Friday, October 20, 2006

What a way to go

WOW!  WHAT A TRIP.  I got to go in with George, and take him around for the Presentation class.  I was the last one in, of 30, so I got to show off with the dog.  Then we lined up, and turned the other way, and I got to lead the class for another trip. I didn't fall, George, (Patriot) looked great, and I didn't fall, what a treat, and what a memory.
WINNER' BITCH  SHADYROCK DANCING DOLL.   From the Open Class.  Reserve winner's bitch was 9-12 puppy class Signature's Miami V Kridler.
Between Dania's accent and my spelling you are lucky to get any news with the ability to read it.  
On to the dogs, and they are in the ring.
Asgard German Shepherds

Where Type Movement and Temperament come together

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