Saturday, October 12, 2013


Here we go.  The Performance winners. The Obedience Victor for the last time, for now. Is a White.  OH THE HORROR of it all.  He did the work, but the membership has spoken.
Now the remembrance of those no longer with us. This is a very hard time for me.  But, I guess I should be glad my name isn't there.  I usually leave the building for this, but maybe I will stay here.  Too many lost friends.  Too soon.  Bart is breaking up, and I would never be able to do this. I am going to stop typing for a minute.
I should leave for that, and next year I will.
There they go, and if anyone thinks our breed is not improving, they need to see this.
Mick Cheeks just reminded me of a comment I made on the Blog.  He thought I called Diane Brown a Bitch.  Just saying.
What a group of dogs in there and more to come. I see Icon, I also see Koby.  I need to look further down the line, they are in the first seven in there. 
They go all down one side and through the end and part of the other side.  I see Martha Rinke with Pam Stoesser. 
I think now it gets boring. Dave cuts them and eight in the first group.  In there is Koby and Icon.  At least I can get to see them early.  Wow, what a load of good looking dogs. I wonder how they move.  Diane Browns dog is fired up and excited, and she is baiting him.  Liz Stifferman has a good looking dog, and is all in sparkles and a red skirt.
The first group goes off tothe wall, the second group heads out of the ring. I don't think he excused them, but what do I know. Now the third group, heads out, now the third group, and the fourth group with seven. So, if I figure it right, that means there are 39 dogs in there. That seems to be it.
Now the individuals, and Koby is out there. He is an impressive dog and one of my all time favorites. Ann Schultz just walked by and said she is a wreck Dave gives them a long look after they go down and back.  I am sorry for a personal observation, but that is one hell of a dog.
Now Cyutas, a West Coast dog, the owners live in Vegas, with Art Sinclair. The dog went Select last year.  He is a Black and seems well received.
Megabucks with Lenny, another good one. We have so may good dogs in there, it is going to be interesting to see what Dave does. I know he has no pre-thoughts, and does what he wants when it comes down to it.
I guess since you can't see what I see, I won't announce each dog.  Lana Lee is doing that on the Video. Another reason to get the video.  He wants Megabucks to go again. 
The work being done on the video is amazing. They are always working on it, and trying to keep it up. 
This is just amazing. You have to come to the National.  This is nerve wracking.
Dave is taking notes and takes them around again.  They they go again, and Icon is second to last and Koby is second from the front.   Dave walks to them and sends them out and now call for the second group.  In there is Galaxy and Titan. Two I want to watch.
Galaxy got a big hand from the crowd.  Now the Titan dog. That is Bob Drescher's.  We bred to him and loved the litter.  I also like the dog, but the way.
Last in the group, and there they go. And they stand. Dave says one time around and take them nice and easy.  I liked the first group better but I like Titan and a couple of others, and now the take another pass. Dave looks them over and makes some notes, and walks the line. It looks like he only makes notes about some of them.  I don't know  if it is good or bad.
On to the third group.  We are through the first two groups in an hour.  Dexter is there, and I have always loved him.  Sheree Moses is coming by.  She was able to crawl up into the bleachers, I am impressed. She is not only extraordinarily good looking but agile as well.  Guardian is in there, and looks great.  I sure am impressed with what Phoenix is producing.
Guardian is there now.  I think he will be in the top five.  Now to the end of that group.  Dave says ONE TIME, and off they go.  He divides them into four and four. And the other four.
And, they line up together.  Dave walks over to them, and he takes out his notebook, makes some notes, looks them over and there they go, the whole group. Dave gives them all a good look.  Dick Jones bring him some water, and the last group of dogs, with Bill Basu in front.  He has Johnnie Black.  He is a California dog owned by a really nice guy, and all black, the dog, and already went Select. Dave has them walk for the first pass.  And a second pass at speed. 
Ed Barritt is entertaining the crowd.  He is sitting with Gloria.  Van Dukman is sitting with Bill Lenord right next to us and behind Ed.  That is a crowd not to upset.
Sean in there with his dog, and not much to type about right now. Sort of quiet in here.  Boy, a lot of these dogs are champions. Amazing.  Some of them are even Grand.  Some, not so Grand.
