Thursday, October 09, 2014

Vetaran Dogs

Veteran Dogs 7-9
There are four, Sunset View's Witzig Streicher CD, RA-CGC THDN 543; GCH Melana's Cut A Shine of Thornrose 544, GCH, Trio's Johan Santana V. Marquis 545,  and GCH Ch Regency's BB Cody V Kridler 545.  Small class but important.
I hate to admit it, but I am looking forward to Silver Gr.Ch Harley Davidson, BIS.  In the next class.
Up front 546, the 545, 544 and 543, and they take a pass, and that's the way it is.
Now for the 9+
547 Ch Brown HILL-KYSARAH'S Leanardo Rn HXC, Gch Ranita's Never Ending Story, GCH-Asgard's Harley Davidson V Plamark, CGC, Pt.
548 GCH Ranita's Never Ending Story, and
549 GCH-S Asgard Harley Davidson V Plamark, CGC, PT
I am proud of Harley, for a BIS dog, she sure looks good at nine.  And he knows how to stack. Gee, I wonder where he learned that.
First is Harley Davidson, who cares about the rest.
Second was Leanardo and third was Never Ending Story. 
Cappy came by to congratulate us and so did Carole Moore, and Candy Z was here to get her name on the List, and to talk to Tedi.