Sunday, October 12, 2014

Final thoughts about another year

We are home.  It was about six hours in airports and traveling. I am so thankful we didn't drive.
As with every national there was good and bad.  The judging was a good as it gets. Joan not only pulled the best of the best, but she did it with grace, beauty and style.  She has been and remains one of the best judges in our sport of all time. When she was finished we all knew that everyone got a good look and a fair opinion.  I heard little negative and a great deal of congratulations.  I saw everyone together. Clearly we are family and it showed this year.
Now about Michel. For years I have watched him judge and marveled at how easy he makes it look. He has been in the sport for years, but to have him judge our National was a treat to watch. He had no problem bringing the best to the front, and not just what the handlers tried to show him. He has such an understanding of the standard that we may have to get him to move South to a new country. 
When the dogs and bitches were done, we had been treated to the best possible judging that could be offered. We owe them a thanks, since with the new system, doing all the dogs, then all the bitches they judged all day, without a break and without stopping for pictures. What they did was have the judge make a number of poses with the ribbons and take the picture, they there are going to take the pictures of the winners and  photo shop in the winners.  It will be interesting.
Then we come to Bart.  I don't know if you noticed, but he only made two cuts.  He found those that he thought were Select Quality and told all of them after their first cut, but said he had to limit the Selects. He did that with such a positive system that we all got to see what he thought and why. Now, his Zoot Suit, that is something else. But with a shaved head and white beard, he was quite  a figure in there.  The Grand Victor and Grand Victrix were the best of the best. The Selects show us how far we have come to improve the breed, and I was proud as hell when I looked at them in there, because I knew we are all trying to reach that same goal.
The location is something to see. The surface is a problem because it shows everything. Not only can you see toes dragging, you can hear them. The weak back, the fast stepping, the bad feet, were there for the world to see. Some were not pleased, but if you want to judge to the standard, that is where to do it. The temperature was perfect for the dogs, and the lighting the best we have ever had. Lots of places to walk the dogs.  I was told the location was free and that is why we were there. Then I was told we are paying for it. I do not  know the truth, but I know it is set up well, and can only improve.  The people there welcomed us and were there for any problems.
The show is always a National and everything that implies. Seeing some people I have missed like Steve and Christine Granger was a real surprise.  Having Kobe go Grand Victor, and I have never been shy saying how much I love that dog, was special for me.  Getting to see Jane Kerner, Pam Stoeser, Jeff and all the handlers who have grown up on me. Tim Brown is always good for a laugh, and his face was all cleared up by the end of the show. I still think of the two, Diane is the best looking, but not everyone agrees with me. Lee Brown was there, as was Don and Elizbeth Knight, and I di not have time to talk to either of them.  There never is enough time for my friends, and the days go too fast.  I get to spend time with Bob Dresher each year, and Tony.  But, for me, it is the show second, my friends first.
It was another great year for me. There certainly were some disappointments and certainly I had high hopes for Kierk, but getting to see him with Gloria and Cappy who loves him so much, was special.
As for next year, I was pleased to see who is judging, but I did hope Jamie and Bob would get a part of it.  I do not know who is the fourth judge, but Bob has done the show before the show twice, and maybe will be there next year again.
In the end, I had a grreat time. I love that I was able to bring the show to life for you with the Blog, and that Linda dedicated herself to filming. That was an added gift to us all. The show came alive due to Linda, and we should thank her as well as the rest of the people who worked so hard for all of us.
Now back to the real world, and to look forward to St. Louis in 2015.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Bitches and the end

