Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beginning before the beginning

It is early and the ring is empty. I saw Hunter working his dog and he will be a favorite for the Juniors.  Ken and Kathy were giving him advice. I see Kent walking in and Bobbie and Sandy are here. They always come early.  The building is cold, probably about 40, and the vendors are taking off the covers, the coffee is perking, and there are rolls and orange juice free for everyone.
I saw Donna Alcott and she is headed to Hawaii and looking for another dog, maybe a puppy.  Sandy Anderson is here and just walking along. Everyone looks a bit tired, and I see Bob Grady getting the ring set up. They are cleaning the bleachers, and now Bill Bergraff has gotten here to set up the other venues.  I talked to LanaLee and things seem to be going well with the video, and I can't imagine anyone not getting it, unless they are here.  Next year we need to promote it to the general public, it would be a great way to promote our breed.
I realized today that I miss the Grangers, and then I got to think about Randy Chesnut and hope he gets part of the national next year.  I have to wait to Saturday to find out.
I can feel the excitement starting to build. I don't think it is just me, but people are starting to laugh, meet and greet, and most of them are milling around with coffee.  The cameras are set up and I think maybe broadcasting already.
Yesterday after seven in the evening they had the Agility Challenge in the ring. I wasn't there but I hear it was well received.
I talked to Sam Isreal this morning and Jammie and Gail Hardcastle just came in. I hope Jammie gets part of the National next year, she does such a great job.  Jammie waved at me, and I am sitting high in the bleechers to watch things grow. I love this time of day.    Jammie always does well and is sitting with me now, and it is great to see her.  She is always cheerful and I enjoy talking to her.  To me, this is what the national is about, the dogs are just how you keep score.  I miss Jeff Mobeus too, although he doesn't say much, but when he does, he makes me laugh.
Karen Wagner just got here, and the seats are starting to fill.   Ten minutes to show time, so I am about to head down to the table. I bought cookies and more candy, so, it should be a good day.
Evan L. Ginsburg
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