Friday, October 20, 2006

Winner's Dog

Jamie is there looking at the class winners, it is Mike, Reggie, Liz, Alex, George, The Guz, and Bill Basu.  Jamie has them set up on the other side of the ring, (I don’t know why), and it is hard to see them, but I have help from Dania.  There they go, Open on down.  If you want to know what good judging looks like just look at this class.  I like the American Bred Dog best at this point, but the 12 to 18 is a good one. She sets the puppies aside, (so much for that dream) and goes to Mike in front to talk to him, And she stands back, and there they go, just the first two.  Mike and Reggie together again. I think she is looking more at Reggie, and now Jamie has her hands behind her back and they come to the end of the line. She watches them, and leaves them like that, and now she wants the other three to look at, and they take off, and are all doing something different, the first is all the way and the second with Alex is going slow, and George cut the ring, and then went to the outside, and the first one is done, and then Alex, a half a ring behind comes up and then Georgie, who Jamie seems to like.  Jamie pulls George and puts him in third, and he could go all the way.  She is looking at the firsst one, and puts her hand on the shoulder, and the same for the next two. The crowd is clearly behind the 12-18 dog, and George directs the double handler, and there they go, and she is looking hard at all three and seems to favor the third one, and she walks the ring, and looks,a nd walks and has her hands behind and gives it to Mike with Marquis’ Stealing the Show.
Bob put up the sire of that dog, with his tail in the air.  And I will never let him forget it.
N ow, on to veterens.
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