Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Maturity dogs

Liana New has the music going. I was just talking to Chuck Ferrel and I was pleased to see how great his bitch looked. He told me she is fifth generation champion.  People are milling about, and I see Dorthyn Lynn is working the booth.  I saw Diane Brown. I swear each year she gets better looking. 
Martha Simonte is here now,and looking happy. She sure has some great dogs.  Dorothy Lynn came by, and in go the Maturity dogs.  It is close to real time with the Specials.  My computer keeps going off line, but I will worry about it later. I think it is a connection.  Great looking group of dogs.
Tedi came by.  There are 13 in there, and I expect some of them are in Specials too.  I do love Exxon. I know he is in Specials.  They take a pass and I also like Deal Me In.  Lots of good dogs. Phillip has a nice dog, with a good sholder. Now it is Lennie with Hurricane.  Next us, Georgie.Kris-s-U-Two.  Interesting name. Vickie is E, there is a dog that can move.  Now Scottie.  Olivia with Argo. Jeff with Power Trip, a black.  But, a nice one, and Alex with Richie Rich, a Phoenix son.  Now Bill Basu with Deal Me In owned by Carolyn Martello and Linda Cury, two of my favorite people.  I liked the sire a lot, Ya Gotta Know When To Hold Em.  Now Mikie with Exxon. She takes him again, the only one, but slow and on a loose lead. Exxon is a loose lead dog.  He does look fantastic. He should go Select. Art takes Top Hat's Gentleman's Quarterly, Tommy.  He was Kierk's competition when he was being campaigned.  A great dog, and super owner.
And around they go in groups of four.  Kathy Potter just came by and is sitting now with Bobbie Kindy.  Vickie wants the double handling to stop, and no double handling on the termperament test.  She told all the handlers.  One at a time. I see Dick Jennings is here. He asked me to have the time off.  Of course, it is good to have him here.  Although I have no idea who is in the office with us both gone.
Kent is yelling at his double handler, but he seems to know what he is talking about, so he is explaining it to Cathy Potter.  Fred Migliore had left for a while, but is back.  I see Terry Rock saying hello.  Man, these are some great dogs.  However, you should not give me free time. I am thinking of many things I should never say.  But, I say them anyway.  I am typing this off line, since my computer shut me off. I have no idea if it will go out. Bill Basu is up with Deal Me In.  The view is great here, the lighting is perfect and although a bit cold for me, (as is everything including 106 in California), it is a perfect location. Now, we have another year to fix the sound.  I, of course, am much better than Tony. Just don't ask anyone except me.
Now EXXON.  I don't care what the dog does, he is first to me. I have had chances to be around him, and he always remembers me.  Vickie gives Mike instructions.  FANTASTIC!  I know Mike isn't going to show him in Specials, Jeff is. It will be interesting.  Phillip Moore is staring at me. I have, for years, called him Morris. I won't do it wrong this week.
This would be a hard class ot judge.  Some good dogs, and a few great ones.  I also like what Olivia has Argo.  Vickie pulls out seven dogs, and YES Exxon is in there. So is Art and Bill Basu, She askes them to come out and stand loose.  First is Phillip, now Lennie, and she doesn't stack them just lets them stand, the Junior from Canada, and the crowd does like the dog,and now Olivia, another crown pleaser, Bill Basu, some noise, Mickie, he is a crowd favorite, and Tommy with Art.  And she tells them to stand back while she gives the losers another run so they at least have some exercise, all five of them. And, out they go, Georgie, Kent, Lennie, Jeff and Alex. Now there are seven, and down and back.
I know she hasn't placed them, but she sure did get the top ones out there. I just heard Vickie was in  a car accident a few days ago and was told to stay home and rest. Bob is recovering from esophagus surgery.  And yet, they both look great.There goes Exxon.  He sure is a real dog.  Although I do get tired of hearing Celeste squeek.  Tommy is another great one, and has been for a number of years. He is starting to mature now. One at a time.  Each dog has its fans. Lennie's dog gets no respect.  The Canadian dog,and that could be the winner. It is a super mover, and tons of type.  Name of the Game. There goes Olivia, and some do like him.  Bill Basue and a lot of noise, and Bill give a full loose lead.  Now Exxon.  If it were up to the crowd, he would win. I watched Vickie's face and couldn't tell.  SHOW TIME!
She walks to the front and touches each dog, and down It makes me laugh, she looks at Exxon and Tommie and takes them to the front, Exxon leading., I have to stop typing and watch.  She wants to see Tommy and exxon.  The rest stand back. 
That's it, First is CH SUBOJA'S AND TOP HAT'S GENTLEMAN'S QUARTERLY, Second is GCH CHER;A'S EXXON OF LEALYNN, Third was KYSARAH'S POT OF GOLD, and Fourth was HARMONIA'S NAME OF THE GAME.  I expect Exxon will go Select, but second Maturity dog for a dog not yet three is a big win.
On to Maturity bitches.