Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A new day arising Futurity males

Here we are, and it is not as cold.  It is 37 and almost balmy.  I  talked to Morton, and he looks ready to judge. Bob and I are announcing again together.  We are outside this morning and the drama of the day is Kathy Potter fell and cut her eye, and we are waiting for the ambulance.

Everyone is here,a nd myu fingets are numb.  We picked up Zoe to bring her, and she is inside doing obedience. Tom Mesdag is doing the steward thing, and it is a lot of work, he keeps moving.

I did talk to Butch this morning and I see Sharon Avery sandwiches in each hand. She gave one to Mike. I went and candy, but it seems early, not one is eating it yet. That will change. The Rinkes are here,a nd Tedi got out of the car.  Lots of excitement, and tension in the year.  Gail came by, and I wonder if there are more than one of her, she is everywhere.  Most of the catalogues are prepaid so everyone is checking.

Karen Taylor helped me get on line again.  I got my hot spot working, then looked for a network. One that was available was a FBI Drone, so I decided to let Karen do it. I like my government, but I do not mess with the FBI.  I do admit, I am looking for the drone.

Bob is here and we are fighting to keep chairs at the table.  In go the dogs. More to come.