Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back for the rest of the show

Well, I got a lot of comments on Kierk, and he did make the first cut. I think the first cut was 25 or so, so it means something.
Black Bart went Select and that is our breeding, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped for. 
They are about done with the Juniors, and are going on to the AOE. Then the bitch specials.
It never got real exciting, but Bart did a good job and had some real stars in there. Of course I love Kobe, and always have. Ann now has her second Grand Victor.
When her first GV went winner's dog, Ann was not there. I called her at home and told her she better get to the show. She went to the airport with just a toothbrush and no change of clothes. She got there the next day to see ET go Grand Victor. She always thanks me for that.
What a lot do not know is that when Ann got into this dog sport she showed her first bitch to Dave Rinke at the National. She didn't know about handlers.  That was her Grand Victrix. 
Jaclyn Smith is the Best Junior Handler.
On to the Bitch Specials.  I will get over Kierk, and will be ready to go again by the time of the next National.