Friday, October 19, 2018


In come the bitches with some male handlers too.  They are all in there, and Morton is looking them over, and walking down the group. We will see how good he did, when they go around.  They look good to me.

Logan is here from California. She  is nine and starting to handle.  It is good to see her.  They are all walking, and it sure looks to me like he did a good job.  He puts them to the wall, and takes one at a time.  I like the quality, and it is Morton who picked them.

Hehas Mike out front, then Kelly and Kent, sans mustache.  And he has five of them he is watching.  Now he looks at the other six. 

Morton lines them up, with Winsome's Bearilliant Bella-Stella in front, and YES, that is Winner's Bitch.
Reserve is Kenlyn's Lacey