Friday, October 19, 2018

American and Open

Here we are. We are to begin in five minutes, there is not a dog there.
I ended up yesterday with a major screw up, normal for me. I went to unplug my computer, and pulled the wrong plug and pulled the plug for the Video feed.  Irv was not happy with me, as he thought he had lost all the memory.  He didn't and we are friends again.

The show is about to start, Gloria got here on the dot, and there even are some dogs ready to go in.  Bill is doing a fantastic job as a ring steward, and of course, Tom Mesdaag is always there for whatever needs to be done. Gail is everywhere, and I can't imagine how she keeps on doing it without getting frustrated.  So many people work so hard to make this work, and it is just amazing.  Bob (TheVoiceOfTheNational) was still here when Tedi and I left.

We tried to go to White Castle for dinner, (me, not Tedi), and they were closed. We went through the Drive-Through. Can you picture trying to put Catsup on a White Castle in the car, in the dar?.  It is a good thing I brought extra clothes.

In the ring they go.  NOW THIS IS A DOG SHOW.  There are some new handlers today.  There are too many to name, but they will sort themselves out.  Erin Nellis came by to chat and Bob is back. Gloria sent all out but six.  Now, six I can deal with.  She is doing the individuals.  Gloria is wearing a purple dress and looks great.  She is doing each dog and down and back.  Carman came by with a Top Twenty ribbon he found in the parking lot.  I suppose someone felt they had enough honors, so just dumped it.  I just ran into Ricki Olowski.  Every time I want to suggest him as a judge, I can't remember his name. My memory is now hit and miss, it seems more miss.

Gloria has done the individuals, and down and back and is now taking to the first handler. I don't know him, No handler listed.  And off they go.  I see some t-shirts with a tribute to Leslie.  I miss her, she was a special person. 

Bill Tank in front and Gloria Stops them. She is looking at the first four, and now the  other three. That means seven out there. I have always been good with math.  And, the group goes out, and another "cluster" of German shepherds into the ring, Six more, and only George to hold up the manly status.  Gloria takes them to the other side of the romg and begins the individuals. She does it right,   She has the dog stand loose, and she approaches it.  She tries hard not to bother the dog, and so far, it has worked for them all.  Each of  them goes around. The crowd  s awake and a number of people are now here.  Diane Brown is now being checked by Gloria.  And, off she goes, and I like what she has.  It is Orion, and I like that dog.  And now George with Quarterback. That's the group.  She puts Orion in front and looks over the rest.  She gives them all an instruction and off go the three that were in the middle.  The Cherpa dog isn't here.  Now the first four.  Diane Brown in front. She never seems to age. I also talked to Tim, he is the same. It must be how they live.  Gloria goes over each one and stands back and wants them all to take a pass.I like what Cindy has, it is Gift of The Maji.  And another pass, walking.  No, I am wrong they are walking out of the ring. I am sort of right.

In come another group, nothing bad has happened yet, at least as to the dogs.Nicol is in front with a great red dress and a black dog, Night Rider.  I  spent some time talking to Carman.  He is promoting the new AKC museum. There is going tot be a number of names on the wall, and the club is looking for donations to put the GSDCA on there.  Contact Deb Stern if you can join us.

Back to the show, Kent is going down and back with Wistle Down-The-Wind. I like him, and the dog too.  Jeff has Skywalker out there, and that is the outline you want on a shepherd.  If you know what you are doing.  I  would say the handlers get first choice.  And off they go with Kent and Jeff at the end, but I predict not for long.  Gloria crosses her arms and looks them over.  She goes to each dog and looks them in the face.  Now she stands back and off they go.  Bo Viovich is sitting with us, and showed me her new colts.  I saw a video, not the real thing. It is too hard to bring them to the National. Up front is Lennie, then Jeff and Kent.  Diana Paul does such a great job, and I like her dog.

Gloria goes off with Bill and she is instructing the rest of the dogs to come back in, and here they are. Gloria looks them over and at least 12 more. She goes to the first group of six and now instructs the other group to move up.  She pulls George. She has three groups and she goes to the third one and tells two to move to the second group.  There are still three groups, but I think she has a group she doesn't much care for, and they take a pass.  Now she goes to her first group and tells them something, and pulls Dioane Brown and another I can't see and puts them with the middle group. She goes over each one one more time,  Seven in there and she says take them around.  I am right, she excuses thos seven.

Now there are two groups.  No, there are still  three, and Gloria tells the middle group to have two of them take a pass with Bill Tank.  And they get to go get a beer, this class is over.  Eight left in there.  Kelly is in second, I don't know the young lady in  front, but she is a great handler. Gloria pulls Kelly, the Zach, Lenny,Jeff and Kent. I don't think she likes the dog my handler is handling.  She isn't mine, I just like the job she does.  She takes the six. Kelly in front, then Lennie, and she  moves the rest up, so Zach in in third.  Gloria takes the last four with Kent in last. I am often reminded that what you see inside the ring is not always what you see outside.  It is too bad she can only give four, and she takes her first four around.  Cindy goes to third.  I do think only first matters. Now she takes the last five. She needs a Best Of Dump.  So far it is Zach.  She says take them all, and I suspect that is it.  Not yet, down and back. Evidently it is between the first two and off they go.  I went Winner's Bitch in 1982 from American Bred, I think.

She moves Lennie in front, and off they go.  That is it, First is Gem-B-U-River Of Urloved, Second is Togorhaus-Black-Hawk V. Lutzhaus, Third is Norberge's Gift-Of-The-Magi of Clayfield and Fourth is Paragon's Spend It All.

On to the next group.