Friday, September 30, 2011

Late night thoughts

I would express my gratitude on all who have said they enjoy the Blog. It is a great deal of work, and I buy snacks every day and work hard without leaving to get the results out as fast as the class is over.  The first few years I sent it at the end of the day. Then one year I could not get out from the stadium, and had to go to a restaurant to post. Then there were the years when Bill Pfeiffer would not let me share the band width of the club.  Times have changed and I keep an air card to post as soon as I get done.
Michele is working as hard next to me. I also try to keep Summer entertained, as this is all new for her. She is being so well received.
I had my hands on Eli, Dexter, Patron and Coby today. Now there are four dogs that will blow your mind.  I hope everyone has a chance to see the video. LanaLee is working like crazy too and has a professional staff to help give you the live feed.
Frank and Kris Fasano won so much that it looked like they should dedicate the show to them.  They have a tremendous breeding program, one outstanding bitch after another.  I expect they will have a special too.
I did talk to Ed for a minute and he seems strong. I expect him to do his usual great job, and I am looking forward to it. I have a special place in my heart for Harley and hope that Paula can add Select to his titles.  I can't wait for tomorrow.
I can't find anyone to give me the names as they are put up by Ed, so I will just do the best I can.  Now for a few minutes of sleep, then back to the BIG SHOW.  I can sleep in court on Monday.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Best Puppy and Best Bred By

Best Puppy
Lew Bunch is here and so is Pam O'Dell.  I see Ed is in the ring and looking good in all black. We have the puppies in there with Genereau, Lenny, The Guz and Jeff.  There they go and there are four real winners.  They look like they are a bit young and I don't know what Ed will like. They are very different. And Now Ed does his first temperament test, and they pose.
I just heard that they are going to have Fran come in for the Best Bred by and hold the memorial trophy.  That might be hard to take.  I did get to talk to Fran for a few minutes. 
The crowd actually has favorites for puppies.  The Guz has the 9-12 Bitch.  I would pick her as my Best Puppy.  He puts Who Says up to the front and behind is the 6-9 puppy dog Intense Desire. That is the way it goes.  The Best Puppy is Windfall's Who says V Chablis, The Best Opposite Puppy is Hemonia's Intense Desire.
Now Best Bred By Exhibitor.  The Joan Ford Memorial Trophy. 
JR comes in first with Cantar's .454 Casull of Richterslust, Then Jeff with Windfall's Sexy Chick V Winstrom, and Ed is looking them over.  Ginnie is talking to me, she has a great hair cut.
Jeff gets it, and Best Bred By is Windfall's Sexy Chick V Winstrom.
Stick a fork in me, I am done.  Now on to dinner with Pam Stoessor, Jeff Mobeus, and Jane Kerner.  Three of my favorite people.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together


This is divided into four classes.  7-9 and 9 and over dogs and bitches.
Only three, Ch Adelhund's Midnight Cowboy, RN, TC, Ch Tempest's Hawk, RE, and Ch Echo-Cham's Esclade.  Not a great deal of crowd involvement. I think after Winner's Dog and Winner's Bitch it is sort of a let down.
Bob is looking them over and stops them and moves Hawk to the front then Escalade in second and leaves them that way.
Now on to 9 and over. 
In there is Ch Carwin's When They Call My Name CD, RN, Ch Bill-Mar's Here Comes Trouble, RN, and Ch Donagan O'Rourke of Heinerburg.  The first two are ten years young. I think Trouble could win in the ring today.  A real tribute to the breed.  Bob is laughing and the dog looked around him on the individual.  Too bad they don't do this before winners.
Trouble with Leslie and Olivia bring in O'Rourke.  Trouble goes up front and then O'Rourke.   Bob put them up that way, and now on to the Veteran Bitches.
Rita comes in, looking as fresh as she did yesterday morning. I don't know how she does it.   This is a real class with all seven who were entered.    First is Ch Ponca Hill's Wow Of Ritarra, Then Ch Caralon QED Derouse Bad To The Bone, Ch Todor-Marquis Legally Blonde, Charbo's Mist Finale, Ch Jantar's China Lake of Witmer, Ch Depahl's Brandy, Ch Marquis All About Me RN
Rita has us all applaud these bitches. They look great, and it is just another bitch class.  The Guz is talking to us now and is always fun. In front is Brandy, then Wow. 
First is Brandy, Second is Wow, Third is China Lake and Fourth is All About Me.
9 and Over Bitches. 
All seven are in there, and all champions, Caisson, Persuasion, Tina, Xena, Heart of Anjushrie, Fille De Joie and Deja-Vu.  Rita is smiling and going down the group.
Rita is having them each take a pass and they all seem ready to show.  Amazing how much better the bitches look than the dogs.   They sure know how to pose.
The Champions for tomorrow are outside the ring waiting to get into the ring. Rita has to finish this class, then best Veteran, Best Puppy and Best Bred By and we get to see all the Specials in together. That is what I am waiting for.
Now the last Veteran Bitch 9 and over. They pose and look great.  There they all go for maybe the last pass of the year. Rita is watching them and it looks like a normal class. A few are giving up now, and she pulls Deja-Vu in front then Zena and Tina with fourth Heart of Anjshrie.  There they go again and Rita watches them and YES, that's the way it is going to be.
15 minutes to Best Puppy
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Winner's Bitch

On to winner's bitch. Boy, are they nice!
Evan needed another break from typing so he asked me to takeover again.
Miss. Rita is having everyone run around the ring twice. It is amazing how the crowd goes wild when she looks at the bitches.
Rita has them all in there (it's Evan if you can't tell) and takes them down and back. The crowd does have some favorites. The Open Bitch is nice and I see her in front. I like a couple of them, but I don't think they are as good as the males.  Interesting development for the breed.  Rita takes the first four and tells them each to go in front one time. If I understand that math, that means four times around. 
Now I have no way to know what is going on.  Scotty in front, Lennie and Jeff with Alex. I think one of those is going to be Winner's Bitch. She moves Lennie up.  In first is the Winner's Bitch is WINSOMES HEIRESS V DEPAHL.  What a show the Frasanos are having, and clearly because they have fantastic animals. Well deserved.
On for Reserve.  In comes Knaufhill's Shania, and the crowd likes her.  Kent has her, and down and back.  Depahl's Halston is in front with Scottie. That is a littermate to the Winner's bitch and she takes Reserve.
On to the Veterans and then the free for all in the ring.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Winner's Dog

Bob has them line up so we can see the class winners. Bob says he is very proud of this group, and he is right. What a fantastic group of dogs, all top quality.
There they go with Kent in front then American Bred, JR Bred By Mike, another and too many people in the way for me to see. Bob is givine everyone a good look and wants to see the first five, and off they go.
Asgard's Icon is in there and it is the second four, not the first five.  He has them step back and now the first five starting with Winner's dog.  He walks over and I can't see what is going on, since everyone is lined in front of me. Now I see he is looking them over, and talking to the handlers, and they are staring at Bob trying to five the evil eye.  I can see him looking and he moves two up, ONE IS ICON.  The other dog is Jordon from the the 15 to 18 dog, and he pulls Lenny with the dog and we can't tell, but I think the 9-12 dog.
It is between the three. There goes Ken and the American Bred, and Mike. Maybe they are in there too. I can't tell. Lots of noise and excitement. Bob wants the other group and there go the three.  You don't want to stand still, you could get hurt out there.  Now Kent and the crowd likes that and Bob says to drop the lead and stops him, and now the next one, the American Bred, and boy does the crowd go crazy for him. I like him too.  Now Asgard's Icon, what can I say?
Not so much cheers for the rest of them and there goes Icon again. I don't think Bob was impressed.  Lenny, and not much from the crowd.  Kent with Promise Keeper and the other one in Turmeric.  I like them both, the crowd loves Turmeric.  Bob looks the two over and wants them each down and back.  I think he is getting tuff on coming and going.
It is quiet again.  Two more, Icon next to last and he is clean as I can see.  And only one more to go. Bob gives them all a good look, and he would be hard pressed to go wrong. What a nice group of dogs.   He tells everyone to stand up and step back and goes down the line.  And gives us all a thumbs up, and is laughing.  He tells most of them to relax, and the last three go away, including Icon.
He takes the front three.  There they go as a group, Kent American Breed and Mike.  Turmeric in front and the crowd is crazy, and Bob isn't done yet.  He puts Mike in front so they all get a shot.
It has to be about over, and Bob walks t them and says STAY to us all. He walks around each dog and looks at each one down the head.  And he smiles as the handlers try to push him. He now looks at them from behind and puts Kent back in front and Am Bred in Second It looks Like it and YES, WINNER'S DOG IS PROMISE KEEPER.
In comes the second Open Dog and I think the Am Bred will get it, but only Bob knows.  Bob takes him down and back just to be sure. Diane brings him back in.  Bob goes to the middle and says take them around.  There they go and he looks at them and walks very decissivly and looks and YES it is Turmeric.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Open Bitches

