Sunday, October 17, 2010

Everything must end

I am at the Salt Lake City airport and reflecting on another national.
I stopped by the Host Hotel to spend a few minutes at the board meeting only to find they went directly into a closed session. I expect with the election of the new board, this will happen less and less.  After what is one of the most relaxed national in years, it is a shame to see the board excluding the membership again. I am going to assume they are doing the right thing.
Barbara did a great job of judging. I have seen good judging done in the past by Ed or Dave to mention a few, but hers was as good as I have ever seen. Although at times we could not see what she was doing the handlers could. What she did is when she had picked the keepers, she gestured to the handlers where she was splitting the group. Her back at that time was to the crowd, and in bitches we couldn't see that was what she was doing. In males it was more obvious, but other than that, she did a perfect job. Anyone might want to rearrange the first three or four, but only one person was next to the dogs, looking at them within a foot or so.
Bob did his usual good job.  I don't think anyone noticed that last year when he did the Tuesday show, his Best Of Breed Dog went on to Grand Victor. This year, his Winner's Bitch went on to Grand Victrix.  That says a lot about his ability to find the best of the best.
I always love to watch Jammie judge. She has so much fun doing it, and makes it look easy. There never is any question that she is going to do a perfect job, and I saw her do it again.  Maybe her feet giving her a problem might have been reflected in her judging, but if so, she should always wear uncomfortable shoes.
Dan found the best dogs, from the start. His Winner's Dog was a real star and it shows by him going high Select.  I always have believed that Dan knows what the best dog is, and he picks them quickly and it is clear why he did it.
Live every year, the National does have to end. This year seemed more relaxed than before and it felt like the Canadian National. It might be a smaller entry, but even with that, the Quality was satisfying in that it shows we are doing something right. Everyone should be commended who worked so hard for the membership to make it so.
I have to mention the help Zoe and Paula gave me.  It is not easy, and would be impossible for me to do this Blog without help. The very best I ever had was Dania who never had to look in the catalog to tell me what dogs were being moved. But, I think she will never do it again, it is hard work. I have had Flower Boy do it, and he made it clear, he will never agree to announce to me.  Cindy Davis helped one year, and that seemed to be enough. I doubt Paula will be there for me to find and ask again, and I doubt Zoe feels like doing it again.  Michel is a great help as he prints out, prior to the show a list of the dogs and bitches in large type that I can read.  We need to consider the age of our membership when we print the catalog and it is time to go to 12 point type.
Each year I have to find someone and tell them how much fun it is to sit with me and tell me what dog or bitch is being moved.  I also may have to find a way to be higher than the floor so that I can see what is going on when the handlers get in front of me. At one point Michael Cheeks asked if I wanted him to move, and he was getting the attention of his champion. I told him what he was doing was more important. I would also prefer not to be so isolated, as I had to leave my table to talk to anyone.
All in all, it was another fun week with good people, great animals, and fantastic judging. I read the lineup for next year, and it is going to be the same, at least as far as judging.
I wonder if the video will encourage people to come to the Big Show, or if it will make it too easy to watch. I know LanaLee has some ideas to improve it. I hope she makes it known that it is available to people who might then join the club. But she sure works hard for us, and we need to thank her.  She never needed me to man a camera, and has enough help.
See everyone , (I hope) in Kansas with our without Toto.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The final word, and the future

For those few who have not heard, the slate next year will be Ed Barritt for Specials, Bob Kish for Dogs and Rita Sandell for bitches. While I am disappointed that Randy Chesnut didn't get in there, I hope he will run again next year.
The show before the show will be Karen Wagner.
I left the diner before the speeches, but I am sure there were many pithy things said and great wisdom given out. I just wish I had been able to stay, but I had so many things to do.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

The last gasp

What a day and what a group of dogs.  I am so excited for Twyla, she just wanted to do well, but number five.  Tedi was going to ride up here with her and at the last minute had to cancel.  Twyla drove by herself and what a trip.
Paula got sick of me yelling at her, "what is going on" and she took her dog and left.  Zoe seemed to last better, but I am sure they are both mad at me now. It would not be the first time.  I get to sit with Twyla while the dogs go around.  Tedi called me to help me celebrate and got to talk to Twyla for a minute too.
They have to correct the Select Excellent, and Patron is one of them. So is Bronson but we know that from last year when he was Select.  They are taking the tablecloth and starting to take down the ring, and we aren't done yet.  We still need Best Of Bree, Best of Winner's and Best Opposite Sex.
Ginnie Altman was trying to tell me if the Bitch went Breed there is no Best of Winners. Dahhhh!.  It is interesting here now, and there are the three. The Grand Victor, Rogue, then The Grand Victrix  and Winner's Dog.
Best of Breed is Aquilla who was Winner's Bitch and is therefore Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex is Rogue.
What a show. I am exhausted and I had fun. I made a lot of new enemies and may or may not go to the victory dinner.
Sheree Moses came by to talk, and they left Bronson with us, and I am going to try to steal him.  She is being greeting everyone and they are setting down the show so I don't know how much longer I can hang around here.  Bronson is a one strong dog and seems to even like me. 
That's it for the day, and another National. I will post one more time from the airport and I hope to see everyone in Kansas.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Select Dogs

I talked to Barbara and she is pleased, and so am I. I was able to talk to Jerry Graham for a while and he is having a good time.  In come the boys. Donna came by to support me, I will have Zoe on one side and Paula on the other.
My god, look at those beautiful dogs.  They just keep coming, one better than the other. Harley is sitting at my feet.  Thirty four in there and what a lineup.
I can't believe the feeling in here now, tension, excitement, and hopes. Some to be made, some to be dashed. But Barbara is still sitting with her clip board and Karen goes out to check with Bob and compare notes.  Harley is sitting under the table and taking a nap.
Nancy Harper is talking to Barbara and they are looking at notes.  I can't wait for this to get going, and it is 1;30 and the hammer is about to fall. 
Barbara is in the building and counting off her places.  Nancy goes down the ring to divide the class and Barbara looks great. I got to talk to her for a few minutes and everyone agrees, she did a great job.  Barbara is talking to her handlers mostly The Guz, and there might be 36 dogs in there. It is so full, it is hard to tell.  The Guz is laughing, and out goes most of the dogs, I hope for not just the show, just for judging.
Eight is enough and so that is what there is there. Joanne, Ariel, Sergio, Gregg, The Guz, Jeff, Nancy Art, and Kent. How often do you hear, "and Kent"?  Jimmie yells to someone to slow down.  JR walked by talking to Paula who is two feet away. 
First out is Joanne with Never Ending Story.  She stacks him and that is a real male.  The sound of one hand clapping.
Good Vibrations with Ariel.  Kim Schooly came by and is looking for Erin. We are trying to start a rumor.
Sergio with Biscotti.  Down and Back, but I won't say that to all of them, but it seems Barbara is consistant and does it a lot.  Boy, is there no one behind me? It is silent and Sergio takes a lap.
Gregg with Machu Picchu.  A large black and red male.  Let's take a vote. How many want me to type Down and Back and around every time?
Next us is Brazos, who belongs to Michel, who moves away. He is a local dog to us in California, and a dark bi. 
Jeff with Feature Presentation, one I think could be our Grand Victor.  Jeff takes the dog all the way back and takes his pass.
Nancy takes out Free n Easy.  Another all male dog. The quality is amazing, and I am sorry to keep saying that, but it is clear we are doing well with our breeding.  Nancy says EASY and I think they have listened to Barbara.

