Monday, October 19, 2015

As it began, it is over

It is time to reflect on the National, and submit my last Blog for the year.
I am pleased some enjoy what I do. It is hard work, and without help, I couldn't do it. Molly was terrific. She knew the dogs and the handlers and fed me the information so I could send it as soon as it was done.  The internet in the building was hit and miss. I understand it was also a problem for the video, but they expect to fix it next year.  I did see what they recorded, and I was pleased and bought the classes.
I know there is a long delay after bitches, but not a lot happened, and I waited to post when Rita finished. As for Rita, it was some of the best judging I have ever seen.  I think between Dave Rinke, Rita Sandel, and Ed Barret, we can depend on them finding the best of the best.  We have another number of judges who do good jobs, and three of them will be there next year. I guess I should include Barbara Amadon in those, but she doesn't seem to run any more. I would show under her any time.
The quality this year was something to see. I saw dogs that were excused in all classes that would win the class another time. I was told Rita said she would go as deep as necessary but each had to be of the quality that could take the top spot on another day, and that is what she did.
Vickie and Bob did perfect judging. I followed them, and certainly the best of the best went up. But, there were way too many to place but four, but they followed the rules.
I was surprised to see four placing in the Futurity and Maturity, but liked it. I remember when Big Ben was in the Maturity, he went third, (first time I ever saw it called, and it was Ernie Loeb), and first was R-Man.  I was proud to go third.
I was pleased to see Fred Migliore and he told me he was not angry with me, and we got to exchange some jokes. I was never angry with him, but for some reason he didn't talk to me for years. He was in good spirits and he belonged at the National. He showed Eli in the Parade of Greats.
The speakers need work, (the actual physical speakers, although Tony and I could use some work too), but other than that the location was great.
There was some tension with some of the workers not visible, but that is expected with an event of this size. I was able to do some calming, but I leave that for those involved to say.
I do want to object to Thrifty auto rental. When we got in, there was no indication where they were. We asked and were told they were downstairs. When we went downstairs, with all our luggage, they were closed and no sign as to what to do. So we went upstairs and were told to take the shuttle to the lot. So, we did that and got a car.
When we returned Sunday, at 4:00 am, (6:00 am flight), we saw they opened at 6:00. So we called and were told to go to Lot C. We did find the lot but no instructions. So, we called again and were told to take a ticket and go to Valet Parking. We went in, but no way to find Valet Parking. I finally flagged down a bus and was told to go to the end of the lane and turn left. I did, but no Valet Parking. We called them again and were told there were signs and we were stupid if we couldn't find it. I had some choice words for "Rob" and left the car, Threw the key on the seat, (I hope someone steals it),  took the bus to the terminal and made our flight. I got a request for a survey from Thrifty today.  I doubt they liked what I said.
On that note, I have a trial beginning Wednesday, what looks like two months of pleadings on other cases and six clients coming in today.
The host hotel was excellent, and while I would like some better places to eat, the ones we went to were great. One was a bit much with $80.00 for just Tedi and I with no drinks, but the food was good. You have to go to the Hathorne, and be ready to share. Both good food and large servings, and reasonable prices.
 The free dinner at the show site was worth much more than we paid for it.
Peg Graham came by where I was working many times as did Sheryl Brockett. It seems I seldom mention them, since they are part of the crew here in California, but they were working hard constantly.
This was a fun National. I missed Bob, (The Voice of The National) Dresher, and Bobbie our film expert. Of course not having Twyla Minor, Tom and Vivian, Bob and Darlene Ghaleri there was a disappointment.
The Drapers did well with their entries but more important they brought our large suitcase and took home our dirty clothes and the VERY HEAVY AOE trophy. They drove and I think the Select Ribbon for Exxon will carry them to at least Kansas.
I am sorry for those who didn't make it, but know it was one of the best ever, due to the judging. Now to get Ed and Dave to do it again, and now Rita, is my goal.
Thanks for reading, my fingers are sore, and I am tired, but, now on to my real life. As if, I have a life.
Evan L. Ginsburg
German Shepherd Youth Recognition Fund

Saturday, October 17, 2015

That's all folks

I am exhausted. Molly was amazing. What a fantastic lineup and what great judging all week. What Rita did was astonishing.  You missed a great show, but I didn't.
After I catch my breath, I will try to explain what happened.

