Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Great tragedy at the National

I don't want to alarm you, but a terrible thing has happened.
The White Castle next to the host hotel has been torn down.  This is worse than when they tore the jail house down.
The big show before the show was fun.  I sat with Big Dave Rinke, Martha, Jeff Mobeus and Pan Stosser.  I got to see two great Stevie (Canadian GV Captain America), (brother to out Champion Kisses Sweeter Than Wine),  sons.  It is all about me.   One of them, Fred, is my new best friend forever.
We got to see lots of old friends, and I won't try to name them all, but some were Jane Kerner, Paula, (of course), Jimmy who had the Best of Breed dog.  There were so many others, Dawn even came by, and of course Paul Johnson, and I got to talk to MaryEllen Kish for a minute and Bob is recovering from the same operation that I had. He sounds like he is doing well, and I can imagine what he is going through.
We went to dinner with a group of 13, and saw Nancy McDonald at the restaurant, and also Sergio. Too many people and never enough time. I did spend a few minutes with the Drapers, and am anxious to see Exxon tomorrow. He is one of my favorites of all times.  I like the owners too.
It was cold this morning, but warmed up. Great weather for a dog show.  Now to get some rest and try to keep up tomorrow. Debbie Stern said she would come by the announcer's table, and I may try to enlist her to help me do Specials. Everyone  have asked before refuses to talk to me. I keep asking what is going on, as I type.  Ask Flower Boy, he didn't talk to me for a year.