Thursday, October 15, 2015

6-9 Puppy Bitch

What a class.  I think 16 in the ring, and she leaves them all in doing them one at a time. There is a lot of moving around, Tony left to go pick up his wife at the Dock Diving.  Vickie is giving them all a chance around, and so I am going to hold off talking about them until we get to the finals.
She pulls the class around to the other side, and stops them.  Now she is beginning the individuals,and Zac's puppy jumps up on her. That is Malificient.  A pretty sable.  Next is Olivia with Hollywood Star.  Now the Junior I don't know, (at least I hope she is a Junior), with Cruella De Ville.  Sort of a mean name. Lennie is next up with Dynasty.  Next is Vaulting To Gold.  Tim Brown keeps knocking down the ring, but at least he stops to puts it back. Up next is Sergio with Vonzo, a black,  then Lindsay with Santa Margarita.  Then Phillip with Paint It Black. 
Diane Brown is yelling at Tim. I doubt she can do that at home.  After Phillip Diane is up with Shimmer and Shine. I see Liz Stiefferman with Be My Inspbearation.  Liz seems to be in front of Diane. Harley Davidson just came by with Paula.  I am not sure which of them looks better.  I missed some by Georgie has Shake it Off and if the puppy would settle down she looks nice.  Now John Byer with Santana Smooth.  Next is Jeff with Dragon Lady, then Spring Fling with Zac.  Channing has I Put a Spell On You.  Then  Forevbear Mine. 
This is cruel and unusual dog show watching.  Leslie is up with Que Sera Sera.  And, then she has to start cutting.  I am looking forward to it.  This is not passing the Evan Sit Test.  With this many great puppies, next year should be fantastic.  I hope we are not still here doing the 6-9  puppies. Vickie is doing great, there are just a lot of pups in the class.
Now the rubber meets the road. We get to the bottom of it, The real time begins. She takes six together.  She pulls three to the corner of hope, and now the next six, and three from there. No thinking just straight judging, and now the last five and off they go, The JUDGE looks and pulls one and sends the other four over to the special corner of hell. She has now takes around the lost souls, and looks them over. and she pulls Diane Brown, and excuses the rest. You can look up who Diane had. It is above. 
Then there were eight!
A nice loooking lineup no special order yet, Vickie goes down the line touching each one and off they go with Alex in front then Lennie, and Surgip, Phillip.  And she is not happy with Alex and seems to be saying slow down and yes, that is what he does.  She says to the last four, loose lead and off they go with Then George and Diane in the back for now. I think she might start to pull now. 
Alex, Lennie, Phillip, George.  Off go the rest, Surgio, Liz,  She tells the first three to take them over to the corner, and Alex stacks the dog for her and I gues she was saying what direction.  Now Lennie tells his double handler to be quiet and stacks his puppy.  Vickie is looking at them and now stares at the double bells until the stop.  Not much crowd reaction but Vickie is laughing at something Lennie said. She is waiting for clean up to be finished. Tom Mesdag is doing it, and he seems to be taking extra time. Maybe he wants some time in the ring.  Vickie is taking time to study the dogs. 
She has four of them just waiting on Tom and now she says to go around one time, just the one at a time. Alex, and a real nice sable bitch.  Now Lennie, a crowd favorite, and one hell of a moving bitch, my choice so far.  Then Phillip Moore with another black sable, and the George with his dark black and tan.  The sable blows my mind, but it isn't up to me.  The puppy Lennie has would be close, but that is the way it is.
Now on to the presentation class, and the Brood Bitch Class.  Too much fun for me. I am going to go find a White Castle or a good hot dog.