Bitch Specials.
It is going to be a long afternoon.
I am sitting with Bill Leonard. In the ring come the bitches.  I won't bore you with who is there, but there are a lot of them, and when they get in, and get the individuals done, I will let you know what is going on. Or, if you want me to say he is checking temperament about 50 times, I guess I cand o that too.
Sue Godek is ring side and she loved Keirk. Of course, she just gave him a Group One, so she has to say that.  I just gave Bill Lenord some White Castle burgers.   Danny Dwier is here and Bart's mother is sitting watching.  And the judging continues.
I just passed candy around and the judging continues. Art is out there wi a dark Bi.  OK, I will look her up. It is Sundance's Annie Oakley.  I know that bitch and know she can move.  The crowd appreciates that movement, going slow and easy.
It isn't nearly as exciting as males.  I am sure to the owners it is, but it is quiet in here.  It isn't raining, but it was 52 this morning. For a California person, that is cold.  Kathy Potter came by, and she seems happy with her Grand Victor.  Kelly was talking to me, but she has to go back in for the next group.  It seems interminable, but I don't have anything invested, (see Kierk in prior posts), so I am not that interested. 
Candy Z is here. They pulled YadaYada, she is out of coat.  Bart looks fresh and has been judging now for almost seven hours.  I see Pat and Celeste at ring side talking to Bill Basu who is handling their bitch, Champion Cherpa's Camera Ready of Merivern.  If Bart is interested in movement, that should be a big winner.  They bought the bitch from Ann Schultz and I saw her as a puppy in Michigan before they bought her, and fell in love.  I liked the bitch too.
Now Bart looks over his group, makes some notes and moves on. Myrina is in there now, she is a daughter of Akaya, that fantastic bitch, and she is as good as her mother.  Bob, (The Voice of The National) and I are beat and ready to call it a day.  Art Sinclair is sitting in front of me, so is Cappy. I know they worked hard to get ready for The Big Show, and I feel badly for them. We had so many compliments on Kierk, but not so much from Bart.  He gave his opinion from the ring.
Love is All You Need is in there. I like that bitch with tons of style.  Kelly is showing her and she has been one of he best handlers for years.  The bitch should be in the top five, but no one asked me to judge, again.  Love is a strong mover, and Bart makes some notes.
Legend's Kensington is in there, and she is sired by Turmeric. I always loved Turmeric, and the people that own him.  Lindsey, (Zac's main squeeze), handles her and does a great job.  Craig and Cindy Miller are here and working the crowd.
Bart's mom is sitting next to us, and I introduced myself. She is 94, or so I am told.  She didn't seem to want to chat. I am probably too young for her.
Now, on to another group.  Leslie is out there with an all black, Black Magic Women.  She is a good one, and a lot of style. I like her posed and she hasn't moved yet.  There she goes, and I still like her.  The crowd loves her, unless her owners have a large family here.
It is Starlett O'Hara.  I like that bitch, and she is a Promise Keeper daughter. He is a real producer and this bitch is a great example. Stylish, perky, feminine and can move.  She should be up there. 
Lots of people talking to each other. Paula was here for a while. I found out that there is not Best Veteran, and that surprised me. 
I was just told by Tedi that I don't want to go to the after show dinner, so I sold my tickets. I got to thank Sue Godek on my loser dog, Kierk, and she was excited about him.  Back to local shows for the poor guy.
Bart is checking his notes and there may only be one class left, at the most two.  I wonder if I could buy his notes. Maybe we could buy them by class and then know what he thought. This may be a new revenue source.  We should investigate this.
There are negotiations to keep Bobbie, and he is going to keep me informed. Tim Brown is here with a whistle, I think he is just letting Diane know where he is. Paige owns the bitch with Diane.   Her name is Kiedrows Jerri Lee of Ferlin.  I watched Paige handle and she has a great future. The bitch is owned by Paige and Gina Kiedrowski.  I like that little girl, and the bitch is nice too.  She should be in there at the end. 
Mary Ann Imhoff came by and we got to talk about Phoenix.  I love what he produced and if we bred more, we would have used him. We have about a litter every other year, and hopefully we have Magic Marker, Rom in whelp to Exxon. That could be exciting, more than the show right now.
This is a bit long to sit and watch. I would just as soon watch paint drying.
We are on the last group, so it might be time to nudge the person next to you and wake them up.  I always get candy for the announcer's table and Bob, (The Voice Of The National), and I have eaten about three bowls full.  I figure my diabetes can deal with it if I just decline to check my glucose levels.
Now, this bitch I like.  Her name is Depahl's I'm Just Sayin'.  That is what you want in a bitch, style, size and great side-gate.
Philip Morre is in there with a very very nice sable that moves as good as you could want.  It is Cauz'n Trouble.  And now Sylvain Genereux with Maja's Black Diamond. I think all we have now is the move-ups and the riff raff.
Now the move-ups, veterans, puppy, and winner's bitch.   I forgot to mention that Bart has shaved his head and has a full white beard. With an electric blue Zoot Suite, it is a real fashion statement.  I like it, but he needs a wide brimmed blue hat with an eagle feather.
Zelda looks great.  Paula Cooke is wandering the halls and wants to show Harley Davidson again.   Tony again told me how to change my computer. If I hung around with him more, I might learn something.
I think we may be having dinner with Stacy and Barbara, and Donna and Twyla. We could do that back home, but we want to start acclimatizing ourselves to California. Pat Draper came by to talk about selling dinner tickets. I am trying to give you the news to keep everyone interested. What more could you ask of the BLOG?
They are going to start cutting soon. I hope.  Bart keeps making notes, and now he bring out another bitch Kennelwood's Morning Jewel. That is about as stylish as you can get, and she is colored dark black and tan.  Very nice bitch.  I don't know her handler, but he does a fine job of showing her off.  The crowd loves her too, and seeing her move explains why. She should be in the top few.
Now Zelda. They have done a lot with her in performance, and also as a Grand Champion.   She won the Veteran class.  CDX RAE AX AXJ AXP AJP NFP OF TC CGC.  Nice bitch at any age.
Now the nine and over class bitch.  Golddigger. She is nine years old.  The crowd likes the old bitches.  So do I.  They don't show their age at all. It feels like people want something to shout about, and they did so for the veterans.
There goes the last class, and now we start cutting.
The climate here in the building is all you could ask for. A bit cold for bikini wearing, but perfect for a dog show.  I am fully dressed by request.
Now the first group comes in and each takes a pass.  Bart is looking at his notes and will start cutting.
Now he pulls Patti, Lenny, Mike, and another so he kept four.  Now the next group.   Another eight. Chyan came by to return the phone belonging Diane Mehra.   And the bitches keep going and now the cuts come.  Bart pulls Joanne, Elizabeth Bill Basu, and Anya, and the rest to the corner of death.  They get a chance to be a 'zombie' later.
On to the next group.  Eight more, dreaming of going Grand Victrix still in their heads.  He pulls Alex, Zac, Christy and Lindsey.  Another group.  Zac is running out of the ring. I can't imagine why. Another group.  Eight more. I am not a fan of what he is doing. I can't believe in each eight he only wants four. What if there are five or only two that are of the quality to keep?  I can't believe each group of eight has four to keep.  But, again, I am not judging.
Now to cut to the quick, not to be confused with Nestles Quick.  He pulls Leslie, Olivia,, Bill Tank, Kent, Jessica and another.  He listened to my Blog and stopped just with four.  This is the next to the last group.  Eight more.  Bart looks at them individually and then they stack and he looks over his notes.  Sylvain is the last, and now they stack and let the hearts beat.
He pulls Diane, Elizabeth, Scott, Morris and Sylvain. Sylvain has an all black.
Now, in comes the last group, thank god.  Eight more.  We bred the bitch with Nancy, so I hope she gets picked at least the first round.
He pulls George, Zac again, and they start changing bibs and kept on of the veterans and not the Winner's Bitch. Nancy runs over to the dump group to go on a bitch.  22 in the next to out now, so he kept the rest so far. He might find something pleasing here. I find I don't much care.
NO, they all go out. And the crowd cheers. I never did understand that. I also didn't like it when I injured myself in Del Mar in the ring and when they took me out on the cart the crowd cheered. I think they were glad to see me leave the ring.
Around they go, the second half of the almost over for this show.  The crowd wants him to keep the Winners Bitch, and so Bart takes her around again, to please the rest of us.  He points at her and she heads off to the good place.  The rest get sent home for the year.
Now he brings out the fabulous keepers, 29.  He thinks those are all good enough to make the cut, much as he did with my dog.  It is still all about me.
Off goes the first ten.  He sends the other 19 outside the ring.  And looks over that ten.  There they go one at a time.  No one can say they didn't get a good look.  He has three groups, so if he pulls four from each group, that appears to me to be twelve. But, I was never good with math.
Camera Ready takes a pass. That should be a top quality winner. 
Bart checks his notes, looks at the bitches, and has them go around again.  And he pulls 6 (making Tish, Lenny, Elizabeth, Bill, Michael, Alex very happy) and sends the other 4 home.  Out come the next set of 10.  Once around, and Bart is ready to do more cutting.  And this set he keeps 4 (Christy, Leslie, Olivia, Kent); and the rest go home.  Last set of nine are in the ring.  The Winners Bitch Morning Jewel goes around to a lot of applause.  Bart asks him to go again, and nods his head at what he sees.  He keeps 6, including the Winners Bitch.  He now has 16 in the ring.
Bart has the 16 keepers huddle up as he gives them further instructions. He so far has kept 16.  Three are Select Excellent.  I don't know if he will go that deep. He is taking them all down and back right in front of me, and being taped.  I love that Celeste has her bitch still here. She looked great and even if he cuts, I think she will make it.  She has such a disappointment with Exxon, she deserves this, Pat too.
Each down and back and they all look good to me.  Now the Winner's Bitch. She was cut, but the crowd went wild and he brought her back like Phoenix rising from the ashes.
There they stack all 16 of them.  He says take them around. They all take a pass and Bart watches them for about ten feet of the pass.  He hasn't placed them yet, and the crowd is still behind the winer's bitch. That is an awfully large group, but I think he should just go with it.
Now each one, one at a time.  I don't know if he intends to cut any or not.  Bart looks at them each all the way around, and nobody knows if there is going to be another dump. I don't think so, I think he just has to arrange them.  That could be interesting.  It is quarter to six, and we need to catch a flight tomorrow.
Now he takes the last four, then the next to the last four, and the next four until he gets to the top.  It is nerve wracking but now he is going to keep them all in, that keeps us from the cardiac ward.
He makes no changes, takes Scott and Alex and moves Alex up to ninth or so,  and now he goesto the bitches he has in fourth through seventh. Now to the  to the top or first three.
He has the top three and moves Angel to fourth.  And there go those three with Kent in fifth.
Now the first three, Mike, Lenny, Winner's Bitch and Phil Car's Angel V Wingait.  Frank Fasano is yelling at Rose, whoever that is.  Second for now is Winsome's Heiress V Depahl. It sure gets quiet in here when no one is moving. I think it is just between first and second. Each head off one at a time. 
Mike moves to the front with Dershimer Alea V-Elite Design Tokay.  Kathy Potter had the Grand Victor, will she have the Grand Victrix too?  Only time and Bart will tell.  Second is now the Winner's Bitch and the crowd is wild for her.  Now Lennie wiuth Heiress, not as much crowd, but my favorite.  And He moves 528 up.  And that is it, Grand Victrix is Dershimer Alea V Elite Design Tokay.
The placings are 618,, 525, 528, 615, 658, 659, 635, 611, 644, 508, 613, 660, 645, 628, 643.
What a show. Some heartache, some joy, some fun and some not so much.
On to next year.

Back for the rest of the show

Well, I got a lot of comments on Kierk, and he did make the first cut. I think the first cut was 25 or so, so it means something.
Black Bart went Select and that is our breeding, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped for. 
They are about done with the Juniors, and are going on to the AOE. Then the bitch specials.
It never got real exciting, but Bart did a good job and had some real stars in there. Of course I love Kobe, and always have. Ann now has her second Grand Victor.
When her first GV went winner's dog, Ann was not there. I called her at home and told her she better get to the show. She went to the airport with just a toothbrush and no change of clothes. She got there the next day to see ET go Grand Victor. She always thanks me for that.
What a lot do not know is that when Ann got into this dog sport she showed her first bitch to Dave Rinke at the National. She didn't know about handlers.  That was her Grand Victrix. 
Jaclyn Smith is the Best Junior Handler.
On to the Bitch Specials.  I will get over Kierk, and will be ready to go again by the time of the next National.

Personal and private, she says

Leslie says hello to Kay.  I have no idea what that means, but since I love Leslie, I did it.