I was just talking to Fran, DD, Lew Bunch.  I noticed how great DD looked and Lew said he is much taller. Fran looks better than ever, and it is good to see him.
Now, here come the Open Bitches.  It looks like 14 in there.  Bob and I are having too much fun at the announcer's table. Now it is Rita's turn again.
Paula was here and put her little dog on the table. Not Harley.
Rita takes half of her class around twice and a few of them are panting.  Rita starts the individuals. 
It's Summer again taking over for Evan again. I am so excited Kirk and I won fourth place in open!
Right now Miss. Leslie is taking her bitch around. Did a nice job.
This morning I got to sleep in until 8:00 A.M. You are probably saying to yourself, 'That's not sleeping in at all'. To me that is!
Well, anyway, back to what is happening in the ring. Mr. Alex with his bitch Expensive Date, is being examined by the judge Miss. Rita. Now she is going down and back. Now around.... Beautiful.
My friend Emily is in the ring as well. She has with her, her brother, Sam's dog. Her name is: Shadow At Still Water. Pretty name, huh? I guess all the dogs/bitches have pretty names.
Miss. Rita just moved up Midnight Celebration in first, Fantasia second, Boom Boom Pow third, and, finally Born To Run fourth.
Evan is back.
Rita is working with the second group.  The first one is getting excused. Rita is doing with temperament what I think should be done.  Good for her. After the way this week started it is good to see temperament faulted the way it should. 
There goes Lenny with Winsomes Heiress V Depaul.
Now Art with Winsome's Candice Beargen V Signature.  Kent with Knaufill's Shania.  Jon with Dawnhill's Zelda.    Bill Basu is standing ringside not in handling clothes. I got to talk to Don Knight and got to hug Gloria and Cappy.  Emily is out there with Sammyy's Shadow At Stillwaters.  I see Sam isn't watching his sister in there. They were both in Junior handlers.  Tiffany is here and watching with a horn, so I think she is double handling.
Last in the class is Wilron's R U Ready 4 The Ride Joelle Trotwood V Su.  Now there is a name. It is very quiet in there, so I suppose it will pick up as she gets to her winners.  Sean said to say hello to his mother, and I didn't realize Joanne wasn't here. We need her.  Lenny up front then Kent and Art, and she looks at the other four.  She wants then to go around and I guess she is cutting the winners from the not winners.
She brings the four to the end and tells them all to take them around like that and she watches them against the wall and walks to the front of the line.  She is looking them over and pulls out Lenny, then Kent George from the other group, Channing then Leslie.    She keeps Art and Jon, and lets the rest go home to think about Saturday.
She does it like that. No noise at all.
First was Winsomes Heiress V Depahl, Second was Knaufhill's Shania, Third was Masstana's Midnight Celebration, TC and Fourth was Flusstanz Fantasia.
Now on to winners.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Open Dogs

Open Dogs . . . Evan left (some lame excuse about a dog in the ring).  15 are entered, but only 7 are here.  Up first is Kent with Promise Keeper (Liz Oster is on the ground in front of us with a bell hiding from the dog).  Next is Summer with Kirk (Summer has enough energy that she is running around even when she isn't taking the dog around - must be nice to be young).  Next is Kelly with Checkmate, then Scott with J.I.Joe, followed by Denali.  Jeff just took Bonafide around; and last up for individuals is Diane with Angus Bull.  Bob split the class in two (4 & 3) and looked at each group separately.  He is now combining the groups into one with Promise Keeper in front followed by Angus Bull, then J.I.Joe, and then Bonafide.  Bob takes the first three around, and looks, but makes no moves.  He then takes the next four around.  He looks . . . and looks . . but again no changes.  He takes them around one at a time.  He looks them over again, but still no changes.  Next he asks each for a Down&Back.  Bob looks . . .and thinks . . and looks some more; but again no changes.  He now takes the middle three around and moves Kirk up to third.  Then he looks at the first tow and moves Angus up to first, one pass and moves Promise Keeper back in front.  So he now has Promise Keepr, Angus, Kirk and J.I.Joe.  One more look at the last 3; and then another look at the front four.  Bob moves JiJoe back to third and looks satisfied.  So they finish Promise Keeper, Angus, J.I.Joe then Kirk.
I am jazzed, Summer got a ribbon at the National. Thanks to Tony for taking over.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

American Bred Bitches

Olivia it talking to Jacqueline. 
Rita is out there and there are so many Bitches I would get confused but she seems to know what she wants to do. She puts them allout on the mark so Bobby can film them. Zak is out there now and I see everyone is in the ring. Bob Grady in his purple suit seems to get even louder.  Rita is laughing, she does that a lot.
Now JR is out there. And then a lot more bitches.  Rita is placing one group and moves Scottie up front then Lennie.  And a bunch of other bitches.  Eight in the class. I don't understand why if you have a class of 18 you divide them into two groups of nine, but if you have a group of nine, you divide them into a class of five and four.
Now on to the second group.  Paige is in there, and they aren't showing Way To Go. I think they might be banking on Paige.
What's up everyone! It's Summer again taking over for Evan who needs a break. I was so lucky that I got to come to the Nationals. Just wanted to say thank you to my dad for making this possible, and a big thanks to my little brother Adam for all of his support.
Back to some big announcements! Miss. Nancy McDonald is hosting an exciting junior handler seminar. I can't wait to attend that! It should be fun.
My friends Emily and Sam Bedea are here from Oklahoma and are excited to show in juniors. Right now they are grooming their dog.
In the ring Miss. Rita is down to seven bitches. They are all very gorgeous. Miss. Diane is in front of everyone.
She is down to the nitte grittie and in front is Lenny and she has Mike in second with Paige, but there is Scott in front of those two so Paige is third, and Kent is in fourth. Four fantastic bitches. I can't see them move, too many people in front of me.  She said they are going to go around four times. I am just amazed at these athletes.  There they go with Lenny in front and Paige in second.  Mike gives her the full lead.  I like what I see but I am not judging so I will leave it to Rita. And there they go.   There are some pieces and everyone seems to like Kent's the best. 
Rita sets them aside and Scott is in front and Laureen is having a fit.  There go the last three. She has five great bitches in there.  I would have a hard time to pick the top ones here, Rita did a tremendous job here.  And she takes the three around again, giving everyone a chance in front.  There they go. 
Rita walks the group and tells us all to get a life, too much yelling and off they go. I think that is is, and YES, Scott, Lenny Mike and Kent.  First is Depahl's Halston, Second is Signature's Tortolla V Winsome, third ois Hicliff's Paige Kenlyn V Cherpa and fourth is Clementine Of Oh-My.
Now on to Summer with Kirk. Back later.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

