Friday, October 10, 2014

Winners Bitch

Now we see who will be Winner's Bitch and who gets to compete in the Big Show tomorrow, with dreams of Grand Victrix.
Tony is sending the placings to Michel so that he can post them with his catalog. It saves me some time on the phone and he does it with his Blackberry.  So, we have a real team going here.  In come the class winners, and this should not take much to figure out.  What unbelievable bitches.
Lee Brown came by and we got to talk for a minute. He is now talking and sitting next to Rita. I am better looking, but he doesn't think so.
What a lineup of bitches.
Joan walks down the line and looks at each one heads first, feet, then overall. 
Now she walks to the front and goes to the middle of the ring.  There they go, and I like the Open Bitch.    Leslie has 539. Mike has 525 the Open bitch, Next is American Bred with Liz 485. Joan keeps looking at the Open bitch.  And Liz goes down and back. She poses here for the crowd.  Now 482.  A low stationed bitch and Joan gives them all a look. Now Phoenix with 472.  A dark Bi.  461 with Georgie.  Tiffany is behind me, so Bart must be somewhere close. 455 with Cindy.  Cindy broke her wrist and ankle at one of our shows, but is doing well.  It is 448 with Scottie.  And now 440, and she too is a nice bitch but young. Only two more to go.
Zac has 438, and down and back. Joan has them each stand and they pose while she studies them.  It is interesting and the last one 429.  A bit of tension in the room now.
She walks down and looks them over and there they are, Mike in front, the Liz, so it is 425, 485 and 461.  The Open Bitch in Front and the Promise Keeper daughter from American Bred in second. I probably could go with either of them, but my choice would be the Open bitch, but I can see the American bred too.  The open Bitch is a dark bitch but they both move, and now the American goes in front. She is a crowd favorite, and more of a standard look.  Each bitch gest to go in front one time, all six of what she likes.  That is a lot of running.  That is why they get the big bucks.
I can't believe they can do this.  I am so glad I gave up handling when I see six times around.  The first two from the classes look better and better. If she is expecting them to give in, it ain't going to happen. The open Bitch is coming on.  And YES, the Open bitch in front the American Bred in Second.  Mike looks bushed but heads out. 
Reserve is the Second Open Bitch Mazerick's  Von Hornberger's Taking Care of Business