Friday, October 12, 2012

Early on Friday

Early morning musings
I found out late last night that I am the breeder of the Futurity Victor. Who knew?
Here it is early Friday morning. I walked to the arena. Big mistake. It is about a mile and it is below 40 outside. My face is starting to thaw, and that is a good thing.
I am waiting for news of Trish and Cappy. Drama, fear, hope and joy. Another national. I heard that Nadine was not re-elected and I am sorry to hear that. She was very dedicated to our club. But, in talking to her, she informed me that we are in good financial shape, and that the last few years have turned the club around. I appreciate what she did for us.
I don't know how I can Blog in Specials. I have a dog and a bitch being shown, and while I do know that my double handling does no good, I still have a wife who insists I do it. I expect I can get some help from Zoe. I saw her at breakfast, and we will talk more later.
There are but a few people in the ring, so it gives me time to reflect. Kent is here, and so is Bill Bergraff.  Bill told me it was 35 out so no wonder I was so cold.
I was told by my provider I had used up my air card time and they were going to start billing me for extra time. So, when I got to the arena, just for laughs I decided to check. The arena is wireless, and so I am on the free network. Who Knew?
Dick Jones is here and Bob Grady in a purple suit. He outdoes himself every day with the suits.   I understand some people did make it to the general meeting last night, I was too tired to make it.
I sure miss Bob The Voice Of The National Drescher. It isn't the same without him, but Tony and I are trying to cover. Next year I hope he will be back.  I would guess there are about ten people here now, and we are 15 minutes from show time.
I wonder what today will bring?  I will try to tell the story, and you can watch it in real time.
Cappy is here and she says she feels well enough to judge. Now, you are the first to know.
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