Thursday, October 10, 2013

12-18 Dogss

Here we are again to start a new day.
Bob and I are both here, and so is LanaLee. There are no one extra here. Bill Basu came by and is looking good. Linda Ferguson is here early, and talked to me. That always starts my day right.  Pam Stoesser came by with Jane Kerner. They had a great day yesterday.
We didn't stay for the free dinner, but ate at the hotel. The food was good. We ate with Celeste and Pat, with Liz.  It was fun, but that had to be the longest day, in my mind.
DD is here now, and so things are looking up.  I am looking forward to Specials and Icon and also Ruby. Bill said he worked Ruby and she worked well for him.  As everyone knows, I am upset over Exxon, but today is a new day. Thank god for that.
I think the first day is always the worst.  Kathy Potter is here now, and I am getting help from my new best friend forever, Bob (The Voice of The National), Drescher.
I got to talk to Gloria for a bit. She looks so much younger.  We just finished with the anthyms and it reminded me of Christina. She just opened in Vegas for Kid Rock. And, we knew her when she started and sang for us.
Dave Rinke is here now talking to DD and Paul Johnson.  I now see Martha on the other side of him.  Big Dave came and talked for a bit. 
Gloria is all in black with a wide bottom. I know there is a fashion term for that. 
Eight in the ring, so that should not take too long. It is not the right attitude when all you hope for is a small class.  The handlers look alert, the rest of us, not so much.  I have to admit, I miss having Summer here to laugh with.  I am doing all I can to make sure she is here next years.
I see Jane Kerner there with her bell and it is quiet in here. I understand the dinner in the ring, (free) was great, but we missed it. Helen Gleason is in front of us, and has been working the crowd.  Kent just went around with Leather Neck.  He is a Stevie son, (Captain America), and I do like him, I saw him yesterday.
Ann Schultz is talking to Cathy Potter, and in the meantime, Scottie is going around.  Now I see George is telling his handler where to go. My handler never says that to me. She does, at times, however, make it clear to me that she isn't listening to me.
The ring is set up with chairs on the one side, and bleachers on the other. The chairs are wood and comfortable.  And, for those who wonder, (thanks Flower Boy), there is no charge for parking. It is a normal Holiday Inn. It is nothing specials, but nicer than a Motel 6.  I am old enough to remember when those opened and it was $6.00 a night. I think that lasted about six months.  Sam Colvin is here talking to DD and Dave.
I got to say good morning to Olivia, but she seems intent on his entries.  Kelly is in the ring, and wearing pink, which looks great.  Lana Lee spilled on the table so I walked all the way over to the office to get a roll of paper towels.  For a reason I can't understand she just spilled again. I think it may be one of those "build it and they will come" thing. If you have towels, you have to spill. 
Gloria is taking them all down and back again, and she is talking to Scott and has him go in another direction.   One more to go, and everyone gets down and back again.  It is weird to hope for people to be absent, but that is how I feel.
Now she is done with that, and it may be time to pick.  She walks to the front, and now to the center, and yes, there they go. Bill Basu is in front.  She sets aside te group, and puts them back in the ring.  And now they line up again a little further back. The dogs stack well.  Gloria goes down and touches each entry on the head and then the back, a few on the side, and she looks them over and walks to the front, and stands and looks at them.  She seems to be counting them, and now sets the back four aside, and is ready for the first four, and off they go, with Bill still in front, Diane, Phillip and George.    Boy, is it quiet in here.  Gloria is talking to them,a nd says something to Bill. 
Up front goes George then Diane, Morris, and Bill in fourth. Now the crowd is awake.  Bill is out, but the rest stay in there. And There go the other four, with Liz S in front, then Kent, Scott and Kelly.  Up front with Kent, then Scott, and she looks more at Liz S and Kelly.  Now the other two, George and Diane join them. There they go, four on the floor.  (Those under 50 have no idea what that means).
The arena is full, and it is still early.  Gloria is looking at those four,a nd has her hands behind her back and takes George to second.  No one is impressed.  To me it looks like she is in favor of Kent, and Scott, and not so much on the others. I do like Kent's dog, Leather Neck, and so does Gloria. Bob said he gave him a major from the 12 -15 class. 
All together,a nd that may be it, and she looks at them all, and stands back and watches them, she is looking them over as they stack and moves  Kelly up one.  Then she is in fourth.  Gloria is looking them over again and tells them to take a final lap, in my opinion.  NO, she stops them again, and is saying something.  George and Diane must be frustrated, in the back.  Just the firt two. I do think they are the two best in there,   Oakley with Scott is not as smooth, but a great pup.
Now Gloria has them standing.  And looks them over from all angles.  Now the two of them again.  And they stand again, and she moves Scott up front.  Now she looks at the rest of her class.  She is talking to Kent, and Scott is listening, and they are instructing the double handlers.  And, now the entire class.  Gloria is doing her fast walk now, and She did it. 
First is Breal-Jogra's Oakley v Sellig-Haus, second is Welove Du Chien's Leather Neck, third is Winsome's Spartacus The Gladiatbear, fourth is Jerwen's I walk The Line.
Here we go with a dog show.
Evan L. Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds
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