Monday, October 22, 2018

Final musings

What a National.

I am always influenced by the quality of the entries, and the method of judging. I always enjoy Gloria's judging and have seen it for years. I thought Morton did a good job, they both got the best dogs up front, and that is what I want.

But, Jim!  Now, that was spectacular. I knew he was a great handler, and a quality breeder. But, I didn't know what to expect when he judged. He found the best dogs and bitches, and in doing so, showed us what he was doing. He put the best up front, then did the individuals. That allowed us to enjoy the judging, and to know what he was doing. There was no question as to what was going on. I always admired Dave Rinke and Ed Barritt, now I will add Jim to that list.

Also, Rita always did a quality  job, and she will be excellent in Denver. I spoke to her just a bit at the show, and I am pleased she will show us the quality of our breed. Also, the best champions will be brought to her. I will admit, I voted for her.

Bob, (The Voice of The National) Dresher and I have sat together for about ten years now, for the full time of the Nationals.  It is unfair how much fun we have.  Maybe the constant eating of the candy has something to do with it.   He knows what is a good dog, and we would pick who we liked. We often, (always), picked the same, and talked about what we didn't like.  He will be doing dogs next year, and if you have a good one, your entry will be recognized.  Bob had a video of the new dog he purchased with Sharon Avery and Jim Hill. He bought him from Hungary and swore to me he didn't look German. I told him if he didn't want a dog to  look German, don't buy a German dog. His dog injured himself and couldn't be shown this year.  Now he can't show him next year either. I guess he finished in four shows, and he looked good in the video.  Maybe Bob will resign so he can show his dog.  I think Rita would like him.

Ken has been a friend for close to 40 years.  I used to handle against him, and always respected his knowledge of dogs, and the way he saw what was close to the standard.  He was a great selection to do bitches.

Michel is one of the best I have seen in years. While we are improving the breed with each generation, we seem to have added some great judges.  I can't find fault with the selections, and am pleased to see who will be leading our breed next year.

I only understand conformation. I know nothing about agility, barn dancing, water jumping, course lunging or the other strange things people do with their dogs, so all I know is what I know, conformation.  You picked great judges for next year's National, and it should be another great one.

I am going to give up the Junior Recognition thing. This year there were only nine entries and eight were shown. I spent the money to have the CPA do the taxes for the corporation, I paid the corporation fees, I spent a full day setting up the bank accounts, I bought ribbons and medallions for the kids, and collected only three donations, and gave some money myself as I do each year.  They collected from the chili cook off, collected from the auction, and then had a duck throw to gather more money.  While I still admire the kids, (I like kids, mainly after they are 23 or 24), but it is a lot of work, and doesn't seem necessary when only three people contributed.  I also found out that two of the past winners are over 18, and no one told me. So, I will go, this week, to the bank and get a check for them.  For all I know, all of them are over 18.  One of them is 20. 

If someone wants to take it over, I will turn everything over to them, otherwise I will just donate and let the kids suffer with ribbons and the joy of the competitions.

It was a great National for me. There was a tragedy, Kathy Potter fell. There was a Bench Show Committee, (to be heard in another day for someone using profane language).  There was a major person who quit, (I got her to relax and come back). There was less than great food in the hallway, (that is only  my opinion, and I love White Castle, so how good can my taste be?). I don't know of any divorces, but I do know of a new lust affair that started.  No one was shot, no one had a car accident, no dog was poisoned and no one had a stroke, at least at the show.  OK, it was 33 degrees outside when we started the show on Tuesday, but Joan Fox did such a great job, no one seemed to mind.

When we got home, the dogs didn't seem to care we were gone. The house was still standing, and when I went to the office Sunday afternoon, most everything that required me to be there the prior week, got done anyway.  That was a blast to my ego, however.

We should ask no more from our parent club. The breed looked great to me, maybe the best I have seen.  Now to prepare for Denver.

Evan L. Ginsburg
German Shepherd Youth Recognition Fund