Thursday, October 19, 2006

Novice dogs

I just introduced Christina Sparaga to Helen Fisher.  I explained that Helen used to handle for Von Stephanitz.  I think Christina believed it.  It is funny to see the two of them together, the history and the future of the breed. I would have loved to have taken a picture of that.
Jamie is in the ring doing individuals. She is wearing an off white suit, and not as formal as yesterday but still looks good. Greg has Dangerous Wicked Ways in the ring and doing down and back.  Only a few more to go. The crowd is full and the boxes are filled, and the bleechers on the other side of the ring about 1/4.  Joanna Rand just came by. I thought she came to se me, but she says she wanted Bob to do something, and I think it has to do with announcing.    We are talking about her kids, and I sent her a link so she can see what I saw rather than what she saw here.
Kent is talking to Fred M. And everyone is sort of milling about.  I see she is on the last individual, so I will try to pay some attention.  I was just standing by while someone talked to the animal control at her home, where a complaint was filed. She was upset, but had her attorney next to her and found out that everything was just fine. So, it was why I lost control on the last class.  I just got hit for the 50/50 raffle. We are too visible out here.
Jamie is done with this group, and going down to watch them.  She tells them to take a rest and I am not sure what she is doing.  They are standing in the corner and Jamie is talking to Karen Walker, and telling her something, and she sets them aside and brings out another group.  She is arranging this group and moves Mike to third behind Leslie and Bill Basu.  Bob announced that everyone has to move out of the aisle, and no one even noticed.  Joanna Rand just came back and fell into the booth. But, she is OK. I asked if she wanted us to sue, but she said no.
Jamie moved Tommy Hilfinger to the front, and now she is looking them over.  Jamie looks them over and send Mike from fourth to the front,a nd Kent into fourth from the end.  And, she sets them aside, and goes back to the other group with George in front, and takes them around, Cristie, Ken Diane and The Guz.  There they go. This is a good group of dogs. And she goes to them and looks at both groups and puts George in second of the tow groups and puts The Guz in third. Leslie did a good job of closing the hole, but it didn’t work, and she is in fifth.  It is Mike, George, a girl I don’t know aThe Guz, Leslie and Bill.  There they go and George is letting the dog all the way out. I like the dog the Guz has, I think it is Peter Cassiopio’s dog. Now she takes the rest of the class except the firt six, and Kent is leading, and I doubt she is going to change that group, and she doesn’t.  Now she walks to the middle of the group and lets the last six get some rest the didn’t want. 
On to the keepers and before she moves them, the Guz goes to the third place. Leslie is telling Jamie something and Jamie moves to the front and takes the first dog out with Mike alone. She watches closely with her arms folded. Now she takes George with Leonardo and the crowd likes that dog.  I know the Guz, and he is going to put on a show, and there he goes.  Yes, a lose lead, slow and hugs the wall.  A perfect job witha good dog, and there goes the next one, and a bit out of control, and now settles down, the crowd is silient.  Next is Leslie and she lets the dog out on a loose lead but twenty feet in front of her, and the dog is not very steady, but a good one.  Not the best pass. Now Bill Basu and the crowd seems to likethat dog, with the lead on the ground. She must have asked for aloose lead and she go it. She is looking at Leslie and moves her into fourth. Jamie talks to the BOD dog and looks at the first dog, and now moves to the second and goes down the group and is looking at them stacked, and tells the to take a lap, and there they go with Mike in front, then George, The Guz and Leslie, and YES, that’s it.  First is Lou-Ro’s Malachi V Caraland, second is Brownhill-Kysarans Leonardo, third is Eagle Hills Cabernet Sauvignon and fourth is Almanya’s Jett James.  On to Bred By
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