Yada to fourth in that group which would make her 11th Select if my figures are correct. He lines them all up. What a group of bitches.  Still 15. 
Dave works from Chlemintine  back for the rest of them. 
He moves them back without dismissing anyone. I think he will go 15. And now for the first group. The first seven and the winners and I think it is going to stay that way. They stack up and he moves Honey Crisp to third and he sends back the first four and looks at the last three.  This is like picking the best beauty queen from all the past winners.  He moves Who Says to second in his second half.  Now the lead bitches with Halston in front.   I have loved her for years, and thought she would win last year.  Oh no, another change.  He sets one aside.  Now there are three. No way to pick one from the other Halston down and back.  Roc My World, and now Honey Crisp, down and back. They all look clean from here.  He moves Honey Crisp up one, and wants them each to lead one time.   Honey Crisp in front.  Dave said th ring go smaller again, and Halston goes u to the front again, and it is her and Roc My World, the two of them being evaluated. 
1.  Halston
2.  Roc My World
3.  OK, I don't have the finals, so here is what I have so far.
I am losing interest or exhausted. I am not sure which. 
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together


Here we go.  The Performance winners. The Obedience Victor for the last time, for now. Is a White.  OH THE HORROR of it all.  He did the work, but the membership has spoken.
Now the remembrance of those no longer with us. This is a very hard time for me.  But, I guess I should be glad my name isn't there.  I usually leave the building for this, but maybe I will stay here.  Too many lost friends.  Too soon.  Bart is breaking up, and I would never be able to do this. I am going to stop typing for a minute.
I should leave for that, and next year I will.
There they go, and if anyone thinks our breed is not improving, they need to see this.
Mick Cheeks just reminded me of a comment I made on the Blog.  He thought I called Diane Brown a Bitch.  Just saying.
What a group of dogs in there and more to come. I see Icon, I also see Koby.  I need to look further down the line, they are in the first seven in there. 
They go all down one side and through the end and part of the other side.  I see Martha Rinke with Pam Stoesser. 
I think now it gets boring. Dave cuts them and eight in the first group.  In there is Koby and Icon.  At least I can get to see them early.  Wow, what a load of good looking dogs. I wonder how they move.  Diane Browns dog is fired up and excited, and she is baiting him.  Liz Stifferman has a good looking dog, and is all in sparkles and a red skirt.
The first group goes off tothe wall, the second group heads out of the ring. I don't think he excused them, but what do I know. Now the third group, heads out, now the third group, and the fourth group with seven. So, if I figure it right, that means there are 39 dogs in there. That seems to be it.
Now the individuals, and Koby is out there. He is an impressive dog and one of my all time favorites. Ann Schultz just walked by and said she is a wreck Dave gives them a long look after they go down and back.  I am sorry for a personal observation, but that is one hell of a dog.
Now Cyutas, a West Coast dog, the owners live in Vegas, with Art Sinclair. The dog went Select last year.  He is a Black and seems well received.
Megabucks with Lenny, another good one. We have so may good dogs in there, it is going to be interesting to see what Dave does. I know he has no pre-thoughts, and does what he wants when it comes down to it.
I guess since you can't see what I see, I won't announce each dog.  Lana Lee is doing that on the Video. Another reason to get the video.  He wants Megabucks to go again. 
The work being done on the video is amazing. They are always working on it, and trying to keep it up. 
This is just amazing. You have to come to the National.  This is nerve wracking.
Dave is taking notes and takes them around again.  They they go again, and Icon is second to last and Koby is second from the front.   Dave walks to them and sends them out and now call for the second group.  In there is Galaxy and Titan. Two I want to watch.
Galaxy got a big hand from the crowd.  Now the Titan dog. That is Bob Drescher's.  We bred to him and loved the litter.  I also like the dog, but the way.
Last in the group, and there they go. And they stand. Dave says one time around and take them nice and easy.  I liked the first group better but I like Titan and a couple of others, and now the take another pass. Dave looks them over and makes some notes, and walks the line. It looks like he only makes notes about some of them.  I don't know  if it is good or bad.
On to the third group.  We are through the first two groups in an hour.  Dexter is there, and I have always loved him.  Sheree Moses is coming by.  She was able to crawl up into the bleachers, I am impressed. She is not only extraordinarily good looking but agile as well.  Guardian is in there, and looks great.  I sure am impressed with what Phoenix is producing.