On to the Male Specials

Into the ring they come. That is amazing to see all those beautiful dogs.  I have to admit, I like Kierk better, but he is my heart dog,and that does color my feelings.OK, I made that up, you have to see this to belive it.  I haven't seen that many great dogs except in my dreams.
One after the other they come in.  I am in awe.  There are too many  for handlers, so some are in there with bibs ready to be exchanged.  They fill the ring on all four sides.  Even Carolyn Martello  is in the ring. She could be the handler, she looks like she is dressed for it. 
This will be a daunting task. I would give about 20 Selects from what I see so far.  Al Martin has some great red shoes.
Rita had a change and another black outfit, now with some lace, flat pumps and lots of blonde hair.  The ring keeps getting knocked down, but now in come two more. Jim's winners dog from Tuesday is in there with Kent. I don't know if there are any absentees, so when Molly gets here, we can get a total.
Rita is counting them off, but I can't ask her.  It would be goosh.  I just found dinner tickets for six more people, so Gail set up another table.
Tedi told me there 66 dogs in there.  Sorry you missed this, but order the films. I wonder if we ever will have a group of this quality again.  Frank and Chris Fasnao are sitting next to us,and Fred is back. We made up and said we love each other. I always did, and he said he did too.  That is the high point of the national for me. Getting the AOE is up there too. Not to mention being able to send this stuff.  First group in there with Scott in front again, then Elizabeth, Liz, Granger, Jon Beyer and Leslie. Walking.  I need to breed one of those bitches from this morning to Kierk.
They each take a pass.  There are way too many good dogs for me. I like in this class Q.  It is a nice short name, the dog looks great, and of those in there, he would be my choice. 
The individuals give me time to look at the dogs. When we get done to it, Molly tells me what is going on, and I type as fast as she tells me. I started to sweat in bitches. I suspect it will be even more in dogs.
Lots of problems at the office, but they have to handle it. Hell, it is too late, being Saturday, and I will be there Monday. I start a trial on Wednesday.  A new attorney substituted in last week and insists on talking to me. He can wait until Monday. Or go pound sand.
Georgie is here now, and Rita keeps looking at the dogs.  Peggy Kurtz came by. I don't know how many outfits she has with here, but I haven't seen the same thing twice. Gloria and Cappy went with us to get his AOE, so that makes it fun. And around they go for the second pass.  Out comes the notebook and Rita looks them over and makes notes while the second group comes in.
OK this stinkin computer cut me off, so I will type off line. Who would know? Don't say anything.
Rita tells them to go around six of them.  Walking. I like to see them that way.  You have to order these videos. I miss Bobbie and Bob, but I watched some of the films and they are quite special.  No pun intended.
Fran Rood came by, but she is doubling Q, so she didn't say much. All done with this group and Rita tells them to take them around and she wants to watch them. She walks to the center and watches as they go around each gets a good look and now she turns as they take a second pass.  I was blown away by what she did in bitches.  Here comes the notebook, so can the next class be far behind? No.In they come with Bill Tank in front then Bill Basu.  Bill has Bellagio.  He sure is a good looking dog. I got to see him grow up, and he has tons of style.      I was told Handsome Man was to be in this group but missed the timing.  Lots more to go, so it probably isn't a problem.  Now Bellagio. 
No one is getting excited. I guess everyone knows the knife doesn't come out until the end. No cuts now.
This group is done,and she takes them twice around and looks them over and then has them stand.  Loose leads and easy. 
Now another group, yes, she came out with the notebook. She is moving quickly, Liz in front, then Lennie and Nancy.  Should be some good dogs in this group.  Bob (The Voice of The National) Dresher just texed me that I have nothing since bitches.  Nothing to report, but more of the same.
I guess I could send every few minutes, but it would not be very interesting.  Nothing much happening, but Debbie Stern is sitting with me on one side and Tedi on the other.  I am so bored, I just did some card tricks.
Last dog in the group, Rita looks them over goes to the front and tells them to take them around. She is still smiling, and that is a good thing. I know Rita always wanted to do the National. Now the notebook, and then on to a new group.
Art in the lead then Lennie and the rest.  Tommy and Exxon in this group. Too bad they are next to each other.  Tommy looks great. I don't have to say what I think of Exxon.  Off goes Exxon.  Yes, I am very impressed.
More of the same, different dogs, same procedure.  The ring keeps getting broken down, but it is a great white wall, all around.  That is the group and Rita smiles and off they go for two trips.  Tommy in the lead. And Exxon right behind, and out comes the notebook.
Another group in there and I just got to talk to Helen Gleason.  Amy is out there and she does a great job and said she wants to get back to showing. I have a young male, Bully, I may put with her.  Now George. 
Only five in there. Tony doesn't know why.  And they line up for critique. With the note pad.  In comes Rita is working the crowd and laughing and waiting for more dogs. I think a lot of the handlers have wondered off.  Ferlin's American Eagle of Kiedrow is in this group. He is owned by one of my favorite people Linda Ferguson, and handled by Diana Paul, both great ladies. I like how he looks in there. 
Too many great dogs, too many good dogs.  And too many others I like too.  And, that;s a wrap, and they standoff while Rita says who has been naughty and who has been nice. 
New blood with Kent in front. Christy at the end, and off they go.  Rita tells them to walk and some do.  I think Kent might have the Morocco.  Rita watches him and now goes to the next. Nothing new about that.
With all this down time,you would think I would have time to make my corrections., But, frankly my dear, I don't give a dam.  Actually I am off line again and will post after something happens.  Only one more group to go, and then it begins.
Rita wants to see Kristy again. She does want them to walk and give her a loose lead. And they stop, out comes the notebook, and the last group in the ring. YES, this is the last group with the Winner's Dog and the two Veterans.
Rita takes them around. And now, one at a time. I don't remember seeing any temperament problems, but it might be I didn't notice. None were excused.  We have gone two and a half hours, and it is good she does a fast cut. 
WHERE IS MOLLY?  It is time for the first cut.
Last group, lined up for the last pass, the note book, and then it all begins. Rita looks down teh line and marks her book and in comes the first group.
Here comes Molly.
The first group is in and Rita looks at her notes and walks to the front. What a long day,but Rita looks as fresh as when it began. She walks to the end and back to the front and tells them to go around. they take two pases while she gives them a good look. She is giving directions and smiles and they take a lap. I know she cuts when they stand, so I am ready.
Here it comes. The second group comes in.  They send the group to the other side.  Scott With Falco, Jon with Q, and that is it for the first group. The second group is on the other side. I think there was a failure to communicate. And they go over to the side where she wants them.
She takes them around. Carmen is here sitting with us, as they take a pass.
Rita walks over to them looiing and she pulls Anya with Army, Sue with Don't Refuse me, Liv with California Dreaming, and Mike with Travis.
Another group taking a pass. This is an interesting way to judge, and I like it.
Off they go with Bill Tank in front. But you already knew that.
Now to slice and dice.  She pulls Lindsay with Nico and that is all from that group. That dog was the Winner's dog from the National in Philly. 
Another group to take a last pass for a lot of them. And saved is Lenny with Chewy, Nancy with Black Baart, Greg with Yaeger, and no more. 
Another group.  Art in front. Tommy and Exxon in there. Art with Tommy, and Jeff with Exxon, Alex with Buster, and no more. But Exxon made it, and Black Bart so I am happy.
Another group led by Channing.  Here it comes.  And she keeps none from that group. Man!
Another group with Scott in front.  I never could judge this well.  But Rita can and that is what counts.
The quality is terrific.  Leslie with Spider Man and no more.
Now the lead with Moroco and Kent.  She saves Kent with Moroco, Al with Ajon, and no one else.
And, the last group. Winners dog is here, and I like him a lot. But, no one asked me as they go around.  Rita gives them a good look and lets them go around.  She approaches pulls Winner's Dog Name of The Game, with Autumn.
Now to review the less than satisfactory dogs. The first six, and they are gone for the year. Now for the next six, Nothing there for Rita.
Another six, with dreams for another five minutes. Well, maybe one.  Well, that's it folks for those dogs.
Now the last group, hopes about to be dashed.  That makes it 37 dismissed, and now to work with what is left.
The last nine go and that is 31 out so far. One more group to go to try to make it.  Seven more and Rita gives them all a good look. George tripped as the dog stopped but there they go. 44 out. What is left is the best of the best.
In they come. All planning on being Grand Victor. The tension is amazing and lots of noise.  Molly is a tremendous  help with 17 left I think out of 66.  If ever I thought of judging a national, I would never be able to do this. My lord is that a great group.
The first five, so four groups.  There they go, omg what noise what excitement.  And Rita sets them aside and brings out another five. Black Bart is in there. I have so much trouble seeing an all black.
Around they go and where they stop only Rita knows. Holy cow is the crowd into it.  She walks over to them and sets them back.
Another group with Tommy inn front and then Exxon.  Seven in there. And Rita walks to them and sets them over and brings out the first group again.  She walks around from front to back and Rita  wants them around again. She sure has some great dogs in there.  Now she looks determined and walks over and rubs her chin and is giving them directions.  She pulls Sue with Don't Refuse me Liv with California Dreaming and the rest around again. She moves them over to keep.  Lindsay with Neco, Lenny with Chewy, Greg with Yeggar and Mike with Travis.
Now the next group.Art with Tommy, Kent with Moraco, Al with Agon and Automn with Name of the Game and Nancy is in there with Black Bart.  There go the rest of them for n;ow, and I don't know if she will pull anything, but there are some good ones.  Rita walks over to them and looks at each of them and walks down the line and the crowd goes nuts she pulls Onya with Army.    and Jeff with Exxon.
Exxon is still there as is Tommy and Black Bart. I think that is her Selects. I am a happy camper.
Now she works them and they are fantastic males. The first four, you know who they are.  Now the second four with Black Bart and Tommy.  There is more to come.  Now the next five with Exxon on the end and he looks strong.,   The crowd is wild. Exxon is starting to come alive.
Rita is talking to them puts Liv up front with Californoia Dreaming, Mike with Travis, Lindsay with Nico, Lennie with Chewy, Nancy with Bart, oraco, Al with Agon, Autumn with Name of The Game. Sue with Don't refuse Me, Anya with Army, Jeff with Exxon. 
She looks them all over and seems to study each one of them. What a group of dogs. We should be happy with what we have done with the breed. Rita walks to the front.  And she seem to like Linday and moves her with Neeko, Micke with Travis, Lennie with cfhewy, Kent with Moraco, Al with Agan, Autumn with Name of the gave, Liv with California Dreaming, Nancy with Bart, Greg wit Yeager, Art with Tom, Sue with Don't Refuse me, Anya with Army, Jeff with Exxon, and the first go on.
Kent moves up to third. And she pulls the rest out. and that might be it. The crowd is so loud I can't hear Molly.  What I just said above should be it. In front is Neeko, a Canadian dog.   She wants to see the first six.  It looks like she might be going to ;change, and yes, she moves the Winner's dog to fourth. That dog is half brother to Neeco.  Same father.
Off go all but the first six. The first dog is the father of the Winner's dog.
The crowd is wild about what she did.  She pats them on the head and moves to the front of the line. s he looks serious and wants them to go around and there they go and the crowd loves what she has done. Too much yelling for me.  She walks to the front and looks them over again and applauds and YES  Off they go and that is it.