American Bred Dogs

I may have titled the last one so don't listen to anything I say. If you don't believe me, ask Tedi.
In there are the American Bred Dogs.  There are eight in there.  Emilly and Sam are here and Sam did recognize me. They are both in Junior handlers. They are with Jan Troxell.  Scottie is out in the ring and Bob is doing his usual good jobs. Zak is out there now with Deblyn's T Jr's Out of Control.  And lots of down and back, not that interesting.
Rita came by to  make sure I said good things.  I told her about what I said.  Ann Schultz is talking to us now. 
Scott goes to the front and ins second is Turmeric and there they go and lots of good dogs in there. And now the next group with Diane in front and off they go, the five.  It is getting to be the end of the class right now. Summer is taking one of the Junior handlers around to meet everyone.  Suzy Witmore is with us now and Leslie is talking to us.
Bob is judging , while I am blogging.  He is doing a better job than I am.  I have way too much going on, and tomorrow is the big day.  While I have been smoozing, Bob has it down to a few keepers. I see some off to the side, so I am not sure what is going on, but this might be the second class. With Diane in front.  Bob says, take them around and off they go.  I sort of like what George has, but he is sorta of big.  Bob looks them over as they stack and he moves Diane in front then George, so I guess I was right.  And another pass. The crowd is up for Diane's dogs.
He stands and looks them over again, and Bob is filming it all. He walks to the front and calls the rest of them to the ring.  Out they come and Nancy loses her dog, and gives him to Leslie. I guess Nancy came into the ring to cathch him and they aren't in the class, but it was a nice try. The crowd laughed and liked it.  Bob looks over the groups and too many people in front of me, Scott goes to the frong and Diane in third and George in fourth another two with Lenny at the end,and he takes the rest around and there are just three.  Yes, he lets them go.
Now on to the rest.  There they go the first three only and the double handlers are going crazy and running like the end of the world.  Now the second three and off they go with George in front. I do like that dog, a big handsome male.  And they stop at the end of the line.  Joanna Rand is here now with information.  And they stack at the end of the ring so I can see their backs. And here come the double handlers.
He tells the handler to drop the lead and take another pass.  There goes Diane, and he crowd is high on him, but he is bored on this pass.  Now we have George out there, each gets his own pass, and he is having a problem cutting the ring.   Lenny took a pass.  Bob looks them over and tells them to take another pass. There they go and a lot of noise and whistles.  Bells enough. Bog is eady and NO, he stopes them again. I thought that was it, but he keeps looking at George and comes over to the dog but doesn't do anything and walks to the front.  He looks at them and moves the second dog to the front.  A real crowd favorite. And he tells them to walk.  Down and back and in front is Krindler's Turmeric V Signature. A good moving dark dog.
Off they go again.  I have never seen double handling this much, and there go the first three. I do like those two dogs in front. Bob is doing a great job. But then, he always does.  Now the second half with Diane in front, and just two in there.  I guess he has five left and he stops them and makes not changes.  He walks over to them, and they are at the end of the ring.  He tell them to take them all around and stop at the end. This should be it. I don't know how many passes it has been.  But there they go again and the roar is amazing and he looks and stops them again. 
He lines them up so we can see them in the center of the ring.  As he walks the group the corwd loves the first and fourth, but Bob smiles and stands back and says he loves them all.  What a group of dogs. 
First was Kridler's Turmeric V Signature, Second is Kaleef's Dennis The Menace, Third was Forest Knoll When It's Right Hadori and fourth is Legate Hill's Forth And Won.
Now the Bitches are in there and I count fourteen.  I see Olivia is with us and I got her to take a cookie.
More as the class goes on.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Bred By Bitches

First is Windfall's No Surprise of Shadyrock with Lenny and then JR with Cantar's .454 Casull of Richterslust.  I love having the big type. I don't know if it is an age thing or not.  Now some people are coming in. Jeff says a little slower, I think he means the owners.  Yes, he takes them slow on a loose lead. Now JR goes out there.  He had a black suit that is a bit of shine, and it looks special for the show.  Bill Leonard says the German Influence is incredible. But then again, what does Bill know?   I have always liked Bill but we are both just a little nuts.
Jeff still in front and the second dog is Bud Drews and he is working and there he goes with JR in front.  Bob folds him arms and looks them over as they move and he gives JR first and Jeff second. Or maybe he was judging the dogs.
Sue Godek is here and asks for the magazine that Paula gave me with the ad for Harley. I figure better her than me.  It looks like there are 12 in there, and she divides the class in half. 
I just spent some time with Jane Kerner and talked to Jeff.  He is hold a great half German dog, but needs a handler for Open Dogs for him.  I saw Joan Fox but we both were moving and working the crowd.  Kent is talking to Bob Eaton, and Rita is in the ring judging Bred By Bitches.
Debbie Hokanan is taking to us and told me she lost 40 pounds. She is looking fantastic.  Maureen Charlton stopped by for a minute and has some great diamond bone earrings.   Bob The Voice Of The National is in the ring with his bitch. What a class. Every one of the top handlers have now become breeders.   It is good to see Bob in the ring again, maybe I will have to give it some consideration.
Helen Gleason is in there with a bitch now and she has a toy in her mouth. The bitch, not Helen.  If she can do it, why can't I?  Helen has Nocturne's Lyunda TC and she is breathing hard. Maybe that is why I don't do it. In second in this group is Joe Beccia. Now he is fourth, since she moved Al Martin up to first with Almar's Savannah, and in second is Cindy Tellefson with mariner's Reason of Shadow Acres and there they go. Helen is keeping up and she makes me proud.
Rita says they are going too fast and she can't see them. Slow down and no double handlers.  Off the go, slower and they do look better.  I like Joe's sable bitch byt she moves Jon Beyer to second wiht Skylyne's American Idol and puts them off to the side.
Now on the the second class with Jeff and Windfall's Sexy Chick V Winstrom.  Bob Dresher is in there with Jonah-Malibar's Razzle Dazzle.  Abby is there with Stonewall's Dark Angel,  and Karen Taylor is sitting with us at the table.
I don't see many people who aren't normally in the ring.  Except for Bob, of course. He so far looks fine, but I have oxygen ready.  OK, here goes Bob. I am watching him.  Nice bitch and he cut the ring. He is as smart as he looks.  Beth Riese is out there now with Kaholli's Monaco of Ferlin.  I wonder where Summer and Jacqueline are? They aren't here yet. Maybe the pace caught up to them.  I see Barbara and Stacy are here, so now we can enjoy the national.
Out in the middle of the ring is Kelly with Trios Rumor Has It V Marquis. She is in red and black. I just complimented the people at the Purina booth for having the GSDCA colors on. They reminded me that is also the Purina colors. She moves Jeff to the front and Beth in second, for this group.
Jeff goes to the front, the others are blocked but Abby is in second then Marilyn Sgarbossa, and off they go.  Bob The Voice is leading his group and Rita sends them all out of the ring. My location is limited now, that everyone is here.  Summer and Jacqueline just got here.
Lots of noice now and there they go with everyone being a handler except Marilyn and she rearranges them and now Rita calls them off.
First is Windfall's Sexy Chick V Winstrom, Second is Stonewall's Dark Angel, third is Skylyne's American Idol and Fourth is Kaholli's Monaco of Ferlin.
More later.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together


Bob Grady has a bright purple suit today and I do mean bright.  I see that Zak is here this early and so is Richard Sottile.  I see Ha J too and his black dog looked great yesterday. He is a good one too.  I did talk to Helen Gleason yesterday and she said the seminar went well.
There were three sisters who sang yesterday, and it sort of reminded me of O Brother Where Art Thou?  Remember the girls at the river?  It was sort of like that. Nadine Grady is giving Bob directions. And so far only about ten people here. I don't think they are going to start in eight minutes.  Maybe I have the wrong time. I know it is the right place because I recognize the sod.  Dick Jones is here and does a good job each day as a ring steward. They are putting microphones up to catch the crowd noise, so everyone needs to be careful of what they say.
Agility and Rally winners are in there now.  Misty Blue is there with Karen.  She is the agility victrix from last year. Casson was high scoring again and that is a name we all know well. She has a little gray, but looks good with Julie Degan and she looks great too.  Rally High Score Vision of Beauty (Champion) with Laura Falkner, Rescue winner she is here and was high scorer and Jennifer has loved her and worked her to a winner after her owner took her to be put down.  That brought tears to my eyes. 
Michael Avery came by and I called him Rodger yesterday.  I tell you not to listen to anything I say, or believe anything I write.  Tony is announcing as is normal, and Bob isn't here yet. It must have been a long night for him.  I see Norma Hansberg at the end of the ring, and Sam Israel is walking by with his champion bitch.
In come Amateur Owner Handler Dogs.
First so far is Go For The Gusto of Edan with Elizabeth Wilkerson. Second is Colbyhaus Rise From the Ashes with Linda Colby. And now another comes in to go first with Lutzhaus Romanov's Black Bear with Holly Leas.  It will be fun to see these young ladies make the ring and I do know that Elizabeth has a bitch in AOH as well.
Bob is smiling and there goes the first one.  Three girls and they all look fit.  Up front goes Elizabeth with Linda in second and then Holly, and Bob stops them and walks over an dpulls them up and gives them direction and asks if anyone needs a Elizabeth, and now Linda and she is keeping up with a long loose lead and looks great.   Then Holly dressed all in black. 
Elizabeth wins and then Linda and Holly. They all win, as they all survived.
On to AOH Bitches.
Rita is there now with a long black skirt and white bling jacket.  She looks like a teenager.  Michel just got here. He is a great help as he writes a large letter catalog for me read. Lenny is waking by and they are calling for Bred By Dogs.
In comes Elizabeth with Windfall's Emancipation of Mimi and then Val Manning with Mar Haven's Evangelina of Terranorte.  Val will do fine and Elizabether looks good too.  I do admit that Elizabeth is breathing hard.  Tom Mesdag is talking with us now and Tony Michel and I are working hard to bring the word to the world.  Sounds good, doesn't it?  Not many people in the stands yet.  Sharron Avery came by and took a piece of candy. Al Martin came by to say hello to us, and I see that there are some dogs at the ready ring. Dick Jones brings in some water for Elizabith.  Georgie is here now and Bill Leonard is selling DVDs of the German Sieger Show.  And there goes Val.  I like the slit in Rita's dress, it is in the back but does brighten the day.
Off the two of them go with Elizabeth in front.  Now Val moves to the front and Rita watches them and YES that's it, first to Val and then Elizabeth.  They both look like they are glad it is over.  Bob Kish came by and said hello. He still looks like he has plenty of judging left in him.
I see Linda Bankhead and she never seems to get older. Oak came over to give me a high five.  I see Tedi got up and is talking to Ann Schultz.  Bob The Voice of The National just walked in. Dania got the Connie Beckhard award.  Rick Olawski is here too and I see Lenny waiting to go in. 
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Early on Friday

