Thursday, October 11, 2012

9-12 Puppy Dogs

Joan Tutthill came by and I see Bill Basu, walking like he still can.  I haven't seem Summer or her mother for a while but I do see that Paula has Harley now, so I don't have to worry.  I know so many aren't here, and I miss Helen Fisher, and the Ghigaleris. 
We miss Sally Haden and there are no annuals sweatshirts or clever designes I have come to expect. I just miss Sally. 
Twelve in the ring, and even dozen. This is the middle young puppy class.  I vote to stop dividing the class, but again, no one asked me.  Iza walked by and I see that Richard Sottile is here and I saw Bud Drew.  Tish Walker was here and there goes Kenny cunningham.  There aren't a lot of people here, so it is a bit quiet.
I like the way Cappy lines them up in the middle so we can see them.  Cappy talks to Karin then walks back and tells them to take a trip, Scott, Lennie, Mike Kelly, unkown, Kent, George Zack, Kristie and one more.
I am having trouble seeing in the ring. It is a combination of being tired and the length of the day. Leslie has Ironstone's Cayman.
 Next up is Lennie with Signature's Tony DiNozzo, (a littermate to guess who?) Very cool names.
Now we Mike Sherman with Got To Know When To Fold Them.  Now that was a great song and you need to listen to the words again.
Karen Taylor is in front of us, but no one notices us. In may case that is the story of my life. 
Next Kelly Sevalas with Field N's Streams.  Mike is going around and some applause, and I do like that movement, and strong back. Cappy seems to like him too. 
There goes Kelly and the overwhelming silence is deafening.  Barbara and Stacy just got here from California.  Joey came by and I told him how I loved Halston.  And I did. 
The handling on with Dublin Mudslide V Longspeak with Susan Long.  A nice bi-colored. And in the ring is Kent with Midnight Special.  Nancy McDonald walked by and I see that Summer got here, and wants to take my dog out. That dog with Kent is a nice easy mover. That is what Cappy appreciates, so we shall see. 
TRJ' Jaeger V Whitside is out there with George. Bart Bartly is here and there goes Iza came by again and I see Bobbie Kindy. She is with Nancy Hubble.  Jane Kerner is so intent on the show, we never get to talk.  George's pupyis very smooth, but on a tight lead.  He is a real energy. 
Out comes Zack with Game On At Somerset Rose.  And around he goes.  No reaction from the masses.
Scottie is there with Kennadake-Ritarrra's Flint.  A dark Bi and sure is happy. Scott signals to someone outside the ring and there he goes.  I think the crowd has falen asleep. 
Now Cristy is out there with Zytut's Corssing Rivers.  Remember these handlers because I will only do names. It is a bit of a challenge for the readers.  Only two to go and I need a beak. Nevermind why.
Edales Failure to Communicate.   Jodi Bellanger has Luke.
Then we have Blackwood's Redemption with Diane.
It's SUMMERTIME!! It's Summer Khatib taking over for Mr. E. the judge takes Blackwood's Redemption around. Now she has them all stalked. Now she takes 4 of them around. Miss.Kappy is watching them closely with her arms folded in the center of the ring. Mr .Frank Fosana waves just as she has the handlers stalk 'em up and then takes them around. Onto the next group
Redemption was excused.
Six new ones led by Kent, George Zach Scott Kristy and finally, Jody. Lemar Fredericks just walked. The judge takes the dogs around and you can hear the double handlers and their silly double handling tools. She walks over to her first group. Takes Leslie, Lenny, then Mike to the side. She stares at the others for a while stalked. She pulls out George and she is looking for something else so, takes five around, (the ones left). I believe she is underwhelmed with the ones left. She pulls out Zach, and moves Kristy up. The last three go around. She sets them back against the wall. Six to look at and five to forget. There they go with Leslie leading, Lenny, Mike, George, Zach, and Jody. She moves Mike into first George into second, and Leslie to third.
She wants to see the last three to find her fourth place dog. Sends Zach to land of broken dreams. Now, there are five.  She takes them around with Mike in front, Then George, Leslie, Lenny and Jody last. She wants to see Mike go down and back. The crowd goes wild!! Now George down and back, Leslie, Lenny, and then Jody.
She wants to look at the teeth again on "Failure To Communicate". There is a whole group of unhappy handlers in the back of the ring. The dog won't let her look at his teeth.
She moves Lenny to third. There go the last two, Leslie and Jody. She moved Jody to forth. She looks them over and there they go this could be it. That's it!! Congratulations to all of them!
First is Regency's Ya Gotta Know When to Hold Em, Second TRJ's Jaseger V Whitside, third is Signature's Tony DiNoNozo and fourth is Edales Failure to Communicate.
On to a new class.  Is anyone reading this? Summer posted the last stuff as I told her what was going on. I see Kent is eating and Ken Tank standing next to hiim with Hunter. Joey is watching and we wait for the next class.
Evan L. Ginsburg
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