Art Sinclair brings out Army Shoulder. He is a classy dog, and when he matures he is going toknock them dead. He just finished. 
Kent brings out Eli.  Clearly one of the top contenders.  He is clean and Kent poses him.  There he goes and the crowd goes wild.
Jeff goes to the front Feature Presentation, then Free and Easy, Esi and that is it for these dogs.  Kent has Eli in third.
She says take them around once and Easy and they do as they are told.  Feature Presentation is going to be the one to beat so far, and I doubt anyone can. But there are more dogs to come.  She says she wants the first three, and she sets them all out with the rest as clump, (It's Barbara's word, not mine)
Holly with Cirkobrass, Trevor with Last Cowboy Song, Elizabeth with Zoomer, Eric with Bobbie Mcgee, JR with Hit Man, All About me Oak with Leonardo, Rogue with Mike, anjd Channing with Fraizer.
Again a big wall of silence.  Holly now with a dog, and a good example of what a dog should be.  All the usual stuff.
Zach with Cowboy. I have always liked this dog, and I enjoyed watching him grow.  He is a big handsome dog with lots of personality.
Elizabeth with Zoomer.  Liz is turning into quite a beautiful lady, and she does a great job. I think she was a junior handler for about 30 years. 
Eric brings out Bobby McGee. Very dark. What a contrast with the white wall.
Now JR goes out there with Hit Man, (Gavin).  He will be the next to promote after Harley is retired. That should be in about ten years.  He is a handsome dog.
It's All About Me. He is with Lenny. The girls say they call him Evan, since it is ALL ABOUT ME.  Pretty color and nice size for a good looking dog.
Oak with Leonardo.  It is good to see Oak out there with his own dog.  It is good to see that old isn't a disqualifying fault for a handler.  Barbara tells him to take him around again.
Now Rogue with Mike. What a picture that makes.  He is a big black and red, and I love him standing.  There he goes and he is next to me, about two feet away, and against the wall he is something to watch.
Channing is the last one with Frazier.  We are waiting for the Big Cut.
Barbara walks the line and she goes to the end, and tells them to take another pass.  She stands and watches them go by and now turns to looks at them against the white wall and has them stop.  She looks and moves moves It's All About Me, Rogue, Hit Man, and Last Cowboy song, and divided it that way with the rest as the Bump group.
Liz with Horse With No Name, Leslie with Hot Tamale, Art with Special Forces, Bill with Ace of Spades, Cindy with Monte Carlo, Alex with Dexter, Ken with Levi, George with First Night, Julie with Chicago.
Dexter is another going to be hard to beat.
Now we start the individuals.  First is Liz with Horse With No Name.  A very dark Black and Tan. The crowd is quiet again, and maybe I will take a nap.  Leslie brings out Hot Tamale.  He is Susie Witmer's dog and I do like the looks of him. I love the arching neck and he can move.  Art comes out with Special Forces.  Down and Back.  Bill comes out with Ace of Spades. I see Carolyn working for the Big Black Dog, and he will be a keeper if he works as I know he can. What an outline and that is great pigment. I am running out of stuff to say.  Bill is laughing. They are all learning to go back and take a whole ring. 
Cindy with Monte Carlo.  A real showy dog and a dark black and red.  Tedi just called since she was worried with JR on Patron since he was on another dog. A lot of handlers have two dogs.
Dexter is there with Alex. That is one hell of an impressive dog.  What bone and body. I haven't seen him before, but I am now a fan.  What power.  I am convinced.
Ken, the new judge with Levi.  His own dog and very deep bi/black and tan. My girls disagree.
George goes out for his turn with First Night.  Everyone stands and they all do. I guess by the time they get to here, they have been tested by fire in a few shows. This is a great picture of what a shepherd should look like.
Julie with a black, Chicago.  Two blacks in this group. This one is nice.
That's it and Barbara goes over through the class and she moves Bill with Ace Of Spades in front, Dexter in second, First Night and Levi, and the other Black Chicago and takes them around like that. She tells them to please slow it down.
Not much crowd support for that pick. And she moves Dexter up front, and George into secon and Levi into third and she looks them over and Dexter is a standout in there and she walks down the line and say to the last four, they are to stand out and she says something to them and they leave. 
New group with some dreams left.  In front Kelly with Midnight Harley, Christy I'm All That Matters, Sean with Mojito, JR with Patron, Jimmie with Bronson, Jimmie with Bronson, Sulvain with High Voltage, Bill with Any Sunday, Laurie with Winter's Night, and Tish with League of His Own, the winner's dog.  The order is wrong since I have violated my simple rule of listening to women.  Blame Zoe for this.
Christy with All That Matters. I will get the order right and stop depending on Zoe.  Do you understand why no one does this for me twice?
Sean with Mojito.  A very good looking dog, and he is taking the whole ring.
Now Patron. I know Twyla is a wreck, but JR brings him out to Barbara.   He is posed to show what a shepherd should look like.  And Barbara goes over him and raises her hands, and give information to JR.  JR goes to the end and the crowd likes him. He is on too tight a lead.
Bronson with Jimie.  At six and a half he looks like a real dog. He is mature and I think he might be a contender.    That could be your Grand Victor. It depends on how they work.
Sylvain with High Voltage.  A real mover.
Andy Sunday, a move-up with Bill Tank. This is a bi, close to a black. He was in a pet home and came out to finish in but a few shows after two years. 
The veteran, a dog that shows great breeding by some of the top breeders in the country.  Laurie has him and his name is Winter Nights, he is an Asgard dog, known as Gus.  This is the winners of the veteran class and his owner Lori Stewart is still smiling for that win.
Winner's dog League Of His Own, with Trish.  Roxanne is his co-owner and is in front of us now. He should go Select.
Here we go, Barbara walks down the line, and looks at heads and touches each dog,and she might be testing temperament, but she idd so already and there she is at the end and now walks back towards the front and she takes them around. She asks if they want to move them, and no one says not.  Barbara still looks fresh, but she told me her knees were a problem. You wouldn't know it from watching her.
Bronson goes up front, then the Winner's Dog League of HisOwn, she seems to have a prblem finding any more and I don't think she likes the rest so she takes the last seven and looks again, and nothing going on there.  She pulls out Patron, YES!  The rest go to the old home for the National. Twyla must be exhausted.  JR let his lead down and he no long had any problems with is back. On a tight lead, it didn't look good.
Some milling, some talking and Barbara is sitting talking to the ring stewards.  She is taking a break, and I too could use some time. My keys are starting to smoke.
Here come the bumpers.  Joanne, Ariel, Sergio, Gregg, The Guz, Amy, Holly, Elizabeth, Eric, Oak, Channing, Liz, Leslie, Art, Cindy, Kelly Sean, Laura, Sylvain, Bill, Christy, and there are your bumpers. It will be dashed hopes for them, perhaps all of them in a few minutes but fo rnow they have hopes of going Grand Victor. 21 from the best of the rest. Barbara divides them into a group of either and there they go, each handler trying to do the best And each owner still with dreams, and hopes alive for a minute.  Barbara calls out Machu Picchu from that group, and looks at them again, and they stand and stack she pulls Bobbie McGee and the rest get to go home.
Now the next eleven.  Channing, Lix, Leslie, Art, cindy, Kelly, Sean, Sylvan, Christy, bill and Laura.  Some hope left, but now much.  ALL I WANT IS TO MAKE THE FIRST CUT.
I have heard that somewhere. What a fantastic job Barbara is doing. Up goes Midnight Harley, and nothing else.
Sixteen should be left, and I think there is going to be one more cut.  It is going to be tough, and I think it might be Bronson. 
Feature Presentation,Eli, Free And Easy, Eli, All About Me, Rogue,  Hit Man, Last Cowboy Song, Dexter, First Night, Levi, Ace of Spades, Chicago, Bronson, League of His Own, Patron, Machu Picchu, Bobbie McGee and Midnight Harley.
There are going to change and she walks down the row and there she goes looking them over. They are still in the order they were and Barbara has her hands behind her back.  Michael Cheeks appologized for being in front of me. Bronson to third, behind Free And Easy. First Night to five in front of Rogue. 
Barbara says this is not where they are being placed so don't get too excited. She says take them around one at a time.  Free and Easy went to first.  Eli goes to the front.  This will stop your heart.
Rogue goes to second. She puts Dexter in third. She is looking over the class and they get to move again, and Barbara looks to have nine selects and takes the rest around. Julie is on the ground and we stop the show, it looks like a knee, and the dog is taken out.  She is up and being carried out of the ring.  Thank god for that.  It does look like a knee.
On with the show, and Barbara goes to the front and I so hope Patron gets in there and he is third now, with Bronson in fourth. She looks close at Rogue, and he is a picture.  They take her out in a chair.
Barbara keeps looking at Dexter and he is great to look at and she looks at Patron and Eli, and the rest and tells them she wants to see a pass.  Still 18 and Barbara looks at the end and wants to see the last eight take the last pass. She is sure giving everyone a chance and a good look. She looks and then thanks them all, and the show is over for them. Now the nitty gritty.
Barbara looks them over and wants anotehr trip and there they go just the first two, and this is the BigTime and Kent and Mike doing the best they can.  Rogue goes in front of Eli. Now she looks at the next four Bronson, Free and Easy. She moves up Free and Easy to fourth in front of Patron.  Now the last five.  She and she moves up Feather Presention.
She walks down the line and I suspect this is it.  There they go and YES, that's it.