Here I am at an empty arena. It is about 6:00 a.m. when I got started today and now about an hour before show time. No one is here except you and me.  I see the video people are starting to get here, they work every minute.
I reflected on the show, and so far it is a good national. Some joy, some tragedy, a bit of controversy and over all just another dog show.
I saw Molly last night and she offered to give Summer some tips, so that is another good thing. I talked to Jim York and before I left California I tried to resolve some problems with one of the Texas clubs, I think I got it done. I also sent off a letter yesterday from the law office to stop someone from getting involved with an award for Daphane Herford and Rin Tin Tin.  I hope it worked.
I was able to write some letters yesterday and send them to the office to get them sent, this is a great invention this internet.
I was sorry Zoe is not on the board and I understand Frank is our new president. It should be interesting to see if he can contain the spending and losses and take the club in his direction. He sure is having a great national, and I look forward to getting behind him and working toward the future of our club.
I didn't attend the meetings. The days are long enough without that too. When I was younger we used to stay out until the early mornings, but so far it seems like the days are too long as they are. I saw Sally Sedgwick last night with Paula, and Paula gave me the keys to Tedi's van and we checked out the organ. It is even nicer than I remembered it. Harley looks good and it will be nice to see him in the ring again. Tony just got here, and he is another who comes early.
It now is starting to look like a show now as they drag in. It is lucky that Specials are so exciting, as we would be all done by Friday night.  The big dogs come in today with American Bred and so I expect some energy as well.  Both Bob and Rita are moving it along and giving everyone a good look.
Half an hour to show time, and I am jazzed.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am beat, and it was a fun day. Icon won his class, Celeste and Pat Draper are pleased as can be. I got to put my hands on Ellen's great dog and it think it will be between him and Kobe.  But, I also think that Patron is going to be in there.
I do need to take more breaks but it is hard to get anyone to take over. Tony did help a few times but he also is being pushed for announcing.
I am enjoying getting the word out to you and also watching the dogs. I have the best seat in the house, and except for double handlers it is great.
I will be back early tomorrow and only a couple of classes but large ones. I promise to do the best I can.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Novice Bitches

OK, one more class to go, but it is a big one.  I see them in the ring and I count ten in there.
First is Kent, Phill, Greg, Lenny and Jeff. Half the first group. Phil is out there with Topline's Belle Of The Ball now,  and next is Greg with Zukerdok's Ember of Lonwood a bi mostly black.
Lenny has to be reminded but then does see there is a dog show and brings out his sable. Rallyns Honey Bee.  There goes the fist five.
She moves Lennie to the front, then Phillip, Kent, Jeff and Greg.
Here goes the second five.  I do like some of the bitches as they stand, but in movement, not so much. It is good to have Bob here again.  Rita might have trouble with this class too.
Scott is up with Caretti-Jerrwin's Bewitched.  Now Jon with Wyndean's Francesca De Vici.  This is bred by Hazel and Larry Parks who are responsible for Tedi and I being in this sport. But, don't blame them. I stopped and saw Larry a couple of weeks ago when I was back in Grand Rapids. I went to Michigan Magician's Week to perform with my aunt, who just turned 98.
Dawn and Twyla are here.  Olivia is out there with Aramist Bodega's Made in China. Christie is there with Keylis Quick Thyme Izzy, and last is Almars Nicolla with   Alex. 
More judging and there goes the group.  Rita crosses her arms and watches them against the wall.  She walks over and put Christie in second behind Scottie, and everyone is in front of me so I can't see what is going on.  Rita tells them to take them around, she is about 10 feet in front of me. And She watches them all the way with Scottie in front then Christie, Alex and Olivia, and tells Christie to take the lead and there she goes, and now she takes the end of the line. Five with dreams about tp end. But she takes Lenny to the front then Morris then Christie and Scottie and lets four stand off and no, she takes them around.  I can't ell what she likes but I think these might be her dumps, and YES, that is what she does.
Now there are six.  Lennie, Morris, Christie Scott, Alex and Olivia.  Rita takes them around and now walks from the back to the front of the class and smiles and tells them again.  There they go and everyone is giving directions, only one at a time.  Lenny uses the whole ring. Morris gives a very loose lead, Christie has a tight lead and lets it go all the way out,a nd there goes Schoo with a full lead too. Rita isn't looking very long, and Alex takes a pass, again a short loo.  Then Olivia. Rita only watches them for half the time.  She walks to the class and looks them over and says all together.
First is Rallyns Hone Bee, second is Topline's Belle Of The Ball, third is Keylis Quick Thyme Izzy and fourth is Carretti-Jerrwen's Bewitched.
Now on to the Stud Dog Brood Bitch class. If you want to see this, you have to be here.  So, more tomorrow.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Novice Dogs

We are on to Novice dogs and I see Bob back in the ring and there are nine in there. Bob and Rita are going a great job, and Rita just got caught up in that last decision. It wasn't hard.
There are some handsome dogs in there.  I think Candia's Ya Think is going to be hard to beat.  Nancy brings Ya Think in the for individual, he looks good.  Leslie brings in Trouble and makes a nice pass with some crowd support.  Scott takes Heartbreaker around - he gets a little crowd support and the dog breaks into a gallop.  But Scott settles him down for a nice pass.  Next up is Mike with Guardian.  The crowd seems to like Guardian.  Next up is Amanda with Coriander;
Thank Tony for that help. You know when he posts, the grammar is correct and no spelling errors. I, on the other hand, let it all hang out.
Bob has his first group in there with all the individuals done.  I see Nancy in front, now Mikie moved to first then Leslie and Scott and just like that Nancy is in third. And off they go. Now the second group, with Jon, Kent, Sean and Christy.  Now all the individuals.
I have a problem with the internet connection and can't figure out what to do with it.   Abby Hathaway is here with Susie Witmore, and changing the Stud Dog Presentation.  A dog got loose and ran out, and I see he is not coming back.  First time I have seen that.  Lenny has Windfall's I Gotta Feeling.  Christy has Keylis Good Thyme Charlie.
Then there were three.
They stack with Jon, Lenny and Christie.  Bob wants them around. Bob moves Lenny up with Christie behind and at the end Jon.  Most of the people are standing by the ring.  I don't know why.  Now he takes out the other three and puts them in front. I see Joey double handling so I know he has a dog in this fight, Mike to the front, then Lenny, Leslie Scott and Christy. Some temperament problems at this national, and maybe it is just the young dogs.  If you get the video you know what I am talking about. Nancy moves up one. She is now in Best Of Dump.
Bob tells them to get rid of the double handlers.  Off goes Mike and Bob says drop the lead.  Now Lenny, and then Leslie.  I am underwhelmed with this class, but that is just me.  Bob is laughing and looks fresh and looks them over as they take a pass.  He moves Lenny up to the front.  And Mike back in front.  Linda Selman is going crazy.  That is it!
First is Wolf Creek Guardian V Merivern, Second is Windfall's I Gotta Feeling, third was Athena's Trouble On The Autobahn and fourth is Marquis' They Call Me Heartbreaker of Anne Isle.  Linda just told me she is going to put a Schutzhund title on Gardian.
I doubt I can send this but I will try. Only Novice Bitch to go.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

