Thursday, October 09, 2014

American Bred Dogs

American Bred Dogs
13 in the ring, and there could be a few more. Now this looks like a National.
What a group of dogs. Some fantastic, some just great, and some just.
Michel is working them, and now taking them one at a time.  There is a Captain America Son, and a Megabucks son that are amazing examples of the breed.
Michel tkes notes and takes five around together.  I am going to say the winners, but the rest are something too.  I do like 369, I will look it up.  It is Ferlin's American Eagle of Kiedrow.  A Samurai son. Tony came to talk, and I do like some of these dogs. I can't wait for open There is Thunderbolt with Bill Tank.  Gunrunner is with Cindi, and now Jeff with Pendragon, 371.  Big Dave came by and I heard him say next class.  Al Martin is walking Tylor, an all black. He has his father in Specials.  I like 371, and good looking sable.  There he goes, Pendragon, and he is a good dog, and carries a strong outline.  Now Finnick Odair, 372.  Bill Tank with 374 Thunder Bolt.  Paul Root is here now, and walking around.
Michel takes Bill around with Thunder Bolt.  The crowd likes him.  Cindi Tellefson with 375, Gunrunner.  The Judge walks the group and says take them around.   Bill Tank has Bob's reserve winner's dog.  He takes them around and this is the third group, and one more to go. Twyla and Tedi came to sit in front of us.  I am not sure they know what they are getting into. 
Now the fourth group, Mike in front with 376, Draco,, then 378, 379 and 381, with Kent.  I do love Kent's dog 381, Leather Neck.  I told Celeste that I thought I needed to breed to Captain America, and she reminded me that we own the littermate Kisses.  And we just had a litter from her.
Morris has a good looking sable, 378, Kysarah's Pot of Gold.  Nice looking dog and very strong head.  Down and Back. Now Duchien's Leather Neck with Kent, and another Stevie son. I do like that one a lot.  I can see him going Winner's Dog.  Of course Michel is the judge today.
Jane Kerner was trying to double and she told me she was tense. I told her so long as it is not past tense, she is still going fine.  Bob told me he gave the dog a major and I sure can see why. The last dog in the class, to me, is the best one there.
Michel walks the class, stands back and says take them around, one at a time.  I wonder how much noise we will hear about Leather Neck?   Here he goes, and I am not the only person who likes him. In this arena we can see everything.  He does it all right.   In comes another group with 369, and I like him too. 
I thought I was seeing more poor specimens than normal. But, I think it is because you can see everything. Lennie stays in with Bill Basu, and they head to the keeper pile.  Now another group.  So far only 368 and 370 are in the great group pile.    He keeps only 374, from that group, Thunder Bolt. I remember when I wanted to just make the first cut.  I get it even in the class.
Now the last group, Mike in the front and Kent on the end.  There they go to take a pass, only three keepers so far.  He has to take one of these, and there they go. I like the two ends.
He walks to the group, and pulls Mike with 376, 378 and YES, Kent with 381.  Then there were six.  And I am so pleased with the judging and who end up in the winner's circle. There were some good one that didn't make it, but those now in there are great examples.  Lennie in front, then two Bills, Mike, Morris and Kent.
Now there are five, and Kent went out.  I think his leg may be gone. I saw him in the bathroom being taped, and Liz is bringing the dog back.  Now it is 378, 381 and 376, and all he has to do is move 381 up and we will be friends for life.  I do like all three of those, and he walks to the front, where there are three, and looks at the bite on 370 and walks to 381 to check the bite too.  We don't see that stuff from outside the ring. Mick cheeks is here and talking about the show.  In front are 374, 370 and 368.  What a lot of noise, and he moves Morris to the front then Bill tank then Liz and Mike behind, it is 378, Pot of Gold,  374, Thunder Bolt, 381 Leather Neck, and 370 Deal Me In. That could be it. 
They take a pass one at a time, and the crowd loves them in segments.  There goes the California dog, and you can hear Paul Root.  Leather Neck, a damn nice dog but not as popular. Michel looks them over and has the three front dogs together, and now tells the other three to go together. Some one is going to get Best of Dump.  He sets aside the last three, and looks over the first three and takes them down and back. YES 381 goes to second.  And off they go.  The front dog a sable is a beautiful dog, and That is How It is.
First was Kysarah's Pot of Gold, 378; then Second was WeLove Duchien's Leather Neck; Third is TCP-Tebe Nobe Thunder Bolt Of Norhaus; and Fourth was Marhaven's Deal Me in V Solitaire.
There is a major storm coming in, so everyone is running out to do whatever needs to be done.