Friday, October 16, 2009

Winner's Dog

Winner's dog
What a great group of dogs. I love the 12-18, Oscar sired Bred By, 9-12 and Open dogs.
They are lined up with youngest in front and there they go in a group and Gloria is looking them over. I think she knows what she is going to do and keeps looking at the Novice Dog. There they go with Open at the end with Kent. It is almost silient. She pulls out the 12-18 in front and the Americn Bred and Open at the end, and they go that way and she is looking and walking the courwd loves that sable and he tries to jump up the ring side. Gloria goes over to them, and the sable stacks like a rock. The crowd likes him too, and now the 6-9 puppy, and the American Bred, the Open and she looks at each of them with great care, says something to them and walks back to the front where the 12-18 Dog is with Liz, and she wants them to take a lap. There they go, and he would be my winner easily and Gloria is watching and she walks over and looks again and again at the open and American Bred. Now she has her arms folded and she walks to the Novice Dog and sends him out, and then there were four.  We have the 9-18, we have the 12-18 the Amreican Breed, The Open and the Bred By and Gloria is walking annd looks like she has decided but puts her hands behind her, and walks over to them again.
Now they stack, Liz looks like she is going to win, but it is Liz, then George, Kent, and Kelly. She moves Kent up to second with the open dog and wants to see Kelly with the American Bred and George with the Bred by and she walks towards them and bends down to look closer. Four fantastic dogs in there. They stack, Liz, Kent, Kelly and George.
Gloria t3ells them to take another pass and there they go the sable in front and I think this is it and they run and they run and there she goes and looks some more and some more, and Kent is on the outside. But, no, they stop.
They stack, Gloria walks back with her arms folded, and looks at them standing goes to the front, and walks down the line. The crowd loves the sable, and now the Open Dog with a lot of noise.  Down to the puppy.  Cute Dog, but this isn't his day.
Now back to the front, and she talks to Liz, and Kent together. I think it might be between those two, and ther they go and Gloria is walking faster looks at them and stops, looks and now walking again, and they stop.  They are stackiing and going back to the wall. Kent is working and Gloria brings the sable to the middle,a nd the crowd goes wild. She stands her free, what a picture.
Gloria tells her to stand back and out comes Kent with the Open dog.  Lots of cheers and he stands free, jups up on Kent, and does say, "Give it to me" The crowd likes him and he goes to the front.  Kent likes it too.  Now she stands Kelly and tells her to go back and out comes the puppy with George and he stand free.  A great looking Puppy.
She walks to the sable and says something to Liz, Liz nods her head and off they go Gloria seems  certain and NO,k she says something and tells the rest to come out. I thinnk that is going to be it, and Gloria is walking over to the center of the ring, and now turns to the entry, and I think may say something to us about her winners.  She doesn't need to, we can see. All great dogs.
She returns with the trophy and ribbon, and must have decided. There she comes into the ring with kids and the trophy and ribbon and they stand and she walks to the front and looks them over again. She say something to the kids,and they all walk over to ...........The OPEN DOGL.
YOU WINNER'S DOG FOR 2009, EJM N' EKO-LAN'S ELI.  Congratulations to Ellen J. Migliore.
 In comes Upton's I Walk The Line for reserve.
RESERVE IS HE SABLE THE 12-18 DOG, ADELHUND'S POCKET FULL OF GOLD, congratulations to Donna & Samantha Graham.
Evan L. Ginsburg
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