15-18 bitches

In the 15 to 18 bitch class are 13 entered and in they come with twelve.  Michel just came in, late in the afternoon so he is catching up.  Now I won't have to post full names. 
Rita walks the line and it seems there are a lot of people ready to double handle.  Rita divides it into a group six.  First is Morris with Sanderin's Pillow Talk.  Next up is Alex with Signature's Blair. Then next up is George with Brown Hill's Caribian Sea Crest.  Jean Whalen came by to get the placings, and everyone seems quiet now.  Karen Tayor is here now and so we are talking.  Next up is Jon Byer with TRJ's No More Payton Place, Then Kelly with Mari'Fiori's SomethingRoyal.  Next is Zak with Mar Haven's Rain Dancer.  Greg has Zukerdok's Almondene of Lonwood. Then Diane with Ferlin's Mustang Sally of Kaholli, Jeff with Shadyrock's Billie Jean, Mike with Wolf Creek Idyllic of Merivern, Leslie with Bleibtreu's Unique Quelland Cresthaven and Al With Tuthill Abria Prophecy.  Summer is helping me. Michel did the entire catalog in big print and that helps.
Hey everyone, it's Summer again filling in for Mr.Evan who is yet again taking another break.  My mom and I have been sitting here at the show for almost NINE hours. I'm surprised that I am not getting bored.
Right now Miss. Rita is having the bitches and the handlers run a lot. Lap after lap after lap. It looks very tiring. I'm glad I am not in that class.

All the bitches look to me pretty nice. Right now, Miss. Rita is going over Ferlin's Mustang Sally Of Kaholli.
Well, Mr. Evan is back so I shall let him takeover.
I'm back. I think Summer does a good job, but Rita is out there doing her thing. Now Leslie is in the middle of the ring. Her bitch is Unique, and I guess with Michel back, I can shorten the posting as he will have the winner's.   Al goes in wit Godbye.  That is how I feel right now. Everyone seems to think this is a long day.  Rita goes to look over the group and too many people in front of me and up front does Diane, the Sean and Al with George.  In front is Mustang Sally. I like the name and the song.  Boy, the double handlers are getting serious.  Off goes this group.  Rita sets them aside and goes to her other group.
There they go with Alex in front Morris in the back. I don't know what is going on, but then I was gone for a while.  Alez to the front with Learning To Fly and then Caribrian Sea Crest.
Rita send a group out and then there were six.  Alex and George then Diane and Sean with Al and on the end Mike.  I think Rita may be making a move she looks them over and talks to the first bitch and lets the other three stand with only George and Alex together, Alex in front.   She moves Georgie up front, maybe to just see them that way,a nd the crowd doesn't seem to support that. Rita has her arms behind her and walks over to them and looks stern, and she says to leave them that way and wants to see the other four.
Off those four go.  Rita goes to look at the first one and cups her chin and looks at the second one and back to the first one and wants those two again. I think she has a tough time deciding.  George goes in front and Alex in second.  Rita says take them easy and George is yelling at the handlers and each of them take it by themselves.  One at a time.  There goes Alex and the crowd likes him better. Diane gets the yelling going and that is the crowd favorite. Very different bitches, and that makes it hard.   Rita is taking to them and I can't hear it, but it looks like she is trying to stop the double handling. And off go the first four again.  Off again. Rita is having a real hard time here. And now Alex is in front with George in back, so I assume each is getting a chance in front.  Now Diane is in front and that is the crowd favorite.  I like her the best, but I am not judging.
I heard Rita saying she was going to run them to death, with a bit of humor. Another pass.  Paula came by, so I did mention her.  I can't imagine how they old up, but Alex goes in front then Diane, George and Sean.Signature's Blair YES, THAT IS IT!

First is Signature's Blair, Second is Ferlin's Mustang Sally of Kaholli, third is Brown Hill's Caribean Sea Crest and fourth is Shadyrock's Billie Jean.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

15 to 18 Bitch

I think I lost all my old stuff.  So we are on to 15 to 18 dogs with Bob in the ring with six entries. It is getting old here and Michel is next to us with Summer in between.
There they Scottie in front, Jerry then soeone and Sean Mike and Kent. It is hard to do this as people stand in front of me.  And they start individuals - Scott is up with Philip Michael.  Jerry is next with Cyucas (and gets some crowd support).  Next up is Sean, (wrong)  with New Beginnings.  Bob Kish seems to be having a good time, laughing with the handlers.  Jeff Pyle is up next with Top Gun.  Top Gun looks a little bored waiting for his turn & tries to pull down the ring fencing; but they get it put back and Jeff/Top Gun goes out for his individual.  Top Gun gets more crowd support than most.  Mike comes up next with Jaxx.   And last is Kent with Jordan.  A quick trip around, and they are all lined up. 
Tony was helping out and there goes the other three.  Georgie is here. With a camera found in the parking lot.  Now they line up together.  Sean went in front with My Joy-Foxhaven Top Gun then Kent went to front with Karizma's Jordan Kaleef VonLoar.  And off they go.  I am getting burned out on who is in there and off goes Mike, The Guz and Scottie.  Still six in ther with Kent in front.  Bob is walking and moves The guz up to fourth with Krizma's Cyucas V Kaleff Cantar.
The Guz has an all black.  Each goes by themselves and the crowd seems to have some picks but no one seems outstanding.  And, they line up again. Sheree just walked in front double handling, and I can't tell which one.  Bob wants them Down and Back. First is Kent.  Now Jeff with My Joy-Foxhaven Top Gun. Now the third dog, TRJ'Gidean New Beginnings into second and there they go. This might be it. Yes.
First is Karizma's Jordan Kaleef Vonloar, second is TRJ's Gideon's New Beginnings, Third is My Joy-Foxhaven Top Gun and fourth is Karizma's Cyucas V Kaleff Cantar.
15 to 18 bitches yet to go.  Then Novice.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

15 to 18 Bitches

I think I lost all my old stuff.  So we are on to 15 to 18 dogs with Bob in the ring with six entries. It is getting old here and Michel is next to us with Summer in between.
There they Scottie in front, Jerry then soeone and Sean Mike and Kent. It is hard to do this as people stand in front of me.  And they start individuals - Scott is up with Philip Michael.  Jerry is next with Cyucas (and gets some crowd support).  Next up is Sean, (wrong)  with New Beginnings.  Bob Kish seems to be having a good time, laughing with the handlers.  Jeff Pyle is up next with Top Gun.  Top Gun looks a little bored waiting for his turn & tries to pull down the ring fencing; but they get it put back and Jeff/Top Gun goes out for his individual.  Top Gun gets more crowd support than most.  Mike comes up next with Jaxx.   And last is Kent with Jordan.  A quick trip around, and they are all lined up. 
Tony was helping out and there goes the other three.  Georgie is here. With a camera found in the parking lot.  Now they line up together.  Sean went in front with My Joy-Foxhaven Top Gun then Kent went to front with Karizma's Jordan Kaleef VonLoar.  And off they go.  I am getting burned out on who is in there and off goes Mike, The Guz and Scottie.  Still six in ther with Kent in front.  Bob is walking and moves The guz up to fourth with Krizma's Cyucas V Kaleff Cantar.
The Guz has an all black.  Each goes by themselves and the crowd seems to have some picks but no one seems outstanding.  And, they line up again. Sheree just walked in front double handling, and I can't tell which one.  Bob wants them Down and Back. First is Kent.  Now Jeff with My Joy-Foxhaven Top Gun. Now the third dog, TRJ'Gidean New Beginnings into second and there they go. This might be it. Yes.
First is Karizma's Jordan Kaleef Vonloar, second is TRJ's Gideon's New Beginnings, Third is My Joy-Foxhaven Top Gun and fourth is Karizma's Cyucas V Kaleff Cantar.
15 to 18 bitches yet to go.  Then Novice.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