Best of Breed

Paula is talking to me, and George is here, and I see Alex too.  I wonder why the handlers come bringing their suits, and changing when they get here.  They are going to do bitches first. I prefer it that way, the excitement is building and of course it is the males that generate everything.  Ben Bigornia is here with a dog. Tony brought Daphane and we are here.   Mike is walking by with a big smile. and the place is starting to fill up.  Molly is here so we are ready to go.
Lots of activity now, and I see all the handlers there getting bibs. Linda Ferguson came by and that is always a high point of the nationals for me. They are announcing those who left us in the past year. A time I can't deal with. I stayed here this time, but I usually leave.  Having just talked to Linda helped.
In come the Bitches. Also the Kishes are here. Lindsay is here in a great orange dress.  More than we deserve.  I see Gloria Birch, and Gail just came by. Now they are moving chairs to make room for people. Now John Bemont is here talking to Bob Kish.  The seats are filling up.  I guess they want to leave room for Fred, but the judges for the judges seminar are supposed to be here too. There goes Maureen Charlton.  Norma Hansburg is working the crowd. and it is still quiet and people milling around.  Twenty minutes late so far. 
I see Scootie is here and looking better than I have seen her in years.  Pam O'Dell came by for just a minute.  
Rita looks great, and is in a black full length fitted dress. Some stuff going in,and some awards being announced, and Tony is shuffling to announce. No one told us they were doing this so Tony went out to see what they were doing.  It is fun to have surprises.
In come the bitches more and more and so far they fill the ring, one half, not the next section and down the other side.  And I see more ready to come in. I don't know if they will all fit.  Amazing to see and I already see some I like. The bitches are fired up and a lot of barking, and figgitting.  Tedi came by and left already.  They are all in now,and fill the entire ring, first is Nancy and last is Kent.  And in between, a lot of other dogs.
44 bitches in the ring, and one will win.  43 won't.  I always was good with math.  And she starts to make groups keeping seven.  So, groups of seven.  Everyone here has something in there except me.
Rita has them circle her and is talking to them. Cathy Potter is here and talking to everyone.  I saw Ann Schultz earlier and now Cappy is here with us.  And the bitches line up along this side.  Out goes the first one, and they each go walking.  Nancy Hubble is taking to Gary and Bobbie Kindy and the bitches take a second lap, walking. All I know is Yada Yada is in front.  Now a third trip but just to the side. 
First is Nancy with Yada Yada. Second is Steve Granger, (it is great to see him in the ring again) with Sexy Chick. Then A nice looking young girl, with Caribean Sea Crest, then Lennie with Heiress, Channing with Stimulus Plan Scarab, and then Christy with I Put A Spell On You and last is Cameo with Michael Little.  Ben Bigornea is here and sits for a minute and I see Christine Ganger.  Everyone is looking for a chair, and Tedi gave hers up. 
I see Vickie Royce is here and so all the judges are sitting ring side. Frank Fasano's bitch is going around with Lennie. I always did like Heiress.  I can see a long day ahead.  This location does have a problem, everyone comes to stand in front of me. Christy has an all black that looks nice.  I think I have seen her before.  Dave Rinke just came in . He is hard to miss.  I see Tiffany Bartley is here.  Dave sat with Martha, so they  must agree on what is being shown. Maybe that is why Tedi ran off. 
That is the group,k rita walks down the line. From here, she could pass for 20.  She is doing great and sopped aging years ago. Off go the first three.  Yada being in front can't be a good thing.  She looks great, but always has been one of my favorites.  And, Candy is such a good person.  Cappy has a flashing pendant.
Rita looks them over and is taking notes. She stops by each one, so she has an opinion already. Some howling going on, I think it is a dog. Although with this crowd, who knows.
In comes a new group.  First is Al  with Catalina, then Shangri-La Chic with the name of a good friend that escapes me, then Looking so Good, with Ashley Miller, Let's Roll with Arvind and Scott with Divinems M Aramist and last in this group Liz with Trinkett.  They walk twice and stop for the individuals. Even spell check won't work for me. I get no respect. 
Rita is moving quickly so we are going to try to keep it moving. I am calling the groups back to the ring.  Lots of movement outside the ring with the double handlers.  On with the individuals. I like that Rita smiles each time she goes up to a new entry, and then looks serious when watching them.  Arvind is going around.  I do like the looks of that bitch.  Then there was Scott.   Now Liz with Trinket, and she is a real top bitch. I like Liz too.
Rita give directions and off the go, now at a slow trop. Of that group, Liz would be my choice. They stop, and then off they go again.  Some nice bitches in there.  I see three I like, besides Liz and on to the next group,. It seems when she lets them go, they leave. Rita is taking notes and out they go.
Zoe came by for a minute and in come  the next group.  First is Katherina with a young girl that has been doing a great job all week, then Wild Angel, Katy Collins with Eliabeth Arden, (Tommy's Brother), then Zac with Last Dance, and Phillip, formally known as Morris, with What's Your Pleasure, Zelda with another beautifull handler, and Jon Beyer with Blah Blah Blah.  Tom Mesdag is here talking to me.
Lots of tension from the control, and it is fun here.   We get contradictary directions, and do what we want. She is done with this group, and on to the fourth group.  Rita has the notebook, looking them over, and going down the line, and now the nest group comes in.  this is group four of six, so we are moving along. 
IN THEY COME.  First is Matt Mc Millian with Born This way, then Like Heaven To Touch with a girl I dont' know but with a fantastic dress, then Whiskey in The Jar with Michael Little, then Girl On Fire with Greg, then Lindsay,(I love her dress, but I wouldn't wear it), with Cowboy Take Me Away, Leslie with Serena, and Daisy of Abuah at the end.  I was gone, and you didn't even notice.
We are about done with group four, and next is group five. I told you I was good with math.
I just talked to Tom Mesdag again, and Zoe is back. Teri Kridler went to the hospital yesterday, but we haven't heard how she is doing. One more to go, and it is quiet. The crowd did wake up for the long coat, Whiskey In The Jar, and that is interesting. She is a good bitch, but again, a coat. I know it is a minor fault but so obvious.
Off this group goes for the last pass on this time.  Lots of judging to go. Lauren has a very cool jacket, pink with a butterfly on the back.  Now they stand for Rita to mark her notebook. 
Into the ring, Group Five. First is Cindy with Cyd Charisse, then Karma V Elite Design, one of my favorite bitches with Rachel, then Jeff with Windfalls Who Says V Chablis, then C'est Cache' with Patrick and Olivia with Ooh La La Lolita, Amy with Midnight Surigo Greenleaf, Amy is navy career, and is here to help. She is one of my all time favorite people and is the daughter of Debbie Kaiser-Friedberg another great person. Then Mikie is there with Morning Jewel, and last is Art with Annie Oakley.  Amy usually wears incredibly short skirts but with the side panels I can't tell yet what she has on.
I do get bored with individual exams, but then I say things I shouldn't. Just delete them. It is real quiet in here with spurts of applaus. But every seat is filled. They like this bitch as she stands, and she is nice. I see why, she  is a good one.  I just met the mother of the Junior for the last two years. When she hits 18 she will get about $8,000, and she can buy a used car. If she goes to college with it, that is even better.
Mike is going around, and I expect the crowd will like his bitch. And, they do. Some yelling and clapping. And, we are about done with group 5, just one more group, and then comes the big cut.
Rita gives them a good look as they take two passes, Cindy leading the way. And, as I indicated yes, Amy is wearing one of her short skirts with a red top. She always looks well. 
In comes the last group, led by Kelly, with Rumour Has It,  Next is Cindy with Elvira, Then Sergio with Disturbin' The Peace, Lindsay with Saodee pf Wolf Creek, George with Sholan Wild Side, George Dance with me, then Surfer Girl, the Veteran, and Emancipation of MiMi, and Kent with the Winner's Bitch Charolette Russe.
The rest should come in now when she finishes, and each gets an indifidual. I see no temperament problems. Kent has the bitch owned by Page Page. The name alone is enough for me to put her up.  Last chance to look this group over and Rita moves to the center and says to take them around. Off they go with the black in front. She has a white blaze, so I don't know if it counts.
Rita has said she is going to bring in all of them and do her cuts.  This should be interesting since everyone is one edge only standing room here.  Now she gets her note book and in come the rest of them.  In comes the first group. Molly is here and we are ready.
Seven in there now and Molly will tell  me who she pulls for keepers and giving dreams of Grand Victrix. Rita looks at them and looks at her book and gives them instructions and goes to the center of the ring and looks at them as they take a pass with YadaYada in front.  And now a second pass using the full ring.  Rita walks over to them looks at her notebook, and stand back as they pose.  She walks to the front and looks at them head on.  All the way to the end, looks at her notebook and pull Yada Stee with Sexy Chic and Lenny with Rose.  Three only in that group.
On to the next group with Al Martin with Catalina in front, another group of seven with dreams intact and off they go.  Liz at the end.  Carol Moore just came by. Molly is doing great and this is a good group, I think she might pull more than three, and they take a second pass.
Rita looks them over and they stop and stand. Rita looks them over checking her notebook and she pull Arvand with Let's Roll, Scott with Divine Miss M, Lindsay with Trinket and yes, now a new group.  The leader is Phonix and ended with Jon.
Off they go for two passes. Rita stands to watch them, then turns to watch the other side, and walks to the line and looks them over and didn't take any from that group.  And another group with Matt and the girl with the Winnner's dog, whose name escapes me but she is from Canada. I think it is Autum.
She pulls Leslie with Serena, Autum with Daisy, Greg with Girl on Fire. and now to the next group,
They take two passes, and it is hard for me to keep up, it is going so fast.  This is the fifth group, Jeff with Selena, Olivia with Oh La La, Rachel with Carma and Mike with Ruby, and the last group is in there.
This is flying so excuse the typos but I am typing faster than I ever have, and Molly is telling me what is going on. They take two passes and Rita looks at them and now walks over to them. Lots of hearts beating and she pulls George with  Dance with Me Kent with the winner's Bitch  Charolett Ruse Now two groups, the good the bad, and no ugly.  She is taking the keepers out,and is going to look at her dump group, a huge group.  Too many to count, looks at the first six and lets them go, and now the next six Diane in front and off they go. I got to look up and she looks them over and she lets them all go. Now, six more.  Lizabeth is in front and there they go, maybe for the last time this year.  Off they go.  Zac in front and Rita looks them over carefully, and they all go out, and now the last group.  It does not bode well to be there, but off they go. Rita is looking serious and off go the last group.  NO, nothing to do there.
30 she let go. And in come the keepers, 15 left. I think there are all Select Quality in there. 
Eight in there and she walks to the front, Just divided she goes over the Rita looks them over and she is getting better and better.  She sends them back to the side and brings out another four.  Rita walks down the four to look them over and gives them instructions,a nd off they go. Nice britches.  Trinket looked good, and now another four.
Off they go, I liked Selena in that group.  Molly is great, she can tell me who did what in the past.  Off go the three, with Ruby and they look good. They line up and Rita walks down the line and she sure has the best in there. She looks serious and she walks to the middle and is looking over each one andnow to the front, looking at Yada, and tells them something and wants them at their best speed, and not racing.  She pull rosy with Lennie, goes back and pulls Yad and Sexy Chick Tricket Selena Liv with Oh La La and Mike with Ruby Kent with Charlotte, (winner's Bitch), and she has pulled eight.  The rest stand aside.  Off go that eight.  Man oh man ae there some great bitches there. Rita sets them aside and pulls out the other the next seven behind them.
She wants to see the other seven, all good looking and not a slouch in there.
Rita puts Scott with the Divine Ms. M, and she goes to the rest of them and says something and is counting, her hands behind her back and looks serious, pulls Greg with Girl On Fire, now there are five out there, hopping for a chance, and here goes another pass.  Last chance.  Nice she pulls Leslie with Serena and out they go.  Now there are eleven. and those should be Selects. It is just the last count.
Rita is smiling and talking to them, and wants to take them one at a time, Rosy with Lennie, Yada with Nancy, Steve with sexy Chick, Liz with Trinket, Jeff with Selena, The crowd loves her, Rita looks them all over, Liz with Oh La la, Mike with Ruby, Kent with Charollette Scott with Devine Ms M Greg with Girl on Fire, Leslie with Serena.
I don't expect changes but we shall see. Leslie gives a gull lead.
Rita looks them over, givine each of hem a good look as she walks down the line.  Now to the end and she walks back and counts and she looks at the first six.  I doubt there are going to be changes, but she walks to the last half and tells them to come out. And off they go, now they run and she goes to the front and down and back. All I know is the first two are clean. I think Halston is going to be our Grand Victrix.  I do love Yad, however.  Beautiful little bitches.  Everyone has their favorites, but I doubt it will change. I think we will have eleven Selects Bitches this year.
Rita wants to see the front group again and there they go seven. And Rita walks over with her hands behind her back.   And now the other five.  She might not be done, but I think she is., She walks the line just like Johney Cash, and now to the end and back to the front. They are lined up in the center of the ring.
She changed them but I lost Lenny with Roise, Li\z with Trinket, Jeff with Selena, Mike with Ruby, Kent with Charolott, Sctt with Divine Ms M, and
Now Selena in front and Mike with Ruby.  Changes.  Jeff is leading with Selena and off they go.  Lots of crowd support ahd she looks determined.  I dont thing she is done.  Selena then Ruby, Rosie, Charloote and Ms.M.  \
There go the six and the crowd is wild.  Rosie looks tired and she moves Scott with Ms. M to third.  And Rita Aplauses for her choices and it is:

The Day Has Come

I got here at 6:30 to clean the area, set up and think about the week.
There can be no question, the location is terrific. Gail Stiffelman does a great job, and stays in the background, but it seems to come off flawlessly. I assume there are problems we don't know about, but generally it seems like everything works.
Last night was a bit strained.  We had a free dinner, and it was a good one. Meat ball, pasta, salad and garlic bread, and they served it buffet so everyone got to eat.  Then the surprise, the ten top dogs in the country. Tommy was very popular, (Maturity winner) at number three, and of course Rumor Has It for number one German Shepherd and number one for all breeds. I know it means a lot of wins at all-breed shows, and a whole lot of shows, but still an impressive win.
The presentation was a problem as we couldn't see the dogs. Lew Bunch read the names, and again, the sound system is not what we need. But we knew who they were. They tried a spot light, but when they turned the lights down, you couldn't see anything. Then they tried to blink the lights and that was just annoying.  The spot light was on the wrong side,but it didn't matter, we knew who it was.
It was a long time getting the Parade of Greats going, and I was exhausted so we left. I never got to see the "Free Range Dogs" on Friday night, but not one missed me.
This morning all I can hear is blow dryers.  The Freenys were here when I got here and I heard how hard it was to get here with a dog.  I just won't try to bring a dog to St. Louis, but others sure did. Over 100 Specials entered today.
I met some new friends, one of them Lizeth Aber is going to help donate for Juniors, so that is a BFF for me.  No one is here that I can see, but I sure hear they are getting ready.
I did arrange for Molly to  help me and spot who is in the ring as when I do Specials I don't look up much so I can get you what is going on. I may skip the show next year. It is a lot of work, and I never did enjoy watching. I would rather be in the ring, and that is out because of my age.  I like seeing all my friends, but I never got to talk to Jane Kerner, Jeff Mobeus or Pam Stosser. Dave and Martha Rinke said hello, but that was about it.  I gave Dave a new book, The Martian, and I haven't even asked if he enjoyed it.  I like to talk to people, but things moved so quickly this week, all I did was announce and type.  I got to talk to Tammy for a bit, but not as much as I would like.
They put Fred Migliore in front of us for the shows. He is in hospice care now for congestive heart problems, and I was told he was told if he did come to the show, it would kill him. But here he is. He is very thin, quite weak, but I saw him smile a lot. Years ago Fred told me never to talk to him again, and I honored that. I never did know what it was,but since he was 2,000 miles away, it was not a problem. But, Fred always has been a great person with a tremendous sense of humor. I did congratulate him when his dogs went Grand Victor and Grand Victrix.  He heard me and thanked me. I told him yesterday that I never stopped considering him a friend even if he was mad at me, and I was so pleased to see him. That was one of his smiles.  I guess at the end of our lives, being at the National might be one of the best things to do.
Gary Szymzyk is here now talking to the person doing the filming. I watched some of the tape, and if ;you weren't here, or even if you were, you should order them. I miss Bobbie, but they sure know how to film a dog show.
Tony is here and so is Patty Szymzyk.  I bought candy for each day, and at $60 a day, this is starting to be a lost tradition.  If I don't come next year, Bob (The Voice of The National), Dresher can buy the candy.
You should order your video here at the show for a discount.  And, as I said, it is a great job. While I miss Bobbie, we will have a good record of this years.
More people coming in now, and it is time to get ready to Rock and Roll. Tony only brought one bag of candy so that should take up through the check-in.  I am anxious to see how EXXON does, his owners are as nice as any people you can meet. I will be back.

Friday, October 16, 2015

After the show is over The Big Surprise

It was something.
They presented the ten top winning German Shepherds in the Country and they were all here.  Dark in the room with a spotlight,and very dramatic.  You had to be here to see the stompping and everyone yelling and the lineup. I don't know how they got all of them here, but it sure was something to witness.
Now to the Parade of Greats, and then the free run for the Specials in the ring.  27 in the Parade, and you can get them from the catalog. It is always a tear jerker, but that is what we have. 