Best of Breed - Dogs
Last day of the National and the crowd is rolling in early.  Bart (The Judge) Bartley showed up in an electric Blue Suit - looks very dapper.  I talked to Gary Szymczak, and he said that Bart asked if he should still do the dearly departed since he is judging.  Gary insisted that he do it since they have been doing it together for so many years.
We had some confusion at the start.  Gail had the opening ceremony planned; but Bart changed it.  After about 10 iterations, it ended up mostly how Gail intended.  The stands are almost full.  First Gary & Bart did the dearly departed, followed by the presentation of the Obedience Victrix.  Then they brought all of the Dog specials in the ring.  After all the dogs were in the ring, they dimmed the lights, and played a video of Don Smith singing the National Anthem from 1992(?).  It ended to a big round of applause from the crowd, and a lot of barking from the dogs in the ring.
They turned the lights back up, and Bart asked for the microphone.  He said 3 things would negatively impact your dog: (1) doubling/interfering during the temperament test; (2) not showing him a loose lead; and (3) unsportsmanlike conduct.  They are in catalog order, but with a little swapping based on handlers.  40 dogs are here, and Bart divided them into 5 groups of 8.  He said he would allow handlers to swap until he gets down to 20 (probably have all in the ring at that point).  Karen Wagner keeps the first group in the ring, and asks the rest to leave.
It is 8:40am; the formalities are done; and the show begins.  The first group is in and Bart is settling into a routine.  He checks with Bob Lindsey a few times to make sure everything is getting on the video and goes to work.  Some nice applause for each dog, but not much excitement (yet).  Bart left all the dogs in the order they started.  Bart has his notepad out; makes a few final notes; one more time around; and time for Group 2.
The stands are full, but not much hollering - I think everyone is waiting for individuals to finish and for the jockeying for position to start.  Bart has finished with Group 2 and is now working on Group 3.  A little more excitement in Group 3; but not much.  And now Group 4 comes in the ring, a lap around, individuals, another lap, some notes, and out they go.  The excitement in the crowd is building with each group.  And the last group comes in the ring.  The is the group with the Winners Dog and Veterans.  The crowd is really coming alive now, with extra applause for the Veterans.  More notes, a final lap, and that finishes the last group.
And now the fun begins.  It's about 10:30 and you can tell, things are going to move fast.  The first group is back in the ring.  Bart asks for one lap around SLOW.  No one was slow, did I did see quite a few loose leads.  From the first group Bart pulls out 563 Razzle Dazzle, 564 Morocco, 565 Captain America, 574 Grayson (and sets the other 4 to the side).  In comes the second group, one lap around, and Bart pulls out 566 Trust U With My Heart, 573 Player, 578 Rocco, 599 Black Bart.  Now for the third group; Bart pulls out 582 Ya Gotta Know, 583 Thunder Road, 584 Jaeger, 585 Man U Man, 561 Harry.  Fourth group and Bart pulls out 600 Kirk, 601 Showlow, 602 All That Matters.  And the last group is in and Bart pulls out 604 Malawi, 607 Expresso, and 336 Quincy (Winners Dog).  Now Bart pulled out all the "set aside" dogs and looks them over.  He has each do one lap around.  Each gets some applause, and each looks like a champion; not not necessarily a Grand Victor (in Bart's Opinion).  Bart pulls out 572 Fermare, 593 Under Siege, 594 Gambit Krug  and adds to the "keeper" pile.  The rest are dismissed.  The veterans get a little extra applause, but leave with the rest.
We are now down to 22.  Bart has pulled all of the handler together in a huddle and giving them some additional instructions.  He is keeping the first 8 to look at again; and keeps 4; 564, 565, 574, 599.  He looks at the second group and keeps 5; 582, 584, 585, 561, 601.  He looks at the third group and keeps 4; 602, 604, 336, 594.  He is now down to 13.  He has been weeding down, but has not yet started to place them.  He is cutting the group in half for the next phase.  Bart looks at the first group, but no movement yet.  He brings in the second group.  I have been talking to Patty Szymczak about Select Excellent - 5 of the 13 in the ring qualify.  Bart has looked at both groups, made some more notes; and brings the entire group together.  Bart has each go around one at a time, and lots of crowd support for each one. 
Bart checks his notes one more time.  And then starts placing.  561 Harry, 602 All That Matters, 604 Malawi, 564 Morroco, 565 Captain America, 599 Black Bart, 585 Man U Man, 574 Grayson, 336 Quincy, 584 Jaeger, 601 Showlow, 582 Ya Gotta Know, 594 Gambit.  It looks like he is keeping all 13.   Bart looks at the last four and moved up 582.  Bart looks at the next 3 and moves up 336 Quincy.  Bart looks at the next 3 and moves up 599 & 565.  Bart then looks at his top 4.  561 Harry is in front and has lots of crowd support.  Next is 602 All That Matters with equal crowd support.  Third is 604 Malawi with support (but not as much as the first two).  Bart moves All That Matters to the front and the crowd goes wild.  Bart brings the whole group back together - he may be done . . . and yes, that's how they finish.
Nothing for Kierk, but he made the first cut.

Here we go

It is going to be a rough day.
I just went to see Kierk.  Bill is grooming him and The Guz is giving tips.
They are going to play a film of Don Smith singing, then they are going to ring the bell for our friends, and I just heard Tom Sherman died.
Not an easy day to start.

So, now it begins

When the twilight is gone!
It is going to be an exciting day.  I got here about 6:00. Kelly Sevalas was here already, and the place is abuzz now.  Paula Cook just came by with one of those O'Connor sons, Harley Davidson, the same as Kierk.  They wanted to bathe Kierk early and Art is going to let me go in with him and the bib to hold him to check in.
Art has two special males, so with an entry of 50, a lot will be outside until it is there turn.
Everyone has dreams today, and a few will be realized. I was not able to sleep and you would think after doing this for 45 years, it would be more relaxed, but the nerves remain. Perhaps were they not there, it would not be s much fun.
I have been thinking of some of the memories of the years past, and those who won't be here this year, and then who will be with us next year. I always go outside when they ring the bell, but last year I stayed and put on my sun glasses. Not that I tear up, (I am way too manly for that), but I don't want to take the chance. 
We tested the microphone and got rid of the base.  Bob, (The Voice Of The National) is so macho, that his voice was garbled. I had them put in more treble.  I understand they are going to show a video of Don Smith singing the National anthem in 1992.  Bobbie found it for us and converted it to use at our show.
OK, I have driveled enough without mentioning Kierk.  What a day this will be. I am down to hoping he makes the first cut.  I was talking to Sandy and there is a chance Bobbie will continue. They are starting to treat him as a human being now, and maybe we can find a way to do a little more and keep him doing this.  Gary and Patti are here and it looks like a dog show.  Gail Stifferman just stopped to talk about some stuff, and the tension is building.
It is time for me to stop stressing, walk around and get ready for the Big Show.  I listened to people who said what they wanted so I went and got new candy.  I see Bill Tank and I may try to go to White Castle one more time.
Cappy came by and so I am going to go see my second best friend.
 I love the sound of blow dryers in the morning.

Early Saturday morning coming down

How can anyone sleep when two of their males will be competing?  It is three thirty Saturday morning and in just four and a half hours Harley Davidson and Kierk will be in the big ring.  I would bet Paula is up.
I miss the Gradys and the Browns, but the California folks are here with Dick Jennings, and Barbara and Stacy. Of course Debbie Friedberg and Sheryll are here, Twyla and Donna, and Pat and Celleste.  There are many others too, and California always supports a national.

I don't much like the rain or the speakers, but if that is all I can complain about, it is a great national.
This has been some of the best judging I have ever seen. Of course I have seen those three, Michel, Bob and Joan judge before, but to see all three is a treat.
I got to spend time with Jane Kerner, Pam Stosser, Dave and Martha Rinke, and Jeff. That itself makes it a good national for me. 
Well, not much more time to go, so I think I will start packing for the trip home, and consider what is going to happen today.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday night before the Big One

I got to see some great dogs in the ring after they allowed the handlers to work the dogs. Exxon is going to be a Grand Victor, but not this year, they are going to pull him.
Kierk looks great, and I am excited to see him compete.
Now, I saw Kobe. Nothing can beat him if he looks like what I just saw.  That is as good as it gets and I predict he is our next Grand Victor.
We went to the Fasano's party, and it was crowded, with tons of food.   Because it was my last chance I got Tedi to take me for my third trip to White Castle.
Sitting there was Dave and Martha Rinke and Paul Johnson.  They had ordered a box of 30 and sat with us when I ate my two.  Tedi was the only person who was left out. They were taking the 30, (now 24) back to the room to sit and drink beer and eat hamburgers.
It is a small world after all.
I asked Tony to post for the Blog as I expect to be standing outside the ring having a nervous fit.  But, I expect Kierk to at least make the first cut.  I am easy.
Now, to get some rest, (yeah, fat chance of that), and on to Saturday.
Thanks for joining me on this Blog, I hope I didn't offend too many people.