2.  ELI, 
5.  PATRON, 
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Select Bitches

I came down from On High where I was allowed to spend some time with Dave Rinke. We solved most of the problems of the club, and later we will work on the Middle East.
There are 35 bitches in the ring and Barbara is in the building. She is walking the ring looking over the entries and she is wearing black slacks with a white and black jacket. She does look good.  I see Bob Grady has his traditional white suit on, and it is starting to get exciting in here.
I saw Helen Gleason today and she bragged on the temperament of Harley Davidson, I guess they used him for the education seminar.  I don't know where they go this many handlers, and I am amazed that I can recognize most of them. 
Under Barbara's jacket is a red blouse and she is resplendent in red white and black. A real fashion statement. It looks like there are only three absent, how cool is that?  Barbara is starting to send bitches out of the ring, I assume not permanently.  She is walking over to the table.
She kept in the ring eight, and what a line up. Lots of pigment and JR in front, then Art, Mike, The Guz, Bill Tank, Kent, Elizabeth Lenny and Oster the junior.  I don't know Liz's daughters last name, but she is a good handler and runs just like Liz.  Don't depend on me to know the names and also I am nervous about the show. It is as good a group as ever.
Canter with JR.  And right away, Barbara tells them to slow down, and it isn't going to be a race. I see Pat Ayres here and he stands next to us.
Art has Xenia a good looking sable, and down and back and Barbara has her stacked, and she poses like a pro. Bobbie brought some gold pain to put a spot in the center of the ring, and when he does you can smell it all through the arena.  I asked if he brought me a paper bag so I could sniff it, but he said no.
Mikey has Sienna. He mises the spot but stacks her anyway, and Barbara does her thing, and another trip for another bitch.
The Guz now takes center stage with Ticklme-elmo.  Teri Miles and Jesse Green, and Teri is in front of me. She is doing so much better in health and I am so pleased to see that. I can't get used to Jerry with the gray, and he primps with his brush, and off he goes.
Bill Tank with N'EJM Encore.  I see Bob Funk helping double her and I have watched her for years now. 
Kent brings out Madeira and Sherri is here to double handle and confirmed for Zoe who she is.  I do love that look and Kent looks happy and there they go.  That is way more style than I am used to. I think that may be a keeper.
Elizabeth comes in with Ubetcha, and she is looking for someone outside the ring, but stands for the individual just fine. Karen Taylor is here she must have something coming up.
Joanne Conboy has a good looking son standing next to me and wanted me to say hello to his mom.  So, I do as I am told.
Frank Fasano just came by running because Lenny is in the ring with Remembears.  Frank and Kris have developed such a type and so much style. The crowd loves that bitch.
That's a keeper and Lenny moves up to second behind Mike with Sienna.  And Lenny is in third with Remembears. 
Leanna New's daughter comes out with Blonde Bombshell. What a great handler and what a good looking bitch for an almost black sable.
Barbara tell The Gux to move into third and Kent to Fourth.   She says to take them again, but take them slow, and off they go. Barbara stops them all and looks over the group and she walks towards them and tells something to Bill Tank and stands next to him and wants to see his bitch down and back. He does as he is told.   Barbara leaves her where he is.
Barbara says make a very small ring, cut it in half and then stand off with them.  They take them and they bunch up, and hug the white wall and then pose againa dn she moves Blond Bombshell into fifth.
Now out comes the new group.  Bob (The Voice Of The National) comes to sit with me and already gets a phone call. He is relaxing and has to do Juniors later.
Barbara has a new lineup Joanne with Zyeata, then Bill Basu with Blackberry, then Laurie with Happysaysitall, then Liz with Kellie Sharlanna Limerick, Abby with Lookaliker (select last year), Art with Kiwi, and they are all mixed up now so I don't know the order.
Joanne took a lap, and now Bill has Blacberry.  And I see Tom with his bells.  She just finished and is an all black as the name indicates.
Laura has Happysaysitall and is going to be popular.  She was a high select last year. Barbara says, "cut the ring".  She doesn't do it. 
Kelly has 2muchbling.  Another pass.
Liz takes Kellie around and she looks good too. That is not going to be an easy job for Barbara I think she moved her in front. 
Now Scotty has Lolitta and you have to see Lauren's pink jacket. I would wear that. She is being doubled by Joey so he must have something to do with her, and Scottie takes her around. She puts her in second. Even I saw that direction.
Now Sharlonna brings out Limerick. That is Dave Coleman's bitch. We competed in most shows for Best Puppy with Jill who is now owned by Jackie and Tom Pillipont and they will bring her out to finish next year.  I do love this bitch and Sharlonna takes her slow.
Lookaliker with Aby and a nice dark sable. I do love that color.  What a great bling jacket.  She stands like arock and it is very quiet in the room, and Pat Ayres is talking to Bob Dresher next to me and I try to listen.  The crowd likes this bitch.
They all want to get against the wall and Barbara moves Aby to third. 
Now Art with Kiwi, a very dark dog, and she always has been a good one.
This is the last one and all the double handlers are in front of me and she moves er to third.
Barbara goes down the line looking at each one.  And she says, take them with Liz in front, Scotti, Aby, Art, Jaoanne, and Bill, Laurei, Kelly and Sharlonna in back.  And to the wall with them.
Now in comes the second group Sevine in front with a black, then George, Fire with a handler I don't know, Cindy, Nancy, Sean, Greg, and Sergio and Jeff, and that's the group.
Kent is here and talking to Zoe, we are trying to remember who the winner's bitch was.  Jeff with The Shadow. (An all black, and that is not the name).  Dirty Look is her name and she is a picture against the wall. I know Barbara does not like this big a ring.
George is out there now with Fresca.  George is the only handler to go back to the beginning of the ring and take her all the way with a total loose lead and Barbara wants him to do it again, and George tells the double handler to shut up. Barbara tells him to slow down, and I think she likes her, and tells him to cut the ring in half. I like that bitch.  No placing.
Hearts of Fire is out there with Trevor. I will go introduce myself, but I think I should let him finish his turn before I do.  They call her Pepper. I know that since someone is standing in front of me calling her. I don't know why they call during the individuals, but Bob Moore is also giving directions. There she goes. 
Cindy takes Akaya. She stacks and Barbara takes a look and checks teeth. She did on the others too, but I didn't think I need to mention it. Another trip around.
Nancy runs (first one to do that) to the middle with Sole Survivor.  I have always liked Soki, she is a very dark black and tan, and can cover a lot of ground, and Nancy does as she is told and shortens the ring and she is put in first.  It pay at times to follow directions. That is something Tedi has taught me.
Saleen is there with Sean now.  Zoe is helping me with the names of the bitches and the crowd is behind this bitch.  He goes to second.
Greg comes out with Deville.  This is the next to the last one and she is moving right along. I think she knows what she is doing. Barbara says "easy" and he slows her down. That is a good one, but she doesn't do anything.
Sergio has the last in this group with Laila Ali.  She does the teeth, as she is wont to do, and sends him/her around.  They take a pass and the crowd is behind this bitch too, and I see why.
OK, I was wrong out comes Jeff with I Get Around. Barbara lets them hold the lead on the loose lead temperament test, but she can see easily who is sound.  No problems except for one. Jeff takes his lap.  Another crowd favorite.  She moves up to second.  Barbara looks them over and moves Sean to first on standing and she moves down the group and pufs out her cheeks and moves Sevin to second and she moves down the group and says move around the whole ring, easy, and there they go.  She repeats EASY.  Barbara looks good.  She moves Trevor to third.
Out comes the fourth group.  It is less than an hour and we are almost done with the groups. 
Jimmie in front, with Katerina, (everyone knows I love that bitch), then Olivia Fire And Ice, then Doll House, Alex, then Art, Jodie, Christie, Ben and Leslie and out there is my favorite.
Jimmie showed her to me and I gave her a Best Of Breed.  There she goes and she works well with Jimmie. Kent showed her to me.
Now it is Fire and Ice with Olyvia, I had to get it from Donna, Zoe was talking to someone else, and she is on probation for giving me names. She is too social and everyone wants to talk to her. Not so much me. Bob Moore is talking next to me and is waiting to double again.
Now Doll House, the Granger's bitch. I don't know her, but I do like the breeding.  She is clean coming and going, and it is right in front of me.  
