Wednesday, October 18, 2006

First from the show

What a dark and dank day.  The sun isn’t out, it is overcast and cold, with a light drizzle and lots of traffic.  It is too early and very quite.
But, it is a great day because I AM AT THE NATIONAL and have already seen the greatest people in the world. I am with Tony and Bob at the announcer’s table. Lew is talking to us. I saw Bob Penny first thing at the motel, Bob is in shorts and with a camera on his shoulder, and the clubs are gathereing for the parade.  I saw Christina and Ann already, and I can’t believe it, but she still doesn’t have an open dog to show. I think that will fix itself.
I saw Don Jones this morning,a nd I see Dan Smith in the ring talking to Bob Grady, and I said hello to Ken Tank this morning in the arena.  I see so many people milling around, and Rick Owlinski is getting us more chairs. The boxes are in front, then the vendors behind. Where the vendors used to be is just a dirt arena, and I see Joye Eberts walking by.  Tony is trying to figure out how to turn on the tape machine and so far it is very qiet in the ring.  I see the Canadian people are here, and Chris Fasano is trying to get the clubs lined up to go in the ring. The sod looks great, and there goes the music, Tony put on a march.  Not much excitement, but plenty of hugs and smiles.
Niky Bunch came by to talk about the hotels being cleaned up, and here comes Erin to talk to me.  Liz (The Red Book Lady) let Tedi and I join her and Robert for breakfast.  And Robert is now looking ove the vendor.  Bill and Joann Randel and John and Christine and Ed and Lettie Callison are in front of us, and They are trying to start the parade, so I am sending the first post of the show off, and will be back with more as the day goes on.
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