Veteran Bitches

Veteran Bitch 7-9
5 Veterans all bitches.  I know the first one, Akaya number 550. She just had a litter, but is looking good. Next is Cinosam's Braunhaus, and Samurai daughter number 551.  The third is You Bet Your ASP of PHT, 552.   Then we have Keggi Fair's Ubetch Kos Mar 553, and last is number 554 Zelda.  She is one of those letter bitches, CDX RAE AX AXJ AXP AJP NFP OF TC  CGC.  I wish I had some idea what they meant, other than the owners worked their ass off.
Now, this is quiet. Gary Stasser is here talking to us. I haven't seen him in 20 years. He and Pam are here and it is great to see them.
The one with the letters, Zelda is a Grand Champion too. It is Dawn Van Dyken's bitch. Dawn is always fun to see, and we have a great story to tell. I will do that some day.
Zelda goes to the front.  The crowd likes that.  Yes, Zelda wins it.  First is GCH  Dawnhill's Zelda CDX RAE AX AXJ AXP AJP NFP OF TC ,  Bob (The Voice of the National) Dressher finished her.  Second is GCH Ch Mariner's Akaya RN HSAS CGC,  Third is Ch Schneiferhof's You Bet Your Asp of PHT, and fourth is Cinosam's Brauhaus Bedazzled.
On to the 9+ Bitches.
All Five showed up and two of them are ten years old.
First in there is555 Ch Lieberchen's Boogie Wonderland, Then 556 GCH Marquis All About Me RN, then Ch Vici's Windsong, OFA, GCH Shadyrock's Dancing Doll TC and finally GR CH Joelle's Golddiger of Jeseffan CD, RN, CGC.
How do you judge them with a six or seven year old kid on the second bitch?  I know the crowd is going to go crazy.  Terry Rock just came by to ask a question. As normal, I had no answer for her.
Yeah, they like Liz Oster's son.  That was crazy and Joan was grinning and shaking her head. She is still laughing.  I remember when Morton had that problem and just laughed. You have to do the right thing, no matter what your heart tells you.
Now Joan says, take them around and off they go. The crowd likes 559 at ten and a half.  I like her too, but my favorite is 558.  559 to the front, then 558. The kid goes up, and by mistake and Joan says no, and shakes his hand and talks to him. He is still talking to Joan. 
Now we are having fun. She has him in third.
Time for another run, and this might be it. She does not run the old folks that much or the dogs.  No, she has a change to make.  She Does It Like That.
First is GR CH Joelle's Golddigger of Jeseffan CD RN CGD; Second is GCH Shadyrock's Dancing Doll, TC, Third is CH Vici's Windsong OFA, and Fourth is GCH Marquis All About Me Rn.
That does it for the judging today. Some fun tonight. Party at Franks, Junior Seminar this afternoon. Tomorrow should be fun and interesting, with the Specials. I have walked Kierk around a lot, and he will be in the ring tomorrow.  I am starting to get excited. It is going to be the first time I ever have had a dog that might compete for Grand Victor.
I will turn this over to Tony, he won't drool on the keyboard.

Winners Bitch

Now we see who will be Winner's Bitch and who gets to compete in the Big Show tomorrow, with dreams of Grand Victrix.
Tony is sending the placings to Michel so that he can post them with his catalog. It saves me some time on the phone and he does it with his Blackberry.  So, we have a real team going here.  In come the class winners, and this should not take much to figure out.  What unbelievable bitches.
Lee Brown came by and we got to talk for a minute. He is now talking and sitting next to Rita. I am better looking, but he doesn't think so.
What a lineup of bitches.
Joan walks down the line and looks at each one heads first, feet, then overall. 
Now she walks to the front and goes to the middle of the ring.  There they go, and I like the Open Bitch.    Leslie has 539. Mike has 525 the Open bitch, Next is American Bred with Liz 485. Joan keeps looking at the Open bitch.  And Liz goes down and back. She poses here for the crowd.  Now 482.  A low stationed bitch and Joan gives them all a look. Now Phoenix with 472.  A dark Bi.  461 with Georgie.  Tiffany is behind me, so Bart must be somewhere close. 455 with Cindy.  Cindy broke her wrist and ankle at one of our shows, but is doing well.  It is 448 with Scottie.  And now 440, and she too is a nice bitch but young. Only two more to go.
Zac has 438, and down and back. Joan has them each stand and they pose while she studies them.  It is interesting and the last one 429.  A bit of tension in the room now.
She walks down and looks them over and there they are, Mike in front, the Liz, so it is 425, 485 and 461.  The Open Bitch in Front and the Promise Keeper daughter from American Bred in second. I probably could go with either of them, but my choice would be the Open bitch, but I can see the American bred too.  The open Bitch is a dark bitch but they both move, and now the American goes in front. She is a crowd favorite, and more of a standard look.  Each bitch gest to go in front one time, all six of what she likes.  That is a lot of running.  That is why they get the big bucks.
I can't believe they can do this.  I am so glad I gave up handling when I see six times around.  The first two from the classes look better and better. If she is expecting them to give in, it ain't going to happen. The open Bitch is coming on.  And YES, the Open bitch in front the American Bred in Second.  Mike looks bushed but heads out. 
Reserve is the Second Open Bitch Mazerick's  Von Hornberger's Taking Care of Business

Long Coated Bitches

Long Coat Bitches
That is a decent class with eight in there. If the coat is too short, are they disqualified?  I don't know the rules.  I do love some of those names.  Bad Hair Day!  One of the dogs was Hairison.
Who said we don't have a sense of humor.
However, I notice no one has entered a White.  Good thing the change didn't pass.
I guess we can see where one parent carries the long coat factor. We still don't know which one, do we?
Joan likes what Leslie has 539, but looks at the bite again, and there they go.  It is really quiet now, and they take a pass.  And Joan gives everyone a good look she approaches the line nd pulls 535, 537, 538 and 539.  They are in order, so it doesn't mean much yet and Joan stands way back and tells them to take them around again, just the fab four, and the crowd is in to it. And She is staring at them and looking at Leslie. She walks up to them and takes 537 up front, and leaves the rest.  Another pass and there they go with Jeff in front and I thinkk that willbe in, but Joan is giving them another look and moves 538 to the front, and 539 to second. A lot of applause.  She looks at them and walks back and looks them over. They are doing a "clean-up" in the ring. They have to scrub the surface with a mop. Interesting. And there they go again.  Now the crowd is in to it big time they like it like that and I would move Leslie up.  And YES Leslie goes to the front and Joan is going to make another change, 538 to second.
Four left, and the crowd likes that and yes that's how it is. First is Makintrax Waiting to Exhale, Second is Mazerick's-Vonhornberger's Taking Care of Business, Third is Kysarah's Whiskey In The Jar, and Fourth is Neo's Scarlett Of Wolf Creek.
I think they have to be extra special to be kept as a long coat, so the quality was exceptional.  Waiting to Exhale is a fantastic moving bitch and could win easily.

