Thursday, October 09, 2014

12-15 Dogs

12-15 Dogs
In they come. I got to talk to Dave and Martha Rinke, coming early.  Jan Kerner is in the building and explained who won the 6-9 puppy dog class. I did like that one. Now Bill Peterson is here and so is Rita.
Michel looks over his class of five. He probably won't break it up.  He gestures slow and easy.  There they go, Christy, Diane, Olivia, Kent and a Angela from Canada who seems to do a good job with an all black.  Our dog isn't here but would be in this class.
Good size ring, but Christy still ran into the fence, it is too early to show dogs.  It is real quiet now.  Michel looks good with a bow tie. There is a man here formally known as Jerry Guzman.  Now Tedi is here.  And on goes the show.
Ann Schultz is here talking to Joyce Eberts, and Lenny is talking to the AKC rep. Guy. I got to talk to him yesterday and he is from Michigan but has moved, I think he said to South Carolina.  Kent has Quincy, 336, and I do like him.  Jimmie is behind me doubling the dog.  The crowd likes that do, and so do I.
It is starting to fill up. Angela comes up with 337, Better Than Beckham, and interesting name.  I talked to Art Sinclair and he looks fit and ready to run.  Danny Dwier is back and talking the Paul Johnson, and the black dog with Angela is ready to go around.  With this white background you can sure see the dogs, and that is the class.
Michel walks to the front of the group, and now down the five and gives the one with Olivia a good look.  She has number 335.  And Kent is behind her, and now he says "One Time each dog by himself.  There goes Christy with 330.  Now Diane with 334, and next is Olivia with 335.  Diane stops and goes back to start over, and that dog gest some response.  Now Kent, and he has 336 and he is my favorite. Twyla just came to sit with Tedi, and Kent goes to the front, with Quincy. He was the Winner's Dog in Canada.   Bob told me, I don't remember anything.
He takes Diane down and back with 334, but doesn't change her, and now Olivia down and back. Peggy Kertz is here looking sharp and hugging Jerry Guzman.  I saw Paula already and she is here early for a change.
That's the way it is, Quincy automic Fireball and fourth is Atessa's Lawyuers, Guns and Money, number 335.
Quincy is quite a dog, and looks all finished out to me.