We are getting down to the end of endless dreams for everyone. Someone will be cut soon, but for now we have about 40 handles who plan to go Grand Victor. Hope springs eternal.
When this group is done, it will be cutting time. As you reap, so shall you sow.
John Beamont is here now, as he finishes his last group, Dave, not John.
ICON MADE THE FIRST CUT, and four leave for next years dreams.  Koby in there too, as expected.
Now the second cut.  It is too far for me to see number so I am stuck with the dogs I know.  There are four with dreams in there, and more to come.  They take a pass and Dave gives everyone gets a good look and walks to the group.  He points to Grayson, Galaxy, Horse With No Name and TITAN.  Bob and I together again. Out goes four more.
Dave gires directions to the "still with hope dogs" and takes another group. Dave is talking to Alex, and tells them to stack, and he goes over towards them, looking and in goes Cacique, Guardian, Under Siege and that's it.  Man, is this guy good.  Frank DeBen was here helping, but for some reason he has to go double his dog. 
Next group with Johnnie Black in front.  He picks Johnnie Black and Rising Sun Bunker, Zimbabwe and no one else. 
Off go the keepers for now.  He takes eight, Icon and Koby are in there.  Koby, Megabucks Camareigh, and Icon is at the end right now.  Dave looks at him, and he excuses Icon and Razzle Dazzle.  Well, maybe next year.  Here goes the second half.
I liked the first group better, but again, I am not judging. Walks down to look at them, and asks for another pass, and off they go. He says, slow them down. I don't think he is overwhelmed with this group.  He pulls five, but I am not sure which way he is going.    I like a couple of them.  Koby, Rising Son Bunker, Johnnie Black and Sanatana, (the Veteran Dog).
Now there are eleven.  Koby in front.  At least I can go for him if my dog is out.  Dave tells them to relax. He goes to get a drink.
Dave says it is a magnificent group of males.  Breed type and masculinity. There are all 11 going Select, and he is going to sort them out. 
Here we go.  Dave looks them over and says, loose lead and take them around and  Koby looks great. One at a time.  Megabucks, Camareigh, He moved Megabucks in front of Koby.  Galexy, The crowd likes him and Dave walks over to them and Moves him second.  Now Horse with No Name, at the end, and now Titan.  He is fired up and Kent starts over.  Now a better pass, Dave walks with him and pulls him up to three, now Guardian,a nd Dave walk to him and now Johnnie Black, and Dave puts him at the end.  Now Rising Son with Olivia and Dave looks over what he has, brings her to sixth.  Winner's dog, and a good one, Intesne Desire,and dave moves him to the end, and now the Veteran Dog, Santana.
Megabucks in front with Galaxy behind him and then Titan. Koby and Camera.  He wants to see the last six and says SLOW THEM DOWN, and off they go.  Dave says something and cuts the veteran dog.  Now there are ten.
He sets aside the first five and takes the next three.  It is loud in here. Lenny is giving directions and there goes Koby, Johnnie Black and Sylvain.  I am sorry, Koby still looks good. He sets them all aside.
Megabucks, Galexy, Titan, Koby and Camareigh. Dave says, the standard likes these dogs.
Those five are in the middle, but Dave says this is not the final order, he says, nice and easy and use the whole ring.  There they go.
Dave is not done yet, he is looking at Koby very closely.  There are magnificent dogs.
From his last group Winner's Dog Intense Desire, and Santana.  Not so good for the rest of them.
There go the end of the main group again.  Titan Koby and Grayson. He moves Grayson into third, and Dave wants to see the top three, Megabucks, Galaxy and Grayson.  Down and back.
Galaxy in first, Megabucks in second, and Titan in third.  Fourth is Koby. Now Galaxy and Megabucks and Megabucks to the front and just the two of them, and That is It.  Grand Victor Megabucks.
1.  Megabucks
2. Galexy
3.  Grayson
4.  Titan
5.  Koby
6.  Rising Son's Bunker
7.  Horse With No Name
8. Guardian
9.  Johnnie Black
10.  Intense Desire.
I have to admit, I lost interest after Icon was cut, but I was blown away by the final results.

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