Monday, October 29, 2018


Here we go, Winner's Dog

There they are, with Gloria in there and this is when you realize what a great job she has done.  She looks at them and smiles, and she should.

I am not going to try to name them, I will let you know who wins, and how it goes. 

They take it slow, not a walk, but not racing, and it is a great group.    I found out what the name of the young handler, she is Jessica. She is going to be one of the good ones.    Gloria is taking them down and back and there goes Kent. 

Take them one time, and stop back here!  And there they go.  She pulls Kelly, then Kent, then George and Lennie, Maria.  In front is Wiindfall Best I Ever Had Class Act from 6-9   .  I do agree, but it is a hard thing to do at the National.  Gloria applauds them and looks them over, and moves two up, but keeps the one in front, Kent in  second, and he is going to be tough to beat.  Now Gloria looks them over agan as they are,  Kelly and Kent together in front.  The crowd likes the puppy, no question. Can you give a puppy Winner's Dog at the National?

She takes them around again and I think she is going to do it, and she looks and looks, and stops them.    Gloria looks at them standing and she sets the puppy aside, and takes the next three. Lenny  is looking good.  And Gloria is walking towards them and looking close with her arms folded.  She spends time looking at each dog.  She is talking to Lennie and he goes off by himself. Gloria is looking for something.  And she goes to the front and she wants Kent to take a pass, and the crowd seems to like Lennie's best.  Gloria is now taking Maria' and another good one.  Now she is going to decide.

Gloria goes to the front, touches each dog and she puts Maria to second of the three.  There go the three.  The puppy still off to the side, and Gloria shakes her head and brings the three back to the center.  She checks the back of the first one.  Yes!  She puts Maria in front. and that wakes up the crowd. She is walking fast and no, she stops them.  She brrings the other two to the end and the rest of the class to the end.
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