Thursday, October 18, 2018

6-9 puppy dogs

Dave and Martha came by and we have new instructions as to the walkie talkies.  Gloria has a black dress with a bling collar, and looks great. She only has five pups in there and is doing the individuals. Correction, there are six. I know, I can just change what I wrote, but I try to do it right.  Interesting, Olivia tried to run her puppy into Gloria, and Gloria made her go back and do a "loose lead" test. Gloria worked with the puppy and finally got a good test.  Dorothy Lynn came by and we spoke. It is so good to see her, and even though we are both  in California, we are eight hours apart.

More going around, and Gloria lets them take their own pace.  Not much excitement here.  That means, none.  Paula Moon came by to say hello for Donna Radish.  I am sorry Donna can't make it. Gail keeps giving us new directions, and Bob and I pretend to listen.  Tedi is here now, so I have to sort of be nice.

Gloria is about done with the individuals.  No one has found us yet, so the candy is not going very fast.  

Now they line up and Gloria walks down the line and gives them a look.  I see Carman behind me, and Ed Barritt just came by to say hello. And off they go. She moves Tacor4as Kodak to the front and now looks at the second group of three, if three is a group. It is more than a pair. I think she is looking for a fourth and I'll Kick Ur Ask to fourth.  Now the first three, and off they go.  Gloria is not smiling, and I would think it would be a hard time for her.

She is looking at the second group again and now the top three. She hasn't picked the fouth yet, and goes over them all. Now they are all together, and Gloria tells them to take them around and off they go. THAT'S IT FOR THIS CLASS.

First is Windfall Best I Ever Had Class Act, (sort of sounds like high school), Second  is Mar-Azart Miller, Third is Tacoras Kodak, (my  kind of name) and Fourth is Tripphill's I'll Kick Ur Ask.  Joan Fox came and sat with me for a while, and I always enjoy seeing her.  Now, talk about someone who does not age!