Thursday, October 18, 2018

12-15 Dogs

Only one in the ring, a sable, who looks like the Winner.  Windmill's Just The Way You Are.  Hey, He won his class at teh National.

Linda Bankhead came by to chat.   She and her mom never seem to age.  I gave her the stuff for the Juniors. Last week, in a tribute to my laziness I went to the bank and had them start sending statements to each of the winners' homes. I saw Julie Deagun at the show, and she told me she has already turned `18, so I will have a check sent next week.  How would I know?

12-15 month dogs in there.  Only three.  So everyone gets a ribbon.  Now they are looking like shepherds.  John Beamont is sitting with the Rinkes, and with the video, I can see the whole ring and the dogs as well.  And Gloria moves the last two and leaves Nancy in front with Harvey, and I think this is it, and Gloria is watching and she looks uncertain, and walks towards them and they finish the circle. Floria checks the first one, and now stands back.  Gloria claps and that's it. Harvy wins, (Candy's dog).  First is Cross Timber's Harvey of Candia, Second was Vonzo Zapaata Return of Sunfarms-Gomez Von Loaar, Third is Mar Haven's Breaking Even V Hessen and Fourth is no one since there were only three.

Look at it this way. Some day, some one is going to say, "I went third at the 2018 National."  A win is a win.