Thursday, October 18, 2018

Ameteur Owner Handler. We need to add Amateur Owner Handler Long Coat by a female under 16

He is in the ring.  Kelly was here for a while, and she is always fun.   We have two bitches, Colbyhaus Twas The Night Before Christmas, and Marcoto's Boom Like That. 

We have a ton of special classes and I think Bob is going to do it all. 

In come the Novice Bitches.  Six of them. Linda came by to make an announcement.  I might want to ask her to take over from me.  I did get to talk to Al Martin, it is so good to see him.  Martha has switched to wine, and sitting with us.  Morton walks back and call Al out with Lauren. 

It is so weird that everyone thinks we know everything.  We get the strangest questions.  love the camera work, we get a great view from here.  Martha thought I had a great cure for locked hocks.  I see so few dogs that follow through, so I suggest we change the Standard to require a locked hock. So, if the dog follows through, it is disqualified.  Problem solved.

That is it, First is Kenlyn's There Is A Time at Wildwood, Second is Almarwinsome Laren Camareigh, Third is Aramist's Four Letter Word of Marathon HT and Fourth is Carlyn Sholan's Living La Voda Loca

That is it for judging for today.

Now for presentation classes. I see we are doing the three platinum Grand Champions. If you haven't followed it, you first get a Champion, then a Grand Champion, then a Paper Mache Grand Champion, Then a Tin Grand Champion, then a Silver Grand Chamion, then a Gold Grand Champion, then a Platinum Grand Champion, then a Ruby Grand Champion, then a Emerald Grand Champion and finally a Diamond Grand Champion, (the dog has to be over 18 for that one).

They are doing a DUCK TOSS. Everyone bought a duck and we are throwing it to the middle and who gets closest wins half the pot. 

We are all punch drunk.