Friday, October 16, 2009

Veteran Dogs 7-9

I can't believe I am that old, and so are they.
Gloria has them divided into two groups and is starting to work them.  I don't know who the dogs are, except for Lorien's Lights Out, who I remember so well as a puppy. I liked him then and I love him now. He is with Linda, and there they go. Cindy, in front and Linda in back.  I promise to find out who the winners are.
Gloria has the first group divided into two and two and now is looking at her second group.  Seh has her arms crossed and I see Cindi has Ch Paladin Dream Boat. He still looks good.  There they go again, Dream Boat in front and Lights out in fourth. They go around and are all working.
Dream Boat goes to the first group and she puts the first two in front and sends Caralonged JD Drew to the (I wish I were somewhere else) group and off they go.
In front is Ch Donka's Kahlua, and then two I can't read, in third is Paladin Dream Boat.  She moes them around and Third is Leeray-Apfelsine Rocka M'Soul.  Then they were going aroind again,a nd they seem to be working well for oldsters,a nd Gloria is looking them over and they still work.    She moves Lights Out to third and he is still working like a youngster. If they keep working he should win, as he hasn't slowed down at all. She looks them over as they go around and walks faster and approaches them and is going to move again and YES, Lights Out goes to second. Twyla would be going wild if she knew.  And that's it.
First is Ch Donka's Kahlua, Second is Ch Lorien's Lights Out, HT, PT, HSAS, HIAS ,TC, TDI,
Third is Ch Joelle's Geovanni Of Lonwood, and Fourth is Ch Paladin Dream Boat, NCP,CD, RE, HSAS
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