Thursday, October 19, 2006

The presentation Stud Dog/Brood Bitch

We are on to the Stud Dog Class.  Joan Fox did come by for a bit, and we got to talk. It seems yesterday was due to some restrictions on the show, and the fact that 12-18 had to be held on Wednesday rather than Thursday.  I liked it better when we could blame Lew. But, I guess we can’t do that.
Snake was the fist dog in, and a very uniform class.  I had never seen the dog before, so it was interesting ot see what he produces.
Next is Aries and I am anxious to see him and his class. I haven’t seen him since he was under me at a show, and I didn’t put him up. Probably one of my big mistakes, along with not buying Disney stock in 1956.  Here comes Aries.  What a nice dog.  And, an impressive group of progeny.
Kim Schooley is here and we talked, but not in any debth.  I also see that Joan and Fran are watching this class, Joan looks great.
Now it’s Rollin’s turn.  Now that is a stud dog. Big group, including some being shown, such as Army, our Maturity winner.  It is a uniform group and shows a lot of movement. It is nice to have a Grand Victor Father, and a Grand Victor daughter.  Nine progeny in he class, and impressive.
I did talk to Iza for a bit,and I see Richard Sotille got her and is talking to everyone who will talk to him.  They are doing a good job of cleaning up after us. They are constantly cleaning the walkways, and emptying the baskets. 
Color Guard without the sire, but good to see.  Frank is out there without a dog, posing and taking the ribbon. Sort of sad to see, but the progeny makes a fantastic picture for The Boss.  It does make me tear up a bit. The Guz comes in first, then in come the rest.  I think everyone knows I have and will always have a special place in my heart for The Boss. Not only because he was such a great dog, but his owners typify what I want to be when I grow up. 
They just brought us the raffle tickets to draw for the 50/50, over $500.00.  I get to pick who will do it, and we will do it after the class.  Tammy is here, and looks as good as ever. She lost 35 pounds, and says she feels great.  What good news. We were just told there are no Brood Bitches, so it will right back to judging.
Kent just ran a good looking dog into the ring, and now he returns to the entry. Too soon.
It’s O’Danny Boy, and Kent brings him in.  The Guz brings in the first progeny, and he has been in with every presentation class.  All dark dogs and good pigment, at least from what I can see. A uniform type.
Reggie is here and laughing at everything. He went in for Color Guard and maybe he gets to keep the shirt. I don’t know what he rules are. He still doesn’t have a Special, so if anyone wants a top handler, let him know.
Now, it is BONO!  Six progeny, and different styles, and good to see what he is producing.  They all have a Bono hat, and it makes a nice picture out there, and is impressive. Kent is wearing his hat backwards, (kids) and George is the only person out there without a cap.
Now, here is Woth The Trip.  A very handsome dog.  Candace Skaggs just came by and promised to come back.  Now, back to the judging.
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