Sunday, September 29, 2013

A National is coming

Here we are, a week before the national.
It started with a great dog show where we took Kirk and put him in Specials.  It was an interesting class, with five Select animals in there.  Going BOB was a tremendous way to end the dog shows before the big one.
This is the time when all the women are searching the closets, deciding what shoes go with what earrings, and headed to the stores to buy new outfits for next week. They are planning what to wear each day, and in some cases, the morning as against the evening.  They are setting aside the makeup they plan to bring, and sorting out the medicines for each day.
We men, are doing what we usually do, knowing that in the morning when we are to head for the airport, we will grab whatever suitcase is left for us, and throw in there what we figure we will need.  We don't need to buy anything new, hell, we have lots of stuff to wear. We don't need to plan, whatever we end up with, that is what we will be wearing.  There is no need for directions, the wife will do that, (see above).  We don't have to plan each day, sort out the medicines, (hell, we just take everything), and never ever plan ahead.
New Jersey will be waiting for us, and glad to have us.  On to new news with the Blog.
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