Thursday, October 18, 2018

15-18 Month Dogs

We are on a break, now like Rachele and Ross, but lunch counts too. It is a great show so far, and the only terrible thing that happened was Kathy Potter falling and having the black eye of all time.

We all love Evan and think he is so awesome for doing this. Hi everyone! This is Kelly Foehl. And back to Evan...  

Evan here, and Kelly has always been one of my favorites.  Don't we all miss Tammy?  I know I do.

The biggest issue this year here at the National is the absence of Jane.   Jane was such a major part of our breed and the National that going forward with her at home, seems strange to me.

Nancy McDonald is here, and it reminds me of so many people I don't get to spend time with. On the other hand, if I did spend time with some of them, I might never talk to them again.  Maybe it is better this way. I also go to the International Brotherhood of Magician Conventions.  It is the same only there it is magicians from all over the world.  Each year I look forward to seeing people, then after the shows, I regret not spending more time with them  Last year I helped to judge the Best in Show, (five of us), and I would have congratulated the winners, but they were two female magicians who spoke no English.  Everyone here at the GSDCA seems to speak English.

Here we go again, the Dog Show.

In they come, not getting close to the real thing, with adults. The dogs are more mature too.  Gloria sent some out, and is working with the first five.  The show is more exciting when it is the first class. After you see twenty or thirty dogs go down and back, it isn't as interesting.

I do like Fed Ex, an Exxon son. But, have always been a fan of Exxon.  On to the second group.
Gloria applauds,a nd that is probably it for this group.  They stack, she lookks them over, and moves Kent to second and the last male to fourth. At least it would be a ribbon were it not for the fact there is another group.

Bob and I have talked about everything. We may have to start talking about breeding rabbits.

Gloria touches each dog, and serts them aside and brings in the first group of five.

She combines the groups, and ends up with five, she sets the last two aside and now takes the third one down and back. In case you didn't know, Kent took off his mustache, and looks very different. Now the other three.  People like the first one Wyatt Earp.

Gloria applauds them all and takes the first three.  It's Jeff Kent and Scott.  Nice dogs.  And again, but now in Scott in front.  Kent in front and the crowd likes that, and Gloria brings the rest behind. I saw that coming. and they stack, and in my opinion which is most often right, THAT IS IT!

First is Legend's Double Take of Debrut CC=GC TKI, Second is Faithrocki's Wyatt Eart V Tin Roof, Third is Knight's Gambit Rochiou II, Fourth was Cherps-Coastline Fed Ex.  Jessica came to sit with us, and we both liked what she did.