`12-15 bitches and my bad

On to the bitches.  I am so happy for the Drapers they worked so hard with Icon and always loved him. They also have a bitch tomorrow and she is another of the same breedings.
In they come and there seem to be five in there.  Off they go with Rita in the middle looking as good as she ever does. The venders are at the end of the ring, so most of them can watch.
Out comes Nancy ll s ( just lost everything I did, so here are the winners)
First is Rosewood's Sweetness, second is Keylis Lit the Good Thymes Roll, Third is Keylis Thyme Out-Take Five and fourth is Candia's Yada Yada Yada, and if I find the other stuff I will send it.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

12-15 Dogs

On to the 12-15 dogs, with Asgard's Icon. I don't know who that there Asgard is, but they sure have some nice dogs.
I had a nice break, and so I am ready to go again. In Frnt is Kent, then Mike then Jeff and Nancy with Icon.   Kent has Welove CuChien's Captain America.  He is an Army son, and I do like him. Next is Mike with Knight's Gambit Krug, a dog I dearly love. He is owned by the Knights who I am fond of too.  Jeff has Brigelady-Hillside's One for The Money. This is an exceptional class. 
And now Nancy with a repeat of Kirk, Asgard's Icon.  Next up is Liebchien's Yuoshi V Joelle.  Chistie with Keylis Happy Thyme.  There go the first three, and Bob is watching. A lot of yelling and off they go with Icon in the front of this group.
Icon goes to the front.  And off they go. Now the second time one time by themselves and Off Goes Icon by himself.  Here they go again, Icon still in front. He looks great, and they all go off. 
First is Asgard's Icon, second is Welove Du Chien's Captain America, third is Knight's Gambit Krug and fourth is Keylis Happy Thyme. 
DD is with us now and on to the next class. 
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

9-12 Puppy Bitches with Tony

On to 6-9 Puppy Bitches . . . . Evan stepped away.  While he was gone, we completed a couple of classes.  In 6-9 Puppy Bitches, 14 entered and 10 shown (4 absenses).  1st place was Windfall's Who Says v Chablis; 2nd was Rosewood's Alchemy; 3rd was Depahl's Im Too Sexy; and 4th was Witmer's Got Her Groove at Bodan; but it was too long ago for me to remember who showed what.
The crowd is started to get a little tired - not so many people wandering around, and less noise from the crowd.  They bring in the 9-12 Puppy Dogs; 8 in this class, and they are split in half.  The first half was pretty quiet (I think some people were getting lunch).  The crowd seems to be waking up again.  Just watching the end of the indivduals - Diane Brown has Renegade and Mike Sherman has Damion.  Next is Lenny with King Edmund (nickname is Eddie Spaghetti - wonder why).  Not that individuals are over the crowd is starting to get interested again.  Bob pulls up Edmund, Broken Arrow (Kelly), Renegade, Damion and Peyton (Gregg Eschette).  Now that he has placed some, the crowd is starting to make some noise as he starts taking the group around.  Renegade moves up a spot.  Another lap.  And that's it.  Edmund (Lenny); Renegade (Diane); Broken Arrow (Kelly) and Damion (Mike).
Evan came by, saw someone else was typing away (and not stealing his laptop) and decided that eating was more important than typing.  So off he went.
And in come 9-12 Bitches.  There are 12 entered, but so far, only 6 have shown up.  Rita checks them all, and starts judging.  She decided not to split the class.  First up is Dilemma.  Most of the conversations at this point revolve around food – the consession food is not that great; some people went out to find something (some went to the hotel).  I see lots of people who opted for candy bars instead of a real lunch.  Next up is cranberry delight.  Next is Al Martin with Leah.  Next is Elizabeth Steifferman with Kissing Bandit.  Each bitch has received some audience support (maybe everyone went back to sleep).  Next up is Jeff Pyle with Love Bandit.  And last is Lenny with Albeartina.  Everyon is back in line; Rita takes a quick look down the line, and sends them around the ring.  She pulls Love Bandit & Albeartina to the front.  Then then pulls Kissing Bandit and Leah into 2/3.  And they go around (Love Bandit, Kissing Bandit, Leah and Albeartina in front).  Rita walks over and gives some specific directions; one more time around; and that's how they finish - Love Bandit, Kissing Bandit, Leah and Albeartina.
And the announcer calls for 12-15 Dogs.  It's almost 3 o'clock, and we still have 6 classes and the stud dog/brood bitch presentation left for today (I need a nap).
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

6-9 Puppy Dogs

This is the Purina Award to the top breeder of the Futurity winners. So it goes to Linda Slmon and Manuel and Norma Campo with a donation to the club.
6-9 Puppy Bitches are in the ring.  Nine in there. Rita cuts in two and has her first five in there.  Tracy Radigan is here and we are talking about Janice Staley.
Lots going on, but nothing that interests me.  A lot of cute bitches.  Jeff goes in front with Who Says V Chablis with Kelly behind with Alchemy. 
Now the second group, George, Kent, Lenny and Olivia.  Only four in this class.  Kent has a puppy that is from a half German breeding and is very nice.  The sire is Pasha Von Seewolf and Bob says he has an older dog that is fantastic from the same dog.
Olivia is in the ring and has a sort of Mohawk haircut. It works on her.  Edie Troke walked by smoozing with Bill Basu.  Now the group lines up, George, Kent, Lenny and Olivia.  Lennie up front with Im Too Sexy and in second Got Her Grove.  Now she combines them and sends Who Says V Chablis and in second Alchemy.  There they go and the crowd loved that, and that's the way it is going to be.
First Windfall's Who Says V Chabils, second is Rosewood's Alchemy, third is Depahl's Im Too Sexy and fourth is Witmers Go Her Grove At Bodan.
Liana New is here talking about the scooter last night.
Now on to the next class.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

6-9 Puppy Dogs

I lost all I had done.  Bill Leonard is here, and maybe it is his fault. Tony came back and Bob has cut the 6-9 dog class in half and is working on the last part.  I have great pithy comments of every dog shown so far, and great insight.
George has Masrock's Make an Offer I Can't Refuse, next up is Hicliff's Sam I Am. I think people went to lunch.  I got some Nacho's with peppers.  Another mistake.  I am just not into hot stuff. Except for dogs. Christie has Sam and there she goes, it is the end of this group.
Bob is watching and gives everyone a goodlook.  For one reason Harmonia's Intense Desire is out of order so he goes out there.  Bob Grady just called for 6-9 bitches.  There goes the last group of four. This shouldn't take long.  Generau goes to the front with Make an Offer behind him and there they go.  Bob combines the classes with Genereau in front then Rock Star and off they go.  Now the end of the class.  Not much going on and Bob walkes to them and says "One at a Time".  George next wtih Make An Offer.  Here comes Paula without Harley. It just lacks something. 
That is the way it goes, first is Harmonia's Intense desire, second is Masrock's Make Me An Offer I Can't Refuse, third is Hicliff's Sam I Am, and fourth is Tanavega's Rock Star.
On to another class, now 6-9 Bitches.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Maturity Bitch finals

The bitches are in there and Bob is back to judge.  Eight are in the ring. Tedi went to buy a beer and they wouldn't sell to her without ID. Very Cool.
Bob is working the first group of five. Page is in the second group, so we are all excited here. Well, Kirk isn't that impressed. The crowd is a bit reserved right now. I sat with Twylas for a bit. At the end of the group is Art, who just went into second with Scottie in front, Olivia now in second and then Are with Linda and then Al Martin and they go off to contemplate if they should have entered or not.
Out comes the next group with Liz, then Mike, JR, Lenny and Alex.  Summer is too tired to give me names, so I think I may just wait to announce the winners.  I will save myself for the real classes.  I know this one with Mike Paige.  I like the owners a lot, and I do love the bitch. 
There they go with Mike in second and Liz in front.  Paige is my favorite, but I admit I can be influenced.  I have to admit Liz has a great bitch.  Paige goes in front and then Lenny in second.   Lenny's bitch looks great too, three super bitches.  Now Lenny in front and then the rest pulled up to look at.  Jerwin Aspen, and as he pulls it is Lenny then Mike and I think that is how it is going to stay. But, what do I know?
Lots of double handling now, and about noon time.  He lets all but six go, and takes the first three, Lenny, Mike and Scott.  What fantastic bitches.  Now he looks at the other three, and he has the best up front.  He wants them easy and slow, and I don't know if the handlers will do it. Bob turns his back on them and there they go. It white wall on the side he is looking at. Lenny gives him the whole lead and there goes Paige.  It should be between the first two.  That's it, Jerwin Aspen wins it.
Now on to the show.  No break, and I think I will go to lunch anyway.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Maturity results

