Friday, October 19, 2018

6-9 Bitches

Eight American Bred Bitches.Jim Hilll is here, and the bitches go around.  Dr. Goldfarb is in the ring looking at them. That makes for a good dog show. Deb Stern is here now, she works so hard at all the shows.  Betty Mc Dermott is here, and I got to meet Tim. He is a rider, and so we talked a bit about bikers.  Morton is doing his thing, and how long can it take.  How long does it take to judge seven bitches?   Morton is talking to them and walking down the  line.

I just got to meet Daron who was handling and did a great job in there. This is his second National. He is from Lexington, and seems to be having a good time. I hope everyone says hello to him.

Now Morton has them in some order, and takes them around and moves them a bit.  Al is sitting with us, and Morton moves them again.  Olivia is still in front, with Mike behind her, then Jeff.  Morton takes three and keeps them like that, and now brings the rest behind.  Off they go,, and Morton tells them to come to the middle and stacks them for the crowd, seven in there, and I think that is the way it is going to be.  YES, that's it.

First is Bark Hills Sunshine of Baskerville, Second is Winsome's Guilty Pleasbear V Lonestar, Third is Dawnhill's Katy's-Trail, and Fourth is Charbor's Music of The Night at Tintagel V Jalyn.