Guardian is there now.  I think he will be in the top five.  Now to the end of that group.  Dave says ONE TIME, and off they go.  He divides them into four and four. And the other four.
And, they line up together.  Dave walks over to them, and he takes out his notebook, makes some notes, looks them over and there they go, the whole group. Dave gives them all a good look.  Dick Jones bring him some water, and the last group of dogs, with Bill Basu in front.  He has Johnnie Black.  He is a California dog owned by a really nice guy, and all black, the dog, and already went Select. Dave has them walk for the first pass.  And a second pass at speed. 
Ed Barritt is entertaining the crowd.  He is sitting with Gloria.  Van Dukman is sitting with Bill Lenord right next to us and behind Ed.  That is a crowd not to upset.
Sean in there with his dog, and not much to type about right now. Sort of quiet in here.  Boy, a lot of these dogs are champions. Amazing.  Some of them are even Grand.  Some, not so Grand.
We are getting down to the end of endless dreams for everyone. Someone will be cut soon, but for now we have about 40 handles who plan to go Grand Victor. Hope springs eternal.
When this group is done, it will be cutting time. As you reap, so shall you sow.
John Beamont is here now, as he finishes his last group, Dave, not John.
ICON MADE THE FIRST CUT, and four leave for next years dreams.  Koby in there too, as expected.
Now the second cut.  It is too far for me to see number so I am stuck with the dogs I know.  There are four with dreams in there, and more to come.  They take a pass and Dave gives everyone gets a good look and walks to the group.  He points to Grayson, Galaxy, Horse With No Name and TITAN.  Bob and I together again. Out goes four more.
Dave gires directions to the "still with hope dogs" and takes another group. Dave is talking to Alex, and tells them to stack, and he goes over towards them, looking and in goes Cacique, Guardian, Under Siege and that's it.  Man, is this guy good.  Frank DeBen was here helping, but for some reason he has to go double his dog. 
Next group with Johnnie Black in front.  He picks Johnnie Black and Rising Sun Bunker, Zimbabwe and no one else. 
Off go the keepers for now.  He takes eight, Icon and Koby are in there.  Koby, Megabucks Camareigh, and Icon is at the end right now.  Dave looks at him, and he excuses Icon and Razzle Dazzle.  Well, maybe next year.  Here goes the second half.
I liked the first group better, but again, I am not judging. Walks down to look at them, and asks for another pass, and off they go. He says, slow them down. I don't think he is overwhelmed with this group.  He pulls five, but I am not sure which way he is going.    I like a couple of them.  Koby, Rising Son Bunker, Johnnie Black and Sanatana, (the Veteran Dog).
Now there are eleven.  Koby in front.  At least I can go for him if my dog is out.  Dave tells them to relax. He goes to get a drink.
Dave says it is a magnificent group of males.  Breed type and masculinity. There are all 11 going Select, and he is going to sort them out. 
Here we go.  Dave looks them over and says, loose lead and take them around and  Koby looks great. One at a time.  Megabucks, Camareigh, He moved Megabucks in front of Koby.  Galexy, The crowd likes him and Dave walks over to them and Moves him second.  Now Horse with No Name, at the end, and now Titan.  He is fired up and Kent starts over.  Now a better pass, Dave walks with him and pulls him up to three, now Guardian,a nd Dave walk to him and now Johnnie Black, and Dave puts him at the end.  Now Rising Son with Olivia and Dave looks over what he has, brings her to sixth.  Winner's dog, and a good one, Intesne Desire,and dave moves him to the end, and now the Veteran Dog, Santana.
Megabucks in front with Galaxy behind him and then Titan. Koby and Camera.  He wants to see the last six and says SLOW THEM DOWN, and off they go.  Dave says something and cuts the veteran dog.  Now there are ten.
He sets aside the first five and takes the next three.  It is loud in here. Lenny is giving directions and there goes Koby, Johnnie Black and Sylvain.  I am sorry, Koby still looks good. He sets them all aside.
Megabucks, Galexy, Titan, Koby and Camareigh. Dave says, the standard likes these dogs.
Those five are in the middle, but Dave says this is not the final order, he says, nice and easy and use the whole ring.  There they go.
Dave is not done yet, he is looking at Koby very closely.  There are magnificent dogs.
From his last group Winner's Dog Intense Desire, and Santana.  Not so good for the rest of them.
There go the end of the main group again.  Titan Koby and Grayson. He moves Grayson into third, and Dave wants to see the top three, Megabucks, Galaxy and Grayson.  Down and back.
Galaxy in first, Megabucks in second, and Titan in third.  Fourth is Koby. Now Galaxy and Megabucks and Megabucks to the front and just the two of them, and That is It.  Grand Victor Megabucks.
1.  Megabucks
2. Galexy
3.  Grayson
4.  Titan
5.  Koby
6.  Rising Son's Bunker
7.  Horse With No Name
8. Guardian
9.  Johnnie Black
10.  Intense Desire.
I have to admit, I lost interest after Icon was cut, but I was blown away by the final results.

Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

First thing Saturday with no dogs

Well here we go. The BIG DAY!
Me and Bob Lindsey and Paublo are here. There is no one else in the ring. 
I have seen so many of my old friends.  Bob Eaton, Doug Crane, Debbie Hokanan, just to name a few. Then there are people like Dave Rinke and Martha, Dan Smith, even those who I talk to but never see like Lana Lee, Bob Drescher, and so many others. I miss Twyla Miner, The Tanks, and those who stayed home for one reason or another.  Where is Bobbie Kindy, and I did get to see Carolyn Martello, but just for a minute.
A little drama here, they carried in China to the ring, Gloria and Leslie collided and bumped heads, Bud Drew fell, and Vivian Brown fell land broke some ribs. But, everyone is still here, sharing a laugh and meeting each other and new friends.
I gave out the gold and sliver pin to each Junior who is entered and so they could wear it all during the show. At breakfast a woman came next to me and mentioned how upset her grand daughter was, she had lost her pin. I leaned over and handed her another. Those are the things that make a national fun.
Sandy Lindsey just got here and is packing in the supplies for Bobby.  Cathy Potter and Sam Colvin just got here.   In walks Ann Schultz with lots of dreams, and my hopes too.
Here comes Al Martin.  They moved Exxon last night, and he is getting a lot of attention.  There is no power yet, but I am running on battery power, and so is my computer.  The video people are back and the platform is gone.  We are still working off a generator, since the power in here is not enough for the video and the rest of us.  Mike McCory is here trying to find solutions to no platform for the video.  They may be on the floor, so maybe I can see the show.
I don't have a spotter yet, I have burned everyone out. Harley came by with Paula on the lead.  Tim Brown came by and talked about hot dogs and how good they are.  I hear the program last night was interesting but long.  I don't get to talk to Paula enogh, even if we are in California together. 
We just made a good move.  We moved our table up a level, and I can actually see.  It was a group decision, and this is what Lana Lee first suggested. Cindy Tellefson came by to see if we needed any help.  Evidently Paula wants more mention, but she doesn't do anything to talk about.
I just figured out that Lana Lee reads the Blog.   Now I have to be more careful what I say.  I saw Tim and Diane Brown with the cutest kid as I was leaving the hotel. They seem to mange at the dog show like us childless people. I can't imagine how they do that. The arena is filling up, and it is starting to look like a dog show.  I see Nancy McDonald and she will have Icon, and Bill Basu will have Ruby.  I hope one of them goes Select, but that is what all 80 of us hope isn't it?
The complaints are so much less for Bob Lana Lee and myself aren't doing as much to make people mad. But, of course, the day isn't over. Here comes Gary Schimshack with two massive silver trophies. Now Bob (The Voice of the National) is here, so it is time.  Ann Schultz is showing off her sweatshirt and Bob brought his own water.  Kris Fasano came by with her red, white and blue hat.  Frank keeps changing from a suit to his regular clothes.  Bill Leonard is talking to Bob in front of me, and I won't listen.  But, he is bitching about the quality. He is more of a half empty type of guy.  Kelly is here and in comes the clowns. Not Kelly, by the way.
I see Pat and Celeste sitting with Alex.  They own Exxon and Grand Champion Asgard's Icon. I keep getting the names mixed up, since they are both about the same size. Julie Dagan is here giving information to Bob (The Voice of The National).  I see Bart Barkley is in the ring.
Lana Lee just told me that the show starts at nine.  CRAP!
I am sending this then going to take a nap.

Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together