Thursday, October 09, 2014

Novice Dogs

Novice Dogs
Picture taking in the ring with Bobbie. I don't know what is going to happen next year. He is talking about not filming and I am thinking of not bloging.  I suspect they will have video and that will cover it. If Tedi can set up a puppy camera to run 24 hours a day, with no cost, they can do video. It might just be conformation, but that is what Bobbie and I do.
Sam Colven is here and DD was here early.  Tedi and Twyla moved over to another area. I think they don't appreciate my comments.  After 46 years you would think they would get used to me. And, yes, we have known Twyla that long too.
Nancy Hubble is talking theThe Guz, and her son is here. That is who took the great picture of Kierk laughing.  I see Jeff Glenn with a bib on. I met him a few years ago, and he does a good job. He is in the Amateur Owner Handler Class.
A class of five.  If we have an Amateur Owner Handler Class, can we have an Amateur Owner Handler Class for handlers under six foot, and over five foot, for men and women.
There they go, but Tony asked me who someone across the ring was. Hell, I can't remember who Tony was, and I can't see that far. I am not the person to ask.  I asked the Guz if he wasn't the handler formally known as Jerry Guzman.
And they stack up for Michel and he takes them around.  I see Joey, an dhe never seems to age. That is getting on my nerves.  I think we need to go back to a combined class. I like Mike's dog, 351, Cannan's Crimson After Dark. Scott goes to the middle for an individual and now Zac, and they all want to see the judge. Hell, Michel is a nice guy, and now Olivia with 350, Atessa' Old Time Rock and Roll of Aramist, 351 with Mike, Canaan's Crimson After Dark, and he is fine too.  Next is 353, Rowe's Ridge I'm A Catch, and no problem.  Michel does a good loose lead test. And now Scottie, 347, with Karizma's Rock Me Amadeus, and that is one great proportioned dog standing.  And he goes down and back.  Sheree Moses just came by.
Next up is 349 Edales Reggae Music with The Big Z.  I hear Scootie is here. I just talked to Pat, and I missed Scootie yesterday so I have to look for her. I remember riding in Vegas with her about 100 years ago. I think I drove in for a board meeting and we went to dinner.
The tension is starting to build in here. And it is filling up. Olivia with 350, Atess'a Old Time Rock and Roll of Aramist is going around.  The Guz and Bob (The Voice of The National) are trading jokes.  I would repeat them, but it might crash my computer.
Bill Tank came by and howdyed .  That's the class. OK, I have to be honest, I took a break to find another catalog, but they are sold out.
First was 351 Canaan's Crimson After Dark. I liked that dog under Bob at the Show Before The Show, (you can go back and check my Blog, I think I said so, Second was 351, Crimson After Dark, Third was 347, Karizma's Rock Me Amadeus V Breal, and fourth was Edales Reggae