 It has been a fun show, a lot of work, but I have heard others enjoy the Blog, so I was pleased to do it.

Veteran Bitches

7-9 Veteran Bitches

There are seven entered.   All of them are here.  Lennie in front, then Liv Tiffany Bartly, John, another then Trish and Jeff.  Now the first four, and then the last three.  Lennie with Emacipation of Mimi, :Liv with Black Eyed Susan, Tiffany with American Idol, John with Pocahontas, the girl I can not remember with Geobevs Viaca, and Trish with Good Girl Gone Bad. Champions in there five and two are Grand Champions.
So far the 9 and over hasn't picked up.
Only two aren't champions. The math is simple.
Paul Johnson is pushing Fred in his wheelchair. and he is back watching.
Vickie is doing her thing with the old ladies. Not Vickie, the bitches. Again, not Vickie.  John Beyer has a good looking sable American Idol.  I remember seeing her before and liking her. She still looks good.  I love this class of bitches. The one that just went around, Pocahontas looked great and should be hard to beat. An Aries daughter.
Now Trish has Bianca, and Grand Champion.  I have seen her before too
And last is Jeff with Good Girl Gone Bad, another Grand Champion.  She is a Cade daughter. She looks like a young bitch.
This isn't an easy class and Vickie takes the first three.  I love the loose lead on Tiffany.  And now thel ast four.  I Think I like Jeff's best, and yes, she moves him to second behind Lennie, and That is how it goes.  First is CH WINDFALL'S EMANCIPATION OF MIMI, Second is GCH FOXHAVEN-MYJO GOOD GIRL GONE BAD OF WINDFALL, Third is CH  SKYLYNE'S  AMERICAN IDOL, and Fourth is AOE KNAUFHILLS THRILLER V KENLYN, PT RN.  That was interesting, they could have competed in the regular classes, they looked that good.
9 and Over Veteran Bitches
Three entered.  Two showed up.  Lennie has GCH FAITHROCK CARALON SURFR GIRL HIC TC CGC.  Then Liz with CH. SIMCAR'S HELL'S ANGEL, and the third one with John is CH VICI'S WINDSONG, OFA.
That is it for the show folks. Now the Juniors go into the ring for a seminar, then the champions come in with handler and owners to get used to the footing. That is one of my favorite times of the National as they are not groomed or posed, but rather free range German Shepherds. Tony is going to do the Parade of Greats, and so I am done for today.
Thanks for listening. Blame Bob, (The Voice of The National) Dresher for the mistakes. He usually keeps me going, and Tony did what he could. But, we all miss Bob.

Reserve Winner's Bitch

Evidently I had them marked wrong. Second was Caretti's Sloe Gin, who comes back in. I had Kozy Celest as second and she was third.
The American Bred Bitch went Reserve, CARETTI'S DISORDERLY CONDUCT.

Winner's Bitch

There they go, the Open Bitch looks like an easy winner to me. I hope someone comes to ask me. The crowd agrees and I don't think it is close. But Vickielooks at them all. The American Bred Bitch is nice, but not close from what I can see.  She pulls five out there and is talking to the ring steward. I won't name the bitches since I would be going back and forth in the catalog but the open bitch is in front and she pulls her out and Kent and has her stand. Now Lennie wiuth the American Bred and she stands. Now Kelly's bitch and she stands like a rock. Now Scott.  And next up is Tish, and then Alex. I don't see anything that would touch the Open Bitch.  And I am all that matters, but it is not my choice.
Now, down and back.  The Captain America bitch is the clear crowd choice, but the American Bred has some support.  Both good looking with great pigment, good movement, and strong backs with great fronts and proper rear.  Strong ears on both of them.  Two Black and Tans, more black than tan on them both. 
I think I will go ahead and type in Winner's Bitch before she is done. She keeps just the first three.  I say it is R.O.'S CHAROLETTE RUSSE.   Now to see if the judge agrees with me.
She takes each of the three around each in front.  She takes the microphone and says she found the best of the best and brings back the rest of them to stand. She looks them all over with a gesture, tells them to take it one last time. YES I AM RIGHT.

Long coated bitch class

There are some nice bitchs there and I do like Ask Me If I Care.  But it is up to Vickie.
Five in there.  Vickie tells them they have to slow down and go easy. Two in there that could finish. They won't slow down and she is telling Channing again.  EASY, and she means it.  He does it,and so Vickie pulls him and the other one I like to the front. The other is Taking Care of business.  The one Channing has was cute as hell as a puppy. 
Next up Winner's Bitch.

Open Bitches

The first one out there is the Magic Marker to Patriot puppy with Jeff, Asgard's Revenge. I know Dave is in there too and so is Charan, but I get to type it the way I want it. She is good looking and of course can move. Next Jimmie has Through The Looking Glass.  I thought Jimmie was old. What do I know?
Now George with Ark Xmas.  Next is Venus with Diana.  Bill Tank has Simply Sinfull, then they have to be judged.  Judge not lest you be judged. Devbbe Stern came by. Dick Jennings and Tedi are talking on either side of me. And there are the five. She has the NOTEBOOK.  And they go around to stand off. and in comes the new group.
Christine comes by.  .Her bitch looks great.  Now in comes the next five.  Now, one at a time.  Now the individuals on this group.  And a bunch of bitches  go around. They take their dogs with them.  I am glad this is the   last regular class. My energy is wayning. Alana D found Tedi's purse when we first got here, so she is Tedi's new BFF.
There goes Kelly with an all black.  Here comes the NOTEBOOK.  And Vickier is smiling and takes them around, the first three and now the last two.  And now the group.  Vickie does no placing until the end.,  Now she gies up the notebook, and has four there, the third group.     Kent, Al, then Scott and Olivia. I understand she is going by Viv.  Works for me.
Now, Kent by himself, slow.  Now, not so much. Nice bitch.  Now Al, and again slow.  Now Olivia again. Do it right, or do it again. Now they move to the side. First is Kent with Charolette Russe.  Then Al with Leah Camareigh. Then Scott with Sloe Gin, and Liv with Isles Moda Chablis.   Cindy Flaut came by and Gloria Birch is here. Out comes the notebook. and now she brings out the rest of the class while the others take a lap. Kent has a nice looking bitch. And in come all the class.  There goes Christine Granger to double our breeding. She owns the bitch and YES, she gets pulled, then Jimmie, George, Cindy, Kelly, Kent, Scott, and Liv. How the hell am I supposed to remember that for Olivia.
Twice around. Just the first three. Three more, and Three more. They like Kent's bitch. I think the Patriot daughter will be in there.  YES, she is there so far, it is Jeff, Kelly, Kent, and people standing in front of me, Kathy Potter and I had them move.  They each come out to stand free.  Debbie Kaiser came by for candy. Were it not for the candy, no one would talk to me. Kent with a big crowd pleaser.  Now Scott, and finally Liv.  Five out there, and the Patriot daughter has to only beat one to get a ribbon.  And down and back.  It is almost over. I need a fat lady to sing.  Man, the crowd does like Kent' bitch Charolette Russe. One of those Captain America progeny. Another free standing temperament test.  I think she is unsure of someone.  Better to check them all.  Kent, then Scott, and Kelly and YES the Patriot daughter.  Good judging even if we are in fourth.  I do like the Stevie daughter.  First is R.O'S CHAROLETTE RUSSE, Second was LINDENHILL'S KOZY CELESE V GRACELYNE, Third was CARETTI'S SLOE GIN, and Fourth was ASGARD LASLAR'S REVENGE OF CHARAN.  I am pleased to have the placing,and thanks to Christine Granger who bred her mother.

