Saturday, October 21, 2006

Juniors from the national

Now Jamie is doing the Juniors, and I see lots of young people who will be the future of our breed.  First in was the Intermediate Class, won by Cathy Hampton.  In there right now is Andrea Szabo, and Zane Brooks.  They are from the Novice Senior Class.  Jamie is talking to them both, and they are using only half the ring, and the winner Zane.  The kids hug, no one ever hugged me when I won.  Come to think of it, I don’t remember that I ever won, that might be why.
Now Open Intermediate, and first is Holly Miller, then Shannon Weiss, and the third is Tessa Farrell.  Not a lot of crowd support, but quite a bit of shock.  There they go, and I am not sure how you judge them. That is particularly a problem since I do judge Junior handlers.  Holly is the sister of Ashley who won the Bob Hamilton Trophy for two years in a row and also won the academic achievement award for the highest grade point for this year.
First is Tessa, then Shannon and third was Holly.
Now for the Open Senior class with first in the ring Elizabeth Stieferman, then Elizabeth Kasten, then   Next Niccol Thomas, Melissa Chavez, Robyn Thomas, then Ashley Miller and finally Kim Beniger.  What a great group.  They all do a great job, and again, it has to be hard to decide.  They all take direction well, I wonder if they do that well at home.  I do think it might be a better idea to give them dogs that are trained, but they all seem to have different levels of showing. They sure do a good job with what they have. Fred is talking to Fran and Joan, and Rita and Joan are laughing, so it must be something good.  Bob Freeny just came by and gave me a pocket calendar. And Juniors continue.  Reggie came and talked to me.  He doesn’t have a Special, and someone is missing out.
Mamie is looking them over, and she calls them to the center to talk to her. I suspect she is telling them what she thinks and smiles, and is talking, and they are nodding and listening.  She looks at each kid, and smiles and is still talking, and she seems to have a lot of suggestions, and she tells them who won, but we don’t have any idea.  She has the ribbons, so she hasn’t told them but first is Robyn Thomas, second is Elizabeth Kasten, third is Nicol Thomas, and fourth Ashley Miller. 
Now is the first place from each class, and going for Best Junior. There are four in there, and now to see who takes it all. She moves Tessa Ferrell to the front, and is looking at the rest, and now she moves Zane in front and they go around. I guess she is giving them all a chance to be in front, and there they go, and ZANE GETS IT!  The crowd likes it.  And now, on to the dogs. How long can it take?
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