Open Bitches

Open Bitches
Twelve in there, and it still is a great looking group of bitches.  I thought the males were fantastic, but this is mind blowing. And with my mind that is a soft breeze.
Now I have next to me, Bill Leonard, Jerry Guzman, Tony, Bob, (The Voice of the National) and Bill Basu. Now, how can I be expected to get anything right with that group laughing and telling jokes.
Joan does the individuals.  There are four move-ups in this class. There is some real quality.  I was pleased with a number of those bitches in the first group, now the second group. Mike, George, Kelly Lennie A young lady I don't' know and Jason.  Not many with temperament problems. I know Exxon didn't want his testicles touched, but Joan told me that she knew he had good temperament, and that he was perfect on the temperament test.  It is so strange, and we have to remember these are just dogs, and we have to understand anything can happen on any day.  I am very high on Exxon and know the dog well as we have watched him grow as a puppy.  I would not questions his temperament. I wonder if they will show him at the Saturday class.  Paula came by to talk, and so far I am still talking.  She is nervous with Harley in Specials tomorrow.  Basu, The Guz and Bob, (The Voice of The National) are still talking.
Tony is sending the numbers to Michel and he has a catalog, so he can post the results too. I hope I am getting them out soon enough. They are still filming the winners when I send them out to AOL.  Kirk just walked up; so Evan had to leave to see his dog (pretty obvious that Kirk ranks above Bob and Tony).  Joan is just finishing the individuals on the last group.  No indications on which ones she likes.  They brought the first group in, so now Joan has the entire class to look at.  She steps back to look at the entire group, and then starts pulling out dogs.  She pulled out 6; and then a second look at the last 6; and then excuses them.  So now she is down to her six keepers (509, 518, 522, 525, 526, 531).  Once around the rings, and she starts placing them.  She puts 525 Mike with Morning Jewel up front followed by 531 U Made my day.  She has the next 4 go around once, and leaves 509 Reville in thrid and moves 526 Gearge with Unforgettable to fourth.  Once around and that's how they finish.


American Bred Bitches.
First is Tr Ro' Jenevieve V Ann-Isle.  I apologize to L. Nordestorm and Van Dukeman & M. Simone.  Please don't sue me
Tony said there may be another mistake. Stay to his location for an update

American Bred Bitches

American Bred Bitches
WOW!  17 in the class. As they stack, they look like some real bitches.  I may go back to the motel and take a nap.  I do need a break.  Where is Summer when I need her?
I took a break, did you miss me?
Joan is working on her second group. I got a lot done, and she is still working. Everyone seems poised to break into applause, but so far no excitement. Maybe when she gets down the the last ten or so.  Only one more group to go.  Ha Jae is here and watching the class.  Jennifer Root is walking and working the crowd. I just saw Fred Migliore, and it is great to see him again.
Joan sends them out, and in come some new bitches. Handling the entries.  Bob Eaton is by, and doing well.   His is the last group of the American Bred Bitches, so now we get down to the real stuff. I did check some of the vendors. 
The stands have really filled up since this morning.  They didn't seem too interested in 12-18 and Novice; but now that Am Bred (and next class Open), the crowd is really watching.  They have the reserved seating on the West side of the building and free seats (bleachers) on the East side.  On the North and South, there are just aisles, and a lot of people have brought chairs up to the ring to watch.  It's Friday afternoon and Joan is still smiling.  She is showing no signs of being tired (but we still have several classes to go). 
Ok, last group done and Joan brings everyone back in the ring.  She takes a long look at everyone, and starts pulling out the ones she likes.  She pulls out 485, 488, 492, 496, & 499; and sets them aside.  She looks at the remaining 12, and lets them all go home.  She pulls the 5 she kept back to the front of the ring and starts the process of placing them in order.  485 Liz with Jenevieve is up front; then 496 Mike with Ada; then 499 Scott with Serena; then 488 Lenny with Daisy; and last is 492 Lindsey with Celeste.  She looks them all over, and takes each one on a down & back (no changes).  Joan steps back and looks them all over. 
Joan has her winners there with the first three in contention. She took Liz in front first, and ow Mike with 496, (Liz has 495) and Scott with 499 now in front. I suspect Liz will go back, but I could go with any of those three. Mike's is moving best on this pass. Joan walks to the first and runs the tail, and Puts Liz Back In Front. I think she just made a statement, and now brings the other two, 4889 with Lenn and 492. Damn nice bitches. What a class.
Joan moves 492 into fourth, and puts Lenny Best of Dump, and YES, that's it.
First is Dream CT-TEBE Nobe Dreams OF Thunder; Second is Yormork's Who's That Girl; Third is Breal-Jogra's Serena V Signature; and Fourth is Von Nassau's Celeste of Norberge.
The first two were Bob's (The Voice of The National), Winner's Bitch and Reserve Winner's Bitch.  We have to thank Tony for filling in as I passed out candy to the crowd.

Bred By Bitches

Bed By Bitches
I just told Jane that she has won enough and to keep Captain America in the crate tomorrow.  She didn't agree with me, but promised to think about it. 
And the judging goes on.  A free party tonight with the Fasanos.  I see Rita is here and the place is filled and not much noise now. I see Nancy Hubble is ringside, and there is a bit of milling about. I think the energy is higher for dogs than bitches. Jeff is about to take Myjoy Foxhaven Born This Way around.  Do we know the sound of one hand clapping. No one is getting much of a response, maybe whenw e get to American Bred.
Carolyn Martello is behind me, and she is doubling an all Black Terra Norte's Upon A Midnight Clear. Man, can you see the blacks against the white curtain. There is a white curtain all around the ring.  There is a bit of buzz, but not much cheering. I hear it is raining outside. I think we might give up the oil pipeline from Alaska, and instead build a water line to California. We need some of this and there would be no problem with leaks.  Shawn Conby came by to talk. He says everything is good. So far, I agree with him.
She moves up 474, then 477, 481, 481, Mike with 482.  That may be her four, and off they go. Mike goes up in front with 482, after a great pass.  With John Boyd last Jeff in third and Christy in second.  Joan says, "Take them around".  There they go and man, is that nice, and that is it.
First is Tokaye's Karma V Elite Design Dershimer. Second is Camoeon Kodakoda Zenyatta Ferarri. Third is Myjoy-Foxhaven Born This Way. Fourth is Blackcrest's Phara Selighaus.
Now the big time. Of course in dogs the Winnner's Dog was the 12-15. 

Anateur Owner Handler Bitches

Amateur Owner Handler Bitches
There are two entered and I see at least one is here.
In Novice Male Dogs I seem to have made a mistake too. That is two at one show. It has never happened before. But Rowe's Ridge I'm a Catch was number one, and owned by owned by Terri Mead and Paige & Somer Beaudoin.  Another DuChien's dog. Enough already. But Terri is a great lady and should be recognized as the owner.
In come the bitches, Kiberlite's Cold War with a young lady that does a fantastic job. She is a Junior Handler, and I got to talk to her a little bit.  Her name is Phoenix Crowe.  She has a real future as a handler and show great poise and talent.  She has a great red dress and jacket with shoes with a red sole to match. Very cool.
Second is Tacoras Treasures Unseen.  Wayne Walker is the handler and although he is a good looking man, not nearly as cute as Phoenix.
This had to be a break for Joan, only two in there. The next class, Novice is a bit small too.  Then the big ones.
It seems strange not to have Summer here. I have no one to correct my spelling and bitch at me. Of course Tedi is here, but I am used to being criticized by her.
Joan walks up to them, and she looks them over, and pets the bitches and tells them to take them around Phoenix asks if he is ready and off they go.
Phoenix wins the class.  Good for her. She has been in a number of classes and will be in Juniors later.

Novice bitches

Novice Bitches
Michael Cheeks came by and we got to talk for a few minutes. I always enjoy that.  The class has only six, so it should go quickly. I just shared eggs with Tish, Cappy, and Gloria and Tish's husband whose name escapes me.  I will insert it if it comes to me.  Patrick Green is going by and I see Karen Taylor sitting off to the side. Art Sinclair is watching and Bill Peterson is here too.
Georgie is going down and back with Welove Duchien's Beretta. I think Jane and Jeff must have brought 25 entries. And, they sure seem to be winning. Another Captain America progeny.  They all can move.  Sam Colven is talking to DD.  The vote last night was interesting. I was amazed at how many, (over 400) of those who voted, (about 800) wanted to take off the DQ on whites.  It does say something even though the vote lost.
We have Carmen and Dave Rinke in front of us now. In respect for the quality of their opinions, I will not repeat what they say.  Gary Szyncyk came by and is standing talking to us.  Patty is right next to us, and he said he will come up and sit with her. Kent is next to us double handling.   His bitch is with Liz, and Kent told me he will be up to handling tomorrow. I am glad for that, and think Captain America will have a real shot at Grand Victor. Like Jane needs another Grand Victor.
Two people who have shown quality breeding in the last few years are Jane and Jeff as well as Frank and Kris Fasano.
Georgie has 461 and Joan is going over him. Kelly now with 465, and Joan goes down the line and looks hard at everyone stacked.  She sure gives everyone the same look and she is asking to see the bite on 461. The bitch does not want to show Joan, but I think she finally saw what she wanted to.
Look. Her I sit with The Guz on one side, Carmen and Rinke in front of me, and the show goes on.  Think what I could learn if I listened. But, I am known not to listen to anyone.
Joan looks over the class. Gary is talking to DD, she pulls out Georgi with 461, 467 in second with Jeff, Olivia 468 in third and 469 in fourth with Liz.  Ken Cunningham came by.
I just found out a mistake I made yesterday. It must stand out because I so seldom make a mistake. As a matter of fact, never. But in the 9-12 Windsong's Thank You For The Music was bred by Gayle Richmond, not Frank and Chris.  I loved the dog anyway.
And off do the first four, George, Jeff, Olivia and now Liz goes to second with 469. So it is George, 461 Liz, 469, then Jeff with 467, and Olivia 468.
First is Welove Duchien's Beretta, Second is R O'S Charolette Russe, Third was Neo's Karizma's Rhonda Betsy, and Fourth was Lou-Ro's Mona Lisa.
Hasn't Jane and Jeff won enough. Maybe they should leave Captain America in he crate for tomorrow.  I will go suggest it to them.