Amercan Bred Bitches

They are in the ring. Tammy Howard came by and is talking to Tedi and me. It is a big class, Cathy Potter came by and now is talking to Don Knight.  Bill Basu is talking to Tedi. Fourteen in there.
Vickie walks down the line and looks at them stacked. Now to the front and court the groups and takes the first seven and off they go with Lennie in front, the Alex, Jeff, Kelly, Art, another and Olivia.  And off they go. I would list them but I know nobody cares so I will just watch.  All the usual suspects are there, just imagine them all in the ring.
David Lassiter just came by and Jeff has a nice looking sable, but she isn't very excited. Vickie is giving them directions and off they go one at a time, Lennie lets her out, and she looks good against the white secreen. Now Alex with Rhonda.  Now the sable I was talking about on a loose lead. Kent takes Mona Lisa.  Kelly with Trinity. She has to cut her hair. I can't see the number. I have to talk to her before tomorrow.  They bring them to the side for the individual.  VIckie takes a break to say hello to Helen Gleason.  I don't miss anything.
Disorderly Conduct with Lenny is first. Next is Alex with Rhonda Betsy. I have no idea why she has two names.  Next is Gone With the Wind. I feel like I should know the handler, because he has a great orange shirt, but I don't think I do, or maybe I just don't remember. That happens to me more and more.  After her is Kent with Mona Lisa.  Vickie has a great pants suit on.  Kelly has Trinity.  That is the end of the group.
Three, then two and that is the bunch and the Judge goes to get her tablet.  Or maybe she just want to walk. She is taking notes and deciding who is naughty and who is nice,and they go to the end of the ring.
Now, a whole new group.  Joan Fox has a dog and is telling off Karen Wagner's dog.  Off they go, five of them.  I am cut off line again. I know,you don;t care. But it is annoying.  The first three, Art, the kid and Olivia, then Mike and the last one. with Diana Paul.  I like her jacket.
Vickie takes them one at a time and gives them a good look. The crowd likes Olivia's bitch. Now Mike.  Now Diana.  She runs well and this clearly isn't her first rodeo.  Now they line up for the individuals.  Art with Smile You're On Candid Camera.  Next is a young man who knows what he is doing with Song of the South.  Then Olivia with Rosalita, then Mike with Keela, another Man U Man, and Diana with Lolo Jones and that is the group.  No one milling around now, but not much noise either. The seats are filled. Either no one likes the bitches, or they are just not saying. Donna Calibrisi is in front of me now and Pat Draper came by for candy. Celeste would not touch it, but she loves White Castle.
The first two together.  Now the last two. The double handlers are working as hard as the handlers. Out comes the rest of them. What is left is five now Scott, Trish, Diane, Nicol and Zac.  And off they go in that order.  I don't think it is over, I have not heard the fat lady sing.  She takes the first group and Scot with a nice sable. They go one at a time.
Moreen Charlton just brought me a backed goods. I don't know what it is. I will have Tedi taste it, and if it is OK, I will try it.  Each Bitch takes a pass.  Now she stands back and looks them over. The first two and now the last third.  I don't think this is an easy decision.  I have my own opinion.  Now she gets her notebook and makes some notes.  And, she sends them to the other side and again, I was wrong, in comes another group. 
Lennie,  then Kent, Kelly, and she pulls Scott, Trish, Diane and Nicol.  Those are her keepers. Wait a minute. Hold On. The ring steward came out to tell her she missed her third group, so she needs to see if she wants any of those. Yes, she picks Art, Mike and Olivia. Now a big pow wow in the ring, and Vickie appologizes and she now has ten to work from. I am pleased as I didn't see a keeper from the few she had.  I am glad someone is watching.  Three at a time, and now the crowd has woken up.  Three more. and the last four. 
Vickie goes to the front and down the lineto check temperament touches each bitch.  Towards he end is a dark sable with Scott, I like. She pulls Lennie, Kelly, Art, Olivia trish and Diane. Shows what I know. Then she takes the last four Nicol. and there goes Kent, Mike Scott and now there are six, and she goes over to the table to get rid of her notebook.  I guess it no longer is needed.  The crowd likes Lennie, with Disorderly Conduct.  She brings them each out to stand loose.  The double handlers are going nuts and getting a bit testy. Down and Back.
She walks down the group and looks them over and Moves Trish and Diana up, and this might be it, and no, one at a time.  That's it.
The first and second were Gloria Birtch's Maturity winners. She should be smiling.

Amateur Owner Handler and Bred By Exhibator

Princess Crow is in now, and she is a great handler. She won with KALEEF'S PROUD MARY.  I don't know if Princess is her real name, but I would love it if it was.
I am sitting with John Bemont and he got Tedi to leave so that is a good thing. We are getting a real drive for the candy.  Bob Gish is here talking to Ed Barritt.
Bed By Exhibitor Bitches.
They are in there now with nine. Too many for me. Each takes a trip and now the ring steward comes out. Vicki seems to be placing them as they go, or maybe she just put them in order. And she takes them one at a time.  Now the individuals.  I need a break.  One is coming up. I decided to type off line, since my computer is shut off every  time someone in the ring makes a phone call. Dave Coleman is here and so is Amy Kaiser.  Everyone is so glad to see Dave and his main squeeze.  Cheryl Anderson has the largest group of bracelets I have ever seen. 
More judging going on, and I will post the winners. I see Nancy Mc Donald is in the ring again. 
Evan left to say hi to the crowd (Tony filling in).  Vicki lets half the group wait outside the ring and works the first 5.  A tenth dog showed up - they haven't finished individuals, so they put her at the end of the line in the second group and continue on.  The crowd has gotten quite - everyone is waiting for lunch.  There are a lot of young handlers in the ring.  Usually, when Evan & I can't remember the handlers names, we blame it on age (or maybe we're going senile).  But this year, it is because there are a lot of young new handlers that we don't know by sight.  We both agree this is a good thing (but still makes us look bad). 
As usual, Evan has brought a lot of chocolate.  People keep coming by to say Hi and take a piece of candy.  Vicki is finishing the last individual of the second group.  One time around as a group; and then she brings the first group back in.  She pulls out Kent with Miata an Tequilla Rose.  Then she pulls out Ryobi, Blown Away and Mesa Verde with Christy.  One more look and she excuses the rest.  So down to 5 dogs.  Once around as a group; and then she moves Blown Away into second and Mesa Verde into third.  One more time around, and that's how they finish.  Miata (with Kent), then Blown Away, then Mesa Verde (with Christy) and Tequilla Rose.  Now we are going to a lunch break, and will startt back up after lunch with Am Bred Bitches.
Tony did this, so blame him.

Novice Bitch

I just got cut off. The smallest class, just five. I could judge this. Paula came by with our championship pin for Kisses Sweeter Than Wine. She just finished and is a full sister to Captian America.  
Paula and Molly are talking and standing in front of me. I can't see anything but it is worth it.  And now the individuals is done and John is talking to me. He ran off Tedi, and that is a good thing. With another 27 votes he would be our president.  I am here alone, Tony is off having fun.
And off they go with Kent in front and then a full black.  First is ROSS' CHANTILLY, Second BILLJO'S ELECTRA STONEWALL, Third is SONOMA'S AWAKE MY  SOUL, and Fourth is KEBRAE'S SWEET TIGER LILY.  The first three were from Canada.  How cool is that. 

15-18 Bitches

I had a terrible time getting on line, but did get the last class out. What you missed was Dave Rinke coming by and Molly giving me the news about the club. Bob Eaton is here and I got to talk to Christine last night.
The first pup was with Nancy, it is Tannerite N'Tnt. She is out of Yada Yada, one of my favorite biteches and by Black Bart, one of our breeding. Second up is Jeff with Lynessa and then Alex with Raylex.  I just got a text from Bob (The Voice of The National) Dresher. He wants his name mentioned so we won't forget him. After listening to me and Tony, there is a big call for Bob.  He is worse than Paula who hasn't been here for a while. 
Individuals over and off they go to the side. Vickie takes some notes. On to the second group.  Arvdnd is in front.  And they go one at a time. Don't forget about Bob Dresher.  I am thinking we might alternate Nationals and he would come next year, and I would stay home. We could cut in half our work and costs.
I finally got Karen Taylor to come take some candy. I have trouble getting girls to take candy from me. I never understood that.
Now the individuals for the second group,  The first is Make Me Dizzy Miss Lizzy. Another name I might avoid. Now Butterfingers with Olivia. Easy Pass is up with Trish.  Linda is bringing the Quilt around for the raffle, and she promised to get it to California for me.  She is done with the group, and now they go around as a class.  Some class. Vickie rubs her ear. I only see one I like in there, and she sends them to the holding pen.  Still handlers with dreams. Now they are all together.  I am not blown away with this group, and so far Vickie has the same opinions as me. She is one smart cookie. 
The Yada Yada daughter with Nancy, the Arvind and others.  Candy is happy so far.  And that is the way it is.   First is CANDIA'S TANNERITE N' TNT V SURIGO, Second is J-LYN'S YOU MAKE ME DIZZY MISS LIZZY, Third is THORNROSE ABIJAH CUT LOOSE, and Fourth is ZYTUT''S GOLD DUST V SUNDOWN WENKARAH.  You people need to find shorter names.  Or, double my pay.