Alex with a move-up and she stand well.  It is Thin Mint.  There she goes. Am I the only person who is bored?  You don't have to answer that.
Art with Xanadu.  A dark sable. Mike Cheeks is sitting with me and watching.  Another run.
It is Serrendipy with Jodie.  There she goes.
Pochahontas is out there with Christy, and Ray Johnson just came by for a minute.  That's a nice bitch but Barbara isn't impressed.
Jenny From The Block with Ariel.  She has always been a favorite of mine and I am also fond of her owners.  She was also in Veterans too.  So is the next one.
Now Magnolia with Ben. She was too wild in Veterans yesterday but they calmed her down and she stand for the individual. Ben makes Barbara laugh but I couldn't hear what he said. Barbara looks fresh out there and I doubt it is going to be a problem. 
Leslie comes up with the Winner's Bitch Aquilla. She isn't finished by certainly has both majors. The crowd is behind her and she takes a like pass.  That's the last one.
Barbara blows out her breath and stand and moves the winner's bitch to the front, and she walks down the line and takes Christie with Pochahonatas to third so it is Leslie, Jimmie and Christie. There they go. Barbara has not missed a thing and is as good as I have ever seen her, and they go to stand off again.
Now the real stuff. Barbara is in conference with her ring stewards, Karen and Bob and they seem to have it resolved and I heard Bob call the first group back.  Zoe is starting to get sick of me yelling at her, and I wonder how Paul will hold up.
There they are, Mike, Lenny, The Guz, Kent, The Oster Child, JR, Channing, Bill and Elizabeth.
Karen comes out with the book to check. No cheating this year. That is a shame. It is always fun to trick the judge.  Barbara returns and tells them something I can't hear an dthey do seem to listen and I do hear, "slow down" and off they go. Mike in front with Sienna.  He does slow done, and Barbara yells at the top of her lungs, "SLOW DOWN". AND SHE MOVES Kent to second Lenny in front with Remembears.
Barbara says there are a lot of lovely bitchs and she has to nit pick but it doesn't mean they aren't great, and she says one at a time and a half a ring.  Lenny says shhhh and Barbara says half a ring and he doesn't do it.  But the crowd is behind him She sayd sto Ken, cut the ring.  Now Midiera  with him in second. He slows down. Mike with Sienna, and he slows down too.  The Guz with Ticklemelmo.  Not much going on there but she is so stylish and now the Osler girls and Barbara say cut it in half, and few of the handler listen to her. Now JR, Channing, Bill Tank, and Elizabeth. These at the end are probably going nowhere. 
Barbara picked the best already and so these are just another chance to sparkle, not happening.
So it is Lenny, Kent, Mike and The Guz. 
I am blocked by the double handlers and I don't think I can ask them to move. Barbara is looking  at some back sand at the end of her line and she says OK, cut the ring, and this is going to be it.  She says, "easy please, stop racing". And there they go.
Barbara sent them out and brings in the next group, and brings in the next group. Liz, Scottie, Abby,k Art, Joanne, Bill, Lorrie, Kelly and Sharlonna. 
She says take them around again and off they go.  First Kelli, Lolitta, Lookaliker, Kiwi, Zyeata, Blackberry, Happysaysitall, Too Much Bling and Limerick. They take a pass one at a time.
Barbara isn't placing anything yet, and so they stay in position and they have learned to slow down.  Barbara looks them over and says to put them aside again. I am not sure she likes any of them.
Now in comes the third group. 
Jeff, Nancy, Savain, Sean, George, Tevor, Cindy, Gregg and Sergio.
Barbara tells them to take them around. My fingers are tired. I Get Around, Sole Survivor, Dirty Look, Saleen, Fresca, Hearts of Fire, Akaya, Deville, Laila Ali,
They each go one time and Barbara has a look on her face that says she is underwhelmed. I think she was blown away by the first group.  She moves over to watch one going away and nods her head. Now she is looking at each of them going away and again, blows out her breath, with her hands behind her back. Even the crowd is not impressed.  Sort of a slow day right now.
No changes for the first time, ao it is not much to watch.  She moved Fire in front of George into fifth, Best Of Dump.
Now the fourth class with Winner's Bitch in front Aquilly with Leslie.  That is one good looking bitch and the dog looks good too. Don't tell Leslie I said that, but I like her pink jacket. And she takes them with Aquilla in front then Jimmie Katrina in second.  There are three sisters in the Special Bitch Class Katrina and her two sisters. I think one is the bitch I put up when I gave Katrina her BOB. 
She wants to look at Serindipity in Fourth, I don't have time to spell them, Barbara again tells them to cut the ring and there goes Leslie with the Winner's Bitch and the crowd loves that and now Katrina with Jimmie.  Each one on their own.
This group has winner's bitch, move ups and veterans.  wow.
She just moved Pochahontas behind quilla.  All else stays the same. Nobody has been cut yet.
No cuts yet and in comes the next group with Kellie in front with Liz.  Go back and look if you need more information.  Scottie is in second with Lolita then Art with Kiwi and a bunch more that probably aren't going anywhere.  Barbara goes over to the last five and talks to them and the first part of the class left. Everyone is laughting with Joanne in front, Bill, Laurie, Joanne and Sharlonna..  And there are some new people in front of them now none of us know what is going on.  Barbara is talking now to the other group that seems to be standing in front of the end of the last group and she is saying something to JR, and he laughs, and I am sure they know what she is saying.  There are 15 in there from different groups and I have no idea why. Barbara goes over to the table and brings in more bitches.  She has an idea what she is doing, but we don't.
If I had to guess, and I am always right, I would think she is bringing in the end of each class and is having her "cut" bitches in the ring.  Now 18 in there, and lots of double handlers in front of me, moving away and there goes the first eight   Dreams are about to be brokena nd she tells them to stop.  To the corner with them. But, they get to keep the bibs for a while.
Now another group, Mike Cheeks says this is the cut group and they are tying to get saved. I don' think there is much chance for them, Barbara is not impressed. She talks to them all, and off they go to get ready for Kansas.  She knew what she was doing, it is just we didn't.
I have to say, when those were in and I watched them, I have to agree with her. Everyone got a good look, and now we find out who remains.  I figure we have 20 left.  I will
know in a minute. They would still be in the order she set them with Lennie in front. I guess I won't say much until something happens. They are lined up facing me, so all the double handlers are here. 
I went over to count and I was close, 19.  Some beautiful bitches in there and the first three aren't going to be the top three, but one of them probably will be our Grand Victrix.  Remembear Me, Madiera, but now she start Aquilla went to third.  Zoe is having trouble seeing and all I can see is the backs of people. I need to be up higher. Each takes a pass. Zoe is standing with a bad knee.
She moved Pocahontas to fourth. Katrina is in fifth right now.  The crowd is alive and Barbara watches each of them. Lots of noise, and maybe for Males I will go up in the stands. I can't see anything. Sorry, but I hope you see it on the video.
Kelly, Aquilla, Remembear, Madiera, Encore, Pochantis, Katrina, Fire And Ice, Siena, Lolitta, Ticklemelmo, Kiwi, I Get Around.
She moves thenone at a time, and Aquilla moves in front. It is exciting and the crowd is going wild, and Barbara looks great,a nd she looks at her group for Madiera and she brings her to fourth, and MNJ Encore, Pochantas, Katrina, WOW, Fire and Ice, Sienna, Lolitta, (I don't think there are going to be any changes), and Ticklemelmo, Look Aliker, Kiwi,  Get Around, Serendipity, Sole Surviver, Dirty Look,   That's it, 17 in there.
Everyone has hopes and Barbara excuses only four and now there are 13.   I think they might all go select, that is a fantastic goup and Barbara is up to the front and lots of people out of the race and she walks down the line with her hands behind her back. 
ONE TIME AROUND, she says.  The winner's Bitch in front Aquilla,a nd Barbara looks them over and the crowd is as loud as I have ever heard at a National, and they seem to bunch up at the end and Barbara walks down to the front and she moves Remembears and Madiera to fouth. Barbara goes don the line and talks to each handler.  That is a pretty lineup and I would take any of them home.
Barbara looks strong and nods her head, and says to take them around again, and she is walking faster and puffing and she walks again and againand she watches them and YES that's it.
That was exciting, but I doubt Zoe will ever do this again. After lunch for the males I will burn out Paula.  Amazing 14 Selects and shades of Ed Barritt. She could have boen 20 deep, but did a tremendous job. What a group of bitches.
The Grand Victrix is Winner's Bitch and those are her first points. So we have a Grand Victrix not a champion. 
On to the dogs.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Musing from the top of the day