The Maturity dog is Select Champion Laslar's League of His Own of Somerset Rose. But the big news is that Summer was in fourth place with Kierkegaard. What a thrill, and a class of 14, so it was just great. I have to admit Kirk got bored, but Summer didn't miss a step.
Rita excused yesterday's Winner's Dog and Best of Breed, for trying to bite Breauhausen's Legacy II.   It was a shame as that is a super dog, except for that problem. 
I need a smile break.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together


Bob is in the ring and his calls is divided in half. Kenny Cunningham is here. Bob has a class of six.  They are all working now.  Bob takes the next one, and I took a break for breakfast. Big mistake, again. Some bad news, but I won't post it.
Now the whole group and there they go.  He moves Scottie to the front.  And now to the next group.  Gloria just came by and wants the numbers announced.  They don't want to do it.  Everyone is going nuts without numbers. There is a supplement with the numbers in it, but no one seems to know that.
Some nice bitches in there, and a lot of double handling.  I have people in front of me, but I can get glimpses of the class. Bob is walking the line and giving everyone a look and he moves up Lenny in front with Kent in Second.  I can't see the number but I like what he did here.In front is Winsome's Heiress V Depaul, and now he combines the groups and in front is Scottie. He looks over the last four and lets them go.  Now he has six in there.  In front is Scottie and then Lennie, Kent, Genereau, and too many people in front of me. He just takes the first three, and now the last three. In front is Depahl's Halston, and Bob says one at a time and slow and loose.  What a great bitch.  Now the next one.  That too is a great bitch. What Quality.  I can't see the numbers.  Bob gives them a good look. And they line up, the six left. He wants to see the group one time. And in front is Scottie still with Lennie right behind.
Scottie wins with Depahl's Halston. 
Now the two winners Maturity winners, Wolfcreek's Guardian V Merivan (Bubba J), and Depahl's Halston.  Now Bob is going over the two of them, Mikie with the Dog and he is a good one. Rita did a great job. I do like that dog. Very strong and mature with an iron back. Now Bob takes them together.  Stunning couple of animals. And Bob switches and the dog is in front.  Scottie has the bitch and there they go.
BEST IN FUTURITY is Wolfcreek Guardian V Merivern
On to Maturity dogs, and Kirk.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Futurity Dogs

Don Knight is here.  Kent is in the ring, so I guess we are ready for a dog show.
Futurity dogs in there now, and all men handlers. I like that in a dog show. Oh, in comes Nancy, so she ruined that, now I see Christie is in there.  I see 13 in there and here comes Rita.  All the big names are there.
Rita pulls out six and it is Kent, Georgie, Shaune, Lenny, Mikie and Christie.  There they go against the white wall. Rita has figured it out already. Now Rita has them stack on the line so Bob can film them and now she does a loose lead test.  There is a real buzz, since there is no way to know who the dogs are but we have numbers but now we have numbers since they are in order.  I can tell you the handlers, but I am working hard to figure out who is in the ring.  Rita is doing her thing, and it is quiet here. 
She takes them around again, there goes the class.  Rita stands with her hands behind her back.  I can't believe it, she is wearing gold slippers.  I guess better than ruby ones.
She moves Mike to the front with Wolfcreek Guardian V Merivern.  And they go that way.  Mike, then Kent, Sean and George.  She moves Christie with Hi-Cliff's Razzle Dazzle of Zyut to fourth.  Pam Stoesser and Don Knight came by.  Rita is looking over the rest of the class, the other class, with Jeff then Alex, I see Bill Basu, JR Art and Nancy.  I will give you names in a minute. 
Bob and Charlotte Funk came by and it is good to see him doing so well. He had the same surgery I did, and is working through what I had, and I know what it takes.
The Winner is Bubba J, so give it all up for him.  Now on to bitches.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

In the beginning

Here we are again.  Rodger and Sharron are here talking to Bob and I. Summer just got here so we are ready to go. The clubs are gathering for the parade, and so far only the workers are here.  Tony is here too, and Bobbie dressed to film.  Tom Brown is here early, and I see that Dean Wylie is selling catalogues too.  I see Nadine Grady is already working with Mimi, and I saw Iliana and the Kishs are here. Bothed dressed up and I think only one is judging this day. 
Lew is here and ready to go in for the parade. Bob is in the ring talking to Bob Grady who is in dark red. I think he saves the white suit for Saturday.  There are three beautiful sisters who are going to sing. They are from San Antonia, and really impressive.  Jacqueline is taping the singing and they are in the ring with a German shepherd.
The Montoyfull sisters. What a great singing and what fabulous looking young ladies. Bob and I have some comments to make, but we are restraining ourselves.  Bob Kish came by and said hello to us.  In come the clubs. 
Now the Herding winners.  Dixie was the big winner.  I was asked to use the full names, but I don't have time so you have to depend on Michel to do the catalogs and winners.  Kathy Potter is here and I have high hopes for Kobe. He has a great head shot on the back cover of the catalogue. 
In the catalog there are no numbers for the entries, so this will be a challenge. Bob knows most of the dogs, so that might work out.  Rita is in a gold dress with a top. They are delaying so that they can put numbers in the judge's book.  Rita does look great. I am one of the few people that knows her age. But, I am so old, I have forgotten.
Alex is over at the ready ring, so he must have just gotten here.  The stands are starting to fill in, and in the amateur there are now a couple of dogs in the ring. They are having trouble getting it organized.  This is the second time they haven't had numbers for the entries.  I think they are ready now, so here we go.
Just one in there.  A young woman, and I have no idea who it is. The dog is wired and Rita is waiting to see what he does.  Now Bob is in the ring for bitches.  One in the ring.  Now the winners with Bob to pick.   Only two were shown.  Everyone is upset because there are no numbers in the catalog, so we don't know who it is.  OK, the winners are picked.  We have no idea who they are, but it is two lovely women.
The Guz is here and saying hello to Bob.  Now on to the amateur Maturity.  It is between Val Manning and Jamie Vanderkoi.  Remember, I do not vouch for spelling.  I think they are feeling the burn about now. Bob keeps them moving and gives Best to Val, and they are both winners.  That is a regular ribbon and Summer says she wants one like that.  Bob is filming right in front of us.  The Bobs are right in front of me talking now. 
I understand that we won't get done with this for another hour. While I appreciate that people enjoy the win, it is a lot of time for just this.  Bart is here now, and working the crowd.  I see Gary Szymzyk talking to Danny Dwier. 
Big sign that says Don & Ingred We miss you Go Trouper.  Don Smith had double knee surgery and we all miss him.  Paula.  Nothing to say about her, just want her to have to search the Blog.
Amateur Maturity Dogs in the ring. Two in the ring.  I miss the Tanks, it isn't the same without them.  Leslie is here talking to Summer, and promises to give her hints.  Art Sinclair just got here and is dressed to win.  I se Tedi is talking to Ann Schultz.  I see Jimmie too. 
Tony is helping me with numbers and in the ring are two people I don't know.  Sherell is here with a dog.  I see Bill Basu is here too.  The winner is Leibchen's Eine Kleine Nacht Musik.  Thank you Tony.  They are both breathing hard, and there they go, last time, I think.   And yest, the male wins and second if the female.  Kathy Estrada wins.  Kris Frasano is here now, with another good looking bitch.  I can't name the winner's since they had no numbers and I can't tell who they are.  Not my fault.
Tony came by to tell me the winner's dog was Liebchien's Clair D Lune and the Bitch is Norhause DCT Floating ON Air Trebe Nobe.  Now to Best and Best Opposite.  Bob says, "take them around together."  The judge is right in front of me and he picks the Bitch.   Pam O'Delll is here and has a great necklace.  She is taking ballroom and Latin dancing. How cool is that?
On to the Futurity. 
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together


