Thursday, October 18, 2018

4-6 dogs

The show is on!

I got to talk to Morton this morning, and now we are being introduced to the police dog force, and a history of each dog and its owner.  We had the Color Guard with the number on Veteran in the Nation, and the bugler from  last year. 

Everyone is here, and I love seeing these dogs.  It is a Bi and being teased and then given the command.  What a display of re3latiionship between the man and dog on hand signals.  Now the officer takes his gun and pretends to hold a suspect. A great demonstration.  Bob  is here.

They moved the announcer's table to the ground floor.  It is different.

Another dog in there, a sable, and working off hand signals with his handler.  We are next to the big screen, so the view is OK.  I love these demonstrations. 

Another sable, with his handler. A  drug detection dog. I talked to the handler and thanked him for not talking to me while I was in high school.  They bring out a "target"  in a full body suit, and the dog is barking, and watching him.  He threatens the dog, and the dog just watches, and the handler just stolls about, and the dog doe not react.  THEN THE COMMAND!

Off, and a perfect release, another attack, and that dog means it.  And a release.  Very Impressive.  The crowd likes it and it sure is impressive to see the real thing.

I guess we are ready  for a show?  I did talk to Jimmy for a minute, and he is now in the ring.  Jimmy is doing 4 to 6 puppies.  Tim Brown just came by to tell me what the sausage was that I had when I judged there.   I will try to buy them, but he says I have to boil them in beer. So, I might not do it.

Jim is taking them each around at a walk.  Bobbie Kindy just brought me a cushion  so I can sit comfortably.

It is quiet, and Jim places them and moves there where he wants them.  And they take them around, and walking again.  I remember Goldbecker where we walked for hours. Jim moves a nice sable Can I Kick The  Dog to do a loose lead exam, and now he walks around the dog.  Lamar Fredricks came by to say hello.  We have John Ayotte's hat.

Now Cindy Flautte is out there with Executive Order.  The next one is Leanna with Romeo Key To My Heart. We had gone to a show about twenty minutes from the house in LA to see Jim judge.  He only had one entry. Had I known, I would have put Keirk in there.

Now a dark sable , Good Magic. My 104 year old aunt just died and left me all her magic equipment. That is my grandfather's, my  uncle's, my aunts, my mothers and the stuff I left in Grand Rapids when we moved to California.  I have no idea what to do with it, or where it will go.  I hope they don't send me my old escapes, which included a water torture chamber.

More 4-6 puppies.  And Jim looks a bit bored.  About half the seats are filled.  Not many people taking any candy yet. They may not know where we are. 

Jim is done with the individuals,and has them walk. It is hard to walk, and most dogs areen't used to it.  Now, he pull Cindy up front and changes number three, and that's it.  Firsst is Caretti's Executive - Order, Second is Hammersmith Can I Kick It, then Third is Hammersmith Atom Tan, and Fourth is Ann-Isle's Good Magic.

It looks like Jim divided them by sex, so now the 4-6 bitches. It is good to be the King. Jim can do whatever he wants.