What a national this has been. The mood is upbeat each day, everyone is having a good time, or so it seems.  A lot has to do with Bill Bergraff who is everywhere making sure everything goes smoothly.
The weather is perfect and the grounds are so convenient that you can go see whatever you want at any time. The prison next door sends over some of the short timers to clean the arena each day and to continue to pick up trash.  They wear green t-shirts identifying them as prisoners. I won't name names, but someone bought a green t-shirt from one of the prisoners. I can't say who it was because Kim Schooly's husband has to get out of town before the warden finds out.
Last night I saw some dogs that are going to be sensational today in the ring. And, I talked to Barbara about what she wants to see, and even who she expects to see.  She is ready and able to do a great job for us, and I anticipate just that.
There are so many that are not here, that I miss, Diane Brown, Tom and Vivian, Fran Ford, The Grangers, Randy Chestnut, Jane Kerner, Jack Newton, Pam Stoesser, Tedi, (of course), and too many others that I enjoy seeing each year. I do wonder if the video will discourage attendance in the future?   I hope not, because the mood,the atmosphere, the general feelings are something that can't be felt without being here.
The morning is still dark, but the air is chilly, clear and filled with promise.  For the first time ever I took some time this morning to read my Blog.  I too enjoyed it, and that surprised me.
It is time to get ready to rumble, and I might take a train, I might take a plane, but if I have to walk, I'll be there just the same. Kansas City, here I come.  And I still am an hour from the Big Show.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Friday, October 15, 2010

We are not in Kansas Toto

I was part of the open ring tonight. I saw dogs that made my heart beat harder. Eli,Dexter, Diesel, and those are but three. I did see Rogue, and he too is something else. After a week of class animals, to get down with those magnificent animals is a real treat.
I am so ready for tomorrow, and I know the quality is going to astound everyone who gets a chance to see it.
I had another fun dinner with friends, enjoyed some good judging in both sexes, talked to a lot of people I missed the past years, and am going to get some rest and get ready for tomorrow.  If you can't be there it is a shame, but there is next year. After what is going to go into the ring tomorrow, I doubt anyone will want to miss Kansas.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

The tail end, and the extras

I took a break and it is hot outside. I am back for the extra stuff, but I know some are into it, so since I too am a veteran, I will report on that too.  I understand they will be video of the stampede after the show, so stick around.  Norma is talking to Barbara, and so I have to move over.
We are ready and there goes the Veteran Dogs. First in the ring is Cindy with Winter Nights, The JR with Jag, Kent with Bad Boy and Sharlonna with Dream Boat. What memories they provide. Winter Nights is out of our Tequella bitch, and a special in my heart.
Only four, and there they go, not looking old at all.  Winter nights goes out there and looks so happy to be there. He knows how to stack, but I guess by now, he should. I know Laurie loves the hell out of him and I watched him from a puppy.  His call name is Gus, and he always remembers me.  Tedi would love to see him, and I know he is on the video so she can enjoy him but in person he looks great. 
Now JR has Jag who is owned out our way by Joe Mazel.  I have watched him for years too.  I don't know where the years have gone, and it seems just a year or so ago they were being shown.  Sharlonna went out of order, and Kent is still looking to see what happened. She has Dream Boat, another California local dog.  He always has been a handsome sable dog, and looks like a youngster.
Kent is very patient to let her go, and stands with Bad Boy. He also looks good, almost nine, (February).  That is a picture posed and I would go with him. 
Winter Nights is in great condition.  Dan has them take a lap. It is interesting that they have had an open ring all week, no breaks for the youngsters or the oldsters. Even at Denny's they have a senior menue.
Bad Boy goes around last and now Sharlonna. I think he took two together then one and one. Strange but it seems to be what the handlers are doing.
He puts Gus in front, then Bad Boy and walks down the line to look at heads. Gus has a great head and is so alert, and Sheryll is doing a great job to keep him up. There they go with Gus leading YES it's GUS, BAD BOY, JAG AND DREAM BOAT.
That is great for Lorrie who owns the dog is such a great lady, and we were so proud of what she did with our little puppy.
No older Veteran Dogs, so we go directly to 7-9 Veteran Bitches. There are some bitches in there that peak my interest, one is Dixie Chick, a bitch I have always loved.
There is a delay and I got to talk to Terri Miles Green for a minute and she is looking great.There goes Caisson Pax, then Dixie Chick, Exodia, Legally Blond, Spider Woman, Tanqueray, Jenny From The Block an and Zoom Zoom.
I have always loved Dixie Chick, but there are some great bitches out there.  What a great looking group of older ladies.
Bob takes them around and that brings tears to my eyes.  He stands back and wants them to take another pass. In front is Liz's daughter who runs just like Liz.  Pax looks great with her.
There she goes and Laurie is on the phone with Tedi for her big win.  Evidently Tedi missed it, but Laurie is excited enough for all three of us. I am still grinning.
Now Dixie Chick and Alex has her.  Exodia is out there with Eric.  A dark bi or maybe not.  Legallly Blond with an equally blond handler.  Channing is out there with Spider Woman.  Jenny From The Block with Sharlonna, and she is in good shape, the bitch and Sharlonna. 
I told Barbara I miss Susan, her daughter.  Jenny From The Block is there with Cindy.  Zoom Zoom with Kelly.  Leslie came by to talk to Barbara.  There they go, and a good group, not that many that look old.
Bob watches them and eight in there moving like they think they are in the puppy class. Of course, so do I.  Think, that is.   Another temperament test on one bitch and Jenny From the Block in first then Zoom Zoom then Legally Blond, then Tanqueray.  Good group and good choice. He calls it that way.  JENNY FROM THE BLOCK, ZOOM ZOOM, LEGALLY BLOND, TANGUERY.
9 and older, last chance for Dan, then Barbara takes over.
First is Ch Da-Lyn's Hylock Joy Stuttgart, the Ch Magnolia, and then Ch Happyanunoit,. Every one of them is a super star, and always was, and I don't know how many Select Bwo Time Select AOE Magnolia.  I have watched her from her puppy class, and it is strange to see her at this age, looking like she always was.  Now there is a crowd pleaser.  Listening to The Guz and Barbara is a real trip.
Maggie in front then Happy and they are two.  That's it, STEEL MAGNOLIA, HAPPY AND JOY.
On to Best Puppy
Barbara has entered the ring.  She picks the raffle ticket and we have a winner for $735.00.  Barbara looks great but hasn't lost a step. We enjoyed talking and she is always good for a joke or a laugh. She does at time take me too seriously, but lots of people do that.
In come the puppy winners. I did like the bitches more than the males, but so far, no one has asked me, so I guess it is up to Barbara. She is also going to do the Best Bred By.  Iza won the raffle, and just in time to pay for drinks for everyone.
Only four in there, go figure.  Not much interest here, but it is early.  I have no plans for after the show, so let's drag it out. They all went around, and now it is all up to Barbara.  I think she has made up her mind, but the looks them over again and wants some more side gait.  There they go.  Best Puppy is SHARO'S PHOENIX RISING V DELRAY WOLFCREEK Best Opposite is MARINER'S SMOOTH AS SILK.
Best Opposite Sex is a New York dog and his call name is Rizer, not with a "s". That is important to Linda, so it is important to me.
All that is left is Best Bred By.  Then the Big Rumble In The Middle free for all. I always felt the Friday evening in the ring with everyone running with no grooming and no judge. It gives everyone a chance to see what is real, with no pressure on anyone.
Well, that's it for the show, before the show. Just fun stuff now, up to Saturday morning.  Thanks for listening. I am exhausted, but it has been a lot of fun.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Winner's Dog

