Friday, October 19, 2018

Open Dogs

I try to get the results out before the next class comes in.  I only lost what I typed one time. I need someone to show me how to get back goes away.  Mrs. Pat Ayres came by.  I am not going to try to spell her name.


It's a small class only seven in there.  I have gone through about $300.00 in candy. We do that each year for the announcer table. With us being moved, I thought no one would find us. WRONG!

She finished the temperament test, and not is doing the individuals.  Bobbie Kindy brought me a cushion yesterday, and I am so thankful.  How did she know?  Martha Simonette is sitting with us.  We get to discuss the problems with the Courts. Her as a judge and me as a lawyer.

The handlers seem to pick the best dogs to show.  We have a 60 inch screen about a foot away. It is fantastic.  Now an Exxon son. Celeste said they brought five dogs, and they are taking one of them back and four or five others.  I don't know how she keeps track of the Exxon dogs being shown. Some real quality.  Pat and Celeste don't show under me.  I got their son sworn into the Bar in California. Maybe that has some impact on their decision.  I like the size and type of the Open Dogs.  I am underwhelmed by the overall quality.  But, as Uncle Ed says, "What do I know?"

They are done, not Gloria has to make a decision, three won't get a ribbon.  No black, no sable. Gloria goes down the line and asks to take the first four onnly, and off they go.  She is in front of us, and takes Olivia alone, down and back.  Now Lennie. I don't think she has done any placing.   She moves a dog in front of Lennie, and it is Rugar.  That is the handler I thought did such a nice dog.  I don't know her name.  Or, I forgot it. I can use the stroke for names I can't remember. 

She takes the last three,and stacks the first four. Well, the handlers do the stacking. Let's give credit where credit is due.  I am confused she takes the last on the first group, with the two from the other group. I was confused, but thankfully I am not judging. 

First is Tatum' Welove to Trump That, Second is Windfall's Mannix of Hickoryhill-Danae, Third is Westbound's 405 "Chief", and Fourth is Todorhaus Mojave Land Slide CGC.

On to the next class