Tuesday, October 16, 2018

It is cold IT IS COLD

I must apologize for not writing more.  It was so cold this morning that I never did stop shaking.  I enjoyed seeing those who I miss year to year, ran into so many old friends, it is a challenge to now remember them. In that regard, if you stop by, say your name. I agonize to bring them up instantly to put in these posts.

We went up to talk to Gail, and she has a new location for us at the show. Tomorrow for the Futurity we are again outside.  I think we need to admit there is a change in the global weather, no matter what the government tell us. Again, tomorrow in freezing weather outside.  I remember the last time in Denver, the last day it poured rain.  Now, I know we ae tough German shepherd folks, but I miss the point in suffering to watch a dog show.

The team of Pat and Celeste just got here as the show was done.  Celeste told me the Winner's Bitch was by Exxon, and I didn't even look at the catalogue, I was too anxious to get to some heat.

I guess we are going to announce tomorrow, but it will be in the cold again.  I don't know if I can type, next year, assuming I am doing this again, I pay install Dragon and dictate what I am thinking.  If you think typing it the way I do is weird, wait until you see how I think.  Many young people have had their lives forever changed by seeing what I think, and not always for the best.

Tomorrow we will pick up Zoe and take her to the show.

Everything went well in Court at the office Monday and Tuesday, but I missed some great fights.

I promise to do better after we get inside.  Now, I am wrapped in my electric blanket, trying to figure out why I do this.