Thursday, October 11, 2012

12-15 Dogs

I got rid of Summer so now I am back. I went to talk to people and almost just decided to stay.
Sean is with I Love You This Big Valley View. There are six in the class. Six more classes to go, and it is 4:30 already.  I missed two dogs and I will check who else is there.
I see Cindy with Cazador Of Cantar. 
Chris Jolly walked by and waved. I take my thrills where I can and now we have Kelly with Always On My Mind.
Sharlonna with Paladin Imagine My Surprise Nike Clayfield At Bay Gem.  A local California dog.  Jacquiline and Summer are here with Tony and me.
Jeff has Can I Trust U With My Heart.  And that is the last one in the class. How much longer can this show endure.  The crowd likes that dog, and so do I. That is a great shoulder.
Cappy is looking them over and Terry Rock has three littermates in this class, and there they go, Dianne, Channing Sean, Cindi, Kelly, Sharlonna and Jeff.
How do you double handle three dogs?  She takes the first four, and looks them over.  I like what Diane has in front, and very easy balanced dog.  Now Cappy sets them back and takes the other three. I don't think any prejudice, just when they entered.  Three very different dogs.  They all stack and she pulls Diane out, then Sean and Cindy then Jeff.  I love to see a good judge do their thing.
Cappy is looking at the end of the ring,a nd she looks at each dog.  She moves Sharlonna up to next to last.  She takes the last three, Channing Sharlonna and Kelly.  The last two go against the wall.
She wants to check Channing's dog again.  I think the dog is just having fun, and she puts him back in line. How excited can you get about fifth?
The handlers are all yelling at the owners, and there they go, Dianne,k Sean,k Cindy, Jeff and Channing.  No, it isn't over yet, no fat lady singing and she moves Jeff to third. It all is important. 
Down and back for Dianne Brown.  And now Sean.  And the rest all down and back, but not the fifth.
She puts her hands on the backs, so that must bother her.  She tells them to take the lap and off they go, Diane, Sean, Jeff, Cindy and Channing. And she looks determined and walks again looking and yes, that is it.  First is Keggi Fair's Ridley V Hollamor, second is Faithrock I Love You This Big V Valley View, then third is Faithrock Can I Trust U With My Heart RN, and fourth was Shadow Acres Cazador of Cantar.  I loved seeing Cindi win, or as Summer says, Miss Cindy.  She has been a big supporter of Summer and her brother.  And, a good friend.
On to another thrilling class.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
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