Friday, October 20, 2006

Veteran's youngsters

It’s time to start fussing.  I found out that O’Connor is right behind Elmo, and in front of Elmo is Alex, and so it is going to be a worry evening. I hope Tedi makes some dinner plans that are fun, because tomorrow is going to be a long day.  I still don’t have stuff for the office staff, maybe I will go see Helen, and buy $2.00 pens that don’t work.
It is not very loud in here now, it feels like the show is over. Maybe the Veteran Dogs will sice it up. Alvin is in there, and that should be a crowd pleaser.  He looked fantastic the last time I saw him, about two years ago. I see he is eight, and I suspect he still looks top quality, but I will know in a minute.  In they come.
Pat Ayres told me that I just struck a blow for us old guys.
Jamie looks them over, and she has them at the far side of the ring again.  There are six in there, and tells them to take a trip around the ring.  It’s the young old ones.  ALLLLVIIIIIN!  And the crowd likes him.  Now for the thrilling individuals.  We are all excited to watch. Paula just came by and Tony is leaving and I get the microphone. Always a dangerous thing. I see Eric talking to Dave Fritche, who was standing with Flower Boy, and Alicia is standing off to the side trying to find a way to spend all her money.  I just saw Dave Edwards, and he had to remind me of who he was.  Candace came to talk to us, and Rita is going by laughing as usual.  There goes Lenny, and he stopped smoking and runs like he used to. I did sit over and hug Axel.  He sure did develop well. 
I have seen Liz Leshhorn, and everyone seems to like the Red Book. She took it over last year and her first edition is top quality.  I see karen Taylor talking to Sue Witmer, and Bob Ghegleri talking to Lelie, and Cappy and Gloria stopped to congratulate me on not falling down.  Damning with faint praise. Alicia came to join us, and she sure us cute, in a red top and jeans.  THERE GOES ALVIN, AND THE CROWD JUST WOKE UP! Now up to the rest. 
First is Alvin, second is Ch Adelhound’s Class Act, third is Ch Todor Puilgrim No Regrets and Fourth is Ch Shadyrock’s Comosh Chimfuga.  Everyone is leaving, and I can’t stop the tears. It is not good for my manly image. The crowd started to chant ALVIN, ALVIN. Everyone is smiling.  On to the old old dogs.
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