Thursday, October 18, 2018

Bed By Exhibator Dogs

They have cut out Bred By Exhibator Dogs who are owner handlers, and long coats.

Five in there, and Gloria still looks great. She has more stamina than I do.

It is surprising how many of the old time handlers are doing breedings. Nice dogs.  Great group.

Norma came by to deliver a book she sold. We are a multi purpose announcer's table.

They have had the individual, and Gloria gives them directions. She is going to look at the lined up.  I miss Ken and Kathy Tank, they were always fun to see at the National. I knew they weren't coming, but it is different without them.

Illuminator goes to the front, one of those Exxon sons.  Now, Let's Dance to second.   Off go the first two, three left behind.  Gloria is walkign the line, and off theyy go, this should be it.  YES, that's it.  First is Windfall-Churpa's Illuminator of Hickoryhill, Second is Colbyhaur-Mardan's Let's Dance GSDStyle, third is Mazerick's Folsum Prison Prison Blues, (I am a big Johnny Cash fan), and Fourt is Mariners Tequila Shooter V Shadowacres RDC.

It feels like this day will never end.