Thursday, October 09, 2014

12-18 Dogs

15-18 Dogs
A new class. Butch Stiefferman and Tom Mesdag came by and now we are ready for another group.  Bob and I keep eating candy. I keep a big bowl here of candy to munch on.
I hope Bob gets part of the National next year. I would love to see him do Specials, and he always does a good job and never shows favorites.  He has for years been one of our top judges, and it is time he does our National. 
Six in there, in front with Greg is 339, Dragon Rider of imited Edition, the Long's Peak Golden Boy with Zac, (The Big Z), Jethro Gibbs with a young handler, 341, then Scottie with a black, Martello V Gracelyne, 342, and Jeff with 343, Richie Rich V Betsy, and at the end is 346, Rudy's Dream.  Karen Tayler came by, and it is filling up early here. 
Michel tells them to take them around one time. And now the individuals, and one does not stand.  He is going to retest someone. Now the Big Z.  It is very quiet her, and ther is a good crowd.  I see Jeff Mobeus, and he is holding a dog, and one of the Terrys is standing with him.  He excused 341, and I will let them tell you why, that isn't my job.
Now there are five.  It is hard to be excused at a National, in front of God and everyone.  But, it happens to everyone if you do this long enough.
I had a lot of legal crap to do this morning, so I have been up since three. Since that is one o'clock back home, it is going to be a long day.
I like the dog in the middle standing, it is Jeff with Richie Rich, and there he goes. He can move.  And, the last dog in the class, Rudy's Dream, I don't know who Rudy is.
Linda Kury is here giving us information about Rescue, etc. Twyla sent Tedi to find candy for her.  There goes Lenny.  Bob is working the crowd, and Lenny has a good mving dog, Dragon Rider of Limited Edition.  And Scott with his all black.

Off goes Jeff .  One more and it is the class. 
They stack and Michel looks them over, and walks towards the class, he pull Jeff with 343 to second and 339 remains in front and off they go with
First is 339 with Dragon Rider of Limited Edition, Second is Krizma's Richie Rich, Third is Long's Peak Golden Boy and fourth is Lindenhill's Martello V Gracelyn. 
More to come.