12 - 15 Bitches

15-18 Bitches
One of the things I like is splitting the groups like this makes the class more easy to judge and smaller. I like that, but of course the judge could just divide them into groups.
Tedi is doubling the fourth place puppy for the picture.  She needs to fill out, but as a Patriot puppy, can move. 
This should be interesting only four.  Everyone should get a ribbon unless they bite Joan.  First is 453, Neo's Karizma's Rozzi Betsy, second is 455 Hessen's Cyd Charisse of Mariner, then 458 is Von Rech Queen Aliquippa, and last (for now) is 459 Windy Ridge's Black Calla. 
The stands were pretty empty at the start of judging today; but is now starting to fill up (I guess everyone got started a little late this morning.  The action has stopped for a cleanup in the ring.  Purina has special flooring; which requires special cleaning techniques.  It took the ring stewards a little time to get the hamg of it, but now are pretty efficient.  Back to the action. 
Joan has completed all individuals, and takes the group around.  She stops them and does a little rearranging.  Charisse is now in front followed by Rozzi, then Black Calla, then Queen Aliquippa.  And without much fanfare, that's they way they finish.

6-12 Bitches

The end, before the big day.
Bobbie and I are here. We are always the first people here. I ate with Rick Olowski this morning and the ring in empty. I love the sound of blow dryers in the morning.  It is an hour before showtime, and I am ruminating about the week.
We have had two great judges. They both take their time, give everyone a good look, and yet, get done in a short time. Watching Bob (The Voice of The National) on Tuesday, we saw the same thing. There is no wasted time, and there is no overworking of dogs.  Here comes Joan, looking as fresh as ever.  Joan came by and looks fantastic. She has  black long loose slacks, a black jacket, and a sparkler blouse.
Joan and Michel are here talking. Donna was here too. I got to spend some time with them.   Michel is here talking to Bob (the voice of the national), and talking about the judging.  And doing all dogs and all bitches is so much better, but grueling. Bob and Michel went to get something for breakfast, so now I can talk about them.
Michel was telling me that they are going to photoshop the winners. He was photographed with all the ribbons, and they will take the dogs pictures later, and put them together. Interesting.
Also, I like doing all the dogs, and then all the bitches.  We are done with dogs, and Joan will do the bitches, and then on to the Specials. So, it seems much faster, but hard on the judges.  I see DD is here and some people are starting to come in. It sounds like a hurricane with all the blow dryers.  This is a great facility. The sound system stinks, but no one seems to care.  I am not a fan of rain, but at least the crops are watered, and so are we.
I guess the vote was not to change, but it was interesting to see that over 400 people voted to take off the DQ on whites.  It sure says something. And in come the spectators.  Bill Tank is here and Karen Wagner looks great again. Kelly is here and Liz Oster is getting ready, two beautiful women.
They play the anthems and I have to admit,, I do like both the Canadian and the American. Even though we are the only country who celebrates war in our anthem, I still like it.
Tony is on the microphone and Bob is still off for breakfast.
Here we go, another day in paradise.
Jane Kerner is talking to Kent who seems back in shape but not dresed to show. She is now talking to Georgie. I know Kent pulled his hamstring, and he may be resting for Saturday. 
In come the 12-15 bitches, 10 of them in there.   The Patriot/Magic Marker puppy is there, and I do like her.  Big Dave is explaining why this surface is different for dogs.   Those that drag their toes can be heard.  Art is sitting here and talking.
Individuals now.  Joan looks as fresh as she did the first day.  Joyce Eberts is here and watching and I see Kelly waiting to go into the ring. Now Olivia is talking to Bobbie about filming and if nothing else, the lighting in this place is the best ever. 
The Patriot bitch is there, what a pretty bitch. And Man, can she move.  The Guz has joined us, and it is good to see him at the Big Show, but I miss him in the ring.  Now in the second group.
Tom Mesdag came by and is refusing candy. I see Gloria and Cappy came in and is splendid in her outfit. They must shop to go to the National. Lenny is here and I see Ann Schultz came early. Tedi is talking to Martha Rinke. They must be talking about me. What could be more important and interesting than me.
Jeffrey Glenn came in this morning and he is going to be a top handler if he keeps it up.  The judging goes on. Georgie is here and talking to the Guz.  Sam Isreal is here now too. 
Joan is done with the individual and walking down the line. She walks back and tells them to take a pass.  Scott in front, Kelly, Moris, Christy, and Jeff.  Off they go.  Out they go andin comes the second group. Lenny, another, Cindy, Olivia, Bill, Scott and the rest. They are all in there together and all ten take a pass.  I don't know what you call the slacks Joan is wearing but we used to call them harem pants.  She takes the first five.  Off goes the second group.  Lenny in the lead.  No one has moved yet.
Joan tugs her ear, and moves Lenny to the front, (oh, it is just the group), not Lenny then Bill Tank, Olivia Scottie and Christy. It is 442, 447, 445, 448 and 451. Now a change 448, 451, 442, 447 and 445. That might be it, and YES, that's it,
First is Wolf-Creek Serena V Wonderland. Second is Bmeer-Koldren I Put A Spell On You V Ztut. Third is Woodside's Vogue. And Fourth is Laslar's Xrated of Asgard V Kodiak-Ridge.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

6-12 Long Coast Puppy Bitch

We have one class left, the Long Coat 6-12 Bitch.
The only entry is Winsome's Bearlake Lively V Kingfords.  Looking at the breeding, out of the Grand Victrix and Desbearado, I suspect she will get a first, so I am doing no more posting from the show, unless I have something to say.
That never slowed me down before.
Have a good evening, I will be here all week and be sure to tip your waiter on the way out.
This is just too much fun, or so Bob tells me.


I hope some are enjoying the results, since they are a hard job to do.  I may consider retiring from this if they bring back the video.
Also, if Bob gets part of the National next year, I may have to work harder to announce.

9-12 puppy bitch

9-12 Puppy Bitches
It is true that the longer I do this, the less I have to say.  I have talked to almost everyone I want to talk to. I have notice all those who I wanted to see. I have offended as many people as I can, and Bob and I have laughed all we need to for another year. And we have two more days to go.
The Annual meeting is tonight.  I may miss that one.
In come the 9-12 puppies.  Now, that is a class I could judge, seven in there. It is so hard to judge puppies but it helps if they work, stack, and don't bite the judge.  I seem to remember more names this year. But, it might mean I am so senile that I think I remember more.  At least that is what my wife, whatever her name is, tells me.
Rick Welker came by and is looking for his remote to his car. He may still be here tomorrow.  The loose lead temperament test is over so now the real stuff.   And Art continues to drink.  Barbara and Stacy are here from Los Angeles. I just took Kierk for a walk, and to meet some new friends.  He sat with me at the announcer's table for a while, but got bored. Or, maybe it was me that got bored.
These bitches are a lot more finished out.  I saw Butch Loeb, and he and I just shook, and I need to go talk to him later. I did see Scootie, and she is looking great.  Bob and I aren't sick of each other yet, but we have two more days to go. Bill Leonard was sitting with us for the past few hours, and is touting the German dogs. 
Joan has some great shoes, you need to see them. They are multicolored and I think they are tennis shoes.  And she takes them around all together.  428 goes to the fron with Zac, Widsong's Thank You For the Music.  Frank and Kris have for years done great breedings and their lines are showing it. In second is Cindy with Mariner's Tequila Rose of Shadow Acres, and third was Frida of Karizma, fourth was Rosewood's Marilyn.
Only the Long Coat Bitch to go and only one entered.

