Sunday, October 11, 2015

It is a start

Now it begins.
It is time to start the Blog. Also, it will give me a chance to see if I can do it again. Usually Zoe has to train me each year, as I tend to forget how to do this.
The trip To St. Louis began with a late gate leave in Los Angeles, and therefore I missed my connection in New Jersey to get to the dog show in NH.  So, when I got in at 3:30, the next flight was 11:00 pm.  Rather than have someone pick me up at midnight, John Vought got in his car, drove three and a half hours, to pick me up.  Then about two hours on the road in bumper to bumper traffic, (Friday night and raining), to get to the motel. No food, so I dinered on Orange Crush and a Snickers.  In the morning I waited for someone to pick me up, and finally at 2:00 they came to get me, and fed me a hot dog at the show.
I did my thing and we all went to a great Italian dinner, then an hour and a half to the motel at the airport.  Bo and I went to our rooms and found both room numbers on a door. We were a bit apprehensive, but inside were two rooms, one for each. I was disappointed, but Bo was relieved.
The next morning I got a flight to Chicago, then on to Grand Rapids for a visit with my aunt, who showed me a new card trick. Ask me to show you at the National. At 102, she still is a better magician than me.
Early tomorrow I head to Minneapolis and on to St. Louis. I will get in an hour before Tedi, then to the show.  I need the rest.  Bob (The Voice of The National) Dresher can't make it this year, so it will be me and Tony.  That should be a kick,, but I will be doing this Blog, and announcing, having some White Castles with Dave Rinke, (we already made a date), and doing what I can to announce whatever is needed.
Come by to see me at the announcer's table, I will keep the light on for you.