Thursday, October 14, 2010

12-18 bitches

It's a dog show.
Bob, (The Voice Of The National) is sitting next to me on one side and Donna Calabrese on the other side.  That is my idea of how to enjoy a national.
The dogs are in there twelve and Dan is in the ring.
Bob and I have to stop with the jokes, and we need to sit together for the Specials. I have a problem in that I don't have a catalog and Michel isn't here with the lists, so I don't know who is in the ring.  Sharon Earl, (I know) came by and is sitting with us.  Olivia is in the ring with a real alert looking dog and I see everyone else is watching.  I see Sheri in the ring talking not handling.  And off Olivia goes down and back.  All the handlers are in there. 
Sheri came by and has a hedge hog on a rope, and I hope she is using it to double handle, if not, she is too old for a stuffed toy.  Karen Wagner came by with some glasses.  Sheri said Jim was a good boy today. We asked and she said he was on time and in a good mood.   I believe that.
Donna is not a good influence on me.  There is a lot going on that I will not say to protect the minors who might read this.  Now Joanna is here and asking me about the Blog. Donna is wearing bling and sparkles. 
Donna wants to say hello to Mom and Bonnie. I have no idea who that is, but she is important enough to make hte Blog, and that is a good thing.  JR just took a pass and now Christie has a good looking dog, lots of bone and color. 
Here comes Terri Miles and Jess.   Al Rand is with them and he did well yesterday at 75, and said the ring was great to run in.  Joanna had Bob talking so we can't tell jokes.  Ann Schultz is here now and everyone of my rowdy friends have come down.
I just got a catalog, so now I can announce the winners and it is early enough I can still read it. I just talked to Bill Burgraff and he said he asked about the heat and no one wants it changed. 
Zoe just got here too.  We are a bit crowded but will work it out.  Now Joanna is moving and we all switch.  Bob can't see the catalog.  But, he moved out of the way.   I bought cookies, but it is too early.
Now he is moving them: Scottie Kent, Cristy and Mike.  Last look at the rest. He added 336 to the mix as Well as Leslie and Kelly.
334, 346, 338,347,336
This is the results:
This was a group effort with Zoe, we have Harley at the table with us and he brought Paula with him. He just got invited to demonstrate obedience at the seminar by Helen Gleason, so that is an honor.  Both Harley and Paula look great.
I will be doing the rest of the Blog, I hope, but it is good to have Bob back here to talk to.
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