6-9 Puppy Bitches

6-9 Bitch puppy
Now we have a big class 20. That's like going to the National.
She keeps the first five. The second one with Mike I like when I see her. She is Exxon to Asgard's Jill.  Number 408.
In there is a nice group of puppies.
Interesting to see the difference I know that the Exxon puppy turned six months yesterday.  Lots of puppies, and tons of cute.
I have to say 20 puppies doing individuals is a bit much for me.  It is amazing to see how many of them work on the lead.  Only a few with bad temperament.  I can't imagine trying to judge this class. They look different every step. But, Joan gets the big bucks, so she is doing it.
I see the Guz walking around, and I see people talking to each other. While Joan is working hard, it is difficult to get excited on individual examination on puppies. But, it is important to the owners, breeders and handlers.  Bill Peterson is talking to Art Sinclair who is drinking wine. He probably isn't showing again today.  I talked to Kent, and he was taping his hamstring in the John when I was there, and he gave up his winner to Liz. I hope he is up to tomorrow. The wear and tear on these professionals is amazing.
It is down to the nitty gritty, and there are some very cute puppies there, and she moves them around.  'And there it is, First is 429 Winsome's Les Lie Bearccia V Signature, Second is Winsome's Remembearme V Signature, third was Caretti's Disorderly Conduct and Fourth was Tidir Gays Trinity.  The first and second are littermates if you didn't figure that out yet.
On to the other puppy bitches.

Vetaran Dogs

Veteran Dogs 7-9
There are four, Sunset View's Witzig Streicher CD, RA-CGC THDN 543; GCH Melana's Cut A Shine of Thornrose 544, GCH, Trio's Johan Santana V. Marquis 545,  and GCH Ch Regency's BB Cody V Kridler 545.  Small class but important.
I hate to admit it, but I am looking forward to Silver Gr.Ch Harley Davidson, BIS.  In the next class.
Up front 546, the 545, 544 and 543, and they take a pass, and that's the way it is.
Now for the 9+
547 Ch Brown HILL-KYSARAH'S Leanardo Rn HXC, Gch Ranita's Never Ending Story, GCH-Asgard's Harley Davidson V Plamark, CGC, Pt.
548 GCH Ranita's Never Ending Story, and
549 GCH-S Asgard Harley Davidson V Plamark, CGC, PT
I am proud of Harley, for a BIS dog, she sure looks good at nine.  And he knows how to stack. Gee, I wonder where he learned that.
First is Harley Davidson, who cares about the rest.
Second was Leanardo and third was Never Ending Story. 
Cappy came by to congratulate us and so did Carole Moore, and Candy Z was here to get her name on the List, and to talk to Tedi.

Winner's Dog

Winner's Dog
In they come.  Now that is a great representation of the breed.  Starting with the puppies and now the Adults.   For some reason I call Phillip Moore Phillip Morris. It might be easier for him to change his name than for me to change all my posts.
Each takes a pass.  I have Bob on my right and Tedi on my left. Now that is how to learn about conformation dogs. 
He checked them all for temperament.  I am sorry not to announce the Long Coat Winner, but I took a break.

Now, down and back for each one.  There goes Art, and people like Art, and maybe the dog. Jimmie comes in to handle the 12-15 dog, Quincy and I like that dog. Sort of silent here, and I think the younger classes aren't much supported.  Jeff Mobeus has two in the winner's class.  WeLove Duchien's Carbon Copy is clearly the favorite.  Let's see what Michel thinks.
He pulls Jimmie with Quincy, Liz with Carbon Copy and Phillip with Pot of Gold, and Jimmie is in front for now and they go around. 
Quincy gets it. 336 Kaleef's quincy V Monarch.
That was the class my dog would have been in.  I am glad I left him at home. Although........
Reserve is probably going to be the Open Dog, but we shall see.  Michel is talking to Liz. I don't think they expected to see the 12-15 win.  In comes Bad Moon Rising V Koldren.  And he takes a pass. 
It's Liz gets it with Welove Duchien's Carbon Copy.

Open Dogs

Belagio is in front, (382) with Bill Basu.  I always felt he was a handsome sable.  13 in the class.  This isn't like the Nationals used to be, but still a lot of quality. He takes the first five.  382 through 386.  First out is Bellagio with Bill, 382. Then Field's N Stream's, 383.  Next is 384 Allenmade, and I would list the rest, but I guess everyone can read the catalog, and I am worn with typing and have two more days.  Ernie Loeb's son is here.
It is quiet in here. I think everyone is contemplating the storm to come.  There is food inside but the dogs are in if they can be.  There is also food outside - Evan decided to brave the weather for a Gyro.  Next up is Al Martin with Star Wars (385).  Last in this group is Mike Sherman with Emerson (386).  The crowd sounds restless, but not much applause at this point.  I think everyone is waiting until after individuals and Michel starts rearranging.  Michel looks down his group of 5, and has them take a lap one at a time as he makes a few notes.  A few more notes; and then one more lap and he sends them out of the ring.
In comes the next group of 4.  Up front is Turn Around Look at Me (388).   Kent was listed as the handler, but he is outside the ring.  Next is Erin Rogers (391) followed by Diane Brown with Angus Bull (392) and last is Olivia with Coriander (393).
I went out in the rain for lunches, and so we get to eat. Judging still going on. I just saw Cappy climb over the back of a chair. I am sorry to take a break, but even I have to eat. Although I hate doing it.
There are a lot of good looking dogs in there.  I am glad not to be judging. Of course I am also glad not to be handling, not to be in prison, and not to be in boiling oil.
There is a lot to be thankful for.
Last group in there. When I don't post, it seems to go quickly doesn't it. Bill Leonard is sitting in front of me. He took Tedi's chair, and I don't think she will try to throw him out.  Kierk is here to visit and he remembers me, but loves Tedi.  I may have to feed him when he comes home.  Only four in there but 398 is something else, Carbon Co;py, and Marquis Stealing The Show son.  I also like Leslie's dog, 396, Spiderman.  He is a big stallion type dog. 
Michel is moving right along, but everyone gets a good look. He moves to the middle and in comes the first group. Everyone still have dreams of going Winner's Dog and on to Grand Victor.  IT COULD HAPPEN!
I talked to Ann Schultz, and saw Koby earlier, he looks great.
Around they go.  Some for the last time.  He walks to them and pulls 382, 385 and 386, Bill with Baligio, Al with the all black and Mike with Emerson.  Now on to the next group.  Those made the first cut. And he looks them over, the next four. 388, 391, 392, and 393.  He wants to keep only 388 and has him take a pass to the group next to heaven.
In comes another four. He looks them over, and goes down the line.  Leslie has a real handsom dog, 396, no wonder it is Spiderman.  Michel looks them over, and walks back to the class, and starts at the fron, and pulls Spiderman 396, and 398.  Now there are six.
382, 285, 386, 389, 385, and 398.  He is looking them over and checking his notes, and he stops at Spiderman and now up to the front again and saying one time each alone, and there goes Bill Basu and I guess he wanted them all because they all go.
I think Spiderman stands out.  But, Michel sets him and the last, with the fourth one and looks over his first three, and does a temperament check again and off they go.  Bill with 382, Al with 385, and Mike with 386.  Mike to second. Bellagio has led the class from the start and is all you could ask for in style. He is shown on a full loose lead and gives his all.  He is in great condition.  Kierk is still in Tedi's lap.
On to the second half of the class the second three. Sylvan has an all black, then Leslie and Liz. He walks over and pulls Liz with 398 and Leslie in second in that group and Sylvan last.  He looks at them standing on a loose lead, and walks around them while the handlers work the crowd.  Now he has to decide.  He wants them around and to the end of the other three.
No changes and now all the first three again, Bill still in front.  He takes them down and back, but now not in front of us.  And now, all three for another pass.  Bill is breathing hard, but leading the class will do a lot for you.  He sends them to the side and pulls his other three. 
Dick Jennings is here, so I don't know who is watching the office.  Probably no one.
I am not sure which is his best group, but they are still in the position he put them in, and there goes the second group, and he sets the aside, and calls up his first group.  H puts Li9z in front, the Leslie, then Bill, Mike and Sylvan. It is 398, WeLove Duchien's Carbon Copy, 396 Ponca Hill Tantara Spiderman, 382 Topline's Bellagio and 386 Yarmork's Emerson, and YES That's it.
What a National Jane Kerner is having. I do wonder if she will still talk to me. And, I think Captain America may go Grand Victor!

