Saturday, October 17, 2009

Your 2009 Grand Victor

Dave takes the first five around and he walks over to them and looks and he walks to them and looks closely at them and he second six.  There they go.
Dave walks to them and he swings his arms and pulls Oscar and Bronson, and takes the next seven. He moves quickly when he gets to this point, and it is hard to know what is going on. I think he is pulling some, but I can't see all of them.
He walks over to them and looks at them and now he looks at his last group of three. I think he is not cutting at all.
There go the last three of his picks, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen.
He walks back and they are all together and he takes It's All About Me and Joshua. So, he has picked some and let some out, but they all remain in the ring.  Now he takes four around and he sends all four out the gate, Hunter et al.
Now he has fifteen.  What a lineup.  Cobe, Centurian, Gable, Key Largo, T-Boy, GV Diesel, Dexter, Aregon, Rocky, Bronson, Ray Bearone, Eli, It's All About Me, Joshua, and Rambling Man. What a group and there is going to be some changes in there, but I think they should all go Select, But, no one asked me.
I love that group, and now he is going to change them.  He pulls Diesel, Aragon, Oscar, Eli, Bronson and walks to the front. WOW is it noisy. Now Joshua.  There go the five to the side.  Now he pull Coby, Centurian, Gable, Dexter, Rambling Man Ray Bearone and It's All About Me T-Boy, and Dexter. 
That might be the order, but I think there is a lot more show to go. Dave talks to Kent in front, then Morris, Art, and Jimmie.  He stands off and has each of them to, GV Diesel first and he looks terrific.  He says drop the lead, Aragon, another great dog.  He ask Oscar to take the lap. He said something to Kent.  Dave waves him back, and now Eli.  Dave likes the loose lead on that dog and walks over to Eli and looks at them and doesn't do anything with them. Now Bronson. 
It is thick with tensiion and Dave moves Bronson up one in front of Eli. There goes Joshua, and Dave walks over to him and doesn't change anything.
There goes Cobe with Diane Brown and puts him in front of Eli. Centurian and nothing from Dave.
Now Gable and Dave looks but nothing.
Key Largo, a crowd favorite.  He puts in front of All About me.  Rambling Man. It seems to me that there is less interest with Dave and he flips his hand. I know what that means.  Now Ray Bearone.
There goes All About Me.  He moves him All About me in front of Rambling Man, and now T-Boy.
Now we have Dexter.
Dave walks the line and the crowd tells him what he thinks. He moves Bronson from four to three in front of Joshua.  He goes to the end and walks back and Dave looks fresh and tells the group to stand back and takes the last eight from Centurian back and lets them take a lap. He may have some more to do. He watches them as they pass the wall.  He walks to the front and looks at each of them as they stand and he looks back up front and now walks the line. He looks at them and he pulls Centureian back to fourth in this group.
Now he has pulled the first group of seven with Eli.  There are fifteen still in there. Maybe they are all going Select. I think so.
There are the best of the best, Diesel, Aragon, Oscar, Bronson, Joshua, Cobe, and Eli. Now comes the real work.  I do love Diesel.  I liked him before and like him now.
He is taking them down and back.  George does a number of false starts, and wants to go another direction as gets his wish. NOW THAT IS A CROWD FAVORITE, and rightly so. Diesel stand free and now Dave goes to Aragon with Kent.
Kent takes the full ring and the crowd likes him too. Dave looks at him and moves him in front of Diesel. 
Oscar takes his lap, and now Bronson.  Joshua, down and back.  He has his fans.  Dave is looking them over and walks to the font again and looks at them again, and he walks down the line and back again, and is walking back and is reaching into his poket. Puts Aragon Diesel and Oscar together and he looks and looks and is walking towards them What a great trio.
He moves Oscar, and is going to let each of those three lead one time.  There they go. You could cut the tension with a knife. And It is great to see those three together. 2009 might be a greAt year for our breed.
He puts Aragon in front, Diesel and Oscar. And they pose, and he says "loose Lead" and Kent says something to Dave and Dave laughs and there they go and YES it Aragon.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
Where Type Movement and Temperament come  together