6- 12 Long Coated Bitches and 12-15

I was jazzed by the last class, but more so the crowd reaction. This place is full and people are excited and showing it.
In the Long Coat Bitches number one was KARIZMA VON DER BEIZIAGD, and Second was KYSARAH'S LIL'HOT MESS V CARLYN.
We are in 12-15 Month Bitches.
Lee Brown is sitting in front of me. I saw Scootie and Bob Eaton is here and sitting with Ed Barritt and DD.  Now there are three influential people.  Not so much in German Shepherds.
In the ring are 14 in the ring again.  Vickie is giving instructions. and takes the first group, one at a time. I think I will save my fingers and just give you the names as they win. It is quiet now, I think the first class wore everyone out. You have to know when to hold them and when to fold them. Scott has a nice bitch with some local applause.  Now it is Art Sinclair.  He is having trouble getting her under control.  But, he does it.  Nicol with a Canadian bitch, I think. It is George Creek's. Doesn't that sound Canadian?
Cindy with a bi that is mostly black. Seven out there now standing while Vickie stands back.  Linda Bankhead just walked back. Ashley Miller has a great pink outfit. I would wear it, but  not as a dress as she does.
Now it begins with the down and back.  I went to watch some performance. It does make me smile.  As the first one goes around I see Ashley applauding for her. I wonder what that is about. There are a million stories in the dog world.  Some of them interesting.  Some not so much.
Lauren just walked by and there goes Scott. Nice pup.  Next up is Art with Good Luck Charm.  I am tired of not saying who it is, so I will selectively do what I can.  Next is Nicol with Secret Weapon She does a great job of handling, and knows what she is doing.  I like how she lets the puppy have the lead.  Now it is Cindy with Interstellar.  I did see Sheryl Brockett, but she never stops to talk to me. She is a very smart lady.  After that is Kisses of Fire with Ashley Miller. Ashley has been a great handler for years now.  She is the last in this group, unless someone has moved away for the placings.  It is amazing how quiet it has become.  I got to talk to Paul and Jennifer Root yesterday, they both are doing great.
Now they stack for Vickie to look them over, seven of them. She stands with her hands at her side, and says to take them around easy and SLOW. I heard that.  Just the first three. and they do as she says. Smart.Now the next four with Art in front. Art knows how to slow down.  Art give the full lead but his puppy wants to go. And, they line up again. vVckie walks to the steward who brings out the famous notebook. She maks just a few notes and tells them to take them around and stop at the other side, so they do as they were told, and Vickie watches them. Vickie makes some more notes, but only on one. 
In comes the other group. Kelly in front, just like before. Everyone takes good directions.  Seven still with great hopes.  They could win this class, go on to Winner's Bitch and then Grand Victrix. It could happen.  Libby is sitting with Ed and seems interested in the ring.
Three at a time now.  and the last four.  The big name handlers are in there. Georgie, Kent, are just two of them and now Kelly alone.  Each one gets another pass.  I just realized you don't know if I stop typing, so I am taking some breaks.  It is easy to fool people on line.
I like Winner Takes it All.  Zac has Razzle and she could win the class. She is super. 
Next group for individuals. Norma Hansburg walked by and judging goes on.  Clint Hyman was talking to me, and now is sitting with Tim Brown.  They watch their wives do the work. I like that in a husband.  Fred is back and seems to be enjoying the show. Jennifer Root just came by to say hello to Fred, and the judging goes on. there goes Zac with Razzle.  Now Kent with Liberty Belle. Razzle is a star.  George has Patsy Cline. I love her recordings.
I just got the news from the meeting. The club has in assets $427,000, and the law suits are over. Things are good with the club, Thanks Frank, and now lets keep on the same direction. But thank you to Molly for giving me the information and I am pleased.
She is done with the individuals,and now she has her notes and is taking them all around, first the first group. and now the rest.  She pulls Nick, Scott, Cindy, Kelly, Christie and George. And the rest take their last hope. 
Now there are six in there. and off go the first three. And the last three.  Down and Back with Nick first.
And George is last and she goes to the front.Now she pulls them, Scott, Christy, then Cindy and Kally and that is it.
On with the show.  Tedi is sitting with me now.


Now it is a show. I was talking to Thurman, and Gary and Patty came by to chat.  Carolyn Martello came by with a black puppy. I see Kent is here ready to go, and the place is stating to fill up.  I see Jeff and Sue Godak are her and Pat Draper just stopped by to talk about the Jill daughter. I see Jane Kerner looking for her seat,and she found it.  Norma is talking and they are calling for the puppies.  Let's be honest, Tony did it, because I was busy talking.
Celeste came by with a puppy and looking good, and the puppy looks good too. It is an Exxon pup. Danny Dwier is at ringside  and Georgie is here, Jeff and Trish are ready to go in, Cindy Tellefson is holding a bib. 
They played the two anthyms, and I have to admit I like hearing that, but don't tell anyone. Is ours the only anthym that celebrates war?  I see Gloria Birch and Kelly working a dog and the stands are filling up already.  Ray Johnson is here and Pam Stoesser, and Cappy just walked in.  Art Sinclair just sat next to me.
She now looks at the first seven led by Elizabeth and she goes by herself. Very nice puppy.  Now Christy, and then the Exxon puppy to Nancy.  I love that puppy, but she is out of our bitch Jill, so I am obligated to do so. Mike, then Olivia.   I do like Olivia's but not as much as the Exxon puppy. Now Zac.  Man, there are some nice young girls in there.
Frank Fasano just came by and Karen Taylor is stilling next to us. Now Liz goes around.  She moves them to this side and is right in front of me and says no double handling during the temperament exam.  The first one is Pistacio sired by Galaxy and is a good one.  Next is Look at Me Now by Man U Man. She is with Christy, but I said that. They keep knocking down the ring, this time by Olivia, and next up is On Fire by Exxon.  That puppy has my vote, mostly because Tedi would slap me upside the head if I didn't.  Then we have Mike with Casablanca, sired by Man U Man.  Allen must be proud of what his dog is doing, I am impressed, but I am easily impressed.  After Mike is Olivia with Witches Brew by Man U Man.  I see a trend here.  Then Zac with Ciarra, by Deal Me In, another of those great Matello puppies.  And last in this group  Southern Comfort by Captain America.  I know there are mothers, but I am limiting my typing today.
I am having trouble seeing, but one does not tell Gloria Birch or Cappy Pottle to sit down.  I am not that stupid. Well, maybe I am, but I will err on the side of caution. I see Lindsay in front of me, looking as good as she always does. I think she is helping her husband Zac.  They should not allow two top handlers to marry, it causes a conflict with who you hire.
Now that you know who the pups are, I will just name the handlers and you can look up who they are.  Why should I do all the work. The seats are full both reserved and the bleachers. Lots of people standing.  I wonder if anyone would come see me if I didn't have candy?
Down and Back, Down and Back, maybe we should come up with something new.  Done with the individuals, and now she wants to see the first three slow. I love that I can hear Vickie.  And off they go. Elizabeth, Christy and Nancy.  Three excellent bitches and nice puppies tood,a nd now the last four, and Vickie walks over to the table. She comes out with a book and pen.  She looks them over and makes some notes, and says to the end and stop at the end. And Vickie makes her notes and sends them out.
Now the next group. Jeff in front.  with Once a With by Man U Man, then Alex with She Rocks by Feauture Presentation, then Scott with Sabryna by Rock Me Amadeus, then next is Diane with Sentimental Journey by Deacon, and then the Junior, (I think) with Coconut by Galaxy, Kelly with long hair so I cant read her number but it is The Charmed One by Man U Man and now the individuals.
I was asked to announce people to pick up awards, but I have to be careful not to do it during the individuals, since it might startle the dogs.  See how much better that sounds than might spook the dog?  I asked Tony to read the names.  I want to type and watch. Tim Brown is in front of me as in Art Sinclair.  Trish has a nice sable, and I like that movement.  I think the Junior is Nicol Jellison, so insert her name.  There are so many people standing in front of me, I can't se the ring.  But, I don't care.
Last one, and now she starts to look them over,and too much noise to hear, off go the first three.  I like what Scott has, and now the last four.  I do like the sale with Trish.  and Vickie walks over to the table again. I suspect to get the note book. Yes, a pen and book and she makes some notes while looking at them, but not every one. I don't know what is good, to be noted or not, and she sends them over to the other end.  Vickie stops them, and now brings out the other group.  They are now all stacked in the ring.  All 14.  And she takes the first group around.  The Exxon pup looked great but not when Vickie was looking and there goes the second group.  Lots of nerves and you can feel the tension. Not an empty seat in the place. She now goes to the front and tell Elizabeth something and now walks down the class and stops at the end and talks to the last place for now, Kelly.  She looks at her notes and pulls Nancy, Livia, Zac, Alex, Scott, Diane and Trish, and lets the rest go. The Exxon puppy in front for now, but just because of the order.
She looks them over, seven in theThe first three. Now the last four. I think she has the best of the best in there and takes them over to the side while watching them.  She says slow them down and goes to Nancy and gives her directiions. Off they go, Nancy still in front, but no placing yet.  Now she walks to the front to look at them and to put her hand on each of them. And down to the end. Vickie takes them down and back, She starts at the end,and does them each. A lot of noise in here and excitement for this class.  I have never seen it like this. They like Zac's and almost done.  Girl On Fire has my heart.  Because she is an Exxon puppy and out of my bitch.  This has the feel of Specials. She pulls the sable with Trish to the front and then Olivia , Scott and Nancy. She moves Scott to Second and tells them to slow down and off they go.  That was my brain's favorite and she does it.