Barbara said to say hello to Joan Huber, and so I do what I am told.  We both wish she were here, but I know Barbara will do her great job as ususal.
Ray Johnson just handed me the 1953 National Specialty Show Catalog.  I have to take some time to look at it.  I wonder if I can find my picture in there. I was three at the time.  The Guz is hugging Barbara now and that is a picture.
Michel has the complete results up on the site, so if you didn't get it here, you can get it there.
It is fun to sit with Barb, everyone who is important is coming by to say hello. 
I watched the Parade Of Greats, and it brought a few tears.  I loved seeing Magnolia looking like a puppy, and also of course Black Orchid with hair.  Even looking better.
They are up to Winners, so I am going to get Paula to help me post what is going on.  Everyone is waiting and they are bringing in the males.  Dan Dwier is here talking to Barbara, and I am trying to listen to learn something new.  Hunter brought Ken Tank by to look at the 1953 catalog. 
Everyone is waiting and they are gathering, and Dan is at the ready ring. 
They are in the ring, and stacked in the middle so we can see them all. That is a great lineup, and Barbara is telling me what she thinks, but now about the class.
Dan walks down the line with his hands in his pockets, They takie a pass with Nancy then Trish, Kent, Scottie Liz and George.  Dan is taking them each down and back.  Karen Taylor came by and it is fun listening to Barbara.  He moved the 12- 19 Dennis the Menace.  I can't see to where, and he is in second place behind the open dog. Barbara went out there to see and let me know. I have so much help with Paula and Barbara.  Plus they make me look good sitting here.
The 6-9 puppy gets some applause.  Dan pats Mike on the back. I think they like being there. A winner at the national. And there they go one at a time, Nancy with the Dog.  Kent with Promise Keeper.  Barbara is reading over my shoulder, and now Liz with the black dog Nigeria and Dan is looking at the all black and he leaves her there.  Scott with Dennis the Menace.  Dan looks over the class.  Trish with Gideon, and she stays there and now Dan moves her to behind Kent.  There goes the Bred By Dog Year Of the Gentleman.  Dan ois looking them over and he moves Year of the Gentleman up two places and there goes Mike with Phoenix Rising.  That's the lot of them.
They stack and Dan walks t the front, and walks down the line looking them over. There they go and the crowd likes the order with the Open Dog in front but Dan is looking them all over and he says to stop over here, and he grabs Year Of the Gentlemen into second and moves another and IT IS THE OPEN DOG, LASLER'S LEAGUE OF HIS OWN OF SOMERSET ROSE, winner's dog on Tuesday too, Roxanne Labra's first dog.  She is crying and has hopes for tomorrow.
Now on to Reserve.  The second Open Dog comes in and takes her place.  Merlin comes in for Reserve with Lindsey.   He looks the dog over well and goes to the front of the ring and calls them out and puts her in second.  There they go with Year of The Gentleman in front.  The crowd likes the 12 foot lead and Dan looks at them and takes a hard look at them all nd is looking at Ken and puts him in second with Promise Keeper and Denise The Menace in third and they stack and Dan looks them over from the other side and talks to them and walks between the dogs and down to the end of the line and says, take them around.  There they go, and Dan turns and gives it to YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Open Bitches

Here come the girls, here come the girls.  Hally is by helping me stay grounded.  There goes Channing running by.  The handlers are lined up and Bob is standing in the ring by himself.  Jimmie came by and said good morning. I need to be nice to him now that he is on the board. And Bob is still standing alone.
Here they come, Karen Wagner is checking them in.  Tom Mesdag came by to see me, and the bitches come by one at a time.  I see he divides them into two groups. Six seems like a good number.  I see Art, Scott, Jeff, and others, I can't see. The light is good, but maybe it is just me.
There they go as a group. Pat Ayres came by and gave me a pack of Mac-nut shortbread.  Carolyn Martello is standing next to us,and I think she might have a bitch here.  I see Julie Hamerasky is doubling and working harder than anyone else.
The people out side the ring are doing more work than those inside. Hally and Sharon Ivy are talking together. I love having all my friends at this table with me. They have so many things to say that I get to listen to. But, much of them are saying stuff I can't repeat.
Dave Coleman went by with Sharlonna, and in the ring is Tammy Sawatsky from Canada either she dropped the lead or it broke, but the dog went directly to the double handler. I don't think I have seen so much doubling going on, and so many temperament problem, for a National.  Dave Lasater came by and he can't stop grinning.
Pat Ayes is here with us now, how much better can it get?
There goes Art with a crowd favorite Spirit. And Scottie is out there with a very good looking male.  Bob does a real loose lead test. There is a paint spot in the middle of the ring, and they all have to stand and not pull away.   Michel just got here and missed the whole Dog class.  Boy the crowd likes Scottie with Lew Bunch's bitch Capri.  She is something special. 
Laurie Bellah is out there and she got a new hair cut. It is a good one. Also she has a handsome dog and he seems to ignore Bob.  Another crowd favorite, Shake Rattle and Roll.  Now Jeff with You Had Me At Wow.  This is a Samurai daughter. We have a Samurai daughter at home with 14 points and both majors. The dam of Kirk. It is all about me.
Twyla checked with Liz to see that I was right.  YES!  She is a Samurai daughter. My day is complete.
Now Shak'n Not Str'd with Laura Bellah's son Lee.  Laura looks too young and side by side they look the same age.  That depresses me when I look in a mirror.  Things are moving fast, and we are going to be done early with judging.  Adele Hyson just asked for information about lunch, and I have no idea about anything. It is fun to tell people that, and see how disapointed they are to find out I know nothing about everything.
Still on the first group and Bob sends them over and brings out the rest, Bill Basu, George, Kent, Genereaux, the Mike and Liz Oster.  Twyla just reminded me that I am older than her. Actually I am older than most, I am six days older than her. That is how exciting it has been so far.  Richard Sottille just walked by and so did Donna.  Bill Basu is there Maya.  Teeth, tail and he is not testing testicles.  Good move Bob.
I did see Jamie this morning and she looked cold, but it is starting to warm up now. Not so many double handlers right now. Both Bob and Dan had discouraged double handling on the individual. I think people want to make sure it doesn't appear to be a temperament problem.
George has Thriller and I like the look on her. She poses so perfectly and he sure can pose a bitch.  Ray Johnson is talking to us and reminding Twyla how far back they go.  Ray asked about Vivian, and we told him she is getting better. 
Kent has Ariel and what a good looking bitch.  Kent gives her the fulllead and she is very smooth, and should have gotten more applause.
Now an all black owned by Sandy Anderson.  I see Lew Bunch talking to The Guz, and now Scottie joins them.  The crowd likes the black bitch and she makes quite an outline against the white wall.
Mike is out there with Aquilla, another Aries offspring. Lots of that going around.  Al Martin came by with an almost all black, and just a patch of white on the chest. Now Liz with Savanna, an Army daughter.  I think she has been in the ring before, every step is a pose.
Bob has the six lined up and off they go, for a pass, and a last chance for this class at least.  It hard to go any faster, but with the wall as it is, you can see them.  And back to the wall they go, and out comes the first group.  Bob tells them something and now comes out to work with his first six.
Now we are inundated with double handlers and I can't see much but off they go on a sprint.  Everyone leaves lots of room so for six to make a pass is about 20 seconds. Some with a short lead, and some all the way out. Bob walks to them and moves Art in front with Spirit, then Scott with Capri, then Shake Rattle and Roll and You Had Me at Wow.
He brings out the second group, and I think he will be picking some and yes, he puts George in front of that group, Ariel and Aquila, and then there were seven and off they go, with Art in front, not in order still as they came in.  I suspect those are the keepers.
They stop and Bob walks over to them with a look of concern on his face and tells them to stand off .
What a thrill.  Barbara Amidon came by and is sitting with me. She looks fantastic and is going to do a great job, I just know.  She is dressed all in black but I don't see a whip. She is being mobbed by everyone.  The outfit is by Beyonce.
Back to the show.  In front is You Had Me At Wow, then Ariel, Aquilla, and then Thriller. The crowd is loud more than any other time and Bob has his arms crossed, but he isn't done yet, and walks over to them and he says something to the last three to see who gets Best Of Dump.  Four standing in front of me, and they are all stacking with Jeff still in front and Kent, then Mike and George, with bitches on the leads.
Bob stands in front of me and has them go down and back.  Even Jimie is here to help Kent with his bitch.  The crowd is tying to influence the judge with yells, I don't think Bob is impressed.  Those sure are pretty bitches.
Bob tells them, one at a time. I am watching and listening to Barbara, and there they go. Lots of tension, more than the dogs, Jeff gives her a full 12 foot lead, now Kent, and he wants it, I can tell, and the crowd would give it to him.  No changes.
Now there goes Mike and another crowd favorite, slower, and a real beauty.  Bob watches her and moves her to first.  It's Aqulla in ere ty go and YES, that's it.
It is fun to listen to Twyla on one side and Barbara on the other. But, Twyla is leaving.

Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Open Dogs

ok, it is time for a dog show. They are calling Open Dogs to the ring. Lots of people here, but no one but me at my table. It seems each day less people show up early. I just took time to talk to Dave Rinke.
Twyla and Bob (The Voice Of The National) are with me and we are laughing as we always did. Twyla and Bob go way back to when they lived in Penn. 
The Open Dogs are int her now and Dan is doing the individuals and it looks like seven, so this won't take long.  Bob Grady has a real purple suit today and there can be no doubt about the color.  Paula came by and we are talking about what Bob did and I loved it, but feel bad about the owners. Mary Terrese is here and what a great smile. 
Sheryll Brockett was playing with her toy and threw a ball into the ring. We gave her a good hand.  With Bob and Twyla, I don't have time to type, and Paula is telling jokes.  I was trying to remember the breeding of Magic Marker, and we asked Liz, she know all of that.
It is very quiet here now, and lots of people, but nothing going on.  Dan is moving them and he puts up Nancy with League Of His Own, then Jeff with Merlin and Alice Cooper in third and Bon Jovi in fourth, and there go the first four with Nancy Jeff a name I don't know and Kent, and that looks like a good way to go. Paula is talking with Bob who went to go just the bitches.
Ann Schultz came by and we are all waiting for the free-for-all after the jduging.  Dan does a test and another problem.  Must be the age.  They line up and he takes the last three to make sure he isn't missing anything.  Dan walks back and he pulls up JR with Chad into fourth.  He moves the last five aside and wants to look over the first two, and he tells them to take a pass, with Nancy in front doing a lot of directions to her doubler, and she is serious, then Jeff. And off the go.
Nancy has him on a loose lead and Jeff lets out 12 foot of lead and he tells them to stand back, and goes to the rest and says, "one time" and off they go, it's crunch time.
Nancy stacks her dog, and so does Jeff, and THATS IT!
The class winner won the Futurity and Best Opposite.  It is good to have Twyla here, she helps me to not say stuff I shouldn't say. I tried to talk to Tedi, but between the video and the Blog, there isn't anything I can tell her. She did say she saw me buying raffle tickets, and there is no privacy here at all.  I didn't win.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Early in the morning

I am here an hour before the show starts and loving it.
There are maybe 12 people milling about, Bobbie is here with me early every morning to get his equiptment set up and so is LanaLee.  They clean this place every nice and each morning it looks like new. There is a prison next door and the inmates are here all day.  They wear green T-shirts so you can tell them from us free folks, and they say prisoner on the back. I asked if they could sell them, and they are going to check with the warden. 
The big issue on the List seemed to be the Novice Bitch class. Sandy Anderson just came by and introduced me to Myra Johnson from North Carolina, and she is here at her first National.  But, I digress.  I was about ten feet from the judging when Bob did the Novice Bitch class.  I talked to some of the owners, and others and everyone saw different things. But, only one person was next to the bitch and only one person got our votes to judge our National. That person made a decision and as he told me, it was not easy to do. But, I think whatever he did, he was honest about it, and so I give him a lot of credit. There are going to be times when you judge when you have to do something you know is going to cause a problem, but a great judge will do the right thing.
And, that's all I have to say about that.
I picked up Steve Barbash to ride over with me, he is also San-Wife. Dave Coleman is talking to me and he is having a good time. He is going over to Kevin's coach to see if he is open yet, and Kevin has great food in that trailor.  I see Bill Leonard and he is sitting next to me now. 
Last night I ate with Barbara and Stacy, and then we met Flower Boy and his group Collette and Ed Hill came by to talk and so we may talk a bit today. Judy Tiedel was with us and Tony is here and so is Kent.
We were talking about the video and I think it should be open to the public.  There goes Sharon Ivy and so moe people coming in.  Kent came up to talk to us and he is dressed to show and has a Harley Davidson jacket on.   Everyone seems to be getting ready so I will climb down from the top bleachers and go get ready for another day of dog shows.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Early still in the room

Here it is Friday of what has become a long week.  Lots of interesting stuff, new people and old friends.  This is the end of the second part, and tomorrow is the Big Show.  It will be a  short day with nothing much after two classes of entries, and some presentations.
We have a new board and with these people some good strong minds that will find out why answers are hard to get, and turn this club into the right direction. 
Jimmy Moses
Frank  Fasano
Frederick Migliore
Bart Bartley
Pamela O'Dell
Nancy  Harper
Carol Moore
With the current members that is going to be one great addition to our board. I understand that Ken Downing wants Jimmy, Frank and Fred on the finance committee, and that says wonders for the future of the GSDCA.
I will leave in a bit to sit in the bleachers of the empty stadium to muse on the joys and the sorrows of the last few days and to speculate on what Saturday will bring.  Join me in your predictions.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Thursday, October 14, 2010