The first day went well. Karen did a good job, got the best dogs up, and the mood at the ring was up-beat.  The location is as good as it can get. Everyone at the hotel is helpful and the arena staff seem to want to do whatever it takes.
I did think the snack bar at the arena leaves a bit to be desired. I saw Bug getting a hot dog and waited to see if it was any good. He took one bite and threw it away. But the hotel is a short walk and they have a number of places to eat.
We wanted to find out about Topeka, so we ate lunch at a Pizza Hut and for dinner went to Outback.  It seems just as if we were home.
I joined Summer in the pool and then the weight room.  I saw Ed for just a minute, Jack and MaryLou Newton got in and Bob (The Voice of The National) was in the bar last night, so it will be a full house at the table.  I guess Michel will be in this afternoon, he had some commitments. I did talk to Georgie a bit yesterday and there are a number of people that came in last night that will be at the ring.
Tedi and I won't be in our assigned seats at all. They are at the very top of the arena, and that wasn't a good plan. But, the rooms are as good as they could get, we got done about 4 yesterday and Kirk is laying next to me on the bed.
So far, life is good and today is another day.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last Chance from the arena

Best of Breed
15 in the ring, so 13 specials.  I will save my energy to tell you about the show tomorrow, but this is an impressive group of champions.
In front is High Voltage, then Horse With No Name, Solitaire In Black Jack with Marie Oster, In thyme, Akaya, then Mojito, and Dirty Look, All About Me, Galaxy, Gideaon, Heart of Gold, Hitman and Eddison. Then Winner's Dog and Winners bitch.  Summer went over and marked them in from the ready ring, and so now I know who is there.   Summer said she missed one, and so I might be off, but at least you know who is here.
Karen takes a group of five and takes them one at a time.  Now a eal crowd favorite in there. She sets them aside and brings out another five, Scottie, and JR are in the group, but Karen wants them slow. 
I am back and they are doing the second group.  I was in the John, Summer was being polite.  The lights have been off in there all day. I saw someone cleaning the johns so I asked if he could turn on the lights.  He actually said to me, "It's not my yab".  I don't know why kids have to yell all the time.
They are in the last group, and I hear Tori Glen is coming to join us in shepherds so let's watch for her.   She is in Mobile and will be with us one day.
She is taking the last group and now Winner's Dog and Bitch. And Kent and Elizabeth have them.  Frank gave the Winner's Bitch to Elizabeth. I guess from what I was told that was the deal if she won.  Very cool of Frank, (thanks for the sod) Fasano.
Karen has them walk and it is interesting to see them walk against the white curtain. I like a curtain better than a paper side, but it is expensive. Karen calls out her winners.  And High Voltage in front In Tyme, the Solidare in Black Jack fourth is Hit Man, (maybe in fifth), then Galaxy.  She pulls a couple more and then looks at Winner's Bitch and Winner's Dog.
She has nine champions here, and the Winner's Dog and Winner's bitch. She wants to see Winner's Dog down and back and Kent takes the whole ring. Now the Bitch and the crowd is behind her.  Karen walks the ring and looks serious and now she says to take them easy and around. There the first two go together.  Genereau and Liz.  Now Liz and Scottie.  Next two more with JR and Hitman.  Two more with Lenny in back of the two and a third with Jeff.
Now Winner's Dog and Bitch together. I love both of them. Even if the dog beat Kirk.  She pulls a couple and lets some go, and then there were four with the winners to make is six.
She hasn't arranged any , but cut them down, and pulls Ken to the front with Winner's Dog and in second is the all black.  And there they go. Karen does it, and gives it to the Winner's Dog, (best of Winner's),  and Best Opposite Sex is Dirty Look with some Grand Champion Points to others.   The Grand Champion points go to High Voltage, Solitare in Black Jack, Gidean, Shebearezade.
That's it for today, and on to the National tomorrow. 
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Winner's Bitch

Here they come, pretty ladies all in a row.  I see four and they are all here.  First is Mike with Lynda, Channing with Fantasia, Then Zelda, and last is Zak with number four is Shebearezade five Serendipity.    I am so confused.  Mike is in there because he was late getting back from Paige, and also they moved a bitch up from American Bred, so there are five.  Tony tried to help me, so did Summer. It didn't help.
Celeste and Pat are still grinning.  Karen is checking temperament, and there are five good looking bitches .  Dawn is working the crowd and I guess not handling today.  I see Dawn's bitch is in there and she is nice too. 
I miss Barbara Amidon, and know she is not coming. Also Helen Fisher is going to be missed by a lot of us. There are some people that just should always be at the National. I don't see Tammie Howard either, and I think she stayed home. I did see Ann Schultz, and so that is a good thing.
I won't talk about Paula, but I wanted her search engine to have to find this post.
There they go with Mike in front.  That is a special bitch and I doubt anything in here will beat her.  Frank's bitch is going to be tough and is now in second. I think Karen will have a problem between those two, and she wants them down and back.  Tracy is hiding behind the curtain. She puts the other bitch in front, Frank's and seh puts her in front of Mike. She is going to be tough for the Drapers bitch. And there they go.
She moves Channing in second.  Ms Leas is in front and now she shines and yes, that is good for Drapers. Thanks to the sod, (Frank) his bitch won the class.  First is Shebearezade, then Fantasia, third is Lyna then Zeldo. I think Paige has a good chance.
On to Winner's Bitch.  I am pulling for the Drapers, and Paige.  I never claimed to be unbiased.  All the bitch winner's are in there.
They are in reverse order, and ready to go as soon as the pictures are done.  Celeste is standing with us, and nervous.  She could finish Paige here today, move her up on Saturday. That is a bitch that should be in Specials.  Let's see if Karen agrees with me.
Karen is looking them over and that is a great class of bitches.  Karen walks the line and looks them over and stipes at 12-18 and then goes on to the end where the Open Bitch is. She looks them over and Frank's bitch is a pretty looking lady.
Karen says take them easy and off they go. Karen stand all the way over to the side in front of me, and the puppies are a bit crazy but there they go with the top quality of the day and Mike is doing a fantastic job, and Shebearezade.  She moves Nancy in front, Then Kent, with Mike in third and Shebearezade in fourth.  She takes the other four, that I doubt are in consideration.
She now takes the four that she likes best and I think the second two are her picks, but I might be wrong.  There are five but the last two, Mike and Bear got into second and third. Kent is in front.   There they go the three and Kent is in front.
Bear in front, then Mike, (Bear is Frank's bitch) and each is going in front one time, I think.
Now Bear takes off then Mike and Kent. The crowd is wild, but if Mike gets in front, NO, Frank's bitch wins it with Elizabeth.
OK, on for reserve.  Disapointment at the table, but that's life at the dog shows.  Now there they go and she points to Paige. So, all is not lost.
On to Specials.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Next to last in the classes

Leanna New came by looking as good as ever.  Now the strange class goes in. I guess it is a thrill for those in the ring, not so much for me, but fine for time ussage.
The only entry won.
Bred By is Joe Baccia with Taracottta a fantastic sable, and John Beyer and the bitch is American Idol.  Joes does a nice job and it does seem like he should get older some day.  I do love that sable.  Now, that kept the crowd alive.  Now John comes up and another nice sable bitch. Interesting class.  WOW that too is a great bitch.  This is not an easy class to judge.
They look very much alike and everyone is laughing and there they go.  Either one in my mind.   I would go with Joe, but they are both very very nice.  Karen switches them and there they go. Kent walks by and I see Georgie and there they go and I see Lew is here.  Karen went with the other one, OK.
George is talking to us.   George came without his wife.
American Bred is in the ring with just four bitches.  Celesete has Paige in the ring with Mickie, so let's see who wins. Kellie is in front with Queen of sheba then Greg with There We Gogh Again, the Jeff with Aramist Tanbark's Kia, and Paige.  George is always fun to talk to.
Everyone is behind us chatting. They had to remind Tedi Paige is in the ring.  Sharon is here in between pictures. Sam Israel is here and we need clean up in the ring. It has nothing to do with Sam.  Dick Jones is going out in the ring to do the duty, so to speak.  Channing Sheets is in front of us now.  Karen still looks great. I don't know how people just these types of shows. I am tired just watching.  Tiffany is here now, and pretending to talk to me. Actually she has a dog in there.  It is easy to get around the ring.
I see Bill Tank is here and he is showing Patron. Now, that is one great dog now that he has matured. 
We made too much noise but Paige is in front, and she outshines the rest of the class.  YES she wins the class. That is a Select Quality bitch, second is Queen of Sheba, third was Kia, and last was There We Go.
Here we go for the Open Bitch class.  I am jazzed by Paige.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together