Friday morning coming down

p. I am first in again. I sure miss Bobbie and Sandy, as we used to be the first in every day. A couple of blow dryers in the distance, and some of the video people here. They are doing a good job, or at least working hard.
The Center is trying and although they haven't fixed the sound system, they go out of the say to help.  .  On the stands, on Tuesday if you backed your chair up, you could slip down in the back. By Wednesday, they had come by and bolted braces on the back of the stands to solve the problem.  The lighting is good if maybe not a bit intense. Certainly everyone has a good view.
I do wonder what will happen by Saturday. The place is packed. The attitude is great and everyone seems to be having a good time. The judging is as good as I have ever seen.  Both Bob and Vickie find the best animals and put up the best of the best. Bob gets down to eight or ten, and puts them in two lines, then picks from his lines. Vickie goes through them all, and only at the end does she pull out the winners. But, they both are doing a flawless performance.
It may be the judging,but the quality is unbelievable.  I overhead someone say that there are so few locked hocks or faulty rears, we must be improving. Then I heard someone else, (actually I know who they are but don't want to name names) say, no one would bring faulty rears under these judges. That is true.
If I had to fault this National, I have to admit, my hands are tiered.  I have been trying to type the results to get them out faster than anything else. I might want to slow down.  I guess a few more minutes won't make a difference. Also, I haven't had time to talk to everyone. I saw Linda Fergeson for a minute but had to get back to the show. I didn't spend any time with Dave and Martha Rinke, Joan Fox and Linda just saw in passing. Scootie, Pat and Celeste, Tim and Diane Brown, Leslie, Kent, and so many  more. I hear Tammy is here, but while Tedi saw her, I didn't have time. I did talk to Paula for a little while, but I think it was so she could get her name on the Blog.  I said hello to Frank and Carolyn, but that was all.  I think we need to have a National without the dogs, so we could have time to talk. Maybe we could just cut it to three days, and save the costs of a ring, etc. Maybe if we set it up so that everyone came in for a big dinner, and a day to meet and greet, that would work.
I don't know who won the election, (I suppose I will hear in a bit), but both John and Carmen came by and sat for a while to tell me how they plan to fix the club. After the last three days, I say the club is fine, the breed is in great condition, (an we haven't seen the Specials yet), and either of them will do well for us in the future.
I see Linda Curry has come in, she is working the Rescue table, and there are some people wondering in 55 minutes before show time. We have lots of candy at the announcer's table, a tradition, and so we keep the energy level up. It also entices those people who don't want to talk to me to come by. I sure do miss Bob (The Voice of The National) Dresher here at the table.  But, after he does Specials at the Canadian National, he will be here next year. It is somewhat difficult with just Tony and me, but we can handle it, so far. I still don't have anyone to be my "spotter" for Specials. I type to fast to look up, so I need someone to tell me what is going on. Whoever does it, never talks to me again, because I keep asking to tell me what is going on.  Just ask Flower Boy, (who should be here).
Stuff is starting, so time to settle in, get my grove on, and I see Thurman and Alex just came in, so there must be a dog show somewhere.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

6-9 Puppy Bitch

What a class.  I think 16 in the ring, and she leaves them all in doing them one at a time. There is a lot of moving around, Tony left to go pick up his wife at the Dock Diving.  Vickie is giving them all a chance around, and so I am going to hold off talking about them until we get to the finals.
She pulls the class around to the other side, and stops them.  Now she is beginning the individuals,and Zac's puppy jumps up on her. That is Malificient.  A pretty sable.  Next is Olivia with Hollywood Star.  Now the Junior I don't know, (at least I hope she is a Junior), with Cruella De Ville.  Sort of a mean name. Lennie is next up with Dynasty.  Next is Vaulting To Gold.  Tim Brown keeps knocking down the ring, but at least he stops to puts it back. Up next is Sergio with Vonzo, a black,  then Lindsay with Santa Margarita.  Then Phillip with Paint It Black. 
Diane Brown is yelling at Tim. I doubt she can do that at home.  After Phillip Diane is up with Shimmer and Shine. I see Liz Stiefferman with Be My Inspbearation.  Liz seems to be in front of Diane. Harley Davidson just came by with Paula.  I am not sure which of them looks better.  I missed some by Georgie has Shake it Off and if the puppy would settle down she looks nice.  Now John Byer with Santana Smooth.  Next is Jeff with Dragon Lady, then Spring Fling with Zac.  Channing has I Put a Spell On You.  Then  Forevbear Mine. 
This is cruel and unusual dog show watching.  Leslie is up with Que Sera Sera.  And, then she has to start cutting.  I am looking forward to it.  This is not passing the Evan Sit Test.  With this many great puppies, next year should be fantastic.  I hope we are not still here doing the 6-9  puppies. Vickie is doing great, there are just a lot of pups in the class.
Now the rubber meets the road. We get to the bottom of it, The real time begins. She takes six together.  She pulls three to the corner of hope, and now the next six, and three from there. No thinking just straight judging, and now the last five and off they go, The JUDGE looks and pulls one and sends the other four over to the special corner of hell. She has now takes around the lost souls, and looks them over. and she pulls Diane Brown, and excuses the rest. You can look up who Diane had. It is above. 
Then there were eight!
A nice loooking lineup no special order yet, Vickie goes down the line touching each one and off they go with Alex in front then Lennie, and Surgip, Phillip.  And she is not happy with Alex and seems to be saying slow down and yes, that is what he does.  She says to the last four, loose lead and off they go with Then George and Diane in the back for now. I think she might start to pull now. 
Alex, Lennie, Phillip, George.  Off go the rest, Surgio, Liz,  She tells the first three to take them over to the corner, and Alex stacks the dog for her and I gues she was saying what direction.  Now Lennie tells his double handler to be quiet and stacks his puppy.  Vickie is looking at them and now stares at the double bells until the stop.  Not much crowd reaction but Vickie is laughing at something Lennie said. She is waiting for clean up to be finished. Tom Mesdag is doing it, and he seems to be taking extra time. Maybe he wants some time in the ring.  Vickie is taking time to study the dogs. 
She has four of them just waiting on Tom and now she says to go around one time, just the one at a time. Alex, and a real nice sable bitch.  Now Lennie, a crowd favorite, and one hell of a moving bitch, my choice so far.  Then Phillip Moore with another black sable, and the George with his dark black and tan.  The sable blows my mind, but it isn't up to me.  The puppy Lennie has would be close, but that is the way it is.
Now on to the presentation class, and the Brood Bitch Class.  Too much fun for me. I am going to go find a White Castle or a good hot dog.