American Bred Bitches

American Bred Bitches
Large Class.
Nancy has Dare to Dream, Lorry B has Merriment,The Guz has SolikeHappy, Jeff has Guinevere, and Art has wicked.
I was talking to Jimmie and we solved all the world's problems. Then I spent some time with Georgie, and Jerry Bobeck.  There are 17 bitches in there and so far I like what I see. He moved them all and divided them into two groups. Scottie tried to move up but Bob was just telling them to go to the wall.
Now he has another four in there with Lenny in front Tish, and two others whose numbers I can't see.  I miss the Browns, I hope Diane gets back here soon.  Tony came by to give Zoe the move ups, and I don't know what I will do with the information but she does.  Now Bob added two more to the group so there are six of them. I was always very good at math.
There they go led by Lenny and there are some good ones in there, but I can't see the numbers well enough to tell you who they are. I wonder if I am going blind, or just tired.  Paula used my car to road work Harley, and I don't think he is being shown, but I see he is entered.
Lenny has a bi, and she looks good against the white wall.   Kelly Salvala is at the end of the class and she is another who never gets older and always look good.  Now we go to the individuals, and George is here with Nancy Harper, and she has a lei and I did talk to Pat Ayers for a minute and he too is here with sans-wife.  I told him we should go out and I could watch him drink.
I see Dan talking to Kent and DD, and they seem intent on something. I did get to talk to Carmine for a while and I have never seen him in a hat before.  I just spend half an hour with Carmine and he has lots of ideas for the club.
Bob is still doing the judging, that is why he gets the big bucks. Olivia is out there from the second group, and the crowd seems subdued. I think it is the last one in there sable with Sharlonna with Darlin.  Ann Thompson talked to me for a bit, and I see a lot of double handlers.
Everyone seems to be waiting for the day to end, but maybe I am just projecting.  It has been a long National with spurts of amazing quality.  I got to hug Harley again, and Paula is taking him around so people can see him. They seem to like him and now the first group is back in there. So far none have been cut.  Pam O'Dell walked by and stopped for a minute. I gave our cookies and candy to the crowd, I have had enough.
All seventeen are out there stacked and Bob takes The Guz to the front and then Art then Scottie and Lenny. He lets eight take the day off and there they are with Solikehappy in front. She won the Futurity and now leads this class and off they go.
At the end is Sharlonna and they all take a pass.  Wicked is in second and I think they may be the winners.  Bob lets a group out of the ring, so now only ten or twelve double handlers are standing in front of me. They are more important than me, so I won't complain.
Now there are ten left with Solikehappy in front, and the crowd seems to like her. The Guz cottie with does one hell of a job and Art is pushing her with Wicket and then Scottie with Then Came Me, but Bob just moved Scarlott up front then Bella, (Solikehappy).  He is looking over the rest looking for a third and it is Torrid Affair, and he moves the rest up starting with Wicked. He did it with less than enthusium.
He tells them one time with Lenny leading and The Guz doing a great job and the crowd likes that dark bitch in front.  He only takes the first five.  Bob is walking towards them and sets them back.  Bob calls them out to the center and we don't know what he is doing yet.
He is taking them coming and going so the crowd can see. First Scarlott.  Now Solikehappy, and then the rest.  Some applause, but not that much. Bob stares at Solikehappy and  she is so pretty standing.  The crowd is underwhelmed with most of these bitches.
Then Came Me is a big crowd favorite and she does look classy, a real quality sable.  I think maybe people are looking for something to get excited about.  Bob stands back to look at each of them.   Zelda made the cut and just took the novice agility prefered title and she has her CD and her Rally Excellent title and now she is there in the final cut. And one good looking bitch in sixth.
Bob wants to look more at them and he scratches his ear and walks up to them and tells the fist two to stand back. The Guz makes a comment under his breath, which need not be repeated.  It has been a long show.  Bob took three, and now he is taking the last three. This is like a Specials judging.
There is no question, he has the best up front.  Dawn's bitch moves up to third and I am jazzed, that is Zelda.  THAT'S IT, Way to go Dawn with Zelda, number three with those two in front, what a bitch!
Both Dan and Bob did a real professional job for all classes.
On to Friday.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

American Bred Dogs

I got to talk to Kathleen Steen, and she is with Jimmie and The Guz right now. I talked to the camera people and said we need more closeup on movement, but it seems if you zoom in too fast, it makes the picture blur, and they go by too fast.
Tony is sitting with me now, so we do get to talk for a minute. He said for American Bred Bitches eight are entered and so far only five have picked up.
I did get to go work the crowd for a minute, and sat with Flower Boy, so now my national is complete.   Things are slow now waiting for American Bred.  I just talked to Dan over by the photographer, so he is not at ring side.  Gloria Rice came by for a minute.
It isn't the same without Ed Barritt, but he told me he wasn't going to come.  They are ready to go, so here we go. This is a small class, but Bitches are much bigger.  Dan came by and said he wants to drag the five out to finish the afternoon.  Norma is talking to me about her dogs, and says she would have made it a bigger class.
Maureen Charlton came by and there they go into the ring.
First is Ken Tank, then Channing Sheets, Kent Boyles, Liz, another and Tish then Georgie. Dan is making fun of me because I said only five picked up. All eight are there.  I see some I like a lot, let's see what they do in movement.
Dan walks down the line and looks at them stacked. All the double handlers are in front of me.
Houston, we have a problem.  But, there are more dogs to place.
I have been off talking to Bob, (The Voice Of The National), and he reminded me that Kathy Steen is who got him started announcing, and then convinced him to get a judging licence.   So that may be why she is here. I think I will go talk to Bob some more, so I will put Zoe to work. She ate lunch and has nothing else to so.
Another individual pass around the ring for the dogs in the second group. Moved them to a bew order 383, 385, 384, 386.
Group one was 382, 379, 380, 381
Group one goes around the ring for anther pass.
He leaves them in that order, and walks down the line of stacked dogs, eying them critically.
Now 382 is up front, 383, 385, 384, 380, 386, 379 and 381
Double handlers are racing to the far end of the ring.
385 moved in front of 383
Bob left me so I am back and so I have the keyboard. Boy they sure can go fast, and Dan is looking at this first four, and he sends them back and now his winners, four.
In front is Liz with Mtn Dare Devil.  I like that dog and she takes off and now is in second to Gideon.  Dan stands them aside and looks at the other two, Iron Man and Barbaro with Lindsey.  The crowd likes that dog a lot, and so do I. Lee Bellah has him.  Barbaro goes into second, and still four.  Now back to the out four, and Dan stands to watch and Kent is in the last place, nothing he is used to, but so is George in this group, led by Channing. Dan stops them and looks them over and stamps his foot. I have no idea why, and gives them a brief and I mean a brief look.  We just had a thundering herd of doublers go by. 
The crowd is wild now and there they go, and no, he stops them and moves Channing up and that's it.
Loreen just came by and slapped the table and made me jump. It started my heart, not always a good thing.  Michel came back, Zoe left to check the entries and I did get them in time to put it on the tape.  Now we move to the biggest class of the day.  Bob (TVOTN) and I talked most of the class, but I understand Zoe filled in.  So, life is good.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together

Bred by bitches

Bred By Bitches
There are five in there. I know Bob is hoping for better temperament. I know he is going to look closely.  There they go, I see Veronica then Dave, (who is doing all the winning), then Leslie, Eric and Cindi Tellefson.
They are all handlers too, so it doesn't matter that they are breeders.  Paul Root is talking Mike, and walking about down at the end of the ring.  I see Kent talking to Jimmie and Mr. Avery is here to talk to me.  I gave him a piece of candy and he never mentioned Sharon.  I need to start to think of what to get for the office staff, they have called me each day. I just got a call from my associate who is in court, and he wanted to get my idea what to do.
Dave Lasater is in the ring and he sure has had success in the last few years. We co-own Magic Marker with him, and besides her, he has had a lot of winners, even this week.
Nancy Ellis is talking to Scottie and I think they have things settledEllen just came by with one hell of a dog. I got to hug him, not Ellen.  I love Elli, and have hopes for him. Up close he is very impressive and I hope he goes Grand Victor, he is sound as could be, and very very type to look at.   I got to spend some time with him, and win or lose that is a dog that has my heart.
Bob is still judging.  But, that was the last one.  He moves Leslie up front with Chardonnay and leaves Dave in second with Deuces Wild. Bob retests Rhyme with Cindy and moves her to second and off they go.  Bob is walking and that is a good sign but now he stops to look at them and they keep on moving and Bob walks over to them and tells them to stand.
Bob puts the last three to the side and works the first two.   Peggy Cunningham is here talking to me and so is Al, who sits and talks.  Down and back with the two. Al showed me a picture of who is supposed to be in this class, and a real nice one.
Bob puts Cindy up front and off they go.
That is the way they go.
That Bitch Al showed me film of his bitch. It is a shame that she isn't here.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together