American Bred Dogs

American Bred Dogs
13 in the ring, and there could be a few more. Now this looks like a National.
What a group of dogs. Some fantastic, some just great, and some just.
Michel is working them, and now taking them one at a time.  There is a Captain America Son, and a Megabucks son that are amazing examples of the breed.
Michel tkes notes and takes five around together.  I am going to say the winners, but the rest are something too.  I do like 369, I will look it up.  It is Ferlin's American Eagle of Kiedrow.  A Samurai son. Tony came to talk, and I do like some of these dogs. I can't wait for open There is Thunderbolt with Bill Tank.  Gunrunner is with Cindi, and now Jeff with Pendragon, 371.  Big Dave came by and I heard him say next class.  Al Martin is walking Tylor, an all black. He has his father in Specials.  I like 371, and good looking sable.  There he goes, Pendragon, and he is a good dog, and carries a strong outline.  Now Finnick Odair, 372.  Bill Tank with 374 Thunder Bolt.  Paul Root is here now, and walking around.
Michel takes Bill around with Thunder Bolt.  The crowd likes him.  Cindi Tellefson with 375, Gunrunner.  The Judge walks the group and says take them around.   Bill Tank has Bob's reserve winner's dog.  He takes them around and this is the third group, and one more to go. Twyla and Tedi came to sit in front of us.  I am not sure they know what they are getting into. 
Now the fourth group, Mike in front with 376, Draco,, then 378, 379 and 381, with Kent.  I do love Kent's dog 381, Leather Neck.  I told Celeste that I thought I needed to breed to Captain America, and she reminded me that we own the littermate Kisses.  And we just had a litter from her.
Morris has a good looking sable, 378, Kysarah's Pot of Gold.  Nice looking dog and very strong head.  Down and Back. Now Duchien's Leather Neck with Kent, and another Stevie son. I do like that one a lot.  I can see him going Winner's Dog.  Of course Michel is the judge today.
Jane Kerner was trying to double and she told me she was tense. I told her so long as it is not past tense, she is still going fine.  Bob told me he gave the dog a major and I sure can see why. The last dog in the class, to me, is the best one there.
Michel walks the class, stands back and says take them around, one at a time.  I wonder how much noise we will hear about Leather Neck?   Here he goes, and I am not the only person who likes him. In this arena we can see everything.  He does it all right.   In comes another group with 369, and I like him too. 
I thought I was seeing more poor specimens than normal. But, I think it is because you can see everything. Lennie stays in with Bill Basu, and they head to the keeper pile.  Now another group.  So far only 368 and 370 are in the great group pile.    He keeps only 374, from that group, Thunder Bolt. I remember when I wanted to just make the first cut.  I get it even in the class.
Now the last group, Mike in the front and Kent on the end.  There they go to take a pass, only three keepers so far.  He has to take one of these, and there they go. I like the two ends.
He walks to the group, and pulls Mike with 376, 378 and YES, Kent with 381.  Then there were six.  And I am so pleased with the judging and who end up in the winner's circle. There were some good one that didn't make it, but those now in there are great examples.  Lennie in front, then two Bills, Mike, Morris and Kent.
Now there are five, and Kent went out.  I think his leg may be gone. I saw him in the bathroom being taped, and Liz is bringing the dog back.  Now it is 378, 381 and 376, and all he has to do is move 381 up and we will be friends for life.  I do like all three of those, and he walks to the front, where there are three, and looks at the bite on 370 and walks to 381 to check the bite too.  We don't see that stuff from outside the ring. Mick cheeks is here and talking about the show.  In front are 374, 370 and 368.  What a lot of noise, and he moves Morris to the front then Bill tank then Liz and Mike behind, it is 378, Pot of Gold,  374, Thunder Bolt, 381 Leather Neck, and 370 Deal Me In. That could be it. 
They take a pass one at a time, and the crowd loves them in segments.  There goes the California dog, and you can hear Paul Root.  Leather Neck, a damn nice dog but not as popular. Michel looks them over and has the three front dogs together, and now tells the other three to go together. Some one is going to get Best of Dump.  He sets aside the last three, and looks over the first three and takes them down and back. YES 381 goes to second.  And off they go.  The front dog a sable is a beautiful dog, and That is How It is.
First was Kysarah's Pot of Gold, 378; then Second was WeLove Duchien's Leather Neck; Third is TCP-Tebe Nobe Thunder Bolt Of Norhaus; and Fourth was Marhaven's Deal Me in V Solitaire.
There is a major storm coming in, so everyone is running out to do whatever needs to be done.

Bred By Dogs

Amateur Owner Handler Dogs was won by Jeffrey Glenn and Signature's Tony Dinozzo. Jeffis one of the nicest person I have met in years, and I was pleased to see him at a National. I told him to show in Specials, and I think he will be there some day. Actually he has a good dog there. 
Seven in there.
There they go Jeff in front, Morris, Diane, Christy, a young lady who runs like the win, Julio, and Liz Oster.  Sandy Anderson came by looking for Pam O'Dell, and is waiting for her.  Sandy had an accident and hit a deer this morning after someone hit the deer and it flew over and took out the front of her car.  Everything happens at the National.
Jeff is out there 355 with Bee Gee's Sepctacular Bid V Franken, then Morris with 358, Madeb's Stiff Meister, and Diane with 359, Brauhaus Deacon V Kruchenbert, now Christy with 360 Hicliff's Ravin Review of Zytur, then  Kiedrow's Feel That Fire of Ferlin, and "The Wind Girl" sith  Jose Iglasia with Kaleef's Kodiak Campeon number 362, and Marquis' A Beer For My Horses and number 365.
It has quieted down quite a bit.  Even the handlers don't see too fired up.  Diane is out there, and I do like her dog.  I guess that is Deacon, and he is a dark substantial dog. Tim is doubling and the dog is sure keyed on him.  He still moves well, and so does the dog.  The crowd likes that dog, and they may be cheering for Diane.  She hasn't changed in the last twenty years.
We need Helen Fisher here.
We need Tom and Viv.
We need Helen Franklin.
Dick Jennings was going to come, but told me he might cancel at the last minute. If he comes he was going to come today, but I don't see him yet.
361 is going around and a good substantial dog, with great timing.
Now 362, with Jose. Jose is out our way, and breeds Zebras.  Now that is something you don't hear every day.  Jose broke his leg, and is doing great in the ring. 
Michel is lookign them over and goes to the front of the line and walks down and back.  And he tells them to take them around. One at a time. Zoe is here and they each do around. The dogs, not Zoe.
359 is clearly the crowd favorite, and there goes Christy. He takes Christy down and back with 360 and goes over the croup. He stares at her, and takes the class around. There goes the first four.  Michel sets them aside and looks at the last three.  He tests the temperament of 365 and that would be enough for me. But, no one asked me.  He looks at 361 and moves him (and her) to second and takes him down and back.  Nice dog and belongs to Linda Ferguson, one of my favorite ladies to see each year.  I like her husband George too, but he isn't often at the Natiional. And There Goes Jeff with the first dog, 355, now 358 with Morris, Now 361.  The crowd likes him.  YES, he moves 361 to Second.  I guess he was in third. There goes Jose.  The dog looks German.  And Liz.  They stack wth Jeff in front.  He says, "Take Them Around".  I thinnk that is it, but we watch and Michel walks towards them and that is it.
First is Be Gee's Spectacular Bid V Framlen, Second was Kiefrow;s Feel That Fire Of Ferlin, Third was Madeb's Stiff Meister, and fourth was Hicliff's Ravin Reviewof Zyut